The Growth Equity In Venture Capital

The technology industry is booming and contrary to popular belief, it’s not just early stage venture funding that’s steering the ship. Helping to propel this rapid expansion is actually another group of investors who specialize in growing established companies and taking them to the next level,

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The Growth Equity In Venture Capital

The technology industry is booming and contrary to popular belief, it’s not just early stage venture funding that’s steering the ship. Helping to propel this rapid expansion is actually another group of investors who specialize in growing established companies and taking them to the next level,

Setting The Right Valuation For A Competitive Series A Round

Founders are often puzzled by how VCs derive valuations for competitive Series A rounds. A competitive Series A round is an equity round where a company generally raises greater than $5 million led by a top-quartile venture capital firm. During these Series A rounds,

Evaluating The Risks And Rewards Of Unicorn Capital

This is the best time to raise money for your startup. At least since 1999. But raising money can be a double-edged sword for entrepreneurs — and receiving a high valuation can cut two ways. First, some context. According to the April 2015 MoneyTree report from PwC,

Fundraising Acceleration Is The New VC Investment Thesis

There was a quite a jolt on Friday from the news that Slack, a company whose eponymous enterprise communications platform was first publicly launched this year, raised $120 million in new venture funding from KPCB and Google Ventures. Even more eye-popping was the valuation: $1.12 billion.

The Best Of Times …

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of Minecraft, it was the age of Square, it was the epoch of burn, it was the epoch of crash, it was the season of growth and it was the season of collapse. Or so Dickens might have written if he had lived in San Francisco.

Hong Kong Incubator NEST Launches An Equity Crowdfunding Platform For Startups

Ask Hong Kong startup founders about the challenges facing their ecosystem and you are likely to hear one answer over and over again: the lack of funding opportunities. Because Hong Kong’s startup industry is so new,

The Mystery Money Creating The Unicorn Herd

Varied explanations for the growing herd of unicorns — and predictions of their imminent demise — abound. But all can agree: Those who invest in unicorns are chasing returns they can’t get elsewhere. And while venture capital is widely perceived to be fueling the unicorns’ growth,

Top VCs Are Chasing Digital Companies In Latin America

It has been difficult to attract investors to the digital startup space in Latin America. This is because of a variety of reasons, including the lack of a track record of established VC firms in Latin America,

OfferBoard Brings Crowd Investment To Growth Capital

The U.S. Platform Development Group has a pitch for companies looking for growth capital and the investment bankers that love them. The group launched OfferBoard, its new growth capital crowdfunding platform, onstage this afternoon during TechCrunch Disrupt NY. Using the Princeton,

Three Realities About Venture Capital

This week’s kerfuffle over Yo centered on many facets, but none got more attention than the nascent startup’s $1.2 million in venture capital funding. The reaction to this investment across the web came in several flavors.

First ever drone-delivered kidney is no worse for wear

Drone delivery really only seems practical for two things: take-out and organ transplants. Both are relatively light and also extremely time sensitive. Well,

iHeartMedia to acquire radio adtech company Jelli

Radio giant iHeartMedia announced today that it’s reached an agreement to acquire Jelli, a company bringing programmatic ad-buying to radio broadcasters. In fact,

Half-Life turns 20, and we all feel very old

The only thing that's crazier than the fact that Half-Life was released exactly 20 years ago is that I wrote up its 10th anniversary on this very website...well, 10 years ago. We've both aged well, I like to think. But Half-Life has already left a legacy.

Ticketmaster and Fanatics link up to sell merch and tickets on each others’ platforms

In a blockbuster deal for Fanatics and Ticketmaster, the two companies have agreed to sell verified tickets and merchandise on each others’ sites. According to a statement from the two companies, the partnership will give leagues,

Cloud stocks take a beating

It was a stormy Monday for cloud stocks today with the general trend pointing way down. Okta stock took the biggest beating, down over 15 percent to $48.67 and even mighty Salesforce had its worst day since 2016, according to CNBC, down 8.7 percent to $121.01.

Interest rates and fears of a mounting trade war send tech stocks lower

Shares of technology companies were battered in today’s trading as fears of an increasing trade war between the U.S. and China and rising interest rates convinced worried investors to sell. The Nasdaq Composite Index,

Move over Le Creuset? A new cookware startup founded by and for millennials is getting down to busin

Sometimes, it’s hard to imagine a product or industry that a new e-commerce startup hasn’t tried to remake already, from slippers to mattresses, from luggage to lipstick. Yet two childhood friends in New York have seemingly struck on a fresh idea:

Twitter Experiments With A New App Install Ad For News Accounts

While Apple is rethinking how it aggregates, filters and presents news to iPhone and iPad users, Twitter is also sharpening its focus on news media, while also honing the kinds of ads it presents to its users.

Derek Jeter’s Players Tribune Raises $9.5 Million Led By NEA

Less than a year after raising $3 million in its first outside financing, The Players Tribune has closed on $9.5 million of a planned $15 million round led by the white-shoe venture capital and later-stage investment firm NEA. Previous investors, including the entertainment conglomerate Legendary,

Here’s The First Actual Gameplay Footage Of Star Wars Battlefront

AHHHHHHHH.I feel like I’ve been waiting years for this. The first real footage of Star Wars Battlefront — an EA-made sequel to the wonderful first person shooter of the same name that LucasArts (RIP) made back in 2004 — just dropped at E3. Read More


虽然手表的最终使命就是告诉佩戴者当时的时间,但设计师们却从来没有停下过设计新型表盘的脚步。近日,来自Nadir的设计师Damian Barton就带来了一款你意想不到的手表。为什么这么说呢?



Project Tango迎来新进展 Movidius宣布第二代视觉处理器项目

谷歌首次宣布其项目:Project Tango,计划为智能手机和平板电脑开发3D感应技术方案,其中一个关键组件是Movidius  Myriad 1视觉处理芯片。基于曾经取得的成就Movidius今天宣布新一代 Myriad 2芯片,宣称比上一代产品提高多达20倍效率。

国外虐机青年最新作品:乙炔气割炬秒杀 iPhone 6

为了更好的虐待 iPhone 6,国外虐机达人 TechRax 也算蛮拼的。不久之前,我们刚刚欣赏了他使用热熔铝水撒向 iPhone 6,现在他又带来了最新的作品。这次蹂躏 iPhone 6 的是华氏6000度的乙炔气割炬。



Scandal Episode 16 Recap: Lena Dunham brings the kink

This week's episode? Classic ScandalFinally, OPA are back to what they do best: Fixing things. Lena Dunham brings in the kink and stirs up trouble, Olivia gets her sexy back, and Hunk goes beyond the point of no return — way, way beyond. Oh — and man do I regret googling "dustbuster.

Students discover their math lecturer is also a successful male model

LONDON — If you discovered your math lecturer was a very successful male model with thousands of fans you'd probably post it to Facebook, right?

Insurance Types Make a Difference to Survival, For Brian Tumors at Least

We all know that having health insurance can make it easier for people to a see a doctor, and with access to care, people can stay healthier. But socioeconomic inequalities in the United States affect access to health care, and thus treatment and patient outcomes as well.Read more...

Chrome 45将不再自动播放Flash

Chrome 45将只对主要的Flash内容进行自动播放,其它的Flash内容将被暂停播放,除非用户决定去手动点开它。 By Abel Avram Translated by 邱广


很少空聊行业,不过最近一年来确实和一些创业的朋友经常讨论“上门”的案例,所以试着提炼一下。 “上门”,通常“到 ...

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