The Enterprise Transformation Conundrum

The problem is it’s not an easy undertaking to change the way a large organization operates. Real initiative gets bogged down in politics, hierarchical thinking and institutional inertia. Change requires more than inspiration.

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How Technology Is Tricking You Into Tipping More

My taxi pulled up to the hotel. I got out my credit card and prepared to pay for the ride. The journey was pleasant enough but little did I know I was about to encounter a bit of psychological trickery designed to get me to pay more for the lift. Read More

Uber Shows The Privacy Wars Are Revving Up

Uber’s latest PR disaster doesn’t tell us anything we didn’t already know about the company. It is, after all, unabashedly named Uber. Translation: above. Aka: superior. Its brand is absolutely intended to embody and convey all the dastardliness required to get to that lofty perch uber alles.

The SaaSing Of The Music Business

The music business is about to undergo another seismic shift. And Apple’s streaming service is the tsunami that will force the industry to rebuild. Again. It was around 2005 when I joined Warner Bros. Records as their new head of technology.

Xpenditure Raises $5.7M To Kill The Monthly Expense Report

Belgium startup Xpenditure has closed $5.7 million in Series A funding. The Brussels-based company offers an expense management platform aimed at enterprises, SMEs and sole traders — basically anybody who has to track and action expenses — and, ultimately,

VP Anthony Moschella Shows Off Makerbot's Latest Printers and Materials (Video)

You may have read a few weeks ago about the new materials that MakerBot has introduced for its 3-D printers; earlier this month, I got a chance to see some of them in person,

Walgreens Becomes First Retailer To Integrate Its Loyalty Program With Apple Pay

Drug store chain Walgreens announced this morning its loyalty program will now be available through Apple Pay – making it the first U.S. retailer to integrate their customer rewards platform with Apple’s mobile payments service.

Turnaround Management: Does Your Company Need A New Captain?

When thinking of business “turnaround,” names like McDonald’s and Samsung come to mind as they struggle to navigate the changing market and waning consumer interest. Yet, a business at any stage of growth may require a turnaround or ‘pivot’ on its core strategy.

Why Your Business Needs an Editorial Strategy

This article is part of SWOT Team, a new series on Mashable that features insights from leaders in marketing, brand-building and public relations.Journalism, at its core, is about objective storytelling and shedding light on issues, people and trends that affect everyday life. At best,

Interviews: Bruce Perens Answers Your Questions

A while ago you had the chance to ask programmer and open source advocate Bruce Perens about the future of open source, its role in government, and a number of other questions. Below you'll find his answers and an update on what he's doing now. Read more of this story at Slashdot.

How to alleviate the biggest challenges faced by IT departments

IT needs a PR makeover and this is probably the first and most important challenge that any IT professional has to contend with. So how can you alleviate the challenges faced by your team?Read more: http://www.itproportal.

Tempow’s Bluetooth stack can improve your TV setup

French startup Tempow has been working on improving the Bluetooth protocol at a low level to make it more versatile. The company is introducing a new audio profile for your TV or set-top box. TV and set-top box manufacturers can license Tempow’s software and integrate new features in their devices.

Prices for Disrupt SF 2018 passes increase in a few days

There isn’t a business person alive who doesn’t appreciate an advantage, but sometimes folks need to be reminded of an advantage that’s staring them right in the face. This is that reminder. Your opportunity to save up to $1,200 on passes to Disrupt San Francisco 2018,

Dish is the first TV provider to offer support for Apple’s Business Chat

Dish today announced it’s becoming the first TV provider to offer customer support over Apple’s Business Chat. Launched earlier this year, Business Chat allows companies to communicate with their customers over iMessage in order to answer questions, provide customer service,

Facebook, Google and more unite to let you transfer data between apps

The Data Transfer Project is a new team-up between tech giants to let you move your content, contacts, and more between apps. Founded by Facebook, Google, Twitter, an Microsoft, the DTP today revealed its plans for an open source data portability platform any online service can join.

Zoox’s fresh $500M, how to spend $6.3B and Microsoft’s fine fiscal year

Hello and welcome back to Equity, TechCrunch’s venture capital-focused podcast where we unpack the numbers behind the headlines. This week we had another full house which made for a good time. Our own Connie Loizos, Matthew Lynley and I were joined by Renata Quintini, a partner at Lux Capital.

Blavity raises $6.5 million Series A round led by GV

Blavity, the digital lifestyle media company geared toward black millennials, recently closed a $6.5 million Series A round led by GV with participation from Comcast Ventures, Plexo Capital and Baron Davis Enterprises. As part of the investment,

EBay paid $573M to buy Japanese e-commerce platform Qoo10, filing reveals

EBay is a very distant second behind Amazon when it comes to e-commerce sales in the U.S.,but abroad — and in particular in Asia — it is willing to invest to grow its footprint in a targeted way. In February, eBay paid a total of $573 million to acquire Qoo10, a Japanese sales platform, […]

Meat This New Tinder User

Before we get too far into this, I want to be fully transparent and disclose up-front that this is weird and mostly irrelevant. Inexplicably, Vimeo user Marcello Gómez Maureira has created a video that shows a piece of meat power-right-swiping through Tinder. The title of the film? “Tender:

Gillmor Gang: Dave’s Not Here

The Gillmor Gang — Robert Scoble, John Borthwick, Kevin Marks, and Steve Gillmor. Recorded live Friday, May 22, 2015. Medium restructures, or does it. Details in Liner Notes and Chat.Center. Plus, the latest G3 (below) with Halley Suit Tucker, Mary Hodder, Kristie Wells, Francine Hardaway,


Every day throughout the United States, there are thousands of patients waiting for a compatible organ. Supply never meets demand, a function of our voluntary system of organ donation as well as the consistent ban on paid organs. Some patients may get lucky and get an organ just in time,

监督员称 苹果反垄断合规项目操作开端良好


[图]微软也卖萌 公布0.5寸小屏幕设备

微软研究员公布了一款迷你设备的详细资料。这个小东西名叫Picco,制作人员想让它为繁忙单调的工作环境带来一些生机和趣味。Picco高4.5厘米,52x36px OLED显示器,大小约1.2x0.9cm。



Listen to Serial, a Riveting New Podcast from the This American Life Team

This fall's best new podcast is called Serial and it's the first podcast series I've ever listened to that can objectively be described as suspenseful. It's a WBEZ production, and it's basically like This American Life if TAL went in super-deep on one story. Which makes sense,





首款 Tizen 机:抄的不像,更无杀意(上)



美国专利商标局(U.S. Patent and Trademark Office)流传出一份苹果最新的专利申请文件,这个名为“反射镜倾斜驱动”的专利文件描述了一种用于小型多功能设备,例如iPhone的图像传感器,它能够补偿用户手抖从而提高图片质量。

Apple Pay 进入中国,没那么简单

苹果自去年发布 Apple Pay 以后,很快得到美国用户的认可,但在推向中国时却遇到不少麻烦。 据 MarketWatch 消息,由于中国相关金融机构的强硬态度,Apple Pay 进入中国可能还要一段时间。

鼓勵換機!Microsoft Surface 3 平板 Trade-in 計劃最多慳 1,200 港元

Microsoft 上月初發表了最新款的 Surface 3 平板,而且昨日起已於香港正式發 售。雖然該款新平板的性能及不上同廠的 Surface Pro 3,但由於放棄了對上兩代的 Windows RT 系統,改為採用更完善的 Windows 8.

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