BlackBerry gets governmental certification for iOS and Android enterprise service

Secure Work Space for iOS and Android is certified for use by governmental agencies after it was given a clean bill of health in relation to encryption and securing sensitive information.Read more: http://www.itproportal.

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Businesses increasingly moving to multi-cloud

Shifting business priorities spur multi-cloud adoption.

PC industry sees unexpected surge in sales

Enterprise upgrades lead to first year-over-year growth in six years.

Separating fact from fiction this Friday the 13th

Tech experts clear up some of the most common misconceptions running rife throughout the IT industry.

The five stages of cloud (security)

Moving from an on-premise environment to the cloud requires a different approach to cyber security.

Top 10 tips from business leaders using Technology Business Management to drive innovation

We’ve spoken to hundreds of IT leaders about their experiences since starting to actively practise TBM – we’ve distilled all those conversations into 10 things you should know before you start too.

UK retailers must modernise to survive, and thrive

It's time for retailers to make use of the mainframes on which their business are run to help drive growth and innovation.

Cyber security and data privacy: what are you over-looking?

Cloud, BYOD, Voice, to name a few.

Three quarters of IT directors disillusioned at data request responses

Business decision makers in the UK are being left unsatisfied at the response to data requests they make and the need for big data and high performance analytics is driving complaints.Read more:

Windows XP: There’s life in the old dog yet

Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Premium will continue to provide malware support for the outdated OS beyond its EOL on 8 April and prolong its life for a while longer.Read more:

HTC One M8 comes to market with stunning design: The 10 best features revealed

What’s so great about the One M8? Lots of things, actually, and here are 10 reasons why you might consider purchasing HTC’s new flagship.Read more:

[c#]asp.net微信公众平台开发(2)多层架构框架搭建和入口实现 - 沫尘


朋友圈逐渐龙蛇混杂 相见时难别亦难


中移动“重启”自有品牌手机 不为挣钱成败难料



上午:基本没动静。   中午:各种晒,晒胸晒大腿、晒幸福、晒方向盘、晒飞机票、衣服,神器应有尽有。   傍晚:开始各种饭局,酒店、酒吧、K歌,求订位、求喝醉、求陪同、求偶遇。   

iPhone 6 phablet could tip up costing £700?

According to one mobile industry pundit, Apple is looking to pitch its 5.5in phone at $800, which would probably translate to close on £700 in the UK…Read more:


威锋网讯 12 月 4 日消息,苹果今天在官网上宣布即将举办一场特别音乐会,格莱美提名乐队,来自美国芝加哥的 Fall Out Boy 将会出席。

7 signs that you're acing an in-person job interview

This question originally appeared on Quora.What are some tell-tale signs that you are acing a job interview?Answer below by Quora user Jeff Schaffzin, outbound marketerIn general, it is hard to tell if you are doing well during the interview,

【Soundmatters】foxL Dash 7迷你藍牙喇叭讓你打造最小的HiFi家庭劇院


为什么 M3 的最大功率扭矩输出是一个很宽的平台,而 ATS-V 的只是峰值?



東京--(美國商業資訊)--為一級、二級、區域銀行、經紀商和資產管理商提供多元資產、端對端交易解決方案的全球領軍企業smartTrade Technologies已獲選為Gaitame.com提供全自動託管型低延遲外匯連接平臺(FX connectivity platform)。Gaitame.

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