Kanye West channels Queen, performs 'Bohemian Rhapsody' at Glastonbury

Is this the real life? Is this just fantasy? Or is this Kanye West's set at Glastonbury? The rapper played Queen's classic hit "Bohemian Rhapsody" during his headlining set at the popular English music festival. With the help of a crowd happily singing along, West performed the track's first part,

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Kanye West channels Queen, performs 'Bohemian Rhapsody' at Glastonbury

Is this the real life? Is this just fantasy? Or is this Kanye West's set at Glastonbury? The rapper played Queen's classic hit "Bohemian Rhapsody" during his headlining set at the popular English music festival. With the help of a crowd happily singing along, West performed the track's first part,

Lego Kanye and Kim are totally ready for Lego Glastonbury

LONDON — There are few things in this world that can't be improved with Lego.See also:

Dalai Lama at Glastonbury decries 'unthinkable' violence in Syria, Iraq and Nigeria

If Kanye West was Glastonbury Festival's most-discussed act on Saturday, declaring himself the greatest living rock star and giving BBC subtitle writers heart palpitations, Sunday saw an entirely different appearance hogging the headlines.The Dalai Lama,

New York parties hard for pride parade and SCOTUS decision

The annual NYC pride parade is known to be a big affair, but this year supporters had even more to celebrate with the Supreme Court's recent decision to legalize gay marriage across the countryWatch scenes from the event in our video above.

Kanye West body pillow is the true epitome of cuddly luxury

A few Kanye West fans have a dream to gift Yeezy a luxurious body pillow made in his likeness.The Brohaus Art Collective has created what they describe as an "opus in luxury" — a screen-printed, down-stuffed replica of Kanye himself. If you squint, you might even think it's the real Kanye.

All you need to know to navigate Glastonbury 2015

LONDON — Glastonbury Festival is, pretty much, the most fun you can have in the UK. An extended carnival of music, dance, theatre, comedy, food, lifelong memories and unparalleled people watching, it blows most other festivals out of the water.See also:

Toronto doesn't want Kanye West anywhere near the Pan Am Games

Kanye West might think he's the "greatest living rock star on the planet," but Toronto doesn't seem to agree. An announcement that Yeezus is performing at the closing of the Pan Am Games has rankled quite a few Torontonians, even prompting a petition calling for his removal.See also:

David Crosby tweets that Kanye West is a dumb egomaniac

David Crosby has some choice words for Kanye West.A fan recently asked the legendary rocker via Twitter how he felt about Yeezus calling himself the “greatest living rock star on the planet” during his headlining set at Glastonbury. Croz did not hold backSee also:

Glastonbury Festival is installing a see-through toilet — for a good cause

LONDON — If you're heading to Glastonbury Festival this year, and you like the thought of doing your business in front of 100,000-plus complete strangers, you're in luck.As part of its Make It Happen campaign, nonprofit organisation WaterAid is installing the aptly named "Loo with a View,

Get 2 of the new Echo Plus devices *and* an Echo Sub for $100 off with this Amazon pre-order deal

In case you didn't know, Amazon recently revealed a bunch of new Alexa-powered gadgets to the world, further giving us reason to hop on the smart home bandwagon.SEE ALSO:

Pre-order the Amazon Echo Auto for $25 off and bring Alexa on the road

Amazon announced a slew of updates and new devices recently in their efforts to take over the world. One of the hottest new gadgets is the Echo Auto, a dedicated device meant to bring Alexa into your car. Amazon is already ahead of the game,

Samsung makes its virtual assistant Bixby a little less annoying for Note 9 users

Take a deep breath, Samsung Galaxy Note 9 users. Bixby is about to annoy you a little less.Samsung is giving its Note 9 customers the ability to reduce accidental activations of Bixby. According to Android Authority, thanks to Samsung’s latest Note 9 update,

Snag a pair (or two) of Apple AirPods from Walmart on sale

We're pretty obsessed with everything Apple makes, but nothing more so than the AirPods. They're small, wireless, non-invasive earbuds that make for the perfect companion to your new iPhone. Unfortunately, Apple doesn't exactly like offering discounts on them, so any deal is worth taking note of. 

Best weekend laptop and tablet deals: Save on MacBook Pro, Dell, iPads, Samsung Galaxy Tabs, and mor

It's official: Fall has arrived. It's time to watch the leaves change and start breaking out all the wool clothes you own. But if you're looking for something else to keep you warm — like a new laptop or tablet in your lap — don't worry, there are plenty of sales to jump on thanks to Amazon,

This trailer for an immersive new 'Game of Thrones' exhibition will make your jaw drop

A Game of Thrones and Song of Ice and Fire exhibition is coming to Berlin, bringing to life the work of more than 40 concept artists exploring The World of Ice and Fire, George R.R. Martin's history of Westeros.

Best deals for Sept. 21: Save on MacBook Pro, AirPods and iPad, Beats headphones, and the new Amazon

Happy Friday! With the weekend now here (#weekendgoals), we rounded up the best deals from across the internet on kitchenware, headphones, and other electronics like tablets and routers. We also gathered deals on new Amazon devices, Udemy online classes, and deep discounts only found at Target.

6 creative sensory tubs to inspire kid explorers

Your childhood senses are more important than you might think.Sensory play is believed to help children develop by allowing them to experience and engage with properties on their own, such as cognitively through decision-making and physically through refining their fine motor skills.

More than 400 still in hospital after fire at Taiwan water park

TAIPEI, Taiwan — More than 400 people, many of them seriously burned, remained in hospitals Sunday after a fire spread into a crowd of spectators at a music party at a Taiwan water park, authorities said.

Make gorgeous earrings you'll want to wear all summer long

Summer is a playful season, when you want to jazz up a plain T-shirt and shorts with a cute piece of statement jewelry. One problem: statement jewelry and the heat don't always mix.Don't sweat it — you can still look beautifully dynamic and stay cool.See also:


看起来,在苹果、Google、Facebook 等科技巨头在强势主动地使用清洁能源开展工作时,亚马逊对环保事业并不感冒。其AWS服务中,由清洁能源驱动的比例仅达15%。

What Makes the Wolverine Unbreakable?

When you're a superhero, your wardrobe matters; you can't just roll out of bed and throw on the first shirt that isn't flagrantly wrinkled.On the contrary,

银行的预期损失需要计提资本来 cover, 为何不能用预期盈利抵消?

预期盈利/损失(expected loss) 衡量的是portfolio P&L的期望值,而巴塞尔协议要求银行计算并计提的风险资本(risk capital)衡量的是portfolio P&L的tail loss, 也就是在一定置信度下的最坏情况下的可能亏损。比如说你买了一个bond,

Google Admits It Hires Too Many White Dudes

Today, one of the valley’s biggest employers, Google, is finally opening up about workplace diversity and how it goes about hiring women and minorities. The gist is that they know they have a problem and they’re sorry,

La Belle Assiette获投170万美元,对接厨师与顾客

法国创业公司La Belle Assiette刚刚完成了170万美元(约合130万欧元)的融资,投资方包括BlaBlaCar的尼可拉斯•布鲁森(Nicolas Brusson)、eFounders的Thibaud Elzière、Nicolas Bourdin、l’Atelier des Chefs的三位创始人以及Kima Ventures。

iSuppli:小米Q3国内出货量超三星 成市场第一



据wired消息,机器人数量将上升,机器将替代人类。几十年来,我们一直听到有关人工智能替代以致终结人类的警告。这样的场景不仅仅出现在好莱坞影片 中,在科学和哲学领域也能找到越来越多的佐证。

华硕 Transformer Book T300 Chi 评测

华硕从去年的 Computex 就放在玻璃柜里引诱我们到现在的 T300 Chi,本周终于在台湾发布了。当时说会采用的 Core i 处理器成了 Core M,整体体型因为各种考量也比当时厚了一点点(但依然薄得吓人),但最高 2,560 x 1,440 分辨率的 12.

Horrifying troll doll costume is nightmare fuel for the rest of your life

Shield your eyes, everyone.Halloween is fast approaching, which means plenty of people out there are looking for the perfect scary — or funny — costume to wow their friendsSee also: 40 Costume Ideas to Relive Your '90s Trick-or-Treating DaysOf course,


北京2015年12月24日电 /美通社/ -- 如今,“高富帅”已成为很多女性的理想归宿。但是,帅气多金必然好,但是才华横溢同样可贵。如果才貌兼备,那更是再好不过了,因为是金子总会发光,找只潜力股的难度总比找现成“高富帅”低得多。那么,如何在茫茫人海中辨出青年才俊呢?最近召开的乌镇世界互联网大会便是一个好的契机。不仅各路互联网大佬和创业“小鲜肉”云集,而且通过网络关注本次大会的青年才俊也很多。 如何招辨别青年才俊 据蓝汛CCIndex平台的数据显示,乌镇世界互联网大会的关注人群中,96%为男性,其中20至39岁的黄金年龄段男性高达84%。

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