Iggy Azalea insists there's absolutely, positively no 'beef' with Britney

Message received, Igloo Australia: You and Britney Spears have not been engaged in a passive aggressive Twitter fight.The very Earth quaked earlier this week when rapper Iggy Azalea tweeted a few completely innocent,

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Iggy Azalea insists there's absolutely, positively no 'beef' with Britney

Message received, Igloo Australia: You and Britney Spears have not been engaged in a passive aggressive Twitter fight.The very Earth quaked earlier this week when rapper Iggy Azalea tweeted a few completely innocent,

Does Iggy Azaela know who she's messing with? It's Britney, bitch

Pro tip for white rappers going through a rough time in their career: don't try and drag other people down with you.Iggy Azalea hasn't had a great year professionally. Between a canceled tour and a collaboration with Britney Spears that flopped, Azalea backlash is alive and well.

Britney Spears, Iggy Azalea's 'Pretty Girls' video is totally an '80s nightmare

The '80s are back and more teased than everMusical goddess Britney Spears dropped her new video for "Pretty Girls" Wednesday — it is basically an '80s nightmare of crimped hair and car washes. And Iggy Azalea is in attendance as an alien sent from space to be Britney's pretty friend? See also:

Britney Spears gave Uber riders first listen to 'Pretty Girls' duet with Iggy

Before releasing "Pretty Girls" widely on iTunes and YouTube, Britney Spears debuted her Iggy Azalea duet inside custom Uber vehicles for several fans.To help build online buzz for the dance track,

MTV VMAs: 15 snubbed music videos that should have been nominated

While Taylor Swift and Kendrick Lamar dominated MTV's Video Music Award nominations Tuesday, several perennial VMA favorites were ignored. Even MTV royalty wasn't immune: Madonna's apocalyptic "Ghosttown" video and Britney Spears' intergalactic "Pretty Girls" romp, costarring Iggy Izalea,


感谢MYHP游戏评测网的投递育碧近日公布了体感舞蹈大作《舞力全开2016(Just Dance 2016)》的全部曲目,今年的舞力全开一共收录了超过40首最新金曲,其中便包含了目前很火的 "Fancy"和"All About That Bass"等耳熟能详的歌曲。

Can I Get an Instagram Shout-Out from a Celeb for My Birthday?

Across the vast and teeming wilds of the Instagram comment sections of popular celebrity accounts, certain questions echo: "Follow back?" "Like my pic?" "Can I eat your pussy?" For years, scholars and scientists of the celebrity Instagram have wondered: Are these requests ever fulfilled?

Dads created this collapsible child carrier

MINIMEIS is ergonomic, distributing a child's weight evenly while keeping them safely strapped in with a 9-point seat belt. Read more...More about Mashable Video, Dads, Child Carrier, Tech, and Innovations

Microsoft Surface laptops are on sale for under $700 at Amazon

TL;DR: Get a compact Microsoft Surface laptop (1st Gen, Intel Core i5) for less than $700 at Amazon. Choose the configuration that works best for you and get up to 52% off. The most important tool in a college student's arsenal is the trusty laptop.

Mr. Coffee's single-cup brewer is on sale for nearly 40% off at Walmart

TL;DR: This single-cup Mr. Coffee brewer that comes with its own travel mug is only $54.99 at Walmart. It's sold for $89.99 on the brand's website, so you'll save $35.Never is a coffee maker more important than in the wee hours before a mandatory 7:45 a.m. power lecture (*shudders*).

Smoky Anchorage has the worst air quality in the U.S.

Anchorage's smoky summer won't relent. As of Tuesday morning, the most populated city in Alaska had the worst air quality in the nation, according to the World Air Quality Index. A number of late-season wildfires have perpetuated Anchorage's hazy summer,

Here’s a guide for downloading web pages, articles to read offline

Whether it's that "NYT" article or the latest blind item from "BlindGossip," you may find yourself wanting to do some reading in a place without WiFi. That's where these tips come in.Read more here. Read more...More about Tech, Mashable Video, Firefox, Chrome, and Safari

More delivery robots head to college campuses to bring you late-night pizza

If you live on a college campus, prepare to see more delivery robots around. Just don't expect one of them to bring you beer.Starship Technologies has announced that their slow, steady, and meticulous takeover of the world will continue at 100 universities in the next two years,

The Apple Card fits perfectly into 'American Pscyho' in this seamless re-edit

Thought American Psycho couldn’t get more, well...psycho?Thanks to YouTube channel NeonFlareify, the infamous fictional investment banker/serial killer has a new tool with which to try and one-up his fellow finance bros: The Apple Card, in all its laser-etched glory. Because it’s 2019,

Caitlyn Jenner makes top 10 of BBC's power women list

LONDON — She's appeared on the cover of Vanity Fair, was named as this year's Arthur Ashe Courage Award winner and now Caitlyn Jenner has made the BBC's list of most powerful women for 2015.See also:

Paul Rudd farts with superhero strength throughout 'Ant-Man' interview

Paul Rudd found a hilarious way to liven up this interview after discovering the sound his leather chair made.Although this interview doesn't provide a ton of information about his new film Ant-Man ahead of its July 17th release,

3 WestJet flights diverted in 1 week due to threats; hundreds affected

On Tuesday night, the third WestJet flight in a week was diverted and made an emergency landing after authorities received threats.Police have not released details of the threats that have inconvenienced hundreds of passengers,

特斯拉高管解读财报 将在华寻找制造合作伙伴

北京时间2月20日上午消息,特斯拉汽车(Tesla Motors)发布了截至2013年12月31日的第四季度和全年财报。财报显示,特斯拉第四季度总营收为6.15亿美元,上一季度为4.31亿美元,上年同期为3.

连木乃伊布都有 小小博物馆网上开卖


核弹级性能 Nvidia GTX Titan Z将于29日上市

上个月底,Nvidia 正式发布了一款基于 Kepler 架构的双芯旗舰卡皇 Nvidia GeForce GTX Titan Z,但是并没有透露产品的销售日期。事实上,老黄没有让粉丝等太久,因为等到下周这款万众瞩目的新款就将上架销售。  

BMW 晒出电动汽车太阳能充电车库

就在首辆 BMW i3 电动汽车刚刚登陆美国之际,为了纪念这一令人难忘的时刻,BMW 公司晒出了这辆白色 BMW i3 电动汽车在一间由竹子搭建而成的太阳能充电车库中充电的照片。

靠人海分享迅速获取流量的Giga Circle

Giga Circle是台湾迅速崛起的一个网站,他们采用了一个非常巧妙的秘密推广方法,迅速把网站的流量做的非常大。如果他们的方法使用到了中国互联网上,最少可以将效果方法10倍以上。

提醒你喝水还不够 The Hug告诉你喝了多少

每个人都知道应该喝一定量的水来保持健康的新陈代谢,于是很多运动健康类的 App 开始加入喝水提醒的功能。但事实上是,许多人每天并不知道自己摄入的水量有多少,这可有点不科学。

The 7th Underhanded C Contest Is Online

Xcott Craver writes The 7th Underhanded C Contest is now open. The goal of the contest is to write code that is as readable, clear, innocent and straightforward as possible, and yet somehow exhibits evil behavior that cannot be seen even when staring at the source code.

Project Tango tablet appears on Google Play, but it's not for sale — yet

Google's Project Tango tablet — the one with 3D sensors and a rumored $1,000 price tag — is now up for viewing on Google Play. Curiously, though, it's not up for purchase.See also: Google's Project Tango: Old Ideas,

War Tech the US, Russia, China and India All Want: Hypersonic Weapons

An anonymous reader writes: They can hit any target in 30 minutes or less. They travel anywhere from Mach 5 to Mach 25. All the major powers want them, and many look at them as a military game changer — if only they can make them work. Are hypersonic weapons the future of military doctrine?



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