Microsoft outlines the future of the Microsoft Mobile Community

With the Nokia Support Discussions merged into the Microsoft Mobile Community, Microsoft has gathered feedback from their users on making the new forums even better. Based on feedback, it looks like a lot of change will be happening to the place.

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Microsoft Band production reportedly stopped to focus on Microsoft Band 2

The second edition of the Microsoft Band could be rolling out sooner than expected. According to gdgtarena (via Neowin) Microsoft Band production is halting to allow Microsoft to focus on the Microsoft Band 2 (not the official name). Reportedly,

Microsoft and WWE team up to support Microsoft Band

Now that the Microsoft Band is back in stock and available to buy at major retail stores, Microsoft is now focusing on marketing the Microsoft Band. In preparation of WrestleMania XXXI, Microsoft employed the services of two WWE powerhouses, Ryback and Dolph Ziggler, 

You can download Microsoft apps for any platform including iOS and Android via the Microsoft Store

In the new world order at Microsoft, apps for Microsoft services are just as important for competing platforms as they are for Windows and Windows Phone devices, and what looks to be a new user experience on the Microsoft Store website is another indication of just that.

You can now download Microsoft apps for any platform including iOS and Android via the Microsoft Sto

In the new world order at Microsoft, apps for Microsoft services are just as important for competing platforms as they are for Windows and Windows Phone devices, and what looks to be a new user experience on the Microsoft Store website is another indication of just that.

Microsoft to rebrand Nokia retail stores to Microsoft Priority Resellers, starts with India

It seems Microsoft has started the next phase of the rebranding of Nokia. Earlier today, it was revealed that Microsoft is now changing Nokia's retail locations to Microsoft in Brazil, rebranding over 50 locations in one of the key markets.

Microsoft releases Microsoft Apps Android app highlighting Microsoft’s Android apps

Yes, that’s right: Microsoft has released an Android app that does nothing but list the apps that the company has pushed to Google’s Windows 10 Mobile rival. But there’s likely more behind this than...

Microsoft announces new Microsoft Edge blog for developers and more

The development of Microsoft’s new Edge browser is progressing, and the company is now looking to connect with developers that will potentially write websites and develop extensions with the browser in mind through a new blog.

LA Live's Nokia Theater rebranded as Microsoft takes naming rights - now Microsoft Theater

This past Sunday workers erected a Microsoft logo atop the former Nokia Theater in downtown Los Angeles’s LA Live as part of a multiyear agreement with AEG, the sporting and music entertainment presenter and LA Live developer.

Visit the Microsoft Merchandise Store for some awesome Microsoft-branded accessories

Back at Build 2014, Microsoft’s Joe Belfiore took the stage to announce the company’s new personal digital assistant. After playing a short and somewhat creepy introduction video, Belfiore re-emerged wearing a t-shirt with Cortana’s rings on it.

Media capture functionality comes to Microsoft Edge

Microsoft has just added support for media capture APIs in Microsoft Edge for the first time in the latest Windows 10 preview release update. In an official Microsoft blog entry,

Microsoft to disable outdated TLS 1.0, 1.1 for Edge and IE early next year

This early notice comes just a couple of months before the 20th anniversary of TLS 1.0 on January 19, 2019.

Adobe announces full Photoshop for iPad, coming in 2019

Today's news will at least give Mac/iPad users tempted by the streamline Adobe experience on a Surface device, a bit of pause

Microsoft launches new “blush” Surface Laptop 2 for the Chinese market

As Microsoft’s new Surface Pro 6 and Surface Laptop 2 are set to launch in select market this week, Surface head Panos Panay revealed today that a pink variant of the Surface Laptop 2 will be available exclusively in the Chinese market.

Microsoft partners with Indian government’s think tank, NITI Aayog, to bring AI to the masses

NITI Aayog and Microsoft India have announced an agreement to leverage the benefits of AI for the growth of the nation.

How-to: All about hidden files on Windows 10, and how to unhide them

Windows 10 supports hidden files across the system. This feature can, per the name, be used to hide files which you don’t want to be visible when browsing through folders. Hidden files is a simple feature which mostly offers one-click controls to show and hide hidden content.

Windows 10 news recap: Microsoft Store preparing for Windows Core OS apps, Feedback Hub gets changes

Welcome back to our Windows 10 news recap, where we go over the top stories of the past week in the world of Microsoft’s flagship operating system. Microsoft Store is reportedly getting ready to accept apps targeting Windows Core OS Microsoft is quietly working on a different operating system,

Microsoft news recap: 5th largest PC manufacturer, Office Insider apps re-opens sign-ups, and more

Microsoft news recap is a weekly feature highlighting the top Microsoft news stories of the past week. Sit back, grab some coffee, and enjoy the read! Microsoft becomes the 5th biggest maker of PC hardware Microsoft, for the first time,

Microsoft’s Corporate Vice President of Research is being honored for her transformative views on mo

Thanks to a handful of nifty applications, most people consider modern day ‘computing’ to be the result of glamorous tech start startups, phrases that include ‘algorithms’ and some form of nebulous social media.

Windows 10 Core and Windows 10 Pro apps spotted, will tie your MSA to your PC

Microsoft is set to launch the Windows 10 operating system on July 29th for PC, followed by other platforms in the coming months. The company aims to make sure that one billion devices are running the new operating system in the next two to three years,

Windows 10 will strike a balance between Microsoft Accounts and local accounts this summer

When preparing Insiders for the upcoming changes to Windows 10 after July 29, Gabe Aul expressly highlighted how Windows 10 would handle accounts differently. On the Windows Dev blog, Gabe explained how Windows 10 would loosen the restrictions on the use of Microsoft Accounts (MSA).



Will Your Next Car Be Covered In Morphing Dimples?

cartechboy writes Golfing and cars, not much in common there. But that's about to change thanks to a new technology from a research lab at MIT called Smorphs. The idea is simple: put a set of dynamic dimples on the exterior of a car to improve its surface aerodynamics and make it slipperier,

Don't get caught out by this Ebola-themed malware scam

Researchers from security firm Trustwave have flagged up an instance of malware being sent by spammers taking advantage of the recent Ebola epidemic and West Africa.Read more:



艺术家创作奇特"人脸" 能通过Facebook识别


红包再度来袭 企鹅阿里WAQ三国杀

又是一年红包季。   如果说去年的红包大战是“偷袭珍珠港”的话,那今年就是“WAQ三国杀”了。   


小编导读:腾讯智慧联合中国信息通信研究院政策,经济研究所与微信公众平台发布了一份微信“影响力”的研究报告。 市 […]

無需轉插器!Lenovo 及 Acer 同步發表首款 USB-C 螢幕

如果大家本身有用開 Chromebook Pixel C 等產品,而又想額外購買一個外置螢 幕,那麼如今就有更多選擇了。因為 Lenovo 及 Acer 近日都分別發表了首款 USB-C 螢幕,並會有 24、25 及 27 吋等不同版本,只需直接插到 USB-C 插口便可使用,可說是相當方便。以下有更多資料:The post 無需轉插器!Lenovo 及 Acer 同步發表首款 USB-C 螢幕 appeared first on UNWIRE.HK 流動科技生活.

This Is How NASA Imagined Futuristic Medics on the Moon in 1992

Aside from visiting Mars, space nerds would love to see a permanent habitat on the moon. Consider me skeptical . But what happens if you get to the moon and someone inevitably needs medical attention? Well,


新浪科技 丁壮近日,央视《焦点访谈》栏目曝光了部分智能手表存在安全问题。在节目中,央视援引国内一家网络安全反馈机构的报告称:儿童智能手表存在安全漏洞,可导致儿童被黑客实时监控,获取儿童的日常行走轨迹, ... ...

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