The Growth Equity In Venture Capital

The technology industry is booming and contrary to popular belief, it’s not just early stage venture funding that’s steering the ship. Helping to propel this rapid expansion is actually another group of investors who specialize in growing established companies and taking them to the next level,

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The Growth Equity In Venture Capital

The technology industry is booming and contrary to popular belief, it’s not just early stage venture funding that’s steering the ship. Helping to propel this rapid expansion is actually another group of investors who specialize in growing established companies and taking them to the next level,

Setting The Right Valuation For A Competitive Series A Round

Founders are often puzzled by how VCs derive valuations for competitive Series A rounds. A competitive Series A round is an equity round where a company generally raises greater than $5 million led by a top-quartile venture capital firm. During these Series A rounds,

Evaluating The Risks And Rewards Of Unicorn Capital

This is the best time to raise money for your startup. At least since 1999. But raising money can be a double-edged sword for entrepreneurs — and receiving a high valuation can cut two ways. First, some context. According to the April 2015 MoneyTree report from PwC,

Fundraising Acceleration Is The New VC Investment Thesis

There was a quite a jolt on Friday from the news that Slack, a company whose eponymous enterprise communications platform was first publicly launched this year, raised $120 million in new venture funding from KPCB and Google Ventures. Even more eye-popping was the valuation: $1.12 billion.

The Best Of Times …

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of Minecraft, it was the age of Square, it was the epoch of burn, it was the epoch of crash, it was the season of growth and it was the season of collapse. Or so Dickens might have written if he had lived in San Francisco.

Hong Kong Incubator NEST Launches An Equity Crowdfunding Platform For Startups

Ask Hong Kong startup founders about the challenges facing their ecosystem and you are likely to hear one answer over and over again: the lack of funding opportunities. Because Hong Kong’s startup industry is so new,

The Mystery Money Creating The Unicorn Herd

Varied explanations for the growing herd of unicorns — and predictions of their imminent demise — abound. But all can agree: Those who invest in unicorns are chasing returns they can’t get elsewhere. And while venture capital is widely perceived to be fueling the unicorns’ growth,

Top VCs Are Chasing Digital Companies In Latin America

It has been difficult to attract investors to the digital startup space in Latin America. This is because of a variety of reasons, including the lack of a track record of established VC firms in Latin America,

OfferBoard Brings Crowd Investment To Growth Capital

The U.S. Platform Development Group has a pitch for companies looking for growth capital and the investment bankers that love them. The group launched OfferBoard, its new growth capital crowdfunding platform, onstage this afternoon during TechCrunch Disrupt NY. Using the Princeton,

Three Realities About Venture Capital

This week’s kerfuffle over Yo centered on many facets, but none got more attention than the nascent startup’s $1.2 million in venture capital funding. The reaction to this investment across the web came in several flavors.

Tesla reportedly asked suppliers for cash back to help it reach profitability

In an unusual move, Tesla reportedly asked some suppliers to return part of the money it’s paid them since 2016, including for past work. According to the Wall Street Journal, which reviewed a memo Tesla sent to a supplier last week,

Get passes to Disrupt SF 2018 before prices increase on July 25

Don’t look now, but July 25 is sneaking up mighty fast. Why should you care? That’s the day prices go up on all passes to Disrupt San Francisco 2018, which takes place on September 5-7. If you want to attend one of the best tech conferences for all-things startup and — depending on the type […]

Tall Poppy aims to make online harassment protection an employee benefit

For the nearly 20% percent of Americans who experience severe online harassment, there’s a new company launching in the latest batch of Y Combinator called Tall Poppy that’s giving them the tools to fight back. Co-founded by Leigh Honeywell and Logan Dean,

Rental attacks mean that blockchains must evolve or die

Abraham Othman Contributor Abraham Othman is a visiting scholar in the Operations, Information and Decisions department of the Wharton School (University of Pennsylvania). He is an advisor to a number of blockchain applications including Augur, Codex, and Decent.

Inside the rise and reign of supergiant venture capital rounds

There was a time not so long ago when nine-figure venture capital rounds weren’t a near-daily feature of tech business news.

Snapchat will shut down Snapcash, forfeiting to Venmo

Snapcash ended up as a way to pay adult performers for private content over Snapchat, not just a way to split bills with friends. But Snapchat will abandon the peer-to-peer payment space on August 30th.

Here are some of the movie and TV trailers to come out of San Diego Comic-Con 2018

Over the course of a weekend we got a glimpse at some of the coming seasons and movies for various sci-fi, superhero, and other types of highly-anticipated fan-favorite franchises from the San Diego Comic-Con this year. Here’s a quick selection of some of the ones shown over the weekend:

Twitter Experiments With A New App Install Ad For News Accounts

While Apple is rethinking how it aggregates, filters and presents news to iPhone and iPad users, Twitter is also sharpening its focus on news media, while also honing the kinds of ads it presents to its users.

Derek Jeter’s Players Tribune Raises $9.5 Million Led By NEA

Less than a year after raising $3 million in its first outside financing, The Players Tribune has closed on $9.5 million of a planned $15 million round led by the white-shoe venture capital and later-stage investment firm NEA. Previous investors, including the entertainment conglomerate Legendary,

Here’s The First Actual Gameplay Footage Of Star Wars Battlefront

AHHHHHHHH.I feel like I’ve been waiting years for this. The first real footage of Star Wars Battlefront — an EA-made sequel to the wonderful first person shooter of the same name that LucasArts (RIP) made back in 2004 — just dropped at E3. Read More



[图]东京警视厅引进新型警帽 抗冲击能力堪比头盔


How Much Data Plan Bandwidth Is Wasted By DRM?

Bennett Haselton writes: "If you watch a movie or TV show (legally) on your mobile device while away from your home network, it's usually by streaming it on a data plan. This consumes an enormous amount of a scarce resource (data bundled with your cell phone provider's data plan),


任何科技行业的领导企业,最大的竞争力必然是创新能力,一旦失去这种能力,失败就将不可避免。腾讯亦然 […]

typedef 和define的区别 - bluejance

总结一下typedef和#define的区别1.概念 #define 它在编译预处理时进行简单的替换,不作正确性检查。它是预处理指令。 typedef 它在自己的作用域内给一个已经存在的类型一个别名。它是在是在编译时处理的。 例子:#define:

Apple Store 将统一员工制服 改善天才吧预约

未来一周内,苹果将继续统一美国区 Apple Store 员工服装。Apple Store 商业团队员工穿着的黑色衬衫将正式停用,所有 Apple Store 员工都将开始使用相同、经典的蓝色T 恤,就像我们在 Apple Store 中见到的普通零售店员工一样。

Windows 8.1网络使用份额超XP 仍大幅落后Win7

据StatCounter数据显示,从互联网使用情况来看,Windows 8.1超过了Windows XP,成为第二大操作系统。不过,Windows 8.1的使用率还是大大落后于Windows 7,后者在互联网流量方面占据50.3%的份额。


电子邮件加密软件GnuPG项目已获得了19万欧元的公众捐款,6万美元的Linux基金会Core Infrastructure Initiative资助,以及从Facebook 和Stripe分别获得每年5万美元的捐款,它有了足够多的资金可以雇佣多名全职开发者。

Visual Studio的Node.js插件:NTVS 1.0正式发布

NTVS是Node.js Tools for Visual Studio的缩写,它是Visual Studio 2012 和 Visual Studio 2013 为Node.js开发提供的一款免费、开源的插件。近日,从微软的官方博客中得知,NTVS 1.


上海2015年8月8日电 /美通社/ -- 8月7日晚,在新加坡独立50周年大型音乐汇演Sing50上,世界上最好的钢琴施坦威呈现了一场独具特色的表演,著名施坦威艺术家郎朗与50位钢琴演奏者在一架红色施坦威钢琴及50架施坦威家族产品郎朗钢琴上共同演奏,向新加坡独立50周年献礼。

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