Why it will be a warmer Memorial Day in Fairbanks than in Dallas

A series of atmospheric events, beginning with El Niño and a string of powerful Northwest Pacific typhoons, have led to record heat across much of AlaskaThe heat has caused rapid snowmelt that flooded the crucial oil trucking route between Fairbanks and Deadhorse, Alaska,

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30 whales have died off the coast of Alaska this year, and we're not sure why

Thirty large whales have died in the western Gulf of Alaska since May, an unusually high number for the region, and scientists aren't sure what's causing the die-off.The number of large whale strandings is almost three times the historical average for the region, which is 8,

Wildfires Have Devasted 5 Million Acres, and Alaska is Still Burning

Alaska’s wildfires burned through their 5 millionth acre this week, making 2015 the third most destructive wildfire season ever recorded in the state, and NASA’s Terra satellite captured this striking image of the fires from above.Read more...

Federal Judge Strikes Down Gay Marriage Ban in Alaska

A federal judge on Sunday struck down Alaska's first-in-the-nation ban on gay marriages, the latest court decision in a busy week for the issue across the country.It wasn't immediately clear when marriage licenses would be issued to same-sex couples in the state,

Marijuana Legalized In Oregon, Alaska, and Washington DC

Robotron23 writes: Coinciding with the midterm elections yesterday were state ballots proposing the legalization of cannabis. All three territories where full legalization was tabled approved the measure, joining Washington state and Colorado.

Mystery surrounds death of newly elected Alaska mayor

What killed the mayor of Juneau, Alaska?That's the question residents of Alaska’s remote capital are asking on Tuesday, one day after the city's newly elected mayor was found dead on the floor of his home with unspecified injuries to his body."The mayor did have injuries,

The Frontlines of Climate Change: Why Obama's Trip To Alaska Is a Really Big Deal

President Obama’s headed to Alaska today, but it’s not the typical politicized meet-and-greet. From talking to residents who are forced to flee their homes due to rising sea levels, to learning the political repercussions of melting polar ice,

You Can No Longer Use Your Drone for Hunting in Alaska

Advantageous hunters in Alaska have one less advantage after the state's Board of Game approved a measure that prohibits the use of drones to spot animals. Now they'll just have to rely on their special camouflage clothing, high-powered rifles,

In the 1960s California had a serious plan to take water from Alaska

It's so ungodly hot in much of California right now that you can almost hear the sun sucking what's left of our reservoirs dry. But if a group of engineers and politicians would have had their way in 1964, the lower 48 would be swimming in water imported from the far North—all the way from Alaska.

So Many Fires Are Burning In Alaska and Canada There's Smoke Over Texas

The drought hitting the West is not just striking the continental US. That same weather pattern that’s sucking the life out of California is also making life hot, dry, and dangerous for the top third of North America: Alaska and Canada have seen little rainfall, soaring spring temperatures,

Alaska Airlines Has a Machine That 'Prints' Pancakes

Airport lounges offer travelers a place to relax, unwind and get away from the crowd while they wait for a flight, and airlines have gone to great lengths to make their lounges appealing to guests willing to pay for the privilege.While other airlines add chandeliers, culinary masterpieces,

Google exec claims controversial Dragonfly search engine is 'terminated'

Dragonfly, it seems, is officially dead. Probably. The controversial Chinese search engine previously in development by Google that raised privacy, censorship, and human rights concerns is finally, officially, no more — at least according to Karan Bhatia,

Fitbit fitness trackers are on sale this Prime Day — save up to 62%

TL;DR: Shop Amazon's and Walmart's Prime Day sales to save up to 62% on a Fitbit fitness tracker.Are you feeling a little restless after spending the past 40-some hours on your couch browsing Prime Day deals? Because same. Fortunately,

While defending Trump, Kellyanne Conway asks reporter 'What’s your ethnicity?’

Kellyanne Conway seems to think it's okay — and even relevant — to ask what someone's ethnicity is during a press conference. It's not. Today, reporter Andrew Feinberg asked Conway to clarify what President Trump meant by a series of racist tweets aimed at four congresswomen this week. In response,

Domino's goes too far by adding GPS to the pizza tracker

I should have seen it coming from a thousand miles away, but I still feel blindsided. Domino’s just made a major change to its pizza tracker.The pizza chain announced it would finally add GPS functionality to its long-running online delivery service, per CNBC. Yes, you read that right:

This small autonomous robot will deliver food at your doorstep — Strictly Robots

Refraction AI, an autonomous robotics startup, created the REV-1, a low-cost, lightweight autonomous delivery robot that can operate in both the bike lane and on the roadway. Read more...More about Mashable Video, Autonomous, Delivery Robot, Autonomous Robots, and Strictly Robots

AmazonBasics microwave is $50 off *and* comes with a free Echo Dot

TL;DR: The Alexa-enabled AmazonBasics microwave is just $59.99 (45 percent off) and comes with a free Echo Dot.The AmazonBasics microwave is one of the most extra uses of technology Amazon has produced and people absolutely love it. The microwave is out of stock until July 23,

Get a Sky Zone x Vuly 14-foot trampoline on sale for $299 at Walmart

TL;DR: You can bring the fun of a Sky Zone trampoline park into your own backyard with a Sky Zone x Vuly 14-foot trampoline on sale for $299 at Walmart — a savings of $380 off its usual price of $679. 

State Department releases Benghazi emails from Clinton's personal account

The State Department on Friday released 296 pages of emails that come from a personal address Hillary Clinton used while she was secretary of state.All those emails relate to the 2012 attack on an American outpost in Benghazi, Libya, that killed four Americans including Ambassador Chris Stevens.

Nest for electricity? Ecoisme offers full control over home power usage

How much power is currently being wasted in your house? Chances are, with all the gadgets and chargers plugged into sockets in remote corners of my home, you have no ideaEcoisme, a Krakow, Poland-based startup that launched an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign Wednesday,

NASA spacecraft finds the brightest galaxy in known universe

A NASA spacecraft has just discovered the brightest galaxy in the known universe.NASA's WISE (short for Wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer) found the blindingly bright galaxy poetically named WISE J224607.57-052635.0.

Space Probe Joins Growing Lunar 'Graveyard' on Far Side of the Moon

Last week's intentional crash of a NASA probe on the far side of the moon added one more body to an already substantial graveyard of space hardware.NASA's Lunar Atmosphere and Dust Environment Explorer (LADEE) slammed into the moon's surface, as planned, in the early hours of April 18,

英特尔无风扇Core M处理器跑分首曝光

在本周,英特尔带来了旗下Core M处理器的更多细节信息。这个无风扇处理器系列为更加轻薄的笔记本和平板电脑扫清了障碍。而除了便携性的提升以外,英特尔还对Core M的性能和能效进行了升级。

Humans had the genes to drink alcohol before brewing began

Human ancestors may have begun evolving the knack for consuming alcohol about 10 million years ago, long before modern humans began brewing booze, researchers say.The ability to break down alcohol likely helped human ancestors make the most out of rotting,




近几年移动互联网飞速发展,PC端流量以迅雷不及掩耳之势往移动端流量转移,各大企业及个人纷纷开始开辟移动端阵营。 […]


电脑厂商在7月29日当天就会推出预装Windows 10的设备。那么微软自家的Windows 10设备将于何时 […]

英特尔高管解读财报:芯片业务盈利能力高 数据中心亮眼

凤凰科技讯 北京时间7月16日消息,据《华尔街日报》网络版报道,尽管保持创新速度更困难了,但英特尔已经找到了应对PC市场疲软的方法。英特尔当地时间周三发布的财报显示,第二季度利润下滑3.2%,营收下滑4.6%。



Android Wear 正式入华,不翻墙也能用是怎么实现的?

出门问问成了名副其实的中国版 Google Now。#欢迎关注爱范儿认证微信公众号:AppSolution(微信号:appsolution),发现新酷精华应用。 爱范儿 |原文链接 ·查看评论 ·新浪微博 ·微信订阅

Wii U 如何短期內增加銷量?減價或會是唯一出路

本世代三大家用遊戲機 PS4、Xbox One 及 Wii U 都已經推出了一段時間,而每一 款的銷量亦有目共睹,當中 PS4 銷量遙遙領先,Xbox One 則緊隨其後,而 Wii U 的形勢則相對嚴峻。

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