GIFs Is A Mac App For Finding The Best Animated Encapsulation Of Your Current Emotion

In work and personal online communication, I find myself using animated GIFs almost more than words these days. Between Slack and iMessage, there’s little that needs to be said that isn’t best said by an animal clumsily and cutely falling over. But discovery can be a bit tricky,

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GIFs Is A Mac App For Finding The Best Animated Encapsulation Of Your Current Emotion

In work and personal online communication, I find myself using animated GIFs almost more than words these days. Between Slack and iMessage, there’s little that needs to be said that isn’t best said by an animal clumsily and cutely falling over. But discovery can be a bit tricky,

16 frightening GIFs that will creep you out of your skin

It just isn't Halloween without creeping yourself out and sleeping with the lights on for the next weekThe beloved spooky holiday kicks off a weekend of chills all weekend long. Among traditions like trick-or-treating, getting dressed up as whatever you'd like and eating far too much candy,

10 Dubbed GIFs That Shut You Up With Laughter

If these GIFs could talk, they'd sound nothing like thisGIFs are a silent medium, which can have its drawbacks. These dubbed GIFs cross your favorite movie scene with a new script that makes no sense at allSee also:

20 Inexplicably Satisfying GIFs to Cleanse Your Internet Palate

When work-day stress begins to creep up on you, it's nice (and necessary) to take a momentary mental breakIf you spend most of your days at the computer, one of the quickest ways to find calm and composure is to refresh your brain with a quick palate cleanse.

15 Combined GIFs That Prove Two GIFs Are Better Than One

One GIF just doesn't pack the funny punch any moreWe've seen your cat fails, classic Seinfeld moments and dancing banana — boooring. Step it upSee also: 20 GIFs That Jump Off Your Screen Without 3D GlassesThe Internet has answered the call for looped creativity with combined GIFs.

12 Tom Brady GIFs clearly about your relationship

Tom Brady feels your relationship pain.Let's face it, unless you have a multi-million dollar bank account and a messiah-esque following amongst Boston sports fans, you and Tom Brady have little in common. And that's totally fine.

20 Animals That Will Dance Your Post-3-Day-Weekend Blues Away

After all those hot dogs, boozy cocktails and explosions in the sky, it's time to head back to the office and slog through another weekDon't fret, it's not all bad. These GIFs of dancing animals won't turn back time, but they'll start the week off right. With their cheerfulness and enthusiasm,

Trio Lets You Mash Up Your Own Media With GIFs, Vines, Music And More

If you spend entirely too much time creating, searching for and sharing the best GIFs and Vines with your friends, then you might get a kick out of a new mobile application called Trio. The app allows you to mash up media in order to create unique “remixes” that combine photos, videos,

Tumblr finally gives you a way to watch nothing but GIFs

Just in case you weren't seeing enough GIFs in your Tumblr dashboard, the site now has a dedicated channel that plays an endless stream of them.Tumblr TV, unveiled Thursday, allows Tumblr users to watch random GIFs that have been posted by the site's users.See also:

10 gifs that perfectly illustrate your bracket right now

Welcome to March Sadness.With March Madness brackets being busted left and right, there's a lot of frustration in the air. Brackets are being burnt, tables are being flipped and plenty of frantic prayers are being sent to the basketball gods.Especially after back-to-back 14th seed upsets,

India’s FreshToHome raises $11 million to expand its fish, meat, and vegetable e-commerce platform

Shan Kadavil, who spent early days of his career managing tech support firm Support and then heading India operations of gaming firm Zynga, says he had a calling of sorts when his son was born. Kadavil realized that much of the meat that sells in India is not exactly healthy.

Qualcomm and Lenovo reveal the first Snapdragon-powered 5G PC

Qualcomm announced during its Computex press conference today that it will launch the first Snapdragon-powered 5G PC with Lenovo. The two companies describe the PC, called Project Limitless, as “the world’s first 7nm platform purpose-built for PCs that offers 5G connectivity.

Final week to sign up and save €200 on Disrupt Berlin passes

Planning to join us and more than 1,200 other startuppers at Disrupt Berlin 2019 on 11-12 December? That’s great news, but this is even better; you can save €200 off the super-early-bird ticket price if you sign up for our mailing list. Here’s the catch:

TikTok parent Bytedance is reportedly working on its own smartphone

It’s been a busy couple of months for Bytedance, one of the world’s most valuable startups and the operator of globally popular video app TikTok. The Beijing-based company has continued to grow its list of apps to include the likes of work collaboration tool Lark, 

Nvidia announces its Studio line of laptops to compete against the MacBook Pro

During its press conference in Taipei a day before Computex starts, Nvidia announced a new line of laptops that will run its RTX graphics processing units, as well as a new software platform called Studio, with SDKs and drivers to make graphics rendering and other tasks faster.

Fiat Chrysler proposes 50-50 merger with Renault

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles has proposed merging its business with Renault that, if accepted, would create the third largest global automaker with 8.7 million in annual vehicle sales. FCA delivered Monday a non-binding letter to Renault’s board that proposes combining the business as a 50-50 merger.

AMD unveils the 12-core Ryzen 9 3900X, at half the price of Intel’s competing Core i9 9920X chipset

AMD CEO Lisa Su gave the Computex keynote in Taipei today, the first time the company has been invited to do so (the event officially starts tomorrow). During the presentation, AMD unveiled news about its chips and graphics processors that will increase pressure on competitors Intel and Nvidia,

What The U.K. Surveillance Powers Review Says On Encryption And Hacking

A U.K.

Mobile App Enablers: Who Will Be The Winners?

Over the past three years, the Emergence Capital team has closely monitored the growing ecosystem of mobile enterprise applications. We have been fortunate to learn from our investments in a few of the early leaders across this landscape, including Box (collaboration), Doximity (digital health),

Chrome Should Soon Be Easier On Your Mac’s Battery

Whatever the relative merits of the various browser options, there’s one big advantage that Apple’s homegrown Safari has over most of the competition – using it as your browser can have a significant positive impact in terms of battery life on portable Macs. Now,



拉里·佩奇密曾会WhatsApp CEO Jan Koum,试图阻止收购

今天有参与Facebook收购WhatsApp的三位内部人士透露,上周Google CEO 拉里·佩奇曾密会WhatsApp CEO,试图阻止对方与Facebook结盟。




How to Stream Anything from Android to AirPlay

The AirPlay wireless streaming system makes sharing stuff between your phone and TV incredibly easy—but only if stick with Apple gadgets. Try to share content from an Android and suddenly you're out of luck. But with these third-party streaming apps,

嫌犯已被抓,但 12306 赢得信任还很难

中午的消息,12306 网站用户信息泄露事件有了最新的进展,据中国铁路官方微博消息,铁路公安机关于 2014 年 12 月 25 日晚,将涉嫌窃取并泄露他人电子信息的犯罪嫌疑人抓获。

蛇叔:「人氣大眼仔手機果然 Cute!」- LG AKA 手機速試

想買手機俾女朋友又要有心思?最近有舖頭返咗 LG 新出嘅 AKA, 佢同一般型號唔同,因為一睇見佢對「大眼仔」就知佢賣可愛,究竟佢有啲咩趣怪功能,想知就等蛇叔同大家試下喇!(以下有更多資料。





iptables命令 - gophper

1、查看 iptables -nvL –line-number -L 查看当前表的所有规则,默认查看的是filter表,如果要查看NAT表,可以加上-t NAT参数 -n 不对ip地址进行反查,加上这个参数显示速度会快很多 -v 输出详细信息,包含通过该规则的数据包数量,总字节数及相应的网络接口.

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