A ton of ivory was crushed in the middle of Times Square to show the horrors of elephant poaching

NEW YORK — Federal officials and conservationists crushed more than one ton of ivory in Times Square today, in an effort to show zero tolerance toward illegal ivory poaching around the world.The ivory items, ranging from tusks to trinkets and jewelry,

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Why Is Craigslist Censoring Anti-Ivory Ads But Not Real Ivory Sales?

Craiglist’s infamous “missed connections” section is a great place to write a love ballad to that special someone you made fleeting eye contact with at the grocery store. Or, you know, that African elephant that was slaughtered by poachers last week. Read more...

The US Ivory Trade is Alive and Well on Craigslist

We tend to think of the ivory trade as an elusive black market of hardened criminals and shadowy elites, operating in the darkest recesses of the Internet. But as it turns out, there are plenty more ordinary ivory buyers and sellers, including just about anyone on Craigslist.Read more...

A Journalist Used an Artificial Tusk to Track the Illegal Ivory Trade

Tracking the movement of ivory through the nebulous, international black market is extraordinarily difficult. But we need to start doing a better job of it if we want to stamp out the illegal trade that claims 100 elephant lives every day. One journalist’s solution?

Ivory trade is 'rampant' on Craigslist, topping an estimated $15 million a year

From kitschy trinkets to carved tusks, thousands of objects — possibly worth more than $15 million a year — are being sold on Craigslist in the United States, according to a report.From March 16 to 20,

A ton of ivory was crushed in the middle of Times Square to show the horrors of elephant poaching

NEW YORK — Federal officials and conservationists crushed more than one ton of ivory in Times Square today, in an effort to show zero tolerance toward illegal ivory poaching around the world.The ivory items, ranging from tusks to trinkets and jewelry,

Ivory DNA reveals Africa's elephant poaching hotspots, study finds

Despite 46 countries pledging to control the illegal ivory trade last year, elephant poaching is still occurring at an alarming rate. More than 20,000 elephants were killed for their tusks across Africa in 2014 (effectively unchanged from 2013),

How Floating Soap Was Invented

Ivory has been producing their uniquely floating soap for the well over a century now and in hat time they've become one of the most popular soap brands in the world. For many years, the company has maintained that the discovery of its trademark floating soap was a complete accident,

Swiss customs seize 578 pounds of ivory taken from up to 50 elephants

BERLIN — Customs officials at Zurich airport have seized 262 kilograms (578 pounds) of ivory that three Chinese men had dispatched from Tanzania, contraband that may have come from up to 50 elephants, Swiss authorities said Tuesday.See also:

Jimmy Fallon and Terry Crews Strip Down for 'Ebony And Ivory'

Break out the body oil: This is no ordinary Jimmy Fallon lip sync. When it comes to Terry Crews, The Tonight Show host needed to do something a little special.On Monday's show, Fallon subbed in a more muscular body double for a duet with the Brooklyn Nine-Nine actor-slash-chest dancer.

One of the World's Largest Elephants Killed by Ivory Poachers in Kenya

If you so much as kick a dog or cat in many nations, you would likely have to answer to local authorities. But in Africa,

Welcome to the Talking Animal Cinematic Universe

You know the Star Wars universe. You know the DC Extended Universe. You know the Marvel Cinematic Universe. How about the Talking Animal Cinematic Universe?Movies and television shows allow us to peer inside other worlds, worlds where almost anything is possible. Sometimes these worlds are real.

Asus' new dual-screen laptop is totally bonkers

Imagine taking an Apple MacBook Pro with a Touch Bar, then stretching that Touch Bar down to occupy nearly half of the space where the keyboard usually resides. That's pretty much what Asus' new ZenBook Pro Duo laptop looks like, and while we're not quite sure about the concept's usefulness yet,

The dancing in 'Aladdin' is an excruciating missed opportunity

Disney's highly anticipated Aladdin is here, but we know better than to expect anything groundbreaking from another needless live-action adaptation. While remake has pleasantly surprised most critics with colorful costumes and charismatic leads,

How to keep your phone safe at the beach this summer

Let's be real. You're going to take your phone to the beach. How could you not? So let's make sure it doesn't meet its untimely end there.There are three main issues to consider when beach-proofing your device: sun, sand, and moisture. You don't want your phone to overheat,

New iPhones might get dual Bluetooth audio, report claims

Upcoming iPhones might get the ability to send Bluetooth audio to two different devices. This is according to a report by Japanese blog Mac Otakara (via MacRumors), which cites sources from the Asian supply chain. SEE ALSO:

Get an extra 25% off the Private Internet Access VPN with this code

The fact that there's a multitude of potential threats to your personal information whenever you connect to the internet isn't really a surprise these days.

10 game-changing car gadgets, all on sale

Summer is just around the corner, finally. And that means so are vacations, weekends spent outside, and, if you're the proud owner of a vehicle, a few road trips. As you make the necessary preparations to navigate the road for long periods,

Inspiring Malala documentary trailer will give you goosebumps

Sometimes it's easy to forget that Nobel Peace Prize winner Malala Yousafzai is only 17.The young education activist is the subject of a new documentary, He Named Me Malala, directed by Davis Guggenheim. The film looks at Yousafzai's family life,

NASA's Cassini spacecraft snaps moody images of Saturn's moon Dione

Saturn and its many moons always look so moody in black-and-white photos, and new images sent back to Earth from a probe exploring the ringed planet is no exception.NASA's Cassini spacecraft flew by Saturn's moon Dione recently, and the images it captured from that close pass are incredible.

Grab on to virtual reality and hold tight with the Oculus Touch

“Palmer’s going to be doing your Oculus Touch,” I was told as I entered Oculus VR’s quiet upstairs meeting room, a quiet space full of soft carpet and dim lightingPalmer Luckey, the 23-year-old creator of the Oculus Rift, likes to demo his products to journalists,

【PW晨报】:微软及高通推出Windows Phone的设计方案

1. 微软及高通推出Windows Phone的设计方案 为了吸引更多硬件制造商加入到Windows Phon […]

了解手中的设备 让科技服务生活之第114期

家里有熊孩子的家长或者用户朋友很苦恼,当家中的小朋友在上网时应该如何限制,不让他们看到一些与其年龄不相符的内容。其实 iTunes 中的许多内容与网络上内容相似。

NVIDIA Is Better For Closed-Source Linux GPU Drivers, AMD Wins For Open-Source

An anonymous reader writes "Phoronix last week tested 65 graphics cards on open source drivers under Linux and the best result was generally with the open source AMD Radeon drivers.

美国窃贼盗特斯拉后飙车身亡 系该车首例死亡事故




Little girl can't hold back tears of joy when she finds out she's going to a Patriots game

Despite the controversy surrounding Deflategate, there are still plenty of avid New England Patriots fans out there — including this little girl, named BellaBella is such a huge Patriots fan that her mom decided to give her two game tickets as a birthday gift. The tickets,

LOL颓势尽显 《守望先锋》强势蚕食韩游市场


男子泄愤微博晒女友手机号 称这是马蓉最新号码

据安徽商报消息 面对提出分手的女友,黄山一男子为了泄愤,竟然把女友的手机号码发到微博上,并称“这是马蓉最新的手机号码”,结果造成女子小李饱受电话困扰。 8月25日,记者从屯溪黎阳派出所了解到,鉴于小陈及时删除微博并向女子小李道歉,在警察给予其批评教育后,双方达成谅解。




产品不是做多了就很好。有时候,有限度地做,甚至不做,是非常难的一件事情。微信、豆瓣算是一个好的例子。 一、产品 […]

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