Twitter Pushes Ads With A New Button Atop Mobile Users’ Profiles

Twitter’s latest push to monetize its service has led to the rollout of a new “Twitter Ads” button, which is now prominently appearing on user profile pages on both the iOS and Android client applications. The newly added button,

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Facebook button lets users tell friends they voted in UK election

LONDON — People who vote in the UK elections this Thursday will be able to tell their Facebook friends they've been to the polling stationThe social network, which has 35 million users in the UK,

Facebook Needs a Real Mute Button

Sick of seeing all the ice bucket challenge videos on Facebook? Too bad, my friend, you're stuck with them until the end of time. That is, until Facebook creates the one option it needs most: A real mute button. Read more...

Are Twitter's New Hearts Clickier Than Stars?

Twitter morphing stars into hearts is being almost uniformly heralded as a business decision —numbers aren’t good; anything is better—but let’s look at it from a interaction design perspective. Could this tiny twist make more people literally heart Twitter?Read more...

Here's What Designers Think About Twitter's New Heart

Twitter morphing stars into hearts is being almost uniformly heralded as a business decision —numbers aren’t good; anything is better—but let’s look at it from an interaction design perspective. Could this tiny twist make more people literally heart Twitter?Read more...

Ford brings Siri to 5 million SYNC-equipped cars

Hey Siri, what's the weather like this afternoon? That's one of the questions newer Ford car owners will be able to ask with a press of a button with Ford's new SYNC software update, which brings Siri Eyes-Free support to cars dating from 2011 onwardThe SYNC 3.8 update,

If You Watch Videos on Facebook, You'll Soon See More Video Ads

If you frequently watch videos posted to Facebook, marketers may soon target you with their video ads, too.Facebook added a new targeting tool Thursday that will surface video ads to users who frequently watch videos on the platform.

Shazam's app update emphasizes music discovery

You can now do a lot more with Shazam than just identify songs.The company updated its app on Wednesday with new features that make it easier to discover music.See also: 28 songs for your holiday travel homePrevious versions of the app have emphasized its blue Shazam button,

Facebook is testing an online marketplace in Sydney and Auckland

In a move that could make eBay and Craigslist management lose sleep, Facebook is testing a new regional online marketplace feature in Sydney, Australia and Auckland, New Zealand.A new "Buy & Sell" button is currently being rolled out in the platform's lefthand navigation panel,

Today's Best Deals: Drones, Bluetooth Headphones, Storage Shed, & More

Plenty of great deals for you to dig through today. Enjoy!Read more...

Tesla delivered 90,650 vehicles in second quarter, a smaller than expected decline

Tesla said Thursday that it delivered 90,650 vehicles in the second quarter, a 4.8% decline from the same period last year prompted by challenges caused by the COVID-19 pandemic that included suspending production for weeks at its main U.S. factory.

SEC filing indicates big data provider Palantir is raising $961M, $550M of it already secured

Palantir, the secretive big data and analytics provider that works with governments and other public and private organizations to power national security, health and a variety of other services, has reportedly been eyeing up a public listing this autumn.

Meet BukuWarung, the bookkeeping app built for Indonesia’s 60 million “micro-merchants”

In Indonesia, there are about 60 million “micro-merchants,” typically small store owners who sell food and other staple items, and have close relationships with their customers. Many often extend informal lines of credit to shoppers,

OurPeople, the team communication and engagement platform, raises $2M

OurPeople, the U.K. startup that’s built a team communication and engagement platform for desk-less workers, has raised $2 million in Series A funding. Leading the round is Alpine Meridian, an investment firm that specialises in digital media, e-commerce and healthcare,

Zetwerk, an Indian B2B marketplace for manufacturing items, raises $21 million

Zetwerk, an Indian business-to-business marketplace for manufacturing items, has raised $21 million in a new financing round as it looks to scale its operations in the nation and help local businesses find customers overseas.

Apple and Google block dozens of Chinese apps in India

Two days after India blocked 59 apps developed by Chinese firms, Google and Apple have started to comply with New Delhi’s order and are preventing users in the world’s second largest internet market from accessing those apps. UC Browser, Shareit,

A vulnerability in some bitcoin wallets leads to double spend attacks and inflated balance

ZenGo, a startup that is building a mobile cryptocurrency wallet, has discovered a vulnerability in some of the most popular cryptocurrency wallets, such as hardware wallet Ledger, BRD and Edge. Named BigSpender,

Prince Won’t Stream 4 U (Unless You’re On Tidal, Or Maybe Google Music)

Call it the Taylor effect: it looks like another high-profile musician is sharpening his arrows to take aim at how streaming music services pay artists. Music from the artist currently known as Prince has been pulled from Spotify and Rdio. 

A Third Classification of Worker? Don’t Count On It

Of late, there’s been a steady drumbeat of accusations that on-demand startups are unfairly wringing profits out of independent contractors. The concern: No one is withholding their taxable wages for them, they aren’t being given health care,

Here’s How Microsoft Will Release Windows 10

After some general market confusion and bad headline writing, Microsoft this morning detailed how it will roll out Windows 10 to testers, consumers, and large-scale customers.First, scale: Microsoft said in its blog post this morning that there are now 5 million Windows Insiders, up from 3.

Linux Tomcat 6.0安装配置实践总结 - 潇湘隐者

系统环境: Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server release 5.7 (Tikanga) 64位Tomcat下载 从官方网站下载你需要的Tomcat版本,目前Tomcat主要版本有Tomcat 6.0、Tomcat 7...

Scribd’s Subscription E-Book Service Moves Into Travel With The Full Lonely Planet Library

Subscription e-book startup Scribd is announcing a deal with famed travel publisher Lonely Planet. Scribd started out as a service where users could share different types of written content (writers at TechCrunch still use it to share documents that we want to embed in our posts),



Android学习笔记-tween动画 - Darren90


Lending Club上市后净亏损900万美元,引发股价下跌

Lending Club上市过程一直备受瞩目,不过昨日公布的上市后首季财报并不乐观:第四季度营收为6810万美元,高于去年同期的3350万美元;净亏损为900万美元,平均每股亏损7美分,不及2013年同期业绩,而2013年第四季度Lending club净利润为290万美元。

Watch As This P-3 Orion Hurricane Hunter Churns Through The Eye Of Patricia

This video of a National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration P-3 Orion clawing its way through the eye of Hurricane Patricia was supposedly taken yesterday during the crew’s second center fix on the storm. Read more...



Aston Martin's new DB11 costs $211,995 — 007 is going to need a raise

No matter who the next James Bond will be, he'll have one of the most unbelievably beautiful cars in the world in his garage.See also: Sorry, Tesla: The world’s fastest electric car is made in...Croatia?Sure, the new Bugatti Chiron might be the new fastest car in the world.


美国有个诡计的节日,叫国家语法日(National Grammar Day),可能一般人是不知道的,但Grammarly不会忘记。Grammarly是个应用,据说它真正懂英语。大概是要庆祝国家语法日,Grammarly对Twitter上粉丝最多的50个名人最近发的150条推文进行了研究,排除了那些转发的推文,确保研究对象是这些名人自己说的。

DNF最新更新:蓝拳武极平衡 公会战修炼场调整

DNF最新更新:蓝拳武极平衡 公会战修炼场调整。正服更新-蓝拳武极平衡 公会战调整,修炼场调整,一起来看看吧。武极强拳增加暴击伤害20级基准:13%20%成长提升+1%弱点感知减少暴击率提升数值19级基准: :40%25% ... ...

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