NASA probe sees all 5 of Pluto's known moons for the first time

For the first time, a probe speeding toward Pluto has seen all the known members of the dwarf planet's cosmic family.NASA's New Horizons probe caught sight of Pluto and all five of its known moons for the first time in new photos and animations released this week.

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NASA probe sees all 5 of Pluto's known moons for the first time

For the first time, a probe speeding toward Pluto has seen all the known members of the dwarf planet's cosmic family.NASA's New Horizons probe caught sight of Pluto and all five of its known moons for the first time in new photos and animations released this week.

The New Horizon's Holiday Glitch was More Fear-Inducing Than We Realized

When the New Horizons probe glitched and went into safe mode last weekend, the situation was worse than anyone outside the lab even knew. For hours, the lab heard not a peep from their probe, uncertain if it even still existed. When it finally called home,

Say Hi To Pluto's Smallest Moons

After nine years and a 3 billion mile journey, NASA’s New Horizons probe is finally getting close to everyone’s favorite ex-planet, Pluto. And in doing so, she’s also captured the first ever family portrait of Pluto and all its little moons. Read more...

Charon, You are a Glorious, Beautiful, Complicated Moon

This is Pluto’s largest moon, Charon, in the most beautiful, detailed, highest-resolution single frame image we’ll be downlinking from the flyby this month. And it is amazing.Read more...

Earth, Meet Hydra

Hydra is the outermost of Pluto’s known moons, and until now, we’d only ever seen it as a faint pixel of light. Today, planet Earth gets its first real glimpse of this tiny, enigmatic satellite.Read more...

New Horizons is carrying the ashes of Pluto's discoverer to Pluto 

Later this week, NASA's New Horizons probe will finally be close enough to Pluto to begin observing the dwarf planet and its moons. Along with a bevy of scientific instrument, the probe has also been carrying a sentimental payload: a tiny tin of the ashes belonging to Clyde Tombaugh,

The Spacecraft That Will Finally Give Us a Close-Up View of Pluto

When the New Horizons spacecraft launched, Pluto was still considered a planet. Now, eight years later, the space probe is finally nearing the end of its 2.9 billion-mile journey to Pluto—and has just roused itself from deep hibernation ahead of its arrival.Read more...

How Did We Get to Pluto So Fast?

On July 14th, the New Horizons spacecraft will make history when it sails past Pluto, formerly known as the ninth planet. Even more incredible is how fast we got there. The spacecraft traveled 3 billion miles in nine and a half years. That’s about a million miles a day for almost ten years.

The Biography of Pluto, Our Favorite Planet

On the 23rd and 24th of January, 1930, a young astronomer working in Flagstaff, Arizona, scanned a small patch of the night sky. He was taking pictures of star positions, looking for anomalies that would signal movement somewhere at the edge of the solar system.

Here's the Science so far on Pluto's Icy Mountains and Bumpy Plains

The more of Pluto’s surface we see, the more interesting landscapes it offers us to explore. Here’s a closer look at the landforms revealed so far, and what types of processes might have created them.Read more...

Lyft makes major move in race to put self-driving cars on the streets

Uber may have stalled out with self-driving cars, but Lyft is just picking up speed.The ride-hailing app's fairly new self-driving division, Level 5, made its first acquisition, the company announced Tuesday.

'Crazy Ex-Girlfriend' star Rachel Bloom wrote a song skewering women's magazine covers

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend star Rachel Bloom has been skewering unrealistic expectations of women (set by both men and women) and debunking sex myths for years. But now, the actress, singer, and comedian has a new platform: a musical magazine cover.For the cover of the fall issue of Allure,

Check out this beautiful sky penis the Marines drew over California

We are delighted to inform you that the United States Marine Corps drew penis in the sky. Marine Corps spokesperson Josef Patterson confirmed that the phallic flight was indeed mapped out by the 3rd Marine Aircraft Wing,

Critics love Rami Malek, but think 'Bohemian Rhapsody' is an underwhelming mess

"Oh mama mia, mama mia, mama mia, let me go." Early reviews reveal critics aren't exactly asking for an encore after watching the highly anticipated Queen biopic, Bohemian Rhapsody.While the extended musical sequences dazzled critics,

The Ultimate 'Fortnite' Phone

Read more...More about Mashable Reels, Fortnite, Razer Phone, Tech, and Consumer Tech

Amazon pitched facial recognition tech to ICE despite employee objections

Amazon would really like U.S. law enforcement to use its facial-recognition software, despite how its employees feel.According to internal documents obtained by the Project on Government Oversight, Amazon met with officials from U.S.

The 'falling stars' challenge is the latest way rich kids are flaunting their wealth

You ever fall out of your Lambo with armfuls of your luxury items just to flex on the proletariat? The "Falling Stars" challenge is the latest trend sweeping Weibo and Instagram as the elite youth flaunt their wealth on social media. According to South China Morning Post,

Qualcomm reveals its plan to take over the Internet of Things

SAN FRANCISCO — As competition for Internet of Things dominance heats up, Qualcomm is hoping its technology will power billions of the next generation of wearables,

People are trying to sell half-eaten pints of Blue Bell ice cream for thousands of dollars

People who grew up accustomed to eating Blue Bell can explain that this particular brand of ice cream is kind of a big dealUnfortunately, after a deadly outbreak of listeria was discovered in a Blue Bell factory, the company recalled all of its products. As a result,

Apple says HomeKit products will start shipping in June

On the heels of a report that said Apple HomeKit products would be delayed, the company is pushing back on the claim, saying that devices that will run on its smart home framework will ship right on time.Apple told Mashable that HomeKit-compatible products will be available as early as June,

Expert Warns: Civilian World Not Ready For Massive EMP-Caused Blackout

schwit1 (797399) writes "An electromagnetic pulse is a burst of electromagnetic energy strong enough to disable, and even destroy, nearby electronic devices. In the first few minutes of an EMP, nearly half a million people would die. That's the worst-case scenario that author William R.

拿着Air来换Surface Pro 3:微软能给650美元补贴

每年到Surface换新季节的时候,微软总是会想出各种不同的招式。这对于消费者来说,并不是坏消息,意味着消费者 […]

In Clash of Continents, Brazil and Germany Win

Tense and frustrating. If German and Brazilian fans wanted to sum up Friday's World Cup action, they might be best served by those words.Yet both teams will advance to battle each other in the first semifinal on July 8, having survived one-goal wins against France and Colombia,

Apple Confirms Special Event For September 9, Likely For iPhones

Apple has sent out invites to a special event it’s holding on September 9, where we will almost certainly get our first official look at the next iPhone. The invites follow a previous report from Re/code pegging Tuesday, September 9 as the date,

苹果员工可以半价购买Apple Watch

苹果手表的试戴以及销售即将到来。为了给员工打气,苹果首席执行管库克日前给苹果员工发出一份内部邮件。他透露,就在上周苹果软件商店开始接纳苹果手表软件之后的几天之内,开发者已经提交了一千多款手表软件, ... .

可以 "听" 出三角形的形状吗?

最近知乎有个问题问为什么 Laplacians 重要, 刚好今天听到相关的一个应用觉得挺有意思, 介绍一下: 假设有一个鼓, 面是三角形, 能否通过敲鼓的声音判断出这个三角形的形状?这个问题跟数学的关系是: 给定一个鼓,

Khaleesi is the best reggae singer this side of the Narrow Sea

Queen Daenerys can now add Rastafarian Targaryen to her long list of titles.Game of Thrones actress Emilia Clarke took a break from freeing slaves in Essos to spread the love with her beautiful reggae vocals. Maybe instead of killing people with her dragons,

Google's New City Startup Needs to Find the Autonomous Car of Housing

Yesterday, Google announced a new incubator exclusively focused on urban issues. While more maps and apps are great, let’s hope the startup can use this platform to work on a solution for the biggest problem facing cities: Housing the 2.5 billion people who are going to move into them by 2050.


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Lomography推出全新拍立得 Lomo'Instant Wide


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