NASA probe sees all 5 of Pluto's known moons for the first time

For the first time, a probe speeding toward Pluto has seen all the known members of the dwarf planet's cosmic family.NASA's New Horizons probe caught sight of Pluto and all five of its known moons for the first time in new photos and animations released this week.

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NASA probe sees all 5 of Pluto's known moons for the first time

For the first time, a probe speeding toward Pluto has seen all the known members of the dwarf planet's cosmic family.NASA's New Horizons probe caught sight of Pluto and all five of its known moons for the first time in new photos and animations released this week.

The New Horizon's Holiday Glitch was More Fear-Inducing Than We Realized

When the New Horizons probe glitched and went into safe mode last weekend, the situation was worse than anyone outside the lab even knew. For hours, the lab heard not a peep from their probe, uncertain if it even still existed. When it finally called home,

Say Hi To Pluto's Smallest Moons

After nine years and a 3 billion mile journey, NASA’s New Horizons probe is finally getting close to everyone’s favorite ex-planet, Pluto. And in doing so, she’s also captured the first ever family portrait of Pluto and all its little moons. Read more...

Charon, You are a Glorious, Beautiful, Complicated Moon

This is Pluto’s largest moon, Charon, in the most beautiful, detailed, highest-resolution single frame image we’ll be downlinking from the flyby this month. And it is amazing.Read more...

Earth, Meet Hydra

Hydra is the outermost of Pluto’s known moons, and until now, we’d only ever seen it as a faint pixel of light. Today, planet Earth gets its first real glimpse of this tiny, enigmatic satellite.Read more...

New Horizons is carrying the ashes of Pluto's discoverer to Pluto 

Later this week, NASA's New Horizons probe will finally be close enough to Pluto to begin observing the dwarf planet and its moons. Along with a bevy of scientific instrument, the probe has also been carrying a sentimental payload: a tiny tin of the ashes belonging to Clyde Tombaugh,

The Spacecraft That Will Finally Give Us a Close-Up View of Pluto

When the New Horizons spacecraft launched, Pluto was still considered a planet. Now, eight years later, the space probe is finally nearing the end of its 2.9 billion-mile journey to Pluto—and has just roused itself from deep hibernation ahead of its arrival.Read more...

How Did We Get to Pluto So Fast?

On July 14th, the New Horizons spacecraft will make history when it sails past Pluto, formerly known as the ninth planet. Even more incredible is how fast we got there. The spacecraft traveled 3 billion miles in nine and a half years. That’s about a million miles a day for almost ten years.

The Biography of Pluto, Our Favorite Planet

On the 23rd and 24th of January, 1930, a young astronomer working in Flagstaff, Arizona, scanned a small patch of the night sky. He was taking pictures of star positions, looking for anomalies that would signal movement somewhere at the edge of the solar system.

Here's the Science so far on Pluto's Icy Mountains and Bumpy Plains

The more of Pluto’s surface we see, the more interesting landscapes it offers us to explore. Here’s a closer look at the landforms revealed so far, and what types of processes might have created them.Read more...

This new species of brittle star lived 435 million years ago

Scientists say the fossilized remains of a brittle star that lived 435 million years ago belong to a new species. The fossil was named Crepidosoma doyleii, after the paleontologist who discovered it. Eamon Doyle was a Ph.D.

Woman has perfect response when asked about incoming snow storm

Some people get a little nutty when there's a winter storm looming. Not Shirley Nash. During a report on an upcoming snowstorm a reporter for WCCB out of Charlotte, North Carolina interviewed the local resident about her plans for the snowy weekend.

Tom Petty’s death caused by ‘accidental overdose,' family confirms

Tom Petty's family confirmed the musician's death was caused by an accidental drug overdose in a statement on Friday.News broke on Oct. 2 last year that the iconic guitarist had suffered from cardiac arrest in the early morning hours in his home in Malibu.

Nasty women (and men) to crowdsource 'marching orders' ahead of midterm elections

This weekend marks a year since millions of nasty women (and men) marched in protest following the inauguration of Donald J. Trump. March On, a new organization branching out from the Women's March movement, wants to take a "bottom up" approach to the resistance.SEE ALSO:

Tide Pod craze shows there's such a thing as bad publicity

It's the year 2018 and every advancement in our society has been stifled by the consumption of Tide Pods. The desire to eat a laundry pod—specifically Tide's detergent product, packaged in plastic dissolvable packets—has taken over the internet for better or for worse.

'Get Out' director Jordan Peele says he's done with the acting game

Well Get Out fans, we've got some bad news — and some good news.First, let's start with the bad news: In a preview for his CBS Sunday Morning interview with Tracy Smith, the comedian and Get Out director announced he was done with acting."That’s the idea...Daniel Day-Lewis and I are both out,

Someone just created a custom site to make browsing Netflix easier

Here's some great news just in time for the weekend: someone's created a site that makes browsing through Netflix so much easier.Reddit user CrazedEli, aka Ville Salminen, announced his creation Flixable on the r/television subreddit Friday.

Qualcomm reveals its plan to take over the Internet of Things

SAN FRANCISCO — As competition for Internet of Things dominance heats up, Qualcomm is hoping its technology will power billions of the next generation of wearables,

People are trying to sell half-eaten pints of Blue Bell ice cream for thousands of dollars

People who grew up accustomed to eating Blue Bell can explain that this particular brand of ice cream is kind of a big dealUnfortunately, after a deadly outbreak of listeria was discovered in a Blue Bell factory, the company recalled all of its products. As a result,

Apple says HomeKit products will start shipping in June

On the heels of a report that said Apple HomeKit products would be delayed, the company is pushing back on the claim, saying that devices that will run on its smart home framework will ship right on time.Apple told Mashable that HomeKit-compatible products will be available as early as June,

LG G3手机图文拆解:非常容易修复

日前 LG 发布年度旗舰手机 LG G3M,该手机为目前安卓阵营中最高配置机型,搭载骁龙 801 四核处理器,2K 分辨率。今天外媒 ubreakifix 为外媒带来了该手机简单的拆解图文,我们来看看。  首先,配置回顾:  5.

四大常见陋习亲手葬送爱机 你中了几枪?






What Will Happen to the Union Jack If Scotland Votes for Independence?

On September 18th, Scotland will hold a vote on independence—whether or not it should be a country separate from the United Kingdom. If the "ayes" have it, the decision could herald the break-up of Britain, which turns a political issue into a design issue: What will happen to the Union Jack?


美国人的牙齿明显好于其他西方国家,甚至它是识别美国人和其他西方国家人的最明显区别,BBC 在谈论美国人的牙齿时,曾引用一位爱尔兰学生的感慨:你很容易辨别出哪些是美国人,即使让他们穿上爱尔兰人的服饰也能 ... ...

Several Windows Phone messaging apps get reviewed by the Lumia team

Over the years, there have been several forms of communication on our mobile devices; email, text and voice calling being the main ones. In our increasingly fast paced, connected world, instant messaging apps have risen above the rest.

ABC Family, Fox are best networks for LGBT representation, GLAAD says

Hey, TV networks — your report cards are in and some of them aren't so pretty.GLAAD has released its ninth annual Network Responsibility Index, a report that measures the "quantity, quality and diversity of LGBT representation on television,

Apple Music不是“Spotify杀手”:二者可共生

北京时间9月15日早间消息,美国流媒体音乐服务提供商Spotify周一宣布,自从苹果公司今年6月推出Apple Music以来,该公司已经增加了用户,原因是这家科技巨头挺进流媒体音乐领域为Spotify的服务创造了更大的全球市场。  

Oracle 11gR2 RAC修改监听默认端口 - AlfredZhao

一、 "修改SCAN listener port" "1.1 修改SCAN listener port" "1.2 重启SCAN listener生效新端口" "1.3 确认更改" 二、 "修改Listener Ports" "2.1 修改端口" "2.2 手工修改LOCAL_LISTEN...

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