#CancelColbert Slams Stephen Colbert for Racist Tweet

Twitter has turned on Stephen Colbert.The #CancelColbert hashtag swept across Twitter on Thursday night and into Friday morning in reaction to a segment in which the Comedy Central host used Asian stereotypes to skewer Washington Redskins owner Dan Snyder.See also:

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#CancelColbert Slams Stephen Colbert for Racist Tweet

Twitter has turned on Stephen Colbert.The #CancelColbert hashtag swept across Twitter on Thursday night and into Friday morning in reaction to a segment in which the Comedy Central host used Asian stereotypes to skewer Washington Redskins owner Dan Snyder.See also:

YouTube's Putting Its Money Where Its Mouth Is on Fair Use

YouTube announced today that it’s going to cover the legal costs of copyright lawsuits facing a few videos that they believe are strong examples of fair use. This is one of those situations where good PR and good work actually coincide.Read more...

Fantastic Science and Tech Books that Will Reboot Your Brain for Fall

Summer is slipping away fast, but there’s still time to spend a long weekend devouring a book on the beach. And it doesn’t have to be the trashy romance variety:

M. Night Shyamalan drops extremely creepy 'Glass' trailer at Comic-Con

M. Night Shyamalan's latest brings together the stories of two of his movies —2000’s Unbreakable and 2016’s Split.SEE ALSO: An 'Unbreakable' sequel? The internet is buzzing over M. Night Shyamalan's 'Glass' posterFollowing the events of Split,

Another effort in the fight against fake news: WhatsApp tries to stop messages from going viral

WhatsApp is taking its most dramatic step yet to cut down on fake news.The app is testing a new feature that places limits on how many times a single message can be forwarded, WhatsApp announced Thursday. The update comes as Facebook scrambles to fight the messaging app's fake news epidemic,

Facebook suspends yet another analytics company

Stop me if you've heard this one before: Facebook allows a third-party analytics company access to user data, conducts poor oversight of said company, and then is caught flat-footed when asked about the situation by a journalist. Yeah, it's happened again. And no,

Spock is coming to a Star Trek TV show for the first time in 50 years

It's official: For the first time since 1969, Lieutenant Spock will appear in a new Star Trek TV show.Spock appears in the second season of Star Trek Discovery, executive producer Alex Kurtzman revealed at San Diego Comic Con. Is Spock coming?

20 things you need to survive life in a college dorm

Whether you're a wide-eyed freshman or an experienced senior, moving into a residence hall is stressful. No matter how many times our parents reminded us to pack more than one towel, we still always managed to forget.

Dad with diarrhea gets wholesome pep talk from 4-year-old daughter in public restroom

It's not everyday (or ever) that you hear a charming and wholesome diarrhea story, but one man's tale about having diarrhea in front of his 4-year-old is sure to put a smile on your face.Chris Edwards shared his unfortunate but surprisingly adorable experience on his No Idea What I'm Doing:

Learn 3 awesome yo-yo tricks from the 2018 National Champion

After winning the 2018 U.S. National Yo-Yo Contest in Chicago, Evan Nagao stopped by Mashable to show off his jaw-dropping skills and teach a few simple but awesome tricks.More information about Nagao and the yo-yos used in this video can be found on his website. Read more...More about Sports,

Last.fm to End Streaming Music Subscription Service

Last.fm is ending its subscription music service on all devices as it pivots to focus on music discovery and tracking personal listening.Started in 2002, the company helped pioneer programs that tracked user taste and then recommended other artists and types of music.

The Ultimate 'Jeopardy!' Quiz Starring Ken Jennings

On March 30, 1964, Jeopardy! made its debut on NBC.To celebrate the big 5-0, we've got a challenge for you. Yes, you, ya big shot. Think you know the history of Jeopardy!? Ken Jennings, 74-time Jeopardy! champion,

Ford Savages Smarmy Cadillac Ad

If you watched the Winter Olympics on broadcast this year, you probably saw the ad for Cadillac's ELR about a million times.Does that sound nuts? Well, it did air so often that you may just have it memorized.See also: It's Not Just Tesla: Why Dealers Are Wary of Electric CarsNow the crazy-driven,

华硕推新款二合一平板Transformer Book T100TA

感谢平板盒子网的投递据外媒mobilegeeks网站报道,华硕计划推出新款的Transformer Book T100TA二合一平板。与旧款的Transformer Book T100TA最大的改进在于,新款产品将会采用Intel 最新的1.

Uber Reportedly in Talks to Raise Funding at $10 Billion Valuation

Uber may be on the road to an 11-digit valuation.The ride-hailing startup is in talks to raise a new round of funding at a $10 billion valuation, according to a Bloomberg report Thursday. The amount the startup is looking to raise is said to be less than $1 billion.See also:

奥迪A6同价 LG首款105英寸21:9曲面电视预定

大约一周前,三星公布了自家巨屏 105 英寸弧形 UHD 电视 UN105S9W TV 的上市日期,其零售价格 12 万美元(折合人民币户 72 万元),完全同等于购买一辆宝马 M5 的价格。

An Open Source Flat Pack Robot Arm That's As Easy To Build As Ikea Furniture

An anonymous reader writes The MeArm is a flat-pack robot arm. It has been developed in a very short time frame as the creators have been able to tap into crowd development by open sourcing all of the designs.

LongAccess Raises More Funds For BigStash, Its Long Term Archiving Service

Last year we covered Long Access a startup which offers very long-term cloud infrastructure storage for enterprises. We’re talking about prepaid storage and access for 30 years. The company had previously raised €210,000. It’s now raised a further €300,

UINavigation,UiView,ModalView Controller之间的关系 - xxd

如果当前是个VC,那么就太简单了,直接就可以push到下一个vcAddShopViewController *controller = [[AddShopViewController alloc] init];controller.view.backgroundColor = [UIColor wh...


上海2015年4月2日电 /美通社/ -- 近日,TUV南德意志集团(以下简称“TUV SUD”)为嵊州产业园成功举办了 “领带产品的安全标准”专题研讨会,吸引了众多嵊州地区知名的领带企业到访。

用户体验优先 海豚供应链App升级

中国深圳2015年6月15日电 /美通社/ -- 近日,海豚供应链旗下的海豚供应链 app 完成2.0版本升级,升级后的 app 可直接进入商城商品界面,用户体验大为提升。

库克采访:删除预装应用/Hey Siri/iPad Pro

苹果公司 CEO 蒂姆·库克最近接受了 BuzzFeed 的采访,谈到了新iPhone的特性、隐私问题、iPad Pro 以及为何用户无法删除预装应用等。  

Airplane seat designed to speed up boarding would also improve the middle seat

The window seat has the views, the aisle seat has easy access, and a new design would give the middle seat the elbow room.The seating concept would transform the middle seat into something travelers don't have to dread, adding two extra inches of space to the traditionally "worst" spot.

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