Oculus Is Working On Transporting You Fully Into VR, Down To The Last Fingernail

Oculus may be focused on this generation of hardware with today’s big Rift VR headset unveiling, but it’s also keeping an eye to future generations. We caught up with Oculus CEO Brendan Iribe after the special event today, as he fielded questions from a gaggle of reporters, TechCrunch included.

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I Fought a Dragon In a Head-Mounted Holodeck

VR is coming, for real this time, and everyone wants a piece of the pie. Me, I want to put every dumb-looking headset I see onto my face. Today it was the Sulon Cortex, a big ol' camera-toting headset that claims it'll turn your living room into the holodeck. It can't quite pull it off,

Scammers are sending bomb scares to nab BTC

A new scam is making the rounds that promises to disrupt countless offices and schools. The scam is simple: the scammers send an email threatening to detonate a bomb if they don’t get a certain amount of Bitcoin within a specified timeframe.

This early GDPR adtech strike puts the spotlight on consent

What does consent as a valid legal basis for processing personal data look like under Europe’s updated privacy rules?

The annual PornHub year in review tells us what we’re really looking at online

PornHub, a popular site feature people in various stages of undress, saw 33.5 billion visits in 2018. There are currently 7.53 billion people on Earth. Y’all have been busy. The company, which owns most of the major porn sites online,

Google Maps now shows nearby Lime bikes and scooters in 13 cities

Google has partnered with Lime to show nearby bikes and scooters in 13 cities worldwide. If there’s a Lime vehicle available nearby, Google Maps will show you how long it will take to get to the vehicle, the estimated price of the ride and total journey time.

Jennifer Garner and J.J. Abrams are making a limited series for Apple

More than a decade after the end of “Alias,” J.J. Abrams and Jennifer Garner are teaming up on a new limited series for Apple. The show, titled “My Glory Was I Had Such Friends,” will be based on the Amy Silverstein memoir of the same name,

Lyft is becoming a one-stop transportation app in these 3 cities

Lyft is turning its app into a one-stop multimodal transportation app in a few U.S. cities, the latest illustration of its transformation from ridesharing startup to a company that wants to own, or at least be a part of, every way people move from Point A to Point B, whether it’s cars, bikes,

Basis, backed with $133 million from top VCs to build a price-stable cryptocurrency, says it’s shutt

Earlier this year, we told you about a now 18-month-old, Hoboken, N.J.-based cryptocurrency startup working on a “stable coin” whose elastic supply would ostensibly expand and contract to keep its value at about a dollar instead of all over the map. The company’s big idea:

A Look Inside The New Upper East Side Apple Store

Apple has just opened up its sixth location in New York City on the Upper East Side of Manhattan. It’s located at 940 Madison Avenue, between 74th and 75th streets, in a building that was once an old bank branch. The vault was remodeled to become an Apple Watch try-on space,

Twitter Announces CEO Dick Costolo Stepping Down, Jack Dorsey Named Interim CEO, Stock Rises 7%

After years of growth struggles, Twitter just announced that its CEO Dick Costolo will be stepping down July 1st, though he’ll remain on the board. Co-founder and Square CEO Jack Dorsey will be the interim CEO. A conference call with investors has been set for 2:

Twitter Gets Serious About Messaging, Will Remove DM Character Limit

Twitter is a public broadcast platform, but it’s also increasingly a one-to-one and one-to-many private communication mechanism. The company announced today it’s taking that even further with a change to its direct messaging capability: Beginning in July,


Statista:预计2015年全球平板电脑出货量超PC 您可能也喜欢经典文章: Canalys:预测2013年全球平板电脑出货量达到1.

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小米计划融资10亿美元:估值已超京东 寻找孙正义式VC

投资机构:IDG资本(IDGVC Partners) 晨兴集团有限公司 启明创投 高通公司创业投资基金 Temasek Holdings(淡马锡) 软银投资(日本) Digital Sky Technologies 北京顺为创业投资有限公司 创业机构:深圳 ... ...

The Anthropocene Epoch Began With 1945 Atomic Bomb Test, Scientists Say

hypnosec writes: Scientists have proposed July 16, 1945 as the beginning of the Anthropocene Epoch. That was the day of the first nuclear detonation test.


据外媒报道,当地时间1月22日,美国交通部部长Anthony Foxx披露,国家公路交通安全局(NHTSA)计划在未来的汽车星级评比机制中加入对自动刹车性能的考察。另外,NHTSA还将在其网站上列出具备这一功能的汽车明细单。



迪士尼看中诺基亚OZO摄像机 拟用其制作VR内容

【媒体报导】4月26日消息,据国外媒体报道,迪士尼本周与诺基亚签订了多年期合作协议,诺基亚将向迪士尼提供包括OZO在内的硬件和软件,围绕迪士尼出品的电影制作虚拟现实视频。迪士尼看中诺基亚OZO摄像机 拟用其制 ... ...


公司將在5個國家的14座城市展示屢獲殊榮的行動終端 北京--(美國商業資訊)--全球領先的行動終端製造商中興通訊終端事業部(ZTE Mobile Devices)今天宣佈,繼在歐洲多個國家和美國大獲成功之後,該公司致力於讓消費者體驗中興通訊終端裝置的巡迴展將來到西班牙。歐洲體驗之旅(Europe tour)於2月21日世界移動通信大會(Mobile World Congress)期間在巴塞隆納揭開序幕,途經德國、波蘭、義大利和法國,並於4月16日結束首輪活動。

Troubled P2P lender LendingClub names Scott Sanborn CEO, cuts 179 jobs amid lower loan volume

Yet more changes afoot for LendingClub — a peer-to-peer loans marketplace whose stock tanked May after its founder, CEO and chairman Renauld Laplanche resigned amid an accounting scandal. Ahead of an annual meeting being held later today, 

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