Better coverage and higher speeds drive 4G uptake in rural households

Customers in hard to reach areas are switching to 4G connections as opposed to a fixed-line connection just so long as usage is less than 15GB per month.Read more:

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UK firms can't tell if their IoT is secure

Research reports raises more questions about the overall security of IoT user data.

Microsoft secures huge Department of Defence contract

It will be bringing home almost $2 billion over five years.

Intel to go 'non-traditional' in search of CEO

Computing giant may bring in someone from outside the company.

Cutting through the AI hype: Explainable AI and a flexible workforce

Preparing the c-suite for the future workplace.

Top web hosting services have major security flaws

Roughly seven million users could have had their accounts exposed.

Smart transport needs data sharing

Across the globe, technology companies and multi-stakeholder, cross-industry groups are investing money and time into exploring an innovation that is rapidly approaching usability.

Payment innovations: A look back and predictions for the year ahead

For invisible payments and the technologies that enable them, we will no doubt see a continuation in the focus on consumer security and control.

A closer look at business backup strategy

Backups are crucial to anyone, but particularly to your business, as losing data could mean losing your livelihood. Be sure to have a cast iron backup strategy in place.Read more:

State-sponsored hack attacks heavily targeting journalists, Google researchers warn

Individual journalists and major media outlets are increasingly at risk from pinpointed, crafted attacks instigated by governments around the globe.Read more:

4 of the best free email applications

Are you hunting for a new email client, but you don’t want to open the old wallet? You won’t have to with these four choice programs.Read more:



图的遍历之 深度优先搜索和广度优先搜索 - 如果天空不死

本章会先对图的深度优先搜索和广度优先搜索进行介绍,然后再给出C/C++/Java的实现。目录 1. 深度优先搜索的图文介绍 1.1 深度优先搜索介绍 1.2 深度优先搜索图解 2. 广度优先搜索的图文介绍 2.1 广度优先搜索介绍 2.

模拟JavaEE的Filter - 螺 丝 钉

做JavaEE开发几年了,只是知道Filter、Servlet的执行流程,但是一直对Filter是如何实现的并不了解。 Filter的处理中的FilterChain是J2ee的接口,并没有提供实现,具体的实现有各个Servlet容器来实现的。

亚马逊全线落户上海自贸区 美国货可直邮中国

上海自贸区挂牌一周年(9 月底)之际,亚马逊将正式在上海自贸区设立国际贸易总部,发展跨境电子商务、跨境贸易和跨境金融业务,该总部将成为亚马逊全球业务的枢纽。届时,亚马逊将可直邮中国。


Pitch Your Startup In The TechCrunch Radio Pitch-Off On Sirius XM

TechCrunch Radio can’t stop, won’t stop. So you should just accept your fate and apply to be in the pitch-off. Or at the very least, tune in on Tuesday evenings to hang out with us. For those of you who don’t yet know,



工信部:严控电信用户申诉率 对恶意扣费零容忍


Linux I2C总线驱动框架剖析 - 猛虎嗅薇

一、I2C Bus(集成电路总线)接口协议由飞利浦公司开发,产生于20世纪80年代,用于连接主控制器和其外围设备。

South Carolina got more than 2 feet of rain — and it's not over yet

Historic flooding inundated parts of South Carolina and North Carolina over the weekend, leaving seven people dead. The region has gotten more than 25 inches of rain since Friday.And it's not over yetWhile floodwaters were receding in some area on Monday,

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