New Mozilla CEO accused of homophobic beliefs

Mozilla's new CEO this week expressed "sorrow" for having caused pain by making a donation in support of California's Prop. 8, which sought to ban gay marriage.Read more:

相关内容: Mozilla that Eich donation from community support

New Mozilla CEO accused of homophobic beliefs

Mozilla's new CEO this week expressed "sorrow" for having caused pain by making a donation in support of California's Prop. 8, which sought to ban gay marriage.Read more:

After Supporting Prop 8, New CEO Brendan Eich Comes Under Fire From Mozilla Employees

Mozilla employees across the web are calling for the removal of new CEO Brendan Eich, who previously held the position of CTO and has been with the company since its formation out of Netscape in the 90′s. In 2008, Eich donated $1,000 to support Prop 8,

Brendan Eich Resigns As Mozilla CEO Following Criticism Of His Support For Prop 8

Recent Mozilla CEO pick Brendan Eich is no longer CEO, according to a new blog post from Mozilla itself (via Re/code). The post, penned by Mozilla’s Executive Chairwoman Mitchell Baker,

OkCupid takes down anti-Mozilla gay rights letter

Will that subdue the firestorm of controversy surrounding Mozilla CEO Brendan Eich? Probably not.Read more:

Was Eich a Threat To Mozilla's $1B Google "Trust Fund"?

theodp (442580) writes "Over the years, Mozilla's reliance on Google has continued to grow. Indeed, in its report on Brendan Eich's promotion to CEO of Mozilla, the WSJ noted that "Google accounted for nearly 90% of Mozilla's $311 million in revenue." So,

A closer look at the biggest tech CEO blunders, from Brendan Eich to Mark Zuckerberg

Mozilla's Brendan Eich has felt some heat since his appointment as chief exec, but he’s not the first prominent tech CEO to put his foot in it.Read more:

Mark Hurd: Get ready for the new dawn of AI

The future is automated, says Oracle CEO as he unveils his predictions for 2025.

Box launches new UK zone ahead of Brexit

Box's eight zone for local data governance comes in preparation for Brexit.

Amazon launches AWS Backup

AWS now allows developers to back up data from different services and on-premise apps.

Google raises G Suite prices across the world

Introduction of AI, as well as new apps and tools, requires a tweak in pricing, Google says.

Huge cache of email addresses and user data leaked online

Millions of email addresses and many dehashed passwords could also be found in 87GB collection.

Using cloud to improve endpoint security

Should you decide that DaaS is the best solution for your organisation, remember that moving data to the cloud does not negate the need to take proper data security precautions.

US charges Huawei with theft of state secrets

Department of Justice says it is pursuing the case in growing chasm in East-West relations.

The impact of mobile: Is your network ready for the wireless working revolution?

The fact that we can carry on working or playing, whether we are wired or not, has been a huge liberation for both business and entertainment. But are networks the weak link holding us back?Read more: http://www.itproportal.

Amazon sends exclusive invites for 2 April video streaming launch

Amazon has sent out exclusive invites for a 2 April event that could include the launch of its long-awaited streaming device for the living room.Read more:

Media Logistics Platform market will reach £400m by 2018, traditional media outlets driving growth

Firms that offer media outlets complete management and production of media content will see a four-fold rise in the worth of the market as it hits £400 million by 2018.Read more: http://www.itproportal.

World's Oldest Cheese Found on Chinese Mummy

Most aged cheeses mature over a few months or even a few years. The world's oldest cheese sat for a little longer: more than 3,600 years. German researchers discovered the cheese intact on a mummy buried in a sand dune in China's Taklamakan Desert, according to USA TodayThe cheese,


去年6月份,Google就已经完成了对众包地图应用Waze的收购,但双方一直未披露具体的收购价格。今天,Waze联合创始人兼CEO Noam Bardin在LinkedIn上发文透露了收购价格以及Waze出售的原因。Bardin表示,Google收购Waze的具体价格为11.


既然楼上让我多介绍一点,我就另开个回答写一点吧。这个现象在工程项目管理中通常叫做“legacy system”,指的就是那些技术复杂且功能稳定,需要长时间保持高可用性的系统 。

上網 3 分鐘過熱即「罷工」, MS Surface Pro 3 用家官網大鬧

Microsoft 新平板電腦 Surface Pro 3 今個月才正式開賣,但估不到很快便出現問題。近日有不少人指出其配備 Intel i7 處理器的 12 吋 Surface Pro 3 都出現過熱問題,而且更有人因此被燙傷。

Meet Your New Boss, Mr. Algorithm

Meet Algo, your new boss. It’s flexible, willing to change work schedules so you can work when you want, and not when you don’t. It’s reasonable, providing you honest feedback without the politics of your last human boss. And Algo will find new projects for you to complete,

The Edits We Made to Wikipedia in 2014

The world made more than 100 million edits to Wikipedia in 2014. In this video, the online encyclopaedia uses just the text, images and videos uploaded to its pages in the last 365 days to recap what happened in the world this year.Read more...


据外媒报道,日前,美国圣地亚哥一法官做出判决,色情报复网站UGotPosted运营者Kevin Bollaert被叛入狱18年。今年2月,Bollaert被控犯下21起身份盗窃案和6起勒索案。据悉,UGotPosted在2012年到2013年尤为活跃。

Imagining The Lab-Grown Food Of The Future

Scientists are charging full steam ahead with building lab-grown meat, so that we can fulfil our burger cravings without the moral, environmental and economic costs of raising cows. But that raises an important question: what the hell would a lab-grown meal even look like? Read more...



Baidu Issues Disappointing Q3 Forecast As It Invests Heavily In O2O Services

Baidu is focusing aggressively on online-to-offline (O2O) sales, one of the hottest forms of e-commerce in China, but its near-term earnings growth is still under pressure. The company’s shares dropped about 9.

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