#CancelColbert Slams Stephen Colbert for Racist Tweet

Twitter has turned on Stephen Colbert.The #CancelColbert hashtag swept across Twitter on Thursday night and into Friday morning in reaction to a segment in which the Comedy Central host used Asian stereotypes to skewer Washington Redskins owner Dan Snyder.See also:

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#CancelColbert Slams Stephen Colbert for Racist Tweet

Twitter has turned on Stephen Colbert.The #CancelColbert hashtag swept across Twitter on Thursday night and into Friday morning in reaction to a segment in which the Comedy Central host used Asian stereotypes to skewer Washington Redskins owner Dan Snyder.See also:

YouTube's Putting Its Money Where Its Mouth Is on Fair Use

YouTube announced today that it’s going to cover the legal costs of copyright lawsuits facing a few videos that they believe are strong examples of fair use. This is one of those situations where good PR and good work actually coincide.Read more...

Fantastic Science and Tech Books that Will Reboot Your Brain for Fall

Summer is slipping away fast, but there’s still time to spend a long weekend devouring a book on the beach. And it doesn’t have to be the trashy romance variety:

Samsung's Foldable Phone Won't Be Cheap

Read more...More about Samsung, Smartphone, Mashable Reels, Tech, and Smartphones

Tech gifts you absolutely shouldn't buy for yourself or anyone else

We review a lot of products here at Mashable. Some are good, others are really great and earn our Mashable Choice badge, and a few end up being complete trash.

7 of the best air purifiers to deal with pets, pollen, and pollution

Allergies are more annoying than usual this year, right?No really, it's not your imagination — pollen season is getting worse every year, and air purifiers are making their way to the must-have list of home appliances.

Best Black Friday 2018 smart home deals: Amazon Echo, Roomba, Google Home, Apple HomePod

Smart home devices were the hot, gift-worthy items during last year's holiday season and 2018 is shaping up to be no different. A big part of the reason for this is because these smart home devices tend to see great discounts on Black Friday and Cyber Monday,

Save $50 on the Fire TV Recast at Amazon ahead of Black Friday

Now's the time of year that we're constantly out and about, chipping away at our holiday shopping lists and bouncing around to holiday parties, which means it's a lot harder to prioritize being home for our favorite over-the-air TV programs. Thankfully,

NASA's 2020 rover will land in an ancient, dried-up lakebed to hunt for past life on Mars

NASA's next car-sized rover will plummet through the thin Martian atmosphere and softly land on the floor of a dried-up lakebed, the space agency announced Monday.When the robot arrives on Mars about 8 months after its launch in 2020,

A mommy blogger's post about her son is going viral for all the wrong reasons

This episode of Black Mirror sucks.In the ultimate backhanded compliment against her own son, mommy blogger Katie Bower took to Instagram to wish her child a happy sixth birthday, and to lament the fact that "his photos never got as many likes."SEE ALSO:

Last.fm to End Streaming Music Subscription Service

Last.fm is ending its subscription music service on all devices as it pivots to focus on music discovery and tracking personal listening.Started in 2002, the company helped pioneer programs that tracked user taste and then recommended other artists and types of music.

The Ultimate 'Jeopardy!' Quiz Starring Ken Jennings

On March 30, 1964, Jeopardy! made its debut on NBC.To celebrate the big 5-0, we've got a challenge for you. Yes, you, ya big shot. Think you know the history of Jeopardy!? Ken Jennings, 74-time Jeopardy! champion,

Ford Savages Smarmy Cadillac Ad

If you watched the Winter Olympics on broadcast this year, you probably saw the ad for Cadillac's ELR about a million times.Does that sound nuts? Well, it did air so often that you may just have it memorized.See also: It's Not Just Tesla: Why Dealers Are Wary of Electric CarsNow the crazy-driven,


小编按:心灵鸡汤又来了,推荐有创业想法或者正在创业的朋友们一读。有什么感想,我们可以一起探讨。 领导一家初创企 […]

21 Signs That Romance Is Dead

Love stinks — and there is plenty of evidence that proves it.Frankly, if the world considers a criminal like Jeremy Meeks an eligible bachelor, it's probably time to say goodbye to any romantic prospects. The universe is just not meant for lovers.See also:

Windows 10已引入全新的窗口阴影效果

在Windows 10技术预览版放出之后,人们就开始了不停的尝鲜之旅。而除了全新的UI之外,微软也为该系统引入了全新的窗口阴影效果。乍一看,很多人可能会觉得Windows 10的资源管理器与Windows 8没有太大差别。

Lumia 530 drops to £49.95 off-contract in the UK

Kirsty Nathoo:YC 创业第18课,划清个人与公司的界限

YC 与斯坦福联手开设的创业课程「怎样创立一家创业公司」第 18 课。本期主讲人为 YC CFO Kirsty Nathoo 以及 YC 法律顾问 Carolynn Levy。本节课她们将聊一聊创业初期可能会遇到的一些基本法律、财务问题。

100 years of classic Italian beauty demonstrated in 1 minute

Viva Italia!For the latest video in their "100 Years of Beauty" series, Cut Video travels to Italy to demonstrate a century of gorgeous looks, from pinned up curls of the 1910s through the bold accessories and big, fabulous hairstyles of today.After all, Italy is famous for its beauty.


Nest公司开放物联网Weave协议,ARM与微软Azure结盟发力物联网领域,阿朗收购Mformation公司,风河发布Wind River Linux 8助力物联网设备研发,Ayla正式发布欧洲物联网平台,AllSeen Alliance迎来13名新成员。 By 黄峰达


互联网思维是个神奇的词语,今年来频繁刷屏,活脱成了“万能药”,《用互联网思维开家青楼,分分钟上市纳斯达克》,《 ...

American Scientists Advised Guards to Shoot at Nukes If There Was a Security Breach

Back in late 2014 the National Security Archive published a historical documentary produced in 2010 that went largely unnoticed. The film explores the history of nuclear weapons safety. And if you haven’t seen it yet, it’s pretty frightening.Read more...

GoPro运动相机增长困难 只因手机摄像头改进太快


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