Andreessen Horowitz Raises Massive New $1.5 Billion Fund

Venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz just announced that it has closed its Fund IV. And it's a massive $1.5 billion fund for all sorts of investments from seed rounds to late-stage rounds. Previously, Andreessen Horowitz had raised $300 million in 2009 (Fund I), $650 million in 2010 (Fund II),

相关内容: that Kupor fund rounds said firm billion Andreesse

FedEx sues the Department of Commerce after incident involving misrouted Huawei packages

FedEx is suing the United States Department of Commerce, claiming that it has been “essentially deputize[d]” to enforce its trade blacklist.’s logistics arm raises a $218 million investment fund

The logistics division of, Alibaba’s closest e-commerce competitor in China, has raised 1.5 billion yuan (about $218 million) to invest in logistics-related companies and technology. Limited partners in the new fund include JD Logistics and,

Amazon Prime Day 2019 expands to become a 48-hour sale on July 15-16

Amazon is preparing for its longest Prime Day ever. The company announced today it will host a 48-hour Prime Day sales event this year, starting at midnight on Monday, July 15 and extending for two full days.

Hackers are stealing years of call records from hacked cell networks

Security researchers say they have uncovered a massive espionage campaign involving the theft of call records from hacked cell network providers to conduct targeted surveillance on individuals of interest.

iPadOS preview

Microsoft drew a line in the sand with Windows 10, presenting an operating system designed for both PCs and tablets alike. The move fostered hardware designers to go all in on convertibles — devices that performed double duty as laptops or slates, with adjustable keyboards to match.

Monzo, the UK challenger bank, raises £113M Series F led by YC’s Continuity fund at a £2B post-money

Monzo, the fast-growing U.K.-based challenger bank with more than two million account holders, has raised £113 million (~$144m) in additional funding. Confirming TechCrunch’s scoop in April, the Series F round is led by Y Combinator’s “Continuity” growth fund,

At last, a camera app that automatically removes all people from your photos

As a misanthrope living in a vibrant city, I'm never short of things to complain about. And in particular the problem of people crowding into my photos, whatever I happen to shoot, is a persistent one. That won't be an issue any more with Bye Bye Camera,

Apple To Launch 4.7- And 5.5-Inch iPhone As Soon As September, Report Claims

Apple is said to be readying to release its next iPhone in both 4.7- and 5.5-inch screen sizes, with a launch as early as September, according to a report by Japanese business news publication Nikkei today. The production cycle is already ramping up,

Stripe Starts Testing Bitcoin Payments

In another validation of the Bitcoin space, YC’s biggest payments company Stripe said it has started to test Bitcoin and ACH payments with a select number of users. They didn’t disclose who they’re partnering with, so it appears that they might be going their own way on this.

Google Sees Government Requests For Information Balloon 120% Over Four Years

Google has seen a tremendous increase in requests for information made by the government, the company revealed in an update to its Transparency Report today. The updated report includes the number of requests made during the second half of 2013,



不要再坑爹了:早点解决WP 8日历问题

早在去年 7 月份,Windows Phone 8 设备用户就反应在使用设备时遇到的一个问题,但是该问题知道现在仍未能得到妥善解决,惹怒了不少用户。

Verizon taking quality control 'very seriously' - Lumia Cyan update may take time

Windows Phone 8.1 is a massive update to Windows Phone as it offers users a wide range of features and improvements. Yet for some Windows Phone users the update is in carrier limbo.

Five Terabytes of External Storage for $130

The advertised $150 $140 price for this Seagate 5TB External was already a great deal. Getting it for $130 is that much sweeter. [Seagate]Read more...代码范儿的在线音乐服务

用命令行控制一款音乐播放器是什么赶脚? 就是这样一款炫酷又任性的音乐流媒体服务,它采用全字符设计,用户需要敲入相应指令才能完成某项操作。

How This Teen Turned Her High School Internship Into A Game Design Career

Paulina Raguimov never expected to get paid to make video games when she walked into her high school’s career fair at 16. Read More

How Baseball Players Use Walk-up Music Like a Performance Enhancing Drug

The Angels’ Mike Trout likes Drake. The Nationals’ Bryce Harper opts for Sinatra. Some go with a feel-good ballad from an 80s band named The Outfield. At least a half-dozen players use “Turn Down for What.” This is the world of baseball “walk-up” music,

Google Photos 现在会自动拣选「当年今日」的照片,让你缅怀一下过去

回炉重炼后的 Google Photos 除了懂得自动分析并分类相片至资料库之外,现在还懂得按拍摄的日期找出「当年今日」的相片出来,让使用者缅怀一下。


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