How to protect your identity on Facebook and other social networks

When it comes to social media, you need to strike the right balance between sharing enough, but not over-sharing or giving away too much personal info.Read more:

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This Could Be The Year Of The University Hack

You’re a college freshman relishing in your newfound freedom. You wake up in your cramped dorm room, roll over and grab your laptop to check Facebook — but when you type in your password, it’s rejected. Slightly annoyed, you pull on some clothes,

Stop Expecting Privacy When You Use Work Apps

Your privacy is important, even if our concern for it is often misplaced . Nowhere is it more misplaced than the tech we use at work. When you use office computers, phones, or other gear, you shouldn’t expect privacy. And yet, so many still do. Here’s why it doesn’t make sense,

BlackPhone Co-Founder Jon Callas On Mobilizing Privacy For The Mainstream

BlackPhone co-founder Jon Callas is in London to give a talk at IP Expo — pitching the concept of a secure yet capable smartphone to IT decision makers who, wind back the clock a few years, would have unquestionably bought BlackBerry.

In Today’s Messaging Wars, Platform Makers Apple And Google Are Coming Up Short

The $19 billion WhatsApp acquisition by Facebook is nothing if not a signal of the significant importance that messaging has in this new phase of online connectivity, in the world where people's "first computers" are their mobile handsets. Dozens of new messaging apps launch every day,

OS X Yosemite Review: Apple’s Mac OS Gets A New Look And Killer Mobile Crossover Features

Apple’s new desktop operating system is out today, and the final version of the major software update includes lots of changes for your Mac. It’s still OS X, though – Yosemite hasn’t gone so far afield that people used to Mavericks or Mountain Lion will feel adrift,

Everything We Know So Far About Google I/O 2015

Google I/O is the annual tech holiday for all fandroids and lovers of Mountain View moonshots. It’s a software party mostly, so check your new hardware expectations at the door. It’s a full two days for Google to showcase the future—or at least the next 12 months—and it all starts tomorrow.

An in-depth look at the best software, games and hardware accessories for Microsoft’s Surface Pro 3

Are you planning on getting Microsoft’s newest hybrid, the Surface Pro 3, when it emerges later this summer? If so, here’s what you should purchase to complement the device.Read more: http://www.itproportal.

Can the Design of Hospitals Help Patients Recover Faster?

Can the way hospitals are designed improve the experiences of staff and visitors, and even the recovery of patients? Lucy Maddox finds out. Read more...

AWS Ground Station ties your messy cloud network together

Renting out satellites just got a whole lot cheaper, Amazon says.

Plume Q&A: TalkTalk partnership discussed

Fahri Diner, CEO and co-founder of Plume, talks to IT Pro Portal.

Cybersecurity workers don’t have the tools they need

Many employees have too many tools that just add to the confusion.

CIOs and IT directors are missing out on valuable insights from collected voice data

IT leaders are missing out on valuable insights from voice data collection and analysis.

Trump says Huawei could still be part of trade deal

A ray of hope for the Chinese tech giant.

Has the micro-mobility bubble burst?

An exploration of the current state of the micro-mobility market.

British firms still don't have cyber resiliency plans in place, despite GDPR

An email attack is imminent and they know it.

A closer look at the use of Asana in the business world

We look at how a progressive non-profit organisation uses the workflow and project management tool Asana to good effect.Read more:

Snowden’s whistleblowing revelations have made businesses re-evaluate the cloud

Edward Snowden’s various revelations have led to all manner of repercussions, and the cloud has felt some stormy shockwaves, too.Read more:

Windows Phone 8.1 OTA ready for May release, Developer Preview expected next week

Microsoft will use Build 2014 to officially unveil the Developer Preview for an 8 April release before the full version comes out around a month later alongside the Lumia 630 smartphone.Read more: http://www.itproportal.



Greatest Pharmacist Ever Prescribes Anti-Monster Spray for 6-Year-Old

If there's an award for the most adorable prescription of the year, pharmacist Jeff Dodds of Watford City, North Dakota has this year's title on lockdown. And all it took was some creative labeling and a very sleepy six-year-old girl with a monster problem.Read more...    

童年梦想实现 世界上最大的纸飞机放飞


KeyPoint Technologies与LG电子开展合作

加州圣何塞2014年7月3日电 /美通社/ --  全球备受赞誉的智能用户界面技术领导者 KeyPoint Technologies 今天宣布与 LG 电子 (LG Electronics) 达成一项合作。


中移动4G新增用户已完成80% 全年将增5000万



 … Read More

年终大盘点 2014年苹果公司都做了些啥?




Netflix Beats The Street In Q4 By Adding 4.3M New Streaming Subscribers Worldwide

Netflix released fourth quarter and full-year earnings numbers today, beating analyst expectations due to better-than-expected subscriber growth in the U.S. and abroad. The company reported fourth quarter earnings of $1.35 per share on revenues of $1.

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