A stampede of baby goats is the cutest kind of stampede

At Sunflower Farm Creamery in Cumberland, Maine, a herd of newborn goats is ready to frolic all over the place. Of course, that's what baby goats do. Enjoy.

A stampede of baby goats is the cutest kind of stampede

At Sunflower Farm Creamery in Cumberland, Maine, a herd of newborn goats is ready to frolic all over the place. Of course, that's what baby goats do. Enjoy.

You'll never be more stoked than this boy wearing a cast

Breaking your arm has never been more fun — at least according to this kid.While most would assume not having full use of his/her arm for weeks would be inconvenient and irritating, this kid does not see it that way. He knows how to live life to the fullest. He's a glass half-full type.

There is a Tumblr that shows you where sheep hang out around the world

Goats and sheep have replaced cats as the en vogue Internet animal, but there are also plenty of places in the world to find them in real life.Ding Ren and Mike Karabinos were always big fans of viewing sheep while riding the trains in the rural Netherlands,

4 celebrities who'd make an okily dokily Ned Flanders

Harry Shearer isn't the only celebrity fit to play Ned Flanders. Since the voice actor revealed that he won't return to his long-running post on The Simpsons, we've started brainstorming other voices we'd like to hear take his placeThough there's nothing like the original,

Elisabeth Moss listened to 'Stayin' Alive' during iconic 'Mad Men' scene

We are all still silently weeping over Mad Men's TV departure. But, as we nurse our wounds, we can take comfort in hearing about all the behind-the-scenes shenanigans, courtesy of Peggy Olson, herselfIn an interview with Seth Meyers,

An astronaut mastered the art of making a gourmet taco in space

We've covered astronaut meals before, but the typical results of zero-gravity cooking tend to be, well, pretty gross.But now,

YouTube’s pedophilia problem: more than 400 channels deleted as advertisers flee over child pr

YouTube is in crisis mode yet again.On Wednesday night, the online video giant announced it had banned more than 400 channels and disabled comments on tens of millions of videos following a growing YouTube controversy concerning child exploitation. However, many major brands, like Disney, AT&T,

Even Apple’s self-driving car safety report is super secretive

Apple's autonomous car program is as secretive as ever. Compare the seven-page safety report Apple submitted to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration this week to the 43-page color explosion from Waymo, the self-driving car startup from Google parent company Alphabet. 

Samsung's annoying Bixby button is finally customizable

Samsung's new Galaxy S10 series is the company's third lineup of flagship phones to come with Bixby built-in. But the phones will be the first to let you actually change what that Bixby button does, addressing what has long been one of Samsung's most frustrating features.

Eminem is also mad about Netflix cancelling Marvel's 'The Punisher'

Although not entirely unexpected, Netflix's cancellation of Marvel's The Punisher and Jessica Jones has struck some nerves.Particularly not pleased about The Punisher being cut was Eminem, who wrote a caps-only tweet admonishing the streaming giant for its decision.SEE ALSO:

Trump's climate expert is wrong: The world's plants don't need more CO2

Plants on Earth have flourished for hundreds of millions of years, yet President Donald Trump's pick to lead his new climate team insists that they need more carbon dioxide to thrive.

It snowed in LA and everyone is freaking out

Hold on to your oat milk. It SNOWED in Los Angeles. Southern California — known for its year-long sunshine, mild temperatures, desert mountains, and gorgeous beaches — saw snow on Thursday afternoon, and everyone in the Los Angeles area justifiably freaked the fuck out. SEE ALSO:

The Best Dragons in Pop Culture History

Read more...More about Dragons, Lord Of The Rings, Skyrim, Hobbit, and Mashable Reels

All the Apple WWDC rumors that are worth your attention

Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference, WWDC, kicks off on Monday — and the rumor mill is already flying.See also: Apple WWDC 2015: Music streaming, reinventing Apple TV and moreFrom talk of a new music streaming service to an Apple TV reboot,

Inside the Property Brothers' waxy prank at Madame Tussauds

Drew and Jonathan Scott, known to HGTV viewers as the Property Brothers, love their fans — they also love pranking fansIt’s 11 a.m. in Times Square, and the tourists and early lunch crowd from nearby office buildings collide on 42nd Street. Fifty feet above the sidewalk chaos,

Eerie drone timelapse takes you soaring through London's underground tunnels

LONDON — The team behind the city's epic Crossrail project has just finished excavating 26 miles of tunnels underneath the city, and sent a drone down there to capture what it looks like.More than half of the £15 billion ($22 billion) project is complete,





[图]LTE与双卡双待兼得 联通双卡版Galaxy S5现身工信部

近日联通双卡双待版 Galaxy S5 现身工信部认证中心,型号 SM-G9006W。获得工信部入网许可说明距离联通双卡双待版Galaxy S5 上市已经不远。之前只有电信版 Galaxy S5 支持双卡双待,遗憾的是,电信版不支持 4T LTE 网络。

Y Combinator Takes Public Stance Against Sexual Harassment

Ahead of its Demo Day next week, Y Combinator reminded investors in a blog post on Tuesday that it has a zero-tolerance policy for sexual harassment toward founders. “Don’t even think about doing it,” Y Combinator’s Jessica Livingston wrote. “I will find out.



Kodak Is Making Android Phones Now Because Sure, Why Not I Guess? 

Kodak's about to have its own line of Android phones now, because sure. The company—now little more than a name to be slapped on products from all kinds of no-name manufacturers— will be showing off its first Android devices at CES in just over a week. Read more...


北京、天津和保定2015年1月13日电 /美通社/ -- 2015年1月10日,隆庆祥北京广顺北大街店和河北邢台新华北路店举办开业庆典,揭开了2015年量身定制隆庆祥新的序章。


这是本系列文的第三篇,我已经在《产品新人答疑手册(前提)》中强调过做产品的心理准备,在《产品新人答疑手册(工作 […]

How To Raise The Stakes In Your Story Without Wrecking Your Characters

The best science fiction and fantasy stories are impossible to tear yourself away from — and often, that thrilling sense of momentum comes from the sense that the danger to the world keeps getting bigger and scarier. But how do you raise the stakes without sacrificing your characters?Read more...

特斯拉 Model S 续航里程再破纪录:单次充电行驶 728 公里

在特斯拉的广告宣传中,Model S 这款双引擎、四轮驱动高性能车型的续航里程为 265 英里。但是,挪威奥斯陆大学的程序设计人员比约恩·尼兰德(Bjørn Nyland)近日驾驶特斯拉 Model S 创造了新的续航纪录。

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