Watching a 150 Mouse Trap Chain Reaction In Super Slo-Mo Is Magical

They're a staple of cartoon prankery, but thanks to the magic of high-speed photography, we now have real-life proof that a room full of primed mouse traps is an awesome thing.

Watching a 150 Mouse Trap Chain Reaction In Super Slo-Mo Is Magical

They're a staple of cartoon prankery, but thanks to the magic of high-speed photography, we now have real-life proof that a room full of primed mouse traps is an awesome thing.

Alien's Ripley Is My Favorite Action Hero Ever

Not heroine. Hero, period. While it’s rad that Ellen Ripley happens to be a woman, that doesn’t at all impact her level of badassery—though it does inform her character in ways that make her much more interesting than virtually any other cinematic hero. She’s complicated, she feels real,

Time to Flex Those Savings Muscles: Bowflex's Popular Dumbbells Are Back Under $200

The price of these popular Bowflex adjustable dumbbells has been yo-yoing for weeks, but generally speaking, any time they’ve dipped below $200, they’ve sold out fairly quickly. So if you missed out on the last few opportunities, Amazon’s spotting you another chance today.Read more...

Instagram Won't Stop Showing Me the Mother's Day Photos I Don't Want to See

After four and a half years of not speaking to my mom I’ve learned to stay away from social media on Mother’s Day.Read more...

'World’s Hottest Pepper' Will Have You Breathing Fire, But It Won’t Kill You

Not all hot peppers are created equal, and few are as unequal as the Dragon’s Breath chili—a new breed that may soon find itself atop the “world’s hottest” throne. Forged by Wales horticulturalist Mike Smith, the red-orange,

Inside The Russian Bomber That’s Been Flying America’s Coastline

The Russian Tu-95/-142 Bear has been showing up in a lot of places it maybe shouldn’t be over the past month, as the Russian Air Force and Navy continues to probe the air defenses of several nations.

Federal Agents Are Now Using ‘Stingrays’ to Track and Capture Undocumented Immigrants

Controversial cellphone tracking technology is being deployed as a tool in President Donald Trump’s expanding effort to arrest and deport illegal US residents.Read more...

The Venom Movie Has Chosen Its Star/Symbiote Host: Tom Hardy

Variety is reporting that Tom Hardy, who played Bane in Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight Rises, will next play another iconic comic book villain, Venom. The frequent Spider-Man villain is getting his own film next year, which will be directed by Ruben Fleischer, who made Zombieland.Read more...

This Smart Attachment Makes Judge Dredd's Lawgiver Gun a Reality

In the 2000 AD comics, anyone who had the balls to disarm the brutal Judge Dredd and attempt to use his Lawgiver pistol against him would be left flailing, with the weapon smart enough to know when it wasn't being wielded by the lawman.

Watching 24 Hours of Someones Heartbeat Is Weirdly Mesmerizing

As visualizations go, this is a simple one: it simply shows the heartbeats of Jen Lowe from the last 24 hours, gently pulsing as a big, bold, red screen. And it is insanely mesmerizing.Read more...    

Samsung Factory Carbon Dioxide Leak Kills Worker

The Korean news agency Yonhap News reports that a carbon dioxide leak in a Samsung plant in southern Seoul has killed one of its workers.Read more...    



The Military's Spending Millions to Build Robots with Morals

Imagine a future where autonomous robots make life or death decisions based not just on data, but a preprogrammed moral code. This is not the plot of a dystopian novel. It's the directive of a new Pentagon program that will scare your socks off.Read more...




再过几个小时,苹果就要举行 iPhone 6 的发布会。不过,iPhone 6 并不是这场发布会的唯一主角,因为苹果很有可能会借用这一个场地来发布他们的智能穿戴设备,即传说中的 iWatch。

What we know about the Apple Watch tech specs

Cupertino has far from revealed everything concerning the tech spec of its freshly unveiled smartwatch, but it has spilled some details…Read more:

Our Favorite Gizmodo Posts of 2014

We posted many thousands (!) of stories in this past year, but these are the ones that stuck with us. Some are dumb, some are serious, two are about cults. And each of them of them is worth another look.Read more...

Web监听器导图详解 - xingoo

监听器是JAVA Web开发中很重要的内容,其中涉及到的知识,可以参考下面导图:Web监听器 1 什么是web监听器? web监听器是一种Servlet中的特殊的类,它们能帮助开发者监听web中的特定事件,比如ServletContext,HttpSession,ServletRequest...

The 7 unexpected problems with having an Uber addiction

It started slowly. Just a little free Uber code from a friend and then you are watching those mini cars drive around the mini map like nobody's business.Sure, you've heard about the risks, but now you are too far gone. You realise it costs 20% more,

Scott Forstall接受采访首次谈及苹果

2012年,蒂姆·库克担任苹果CEO之后进行的一大人事变动就是解雇了前苹果软件部门高级副总裁Scott Forstall,之后就鲜少有关于他的报道。


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