Restaurant won't apologize for tasteless Caitlyn Jenner joke on their menus

Whoever comes up with the menus for Nacho Mama's Mexican restaurant probably shouldn't quit their day job to do comedyThe Baltimore, Maryland establishment raised eyebrows when they gave their mascot a speech bubble at the top of their menu saying,

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Restaurant won't apologize for tasteless Caitlyn Jenner joke on their menus

Whoever comes up with the menus for Nacho Mama's Mexican restaurant probably shouldn't quit their day job to do comedyThe Baltimore, Maryland establishment raised eyebrows when they gave their mascot a speech bubble at the top of their menu saying,

'I Am Cait': The first heartwarming look at Caitlyn Jenner's E! series

The world said hello to Caitlyn Jenner for the first time on Monday, thanks to a Vanity Fair cover debut that led to an outpouring of support from all corners of the InternetNow E! has revealed the first promo for its upcoming docu-series I Am Cait,

Advertisers are reluctant to embrace Caitlyn Jenner and transgender women

When Caitlyn Jenner's Vanity Fair cover story burst onto the web last week, social media instantly lit up with buzz about her transformationBut one group remained uncharacteristically mum on the subject: the big brands,

Caitlyn Jenner to appear in premiere of Logo's digital series about trans teens

Caitlyn Jenner is among the guest stars who will guide trans teens in an upcoming digital series called Beautiful As I Want To Be.Logo TV's four-episode webseries, which launches Wednesday, spotlights transgender youth as they share their stories and dreams for the future.

Vanity Fair used heavy security to protect Caitlyn Jenner's exclusive

Who knew the gossipy, overexposed, selfie-taking Kardashians could be so good at keeping a secret?Vanity Fair unleashed one of the biggest cultural stories of the year on Monday with Caitlyn Jenner's first public interview and photo shoot.

Fox News response to Caitlyn Jenner is everything wrong with Fox News

By and large, the arrival of Caitlyn Jenner was treated with admirable sensitivity by the media MondayJenner's bravery, clear to anyone who has been following her story and watched last month's interview, was highlighted (not least with a forthcoming ESPN award).

Caitlyn Jenner hired Angelina Jolie's stylist for her red carpet debut

Caitlyn Jenner made her award show debut at the ESPYs, where she was honored with the Arthur Ashe Courage Award. She opened up her inspiring speech with a sense of humor about her new role as a woman in the public eye trying to survive the red carpet."Okay girls, I get it,

Twitter bot corrects you every time you misgender Caitlyn Jenner

A Twitter bot named @she_not_he has been activated to correct users who misgender Caitlyn Jenner. Whenever users refer to Jenner in their tweets using the pronoun "he," the bot will tweet a response reminding them to use Jenner's now-preferred female pronouns.See also:

How the Kardashians and Jenners supported Caitlyn on social media

Caitlyn Jenner, formerly known as Bruce Jenner, revealed her new look and name on Monday on the cover of Vanity Fair. She was quickly lauded by thousands across social media for her courage and beautyBut Jenner's biggest cheerleaders were from her own sprawling family.

'South Park' will tackle Deflategate, Caitlyn Jenner in premiere episode

As you'd expect, the gang at South Park isn't holding anything back in its premiere episode, airing WednesdayThe show, which is returning for Season 19, jumps right into some of the hot topics of the summer,

Save 60% off tons of online courses in honor of Presidents Day weekend

Oh Presidents' Day, the one day of the year when you can score mattresses at rock-bottom prices. We've decided to shake things up for 2019 and swap sleepy time for brain fuel: online courses, bundles, and e-learning packages. 

Apple's 'AirPods 2' might come in a stealthier black color

Since AirPods launched in late 2016, people have begged Apple to release them in a color other than white.After years, Apple might finally cave in to everyone's wishes. The latest rumor suggests Apple launch the second generation of its AirPods, tentatively called "AirPods 2," in black.SEE ALSO:

Out Magazine's latest issue celebrates women and non-binary femmes, and it's a blessing

This is One Good Thing, a weekly column where we tell you about one of the few nice things that happened this week.Between the loss of queer publication Into and the partial closing of AfterEllen, it's been a crushing few years for queer people in media.

These are the Netflix shows Gen-Z thinks actually represent them

When it comes to entertainment, diversity has become one of those words repeated so often that it sometimes seems to have lost all of its meaning. Diversity in programming is often lauded as a goal for networks and, in the case of the world's most-watched streaming platform, Netflix,

10 adorable videos of turtles eating strawberries

There is nothing quite as pure as watching animals try to eat cumbersome people food. Dogs and peanut butter, hamsters and crackers — it's a match made in viral video heaven. But our personal favorite physical manifestation of cuteness comes in the form of turtles trying to eat strawberries.

Walmart just put this Shark vacuum on sale for $44 off

Sometimes you don’t realize how important owning a good vacuum can be until you’ve used a bad one. The frustration of rolling over the same spot 317 times and ending up not cleaning much of anything is infuriating and will usually lead you to rage-quit cleaning your home. 

You absolutely must play 'Far Cry 5' before touching 'Far Cry: New Dawn'. Seriously, it's worth it.

Warning: One absolutely unavoidable (and major) spoiler for Far Cry 5 is below, but chances are you've already heard about it.Ah, the "standalone sequel." It's a tricky beast. Of course players want it to work. Heaven knows studios want it to work. Unfortunately, it rarely works. Far Cry:

Schrödinger's verdict on 'Silicon Valley': Will Pied Piper make it out dead or alive?

Will the madness ever end? It's been failure after failure after failure for Pied Piper, and this week is no exception.See also:

Automatic breaking may one day be required for new cars

Many new cars come with automatic braking as an option, but for the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB), this isn't enough.According to a report in The Detroit News, the NTSB is pressuring the U.S. Government to make automatic braking a federal mandate.

Australia's treasurer on how to afford a home: 'Get a good job that pays good money'

Australian Treasurer Joe Hockey has some simple advice for young people trying to enter the housing market: Get a good job that pays good money. Easy, right?The politician, who resides in a mansion with an estimated value of $5.4 million,

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oVirt 3.4 Means Management, VMs Can Live On the Same Machine

darthcamaro (735685) writes "Red Hat's open source oVirt project hit a major milestone this week with the release of version 3.4. It's got improved storage handling so users can mix and match different resource types, though the big new feature is one that seems painfully obvious.

The Legendary Manual That Dictates Every Detail of the NYC Subway

Amidst the stinky, human chaos of NYC's train system, we take the clarity of the MTA's signage for granted. But every minute detail of those signs was carefully laid out in 1970 by two young designers who created a rulebook for how to guide billions of people through the subway for decades to come.



[视频]iPhone 6 Plus再受摧残 高空坠落依然能正常使用

知名暴力频道RatedRR今天再次对刚刚发售的iPhone 6 Plus下手,继此前液氮、搅拌机、铝热剂等各种“酷刑”之后再次别(sang)出(xin)心(bing)裁(kuang)的体验了空中之旅,他们身着翼装乘坐飞机爬升到高空,让iPhone同他一起跳下,然后使用安装在iPhone上的定位设备进行追踪,最终发现屏幕已经完全破碎,但是幸运的是依然能够正常运行。

US Postal Service Suspends Telecommuting Following Massive Breach

An anonymous reader writes: The folks at the USPS have responded to the recent breach that exposed data on 800K employees and another some 2.8 million customers. They have suspended telecommuting for all employees until further notice while they replace their VPN with a more secure version.

Linux程序包管理rpm与yum - 此时





现在越来越多的用户喜欢用Bing搜索东西,这也让微软有关团队坚持不懈地完善这款搜索引擎。日前,微软有关团队对B […]

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