Panasonic Begins Selling The First Firefox OS-Powered Smart TVs, Initially In Europe

Mozilla picked CES in January to show-off is Firefox OS — know best for powering cheap smartphones for emerging markets — running on smart TVs. Now the initial fruits of its labor are on shelves in Europe from today. Read More

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Jane.VC, a new fund for female entrepreneurs, wants founders to cold email them

Want to pitch a venture capitalist? You’ll need a “warm introduction” first. At least that’s what most in the business will advise. Find a person, typically a man, who made the VC you’re interested in pitching a whole bunch of money at some point and have them introduce you. Why?

E-moto startup Alta Motors reportedly powers down

Brisbane, California based e-motorcycle startup Alta Motors has ceased operations, TechCrunch has confirmed.  Earlier today Asphalt and Rubber — and several subsequent outlets — reported the company stopped operating this morning, fired its staff, and may be looking for a buyer.

The space pen became the space pen 50 years ago

Everyone knows about the space pen. NASA spent millions on R&D to create the ultimate pen that would work in zero gravity and the result was this incredible machine. Well, no.

Knotch launches Blueprint to help marketers find the best publishers of sponsored content

When I last wrote about Knotch, the company had just patented its color-based feedback system that helps advertisers measure the effectiveness of their sponsored content. Since then, it’s added a competitive intelligence product and now Blueprint,

Amazon says it will add 1,000 more employees in the UK, bringing the total to 28,500, bucking the Br

A lot of uncertainty hangs over the UK as continues its slow march out of the European Union, but today one of the world’s biggest companies announced plans to expand its presence in the country. Amazon today said it would add another 1,000 workers in the UK,

Disruptive technology and organized religion

At a recent Vatican-sponsored conference, I learned that disruptive technology and organized religion have more in common than not. opens up its beta

After wrestling with the development of a technology that would create a three dimensional map of the physical world for over a decade, the team at is finally ready to open up its toolkit to developers that the company says has done exactly that.

How To Better Predict Unicorns

Of course Airbnb is worth a billion dollars. There’s an expensive asset there sitting unused. People often struggle to make rent. Hotels are expensive. Of course Uber is worth a billion dollars. Taxis are awful; expensive, unreliable,

The New York Times And Its Faustian Pact With Facebook

Quality news content providers are between a rock and a hard place, the second worst decision they could ever make is to give their content for free for Facebook to host, but probably the very worst one is not to. Read More

United Airlines Will Give You Up To A Million Miles For Finding Security Bugs

Bug Bounty programs are great. Utilized by everyone from Facebook to Google, they encourage security researchers to dig up bugs and disclose them responsibly in exchange for rewards — generally meaning a chunk of cash and a bit of glory. Here’s a new one, though:

谷歌宣布与 VMWare 合作推出 Chrome OS 下 Windows 访问功能

如果用户拥有一台 Chromebook,便可以通过名为“VMWare Horizon DaaS”的服务来操作 Windows 桌面、数据和软件。该技术采用了 HTML5 技术。美国 2013 年,Chromebook 的销量占据全部个人电脑销量的 21%。

Michael Muller

看过德国摄影师Michael Muller的摄影作品不得不叫人佩服的五体投地而且印象极为深刻,照片中尽是无人不知无人不晓的好莱坞明星大腕,其中还有许多是Michael为热播美剧和票房极高的电影拍摄的作品。

Android Leaks Location Data Via Wi-Fi

Bismillah writes: The Preferred Network Offload feature in Android extends battery life, but it also leaks location data, according to the Electronic Frontier Foundation. What's more, the same flaw is found in Apple OS X and Windows 7.

How you can use Windows 8 emoji with your desktop computer

The touchscreen keyboard of a Windows 8 tablet boasts a wealth of emoji, and you can also use these on your desktop PC.Read more:


北京时间8月1日凌晨消息,法国低价电信公司、该国第四大电信商Iliad宣布,已经报价150亿美元竞购德国电信美国公司(T-Mobile US),挑战此前已提出收购报价的美国电信巨头斯普林特。稍早时有多则报道称Iliad将发起收购。

Pentax K-S1 詳細規格曝光!首部 2,000 萬像素入門級單反

昨日才為大家介紹過 Pentax 將會推出一部機身有藍綠 LED 燈的 K-S1 相機,而今日其詳細規格亦終於正式曝光,原來是一部 2,000 萬像素的單反相機。以下有更多資料:The post Pentax K-S1 詳細規格曝光!首部 2,

Iconoclastic Billionaire And Investor Mark Cuban To Join Us On Our Disrupt SF Stage

I’m personally excited to announce that the one and only Mark Cuban will be joining me on stage at Disrupt SF for a fireside chat. From early an success to an outspoken sports team owner to household TV personality, Mark Cuban is seemingly everywhere.






博格华纳的先进技术应用于2015年度最佳环保车型®以及《绿色汽车杂志》2015年五大环保汽车中四款车型 上海2014年12月11日电 /美通社/ -- 博格华纳(BorgWarner)的先进技术为宝马i3提供先进技术,这款车型是2015年度最佳环保车型®,并在《绿色汽车杂志》2015年五大环保汽车中的四款车型上有技术应用,分别是奥迪A3 TDI、宝马i3、本田飞度(Honda Fit)和大众高尔夫,博格华纳提供了以下一种或多种技术:发动机静音链和油泵驱动器、废气再循环阀(EGR)、瞬间启动系统预热塞、压力传感器电热塞、节温器、点火线圈、全轮驱动耦合器、用于双离合变速器的双离合器和机电一体化模块。

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