Better coverage and higher speeds drive 4G uptake in rural households

Customers in hard to reach areas are switching to 4G connections as opposed to a fixed-line connection just so long as usage is less than 15GB per month.Read more:

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Half of US retailers have seen a data breach this year

Data breaches double among US retailers while sensitive data is now being stored in the cloud.

The automated process vs. bad data

What is bad data and why should we care?

VIRTUS opens London's biggest data centre

The firm's Stockley Park campus will soon deliver 115MW of IT capacity to the UK's capital.

AI will revolutionise IT services – so how can the industry prepare?

ITSM providers should begin laying the groundwork needed for AI now to ensure their solutions can adapt.

Google hit with billion-dollar EU fine

European Commission orders Google to unbundle search and Chrome from Android.

A smart approach to service assurance for smart manufacturers

Digitalisation and advanced manufacturing technologies are causing a revolution on the factory floor.

Focus on security and standards to reap IoT rewards

Unlocking real value from connected devices requires more than blind investments in the technology.

A closer look at business backup strategy

Backups are crucial to anyone, but particularly to your business, as losing data could mean losing your livelihood. Be sure to have a cast iron backup strategy in place.Read more:

State-sponsored hack attacks heavily targeting journalists, Google researchers warn

Individual journalists and major media outlets are increasingly at risk from pinpointed, crafted attacks instigated by governments around the globe.Read more:

4 of the best free email applications

Are you hunting for a new email client, but you don’t want to open the old wallet? You won’t have to with these four choice programs.Read more:

快递将没保价手机寄丢 法院判照赔



音乐流媒体服务商Spotify今天宣布,Spotify的付费用户数已经 突破1000万大关,活跃用户数也已达4000万,用户遍布全球56个国家和地区。去年三月份,Spotify的活跃用户总数为2400万,付费用户数为600万。


Tindall表示,IMS正在与全国各地的“很多供应商”试运行AppScript,虽然他 只提到一个卡罗来纳医疗系统。






感谢RCFans遥控迷的投递为了向意外逝世的Paul Walker致敬,一家名为Vax Studio / Alexandre Synger拍摄了第二部Fast & Furious RC 短片——遥控车速度与激情2! 用遥控模型车纪念Paul Walker这位巨星!

Facebook移动端用户数超5亿 同比增长78%


Puppy facts!

Puppies go through radical, endlessly Instagrammable transformations from the time they're born to when they're finally ready to run with the big dogs. For example, Shar Peis are the ultimate Benjamin Button dog — they're born with all their wrinkles and then grow into their skin.

谈谈Angular关于$watch,$apply 以及 $digest的工作原理 - 雷锋叔叔Touch


Asus ZenWatch 2 promises four days of battery life

Another day, another smartwatch. While all models running Android Wear are starting to blend together, manufacturers are determined to find new ways for them to stand outThe latest effort comes from tech giant Asus with the arrival of its ZenWatch 2,

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