Twitter Pushes Ads With A New Button Atop Mobile Users’ Profiles

Twitter’s latest push to monetize its service has led to the rollout of a new “Twitter Ads” button, which is now prominently appearing on user profile pages on both the iOS and Android client applications. The newly added button,

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Facebook button lets users tell friends they voted in UK election

LONDON — People who vote in the UK elections this Thursday will be able to tell their Facebook friends they've been to the polling stationThe social network, which has 35 million users in the UK,

Facebook Needs a Real Mute Button

Sick of seeing all the ice bucket challenge videos on Facebook? Too bad, my friend, you're stuck with them until the end of time. That is, until Facebook creates the one option it needs most: A real mute button. Read more...

Are Twitter's New Hearts Clickier Than Stars?

Twitter morphing stars into hearts is being almost uniformly heralded as a business decision —numbers aren’t good; anything is better—but let’s look at it from a interaction design perspective. Could this tiny twist make more people literally heart Twitter?Read more...

Here's What Designers Think About Twitter's New Heart

Twitter morphing stars into hearts is being almost uniformly heralded as a business decision —numbers aren’t good; anything is better—but let’s look at it from an interaction design perspective. Could this tiny twist make more people literally heart Twitter?Read more...

Ford brings Siri to 5 million SYNC-equipped cars

Hey Siri, what's the weather like this afternoon? That's one of the questions newer Ford car owners will be able to ask with a press of a button with Ford's new SYNC software update, which brings Siri Eyes-Free support to cars dating from 2011 onwardThe SYNC 3.8 update,

If You Watch Videos on Facebook, You'll Soon See More Video Ads

If you frequently watch videos posted to Facebook, marketers may soon target you with their video ads, too.Facebook added a new targeting tool Thursday that will surface video ads to users who frequently watch videos on the platform.

Shazam's app update emphasizes music discovery

You can now do a lot more with Shazam than just identify songs.The company updated its app on Wednesday with new features that make it easier to discover music.See also: 28 songs for your holiday travel homePrevious versions of the app have emphasized its blue Shazam button,

Facebook is testing an online marketplace in Sydney and Auckland

In a move that could make eBay and Craigslist management lose sleep, Facebook is testing a new regional online marketplace feature in Sydney, Australia and Auckland, New Zealand.A new "Buy & Sell" button is currently being rolled out in the platform's lefthand navigation panel,

Today's Best Deals: Drones, Bluetooth Headphones, Storage Shed, & More

Plenty of great deals for you to dig through today. Enjoy!Read more...

Conductor execs buy their company back from WeWork

It’s been less than two years since WeWork announced the acquisition of SEO and content marketing company Conductor — but those two years have been bumpy, to say the least. Briefly: Parent organization The We Company’s disastrous attempt to go public resulted in the ouster of CEO Adam Neumann,

Klarna CEO says “maybe” of taking public Europe’s most valuable fintech next year (but he’s not ruli

Yesterday, at TechCrunch Berlin, we sat down with Sebastian Siemiatkowski, the cofounder and CEO of Klarna, a 15-year-old company that’s currently the most highly valued privately held fintech in Europe, following a $460 million investment that pegged the company’s worth at $5.’s IPO pricing is good news for unprofitable startups

Business-to-business payments company priced its IPO today at an above-range $22 per share. The firm, selling 9.82 million shares in its offering, will raise around $216 million at a roughly $1.6 billion valuation.

Atom Finance’s free Bloomberg Terminal rival raises $12M

If you want to win on Wall Street, Yahoo Finance is insufficient but Bloomberg Terminal costs a whopping $24,000 per year. That’s why Atom Finance built a free tool designed to democratize access to professional investor research. If Robinhood made it cost $0 to trade stocks,

Northrop Grumman lands customer for first OmegA rocket launch in 2021

Space industry heavyweight Northrop Grumman has signed a costumer for the launch of its first OmegA rocket, a medium/heavy lift launch vehicle that it’s currently readying for flight with a target of spring 2021 for its first ever flight. OmegA will unlock additional payload capacity vs.

GetYourGuide widens its horizons, will expand its Originals short tours into day trips and more

GetYourGuide has made a name for itself as the startup that helped the stale idea of guided tours for travellers on its head. Tapping into the generation of consumers who think of travel not just as going somewhere, but having an “experience” (and, ideally, recording it for Insta-posterity),

Be in the TechCrunch End Of Year Review for Europe

TechCrunch is running an end-of-year review for the European tech startup industry. We’d love your input on the feature! We’d like to know what particular topics really resonated with you in 2019 and what your predictions are for 2020. Fill in the survey here.

Prince Won’t Stream 4 U (Unless You’re On Tidal, Or Maybe Google Music)

Call it the Taylor effect: it looks like another high-profile musician is sharpening his arrows to take aim at how streaming music services pay artists. Music from the artist currently known as Prince has been pulled from Spotify and Rdio. 

A Third Classification of Worker? Don’t Count On It

Of late, there’s been a steady drumbeat of accusations that on-demand startups are unfairly wringing profits out of independent contractors. The concern: No one is withholding their taxable wages for them, they aren’t being given health care,

Here’s How Microsoft Will Release Windows 10

After some general market confusion and bad headline writing, Microsoft this morning detailed how it will roll out Windows 10 to testers, consumers, and large-scale customers.First, scale: Microsoft said in its blog post this morning that there are now 5 million Windows Insiders, up from 3.

民众发起请愿行动 要求改善“海盗湾”创始人狱中生活条件

据外媒报道,近段时间,Free Anakata Campaign发起了一项改善“海盗湾”创始人Gottfrid Svartholm狱中生活条件的请愿活动。现在该份请愿书已经收集到了10.6多万个签名,目前已移交到丹麦政府手中。

The man who invented the Pringles can was buried inside a Pringles can

Pringles varieties are as vast and varied as the stars in the sky: Barbecue. Sour Cream & Onion. Buffalo Ranch. Extreme Blazin' Buffalo Ranch. But one,

更方便了!微软 Office 的文件可以直接在 Gmail 中转成 Google Drive 格式啰

对于只有偶尔需要处理 Office 文件,但又不太想因为这样短暂的使用时间而付费的朋友,Google 一直都很想帮忙解决类似的烦恼。

Facebook drops Bing, will reportedly debut own search tool on Monday

Facebook has quietly removed Microsoft-owned Bing as its primary search engine, according to a new report.The social network pulled Bing search from its Graph Search platform,

You Only Have 24 Hours To Read This Self-Destructing Book

If you thought blockbuster movies were the only form of entertainment that relied on over-the-top publicity stunts, you were wrong: It's alive and well in the book world as well. James Patterson's new thriller, Private Vegas, will not only be made available as 1,

Trailer painted by Banksy could fetch $400,000 in Paris auction

Painted by one of the world's most famous street artists, installed first at a mud-soaked music festival and then beneath an oak tree, the trailer was home first to a Traveller British couple and then their growing family.See also: 'Bricksy' Reimagines Banksy's Artwork in Lego FormIn 1998,

车主:牌号被他人注册滴滴专车 审核竟如此随意


The hysteria over Windows 95 launch, 20 years ago

Aug. 24, 1995Mikol Furneaux waves two copies of Windows 95 at a midnight launch at a store in Sydney, Australia.Image: TORSTEN BLACKWOOD/AFP/Getty ImagesTwenty years ago, amid great fanfare, Microsoft released Windows 95, its feverishly anticipated new operating system.


自打O2O热潮涌来之后,汽车后市场O2O也开始备受关注并成为新的风口,从二手车交易、上门洗车、汽车保养到汽车金 ...

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