Panasonic Begins Selling The First Firefox OS-Powered Smart TVs, Initially In Europe

Mozilla picked CES in January to show-off is Firefox OS — know best for powering cheap smartphones for emerging markets — running on smart TVs. Now the initial fruits of its labor are on shelves in Europe from today. Read More

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Google’s new media literacy program teaches kids how to spot disinformation and fake news

Google announced this morning it’s expanding its two-year-old digital safety and citizenship curriculum for children, “Be Internet Awesome,” to now include media literacy — specifically, the ability to identify so-called “fake news” and other false content.

EU-US Privacy Shield legal showdown now set for July 9

A legal challenge to a data transfer mechanism that’s used by thousands of companies to authorize taking European citizens’ personal data to the US for processing has been delayed. As we reported last month,

Gartner finds RPA is fastest growing market in enterprise software

If you asked the average person on the street what Robotic Process Automation is, most probably wouldn’t have a clue. Yet new data from Gartner finds the RPA market grew over 63% last year, making it the fastest growing enterprise software category. It is worth noting, however,

Samsung releases a trio of smart home products

Samsung’s approach to the smart home has been — “uneven” seems like a nice way of putting it. None of this has really been helped along by the fact that Bixby and the company’s long-promised smart speaker, the Galaxy Home, are still lost in the woods. SmartThings,

Byju’s-owned Osmo education startup enters pre-schoolers market

Osmo, a Palo Alto-based education startup acquired by Indian unicorn Byju’s for $120 million this year, is expanding its product lineup to serve a new and largely untapped market: pre-schoolers. Osmo today announced Osmo Little Genius Starter Kit,

Echo Show 5 review

The Echo team must have started sweating when the Lenovo Smart Clock was announced during CES. Deep inside Seattle’s Day One building, Amazon was reading the release of the Echo Show 5,

FedEx lures online sellers with two-day air shipping at ground rates after Amazon contract ends

International shipping giant FedEx is showing it’s serious about attracting the ecommerce crowd after a high-profile termination of one of its contracts with Amazon to provide delivery using its express air service in the US.

How To Better Predict Unicorns

Of course Airbnb is worth a billion dollars. There’s an expensive asset there sitting unused. People often struggle to make rent. Hotels are expensive. Of course Uber is worth a billion dollars. Taxis are awful; expensive, unreliable,

The New York Times And Its Faustian Pact With Facebook

Quality news content providers are between a rock and a hard place, the second worst decision they could ever make is to give their content for free for Facebook to host, but probably the very worst one is not to. Read More

United Airlines Will Give You Up To A Million Miles For Finding Security Bugs

Bug Bounty programs are great. Utilized by everyone from Facebook to Google, they encourage security researchers to dig up bugs and disclose them responsibly in exchange for rewards — generally meaning a chunk of cash and a bit of glory. Here’s a new one, though:


在大数据时代,统计学应当如何发挥它的优势?很多统计学家都在探讨这个问题,包括Steve M. 和Larry W. 也在他们的博客探讨了有关的内容。

安全尾灯比 Shimano 更重要

前言很多城市里的骑行爱好者愿意花大价钱上一套碳纤前叉,换一套更好的 Shimano,却忽视最关键的骑行安全——你有尾灯么?








现如今似乎每个人都称自己为创业者,追逐着成为下一个巨大成功故事主角所带来的荣耀与地位。 事实上,某些有抱负的创 […]



Alibaba Rival Launches Crowdfunding Site For Startups

China’s largest e-commerce companies are eager to leverage their millions of users and hoards of data for new projects. For example, Alibaba’s other businesses include healthcare management, financial services, and cloud data. Now, its smaller but still formidable rival,


移动网页制作经验 - peace_1

大概四个月前做了个比较常见的手机端的项目,日子久了,难得有心情来总结下地址:前言: 页面依赖zepto和iSlider,自适应布局(使用rem),适应终端最小宽度为320px,要用一段用了好久的代码$(window).resize(fu.

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