Google jumps into medicine with wearable health tracker

The same company that gave us Google Glass is now working on another kind of wearable: a health trackerGoogle has developed a wristwatch-like device that can track your pulse, activity level, heart rate and skin temperature.

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Survival Of The Digital Fittest

Next week at Google I/O, Google is announcing wearable fitness functionality that Apple announced at WWDC. Next year at WWDC, Apple will announce wearable fitness functionality that Google announced at I/O.Jokes aside,

Should Google Be Allowed to Mine Your Health Care Data?

On the heels of the I/O keynote on Thursday, Google cofounder Larry Page spilled his guts to Farhad Manjoo from The New York Times. "Right now we don't data-mine health care data," Page said. "If we did we'd probably save 100,000 lives next year." But is that actually a good idea?Read more...

Google’s New Health Wearable Delivers Constant Patient Monitoring

Often when we think of the wearable tech category, we imagine consumer-focused general purpose devices like Fitbit’s range or the Apple Watch. Google has unveiled a new niche device that’s designed to do serious work in a specific setting, however,

Google Injects Health Facts Into Knowledge Graph

Google’s semantic-search base, which it uses to supplement organic search results with summarized information typically foregrounded above the organic results, is getting an injection of medical facts to expand the utility of search services for users with health-related queries. Read More

Google jumps into medicine with wearable health tracker

The same company that gave us Google Glass is now working on another kind of wearable: a health trackerGoogle has developed a wristwatch-like device that can track your pulse, activity level, heart rate and skin temperature.

Google's Latest Hire Has a Creepy Plan to Track Your Mental Health

Google’s parent company Alphabet has just hired Thomas Insel, the former head of the National Institute of Mental Health, who has some pretty weird ideas about what his new job will entail.Read more...

Google Search Will Now Surface Info On More Health Conditions

Google says one in 20 searches on Google Search are for health-related information and since February of this year, it’s been using its Knowledge Graph to quickly bring up medical facts when it spots a query about common health conditions. At the time,

Google Ventures Leads $130M Series B In Cancer Data Startup Flatiron Health

Flatiron Health, a startup that organizes real-time oncology data to help cancer patients and doctors, has raised $130 million in Series B funding led by Google Ventures, with participation from First Round Capital, Laboratory Corporation of America, and angel investors.

Google Glass gets “health record” app for doctors in US

Physicians over in the States are finding Glass useful, apparently, and a new app offers a way to record consultations with patients, or indeed surgery.Read more:

Google Tests ‘Study Kit’ Apps To Collect Health Data Before Wider Launch Of Baseline Study This Year

In July 2014, Google announced Baseline Study, a Google[x] “moonshot” that involves collecting and analysing diagnostics from people to paint a picture of “what it means to be healthy.

Google CEO Sundar Pichai pressed on bias and China search engine on Capitol Hill

The head of a tech giant is on the Congressional hot seat again.Google CEO Sundar Pichai appeared before the House Judiciary Committee on Tuesday morning. The hearing, titled Transparency & Accountability: Examining Google and its Data Collection, Use and Filtering Practices,

Netflix's year-end rankings reveal the most binged shows and movies

Whatever year-end content you're devouring this December, let's be real – you want to know about your year in Netflix. The streaming service is notoriously private about numbers, but did release a list of the top TV and film titles we binged this year.SEE ALSO:

Save almost £300 with this amazing Surface Pro bundle deal

If versatility and mobility are your top priorities when it comes to choosing a laptop, the Microsoft Surface Pro (5th generation) should be top of your Christmas list. That's not to say that the Surface Pro is a one-trick pony. Yes, it promises the versatility of a studio and a tablet,

A bug left your Microsoft account wide open to complete takeover

Bug bounty hunter Sahad Nk recently uncovered a series of vulnerabilities that left Microsoft users’ accounts — from your Office documents to your Outlook emails — susceptible to hacking.While working as a security researcher with cybersecurity site SafetyDetective,

Fortnite and Stormy Daniels dominated Pornhub in 2018

Ah, December, a perfect time to sit back and reflect on what kind of porn you watched in 2018. Pornhub, the online adult video site has released a nice, long look at the year across the site, and while there are a lot of things that seem typical for a porn site,

Even this IRL store is an automated, digital experience

Tally is a "shy" robot. Unlike the gregarious, extroverted Pepper robot seen roaming in shopping malls and interacting with customers and answering questions, Tally quietly does its thing with the occasional beeping sound. SEE ALSO: Anki Vector review:

Time's 'Person of the Year' honors 'The Guardians': imprisoned or murdered journalists of 2018

In a time when the president of the United States calls journalists "the enemy of the people," Time magazine honored fallen and imprisoned journalists, calling them "The Guardians," as their "Person of the Year" for 2018. SEE ALSO:

Global warming emissions interactive shows which countries are currently at fault

One of the biggest sticking points in international climate negotiations has been the disparity between the countries that have up until now contributed the most greenhouse gas emissions to cause global warming, and the countries that represent the future of emissions growth.

J.K. Rowling reveals backstory of the Dursleys, Harry Potter's terrible guardians

On what marks the 35th birthday of Dudley Dursley, J.K. Rowling has released new information on Pottermore about Harry Potter's miserable aunt and uncle; Petunia and Vernon Dursley.Surprising to no one, Rowling's notes seem to hint at the fact that she doensn't like these characters very much.

iOS 9 feature will help you download updates even if you don't have enough storage

iOS users: You will never again have to worry about what apps and photos to delete before installing an iOS update.In addition to limiting the size of the iOS 9 download itself,

Sony 新镜头相机正式推出!有更高倍变焦的 QX30 与备受瞩目的 QX1

去年 Sony 在 IFA 投下的震撼弹,是将相机模组以无线的方式,以手机操控使用的超有意思镜头相机拍档 QX10 与 QX100。而今年,他们则是再接再厉,推出了拥有更宽广变焦范围的 30x 变焦版本的...



7 Gifts for the Adorably Obnoxious Coffee Snob

Coffee connoisseurship has reached epic levels in the past few years, and we all seem to know someone who is just never content with a no-frills cheap coffee. Well, I am one of those people, and I'm here to guide you toward some lovely, useful gifts for the coffee snob in your life. Read more...


谢 @Gregory Tang 喵,以及太谢谢 @拾荒少女 提溜我的后脖颈了,回头一定喵你面谢(喂我认真做语言学科普到这个周末(9月14日)刚好就满一年了;一年之前的9月14日,我在yy第一次播出了我的“十二周入门语言学”系列,在豆瓣上放出了第一篇文稿,从各种渠道回收的反响来说,我已经很满意了。

Shopify's Toronto office is way cooler than yours

Not everyone loves the open-office trend, but Shopify's new Toronto office may convince some doubters.The online commerce company, which is headquartered in Ottawa, Canada, opened its Toronto office — a 100-year-old warehouse — in May. The office has been a huge renovation project,


导读:最近几年,投资热潮兴起,国家政策的扶持,互联网行业的迅猛发展,越来越多的产品经理投身创业。但是,创业过程 […]

LG手机业务步履维艰 本季亏损达6780万美元



11.11 被大陸人稱為光棍節,據說是一班大學男生因為沒有情人,於是發起買禮物送給自己。


今日较早时 Instagram 被登出,并看见一个密码已被更改的消息?不用担心啊,Instagram 已宣布不是骇客搞破坏了。该公司指出用户之所以遇到上述情况,是源自 Instagram app 的一个 bug。

大陸研發 Ehang 184 無人駕駛機空降 CES

在無人駕駛汽車還在測試階段,無人駕駛飛機已經研發成功;大陸公司億航 Ehang 早前在 CES 發表了一款單座位電動無人駕駛直升機。有別於航拍機,這部可以載人的 Ehang 184 毋須任何人在背後操控,乘客只需在機艙內使用其 12 吋平板選擇目的地,這部無人駕駛飛機就會自動起飛和降落。以下有更多資料The post 大陸研發 Ehang 184 無人駕駛機空降 CES appeared first on UNWIRE.HK 流動科技生活.

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