Are your subject lines strong enough?

A good subject line should be short and sweet, with keywords the make or break between good and attention-grabbingDefining a great subject line depends on the goal of a campaign or the voice of the brand and generally speaking, should be no longer than a tweet, says Jessica Best,

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Are your subject lines strong enough?

A good subject line should be short and sweet, with keywords the make or break between good and attention-grabbingDefining a great subject line depends on the goal of a campaign or the voice of the brand and generally speaking, should be no longer than a tweet, says Jessica Best,

Tinder Replaces The Pick-Up Line With Selfies

“So hey, do you live around here?” could be replaced by silly selfies thing of the past if Tinder’s new Moments feature takes off. The swiping part of Tinder was always fun, akin to spotting potential lovers across the bar.

#Love: Crossing The Read Line

The birth of the Read Receipt was inconspicuous enough. It started out in our work email, with easy opt-out options, and was meant to slightly increase productivity. Today, the Read Receipt is everywhere, oftentimes as a default, poking its devilish head into all parts of our life,

Shooting Challenge: Water Warfare

Water balloons. Squirt guns. The overzealous gardner with a hose. The best part of summer is the water weaponry. For this week’s Shooting Challenge, capture some element of a water fight.Read more...

Four Facepalm Bugs In USPS Label-Printing Site

"The United States Postal Service "Click-N-Ship" site suffered no outages or slowdowns during Christmas rush," writes Bennett Haselton. "It just has bugs that make the process more annoying than just standing in line at the post office, which defeats the purpose.

Scientists/Actress Say They Were 'Tricked' Into Geocentric Universe Movie

EwanPalmer (2536690) writes "Three scientists and Star Trek actress Kate Mulgrew say they were duped into appearing in a controversial documentary which claims the Earth is the center of the Universe. The Principle,

Shooting Challenge: Money

Tax day is upon us. For some that means a refund check, and for others, that means saying goodbye to your cold hard cash. So for this week’s Shooting Challenge, we’re photographing money. But be sure to read how to do it legally:Read more...

Shooting Challenge: Spooky, Naked Trees

Our gorgeous fall leaves are gone for the season, and we're left with bare trees over a sky of grey. But that, too, can be a beautiful thing in its own way. For this week's Shooting Challenge, let's celebrate trees without the leaves—in black and white.Read more...

Shooting Challenge: The Cat Days Of Summer

Fair is fair. We had you photograph all of your dogs . And now, canine karma has come around. For this week’s Shooting Challenge, photograph your cats.Read more...

Lyft Line Gets Into Perpetual Ride Territory With New Triple Match Service

Lyft is adding even more riders to its multiple ride-sharing service Lyft Line. Called Triple Match, the feature works like the regular Line service but allows drivers to pick up three or more riders going on similar routes along the way.

Save $115 on a Furbo dog camera and keep an eye on your pup

SAVE $115.01: The Furbo dog camera on is on sale for only $133.99 this Cyber Monday.Cyber Monday deals aren't just for humans. There are some pretty good sales on products for your favorite four-legged friends, too. If you've always wanted to know what your dog does when you're not home,

Those strip lights you've seen all over TikTok are up to 34% off for Cyber Monday

Amazon has select Govee smart strip lights on sale for up to $18 off this Cyber Monday:FOR YOUR ROOM: Govee WiFi RBG LED Strip Lights (2 x 16.4 feet) — save $13.40FOR YOUR TV: Govee TV LED Backlights — save $4FOR YOUR CAR: Govee RGBIC Interior Car Lights — save $10.

Redefine gravity with this flying boomerang spinner — Future Blink

The Flynova Pro, a motorized flying spinner, can jump and float through the air...but returns just like a boomerang.  Read more...More about Mashable Video, Toys, Innovations, Boomerang, and Spinner

Get through the winter with these board games on sale

Save up to 30%: Hasbro games are up to 30% off at Amazon for Cyber Monday.With winter quickly approaching, we're about to be reverting to the early quarantine days of looking for new hobbies and forms of entertainment. If you live with other people or have a social distancing bubble,

Snag a Kindle Oasis this Cyber Monday for the lowest price we've seen all year

SAVE $75: Get the Kindle Oasis for the lowest price we've seen all year, $174.99, this Cyber Monday.This shopping holiday, Amazon has graced us with some serious deals on Amazon devices, from smart home picks like the Echo Dot for 42% off to tablets like the Fire 10 HD for 47% off. Now,

Put all your favorite photos on display with a Nixplay smart frame on sale

Save $65: The Nixplay smart digital picture frame is on sale on Amazon for $114.99 for Cyber Monday 2020. If you're the kind of person who switches their phone background every month, you probably also get sick of looking at the same pictures in your house.

Pelotons are on backorder, so get this fancy Echelon bike that's on sale instead

SAVE $400: Echelon's Connect Bike EX-1 LE normally retails for $999.99, but this Cyber Monday, you can get one in a limited-edition matte grey finish for $799.99 and save an extra 25% (or $199.99) with code CYBER, effectively waiving its Premium Delivery fee.

Ricky Gervais secures funding for the film version of 'The Office'

LONDON — David Brent is hitting the road, and he's taking his band Foregone Conclusion with him.One of TV's finest comic creations, and the star of the original version of The Office, will take his band on tour for a follow-up mockumentary film entitled Life On The Road.Image:

Cruising the streets during the Summer of Love

A hippie lights his cigarette on the street in the Haight-Ashbury district of San Francisco, California.Image: Michael Ochs Archives/Getty ImagesIn 1967, the undisputed center of the hippie subculture was the Haight-Ashbury neighborhood of San Francisco.With its ornate Victorian terraces, 

Death toll rises as light of day shows severity of Philadelphia train crash

Six people are dead after an Amtrak train en route from D.C. to New York derailed near Philadelphia on Tuesday night, a doctor at Temple University confirmed to reportersThe crash left 144 people of the 243 on board injured. At least six of those injured are in critical conditionSee also:



FIFA World Cup website will crash at busy times

A number of easily fixed flaws are present on the tournament’s website and it’s claimed they will cause the mobile and desktop sites to crash during games.Read more:


读了极客公园公园里的 《产品人自述:有道云笔记团队协作功能是如何诞生的?》 一文之后,我想要阐述一下笔记在我这个用户的使用体验中的另一个痛点是什么。

5 smartphone innovations coming in 2015

Think that brand-new smartphone in your pocket is pretty cool? In just a few short months it’ll be officially obsolete. In early 2015, the first phones with Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 810 chip will arrive on store shelves,

‘Fitbit For Dogs’ Maker Whistle Acquires Tagg Pet Tracker And Raises $15M

Wearables for pets used to be a punchline, but now it’s a legitimate business with multiple players active in the space. Said space did just get a bit smaller today, as Whistle, the startup which launched its Fitbit for dogs back in 2013. Now,


对于新生儿体检和预防性的疾病筛查,甚至在治愈癌症以及罕见病方面,基因科技无疑是一项非常令人欣喜的新技术。但是对于大多数健康的人来说,基因科技的革命意义似乎并不明显。 但是请想象:根据在你的 DNA… Read More

沪上最潮市集再度震撼来袭 环球美食大巴扎汇聚30国美味

上海2015年5月11日电 /美通社/ -- 世界那么大,辞了职也不一定看得完。


北京2015年9月25日电 /美通社/ -- 2015年9月23日,由互联网金融千人会(IFC1000)主办的走进企业 -- 掌众金融开放日专场活动顺利举办。

快播涉嫌传播淫秽案结束两日庭审 将改日宣判


Galaxy Note 6配置曝光 4K屏骁龙823处理器6GB运存加持

【媒体报导】三星粉丝在今年应该是非常高兴的,因为迎来了属于自己的新信仰Galaxy S7与S7 Edge,一方面三星用Galaxy S7与S7 Edge成功打响了2016年智能手机市场的第一炮,另一方面S7与S7 Edge更加漂亮的颜值让不少人 ... ...

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