Better coverage and higher speeds drive 4G uptake in rural households

Customers in hard to reach areas are switching to 4G connections as opposed to a fixed-line connection just so long as usage is less than 15GB per month.Read more:

相关内容: people that users areas full just than better buyi

UK finance firms urged to team up in cyber crime fight

Current defences are inefficient and needs to be rebuilt from the ground up, report claims.

Compliance with GDPR is not enough. We must aim higher

GDPR is an opportunity for businesses to return the control of personal data to the individual and improve trust.

Is reliability the weak link in your plan for digital dominance?

For a business to be successful in today’s connected world, a reliable central IT system is not just a target, it’s an expectation.

Does Mobility as a Service hold the answer to the future of transport?

MaaS provides consumers with the freedom to travel the way they desire by offering choice and removing friction.

Toshiba still aiming to sell chip unit

Japansese giant chasing sale even if it doesn't get the necessary regulatory approval on time.

Avast reveals details on the CCleaner hack

Security firm discloses more on how the attack unfolded.

Five ways mobile apps are putting your credentials at risk

Here’re the different ways in which your mobile apps are compromising your data privacy even if you are using those quite diligently.

A closer look at business backup strategy

Backups are crucial to anyone, but particularly to your business, as losing data could mean losing your livelihood. Be sure to have a cast iron backup strategy in place.Read more:

State-sponsored hack attacks heavily targeting journalists, Google researchers warn

Individual journalists and major media outlets are increasingly at risk from pinpointed, crafted attacks instigated by governments around the globe.Read more:

4 of the best free email applications

Are you hunting for a new email client, but you don’t want to open the old wallet? You won’t have to with these four choice programs.Read more:

JZ2440开发笔记(5)——通过按键点亮LED - LOSER Z

在JZ2440中,点亮LED就是给LED的控制位设置为输出,数据位设置为低电平,而通过按键点亮LED,就需要将按键对应的控制位设置为输出。 下面是JZ2440的3个LED电路图: 下面是JZ2440的3个按键的电路图 通过查找nLED_1,nLED_2,

使用WCF订阅替换轮训 - draculav




Mobile app of the day: HulloMail

HulloMail is a sophisticated voicemail management service with options for individual users and business customers.Read more:

Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Lattes™ have no pumpkin in them

Starbucks is rolling out pumpkin spice lattes, starting with an early access option that starts today. This means it's the time of year for everyone's favorite overpriced seasonal beverage. This doesn't mean we'll be adding extra pumpkin to our diet, because Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Lattes™,

《仙剑5前传》同人游戏收尾 截图曝光


Adapting to 'The New Workspace'

In this article, Paul Kiveal of Cetus Solutions Limited, reminisces about the "good old days" of office work, then takes us into the altogether far more mobile future workspace.Read more:

12 tips to dominate National Novel Writing Month

November is for writersNo, that's not another lame T-shirt slogan (though, maybe it should be). November is National Novel Writing Month, wherein eager writers aim to author 50,000-word novels between Nov. 1 and midnight on Nov. 30See also:


如果你的第一把吉他是在一元店买到的,而且你的回忆还停留在1969年的夏天,你和几个同学在放学后一起录制音乐的情景,那你可以关注一下 Mikme 这款产品。Mikme… Read More

设计模式原则之开闭原则 - 偶my耶


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