Better coverage and higher speeds drive 4G uptake in rural households

Customers in hard to reach areas are switching to 4G connections as opposed to a fixed-line connection just so long as usage is less than 15GB per month.Read more:

相关内容: people that users areas full just than better buyi

Business cyberattacks up this quarter

Hackers are looking to get more bang for their buck.

GDPR may actually be benefitting big business

Research finds smaller companies may be missing out.

Top tips for securing your financial institution

For financial business leaders it’s important to understand that cyber-security is now a key business enabler, rather than simply a part of the overall IT strategy.

US urges Canada to shun Huawei equipment

Lawmakers claim Huawei's security safeguards are 'inadequate' following government concerns.

UK public sector stuck in business process dark ages, report finds

Enterprise-level business process management systems can improve efficiency significantly, and other sectors such as financial services and insurance organisations have been big adopters of BPM technology.

Broadcom gets go-ahead on CA Technologies deal

$19 billion deal is now clear to go through.

Connect for growth: are you overlooking the importance of your network?

Here we outline seven ways your business can meet its connectivity challenges with secure scalable solutions.

A closer look at business backup strategy

Backups are crucial to anyone, but particularly to your business, as losing data could mean losing your livelihood. Be sure to have a cast iron backup strategy in place.Read more:

State-sponsored hack attacks heavily targeting journalists, Google researchers warn

Individual journalists and major media outlets are increasingly at risk from pinpointed, crafted attacks instigated by governments around the globe.Read more:

4 of the best free email applications

Are you hunting for a new email client, but you don’t want to open the old wallet? You won’t have to with these four choice programs.Read more:





Android 版 OneDrive 更新,改善分享和整理的功能,网页版亦有小改

分类: 智能手机Android OneDrive app 刚刚升上了 2.5 版,重点改善了分享和整理的功能。


威锋网讯 8 月 6 日消息,苹果总部所在地,美国加州库比蒂诺市今天更新了一张苹果飞船新总部的官方航拍照片。

Embarrassed Microsoft pulls download links to Windows 8.1 update

The August Update for Windows 8.1 (once rumored to be Update 2) has been pulled from the web and is currently no longer available for download after Microsoft received complaints.Read more:

最新技术预览版Windows 10 Build 9860可调整接收测试版本速率

微软周二发布了最新的技术预览版Windows 10操作系统,在此前基础上加入了通知中心等新功能,并称其对这一最新版本进行了近7000次改动。

Egyptian court orders retrial in Al Jazeera case but no bail

An appeals court in Egypt has ordered a retrial in the case of three Al Jazeera journalists convicted of spreading false news, however they were not granted bail.See also: Mouths taped but voices loud:


昨天凌晨,苹果召开春季发布会,全新 MacBook 重回舞台。在 MacBook Air 和 MacBook Pro 光环耀眼的今天,不知道有多少人知道其实苹果早就有了 MacBook 产品线。回过头去,我们不妨回过头去看看 MacBook 的诞生历程。



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