Major League Baseball’s “At Bat” App Gets Updated To Support Expanded Instant Replay

It's opening day for the first Major League Baseball season to feature "expanded instant replay," a system that allows reviews of umpires' calls through video footage. And today the MLB is also releasing an update to its official app, At Bat, that supports the new system.

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Microsoft acquires FSLogix to enhance Office 365 virtual desktop experience

Back in September, Microsoft announced a virtual desktop solution that lets customers run Office 365 and Windows 10 in the cloud. They mentioned several partners in the announcement who were working on solutions with them. One of those was FSLogix, a Georgia virtual desktop startup. Today,

NASA chooses the landing site for its Mars 2020 rover mission

Five years and sixty potential locations later, NASA has chosen the Jezero Crater as the landing site for its Mars 2020 rover mission. Slated to launch in July the Mars 2020 rover mission will touch down at the Jezero Crater as NASA’s exploration of the Red Planet enters its next phase.

Inboard opens general availability of its premium electric scooter

Inboard, the startup that sells a range of electric scooters and skateboards, has just opened sales of its first premium scooter to the market just in time for the holiday season.

Instagram kills off fake followers, threatens accounts that keep using apps to get them

Instagram is fighting back against automated apps people use to leave spammy comments or follow then unfollow others in hopes of growing their audience. Today Instagram is removing inauthentic follows, Likes,

Virgin Orbit successfully takes its 747 flying launchpad out for a spin

In the next step on its path to getting its low earth orbit payload launch system up and running, Virgin Orbit successfully took its LauncherOne system out for a spin with an actual rocket attached under its wing. 

BuzzFeed News launches a paid membership program (and yes, there’s a tote bag)

BuzzFeed News is giving readers a new way to support its journalism — by paying a monthly or yearly fee. BuzzFeed might not seem like the most obvious publication to ask readers for financial support, as it doesn’t really have the high-minded appeal of (say) NPR or the New Yorker. However,

Office 365, Azure users are locked out after a global multi-factor authentication outage

Good morning! Except if you’re a hosted Microsoft customer who’s locked out of your account right now. Microsoft’s cloud-based multi-factor authentication services went down across the globe early Monday morning,

Outlook Web App For Office 365 To Get Smart Clutter Filter, OneDrive For Business Integration

Microsoft today announced a number of forthcoming updates to the Outlook Web App for Office 365 at its Exchange Conference in Austin. Jeff Teper, Microsoft's corporate vice president of its Office Service and Servers group, said that the overall strategy here is to embrace "cloud-first,

Google Maps’ Pokémon Challenge Asks You To Prove You’re The Very Best, Like No One Ever Was

Do you want to be the very best? Like no one ever was?Google wants you to prove it.At least, they would in a world where April Fools jokes were real and companies weren't allowed to tug at our heart strings with pretend commercials for games that we'd actually totally play... Read More

Amazon Greenlights Six More Original Shows, Renews “Alpha House”

Confirming and expanding on news scooped by Variety earlier this month, Amazon this morning officially announced its plans to greenlight six more of its Amazon Studios’ pilot shows, which are now being given full seasons. The new shows, which include The After, Bosch, 

程序员知识体系 - 曹超

今天总结了下自己的知识结构体系。我是做C/C++开发的,所以可能比较侧重底层一些。 园子里比较多的都是.net和java开发的,无论是什么语言或者什么阶段,也可以参考下,只是可以侧重点,深挖点不一样。


大约在两个月前发布的小米平板,最近终于来到香港了。虽然不是从官方渠道,但由 iTalk Mobile 引入的水货也已经足够吸引我们找来一台作动手玩。规格上,它是首部配备 NVIDIA Tegra K1...



AdaBoost算法分析与实现 - mrbean

AdaBoost(自适应boosting,adaptive boosting)算法算法优缺点:优点:泛化错误率低,易编码,可用在绝大部分分类器上,无参数调整缺点:对离群点敏感适用数据类型:数值型和标称型元算法(meta algorithm)在分类问题中,我们可能不会只想用一个分类器,我们会考虑将分类.


威智网2月6日消息,根据外媒 WMP 报道称,微软于去年底在 Windows Phone 商店悄悄上架了一款名为《工作助手》(Work Assistant)的 Beta 版应用,这款商务定位的应用主要支持 Windows Phone 8.1 及以上系统的设备。

Ask Slashdot: What Portion of Developers Are Bad At What They Do?

ramoneThePoolGuy writes: We are looking to fill a senior developer/architect position in our firm. I am disappointed with the applicants thus far, and quite frankly it has me worried about the quality of developers/engineers available to us. For instance,


者朋友是国内一家 SaaS 公司的 HR,年前突然发现,邮箱里竞争对手 全球最大应用性能管理(APM)服务供应商之一的 Compuware 的员工的简历突然猛增,仔细一打听,原来 Compuware 突然宣布退出中国市场,100 余名 ... ...


福州2015年9月30日电 /美通社/ -- “十一”国庆长假即将来临,为方便客户的出行,平安寿险、产险相继推出多项便民举措,保障客户的出行安全。

As a kid, Adele wanted to be a surgeon and literally 'fix people's hearts'

Adele used to be obsessed with heartbreak of a different kindThe 25 singer, who recently released her first music video in three years, tells i-D that when she was younger, she originally wanted to be a heart surgeon instead of a singer"I wanted to fix people's hearts," she says.See also:

基础野:细说有符号整数 - ^_^肥仔John

Breif 本来只打算理解JS中0.1 + 0.2 == 0.30000000000000004的原因,但发现自己对计算机的数字表示和运算十分陌生,于是只好恶补一下。本篇我们一起来探讨一下基础——有符号整数的表示方式和加减乘除运算。Code...

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