Microsoft punishes bad Xbox One players with reputation warnings

Act like a jerk on Xbox Live, and your console might start giving you an earful about your behaviour. Continue, and you'll likely be stuck playing with other jerks thanks to reputation warnings.Read more: http://www.itproportal.

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The state of the connected world and the challenges that go with it

Now more than ever manufacturers need to take measures to ensure that sufficient interoperability, privacy and security is in place to find continued consumer acceptance, and pre-market testing can help.

Strategies for securing container deployments

Organisations hesitant to adopt containers are often wary of the challenges of securing containers in production.

Hackers are successful for the same old reasons

While the specific modes of attack and popular hacks may change, the reasons why they succeed have remained largely static.

Australia government hit by major cyberattack

Behind this 'unprecedented' attack is a state actor, the government claims.

Vodafone switches on UK's first 5G airport

Superfast network could let travellers download a full TV series in six minutes.

UK doesn't need to ban Huawei from its 5G

Any potential risk can be mitigated, NCSC claims.

Facebook heavily criticised by UK parliament report

Social media giant labeled as "digital gangster".

New Mozilla CEO accused of homophobic beliefs

Mozilla's new CEO this week expressed "sorrow" for having caused pain by making a donation in support of California's Prop. 8, which sought to ban gay marriage.Read more:

The impact of mobile: Is your network ready for the wireless working revolution?

The fact that we can carry on working or playing, whether we are wired or not, has been a huge liberation for both business and entertainment. But are networks the weak link holding us back?Read more: http://www.itproportal.

Amazon sends exclusive invites for 2 April video streaming launch

Amazon has sent out exclusive invites for a 2 April event that could include the launch of its long-awaited streaming device for the living room.Read more:

VC Fred Wilson: In 20 Years Apple Won’t Be A Top-3 Tech Company, Google And Facebook Will

Fred Wilson of New York’s Union Square Ventures, one of the top tech investors around, believes that in 20 years, the biggest tech company in the world — Apple — will cease to be the most important, and won’t even be in the top three. Speaking at today’s TC Disrupt conference in NYC,

【DCT笔记】DCT变换、DCT反变换、分块DCT变换 - PKU_lzhen

DCT变换、DCT反变换、分块DCT变换欢迎转载,但请注明出处!一、引言 DCT变换的全称是离散余弦变换(Discrete Cosine Transform),主要用于将数据或图像的压缩,能够将空域的信号转换到频域上,具有良好的去相关性的性能。


老罗演讲中发布的白色版锤子手机真机在顺电脉已有展示,赫兹论也是第一时间在上海静安寺的顺电体验了白色版真机。 具体请观看视频:

Designing the Best Board Game

An anonymous reader writes: Twilight Struggle tops BoardGameGeek's ranking of user-rated board games, handily beating classics like Puerto Rico, Settlers of the Catan, and Risk. FiveThirtyEight has an article about the game's design, and how certain design choices can affect enjoyment. Quoting:

Queen's 'Bohemian Rhapsody' re-imaged as a ballet dance is breathtaking

The only downside to Queen's epic musical saga "Bohemian Rhapsody" — what with all its different styles and variations in pace — is that it's a ruddy nightmare to dance to.Not if you happen to be a ballet dancer, though.

春季发布会告诉我们: 苹果的良心毋须怀疑



西方艺术在文艺复兴时期一脱中世纪的刻板僵硬,出现生动逼真的形象,全靠一种新的绘画训练法的普及。这种训练法使用当时最新的科学技术,即透视学原理。这让学徒们得以学会更肖似真实的绘画技巧。这项训练法的主要推广者是本文将要介绍的佛罗伦萨业余画家、艺术理论家莱昂•巴蒂斯塔•阿尔伯蒂(Leon Battista Alberti),而他在1435年发表的著作《论绘画》(De Pictura)称得上西方写实绘画的理论基石。• 阿尔伯蒂肖像事实上,《论绘画》并不是一部成体系的美术理论著作。

Resident Evil 5 heading to PS4, Xbox One on June 28th

Capcom has confirmed that the updated version of Resident Evil 5 will be launching on June 28th for Xbox One and PlayStation 4. The post Resident Evil 5 heading to PS4, Xbox One on June 28th appeared first on WinBeta.


回收,一个熟悉而又陌生的名词,印象中的小贩伴着三轮满街吆喝,如今,却是另一个创业者追逐的千亿市场。在烧钱的 O ...

三星 Galaxy Note 7 香港上市,定价 HK$6,198

虽说台湾早就在发布当天为 Galaxy Note 7 进行预购的活动,并有说已经陆续到货了。可是隔岸的香港却在今天才举办本地的发布会啊。这次 Galaxy Note 7 并没有版本差异,在香港推出的同为搭载高通 S820 处理器、4GB RAM、64GB 存储空间的版本,但颜色则为黑、金和新的蓝色三色。今天开始已经可以在各大电器零售商预订,即日至 8 月 25 日前预订可获镜头保护套(限量 5,000 套),定价为 HK$6,198。新版本的 Gear VR 将在 8 月 25 日上市,定价 H...

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