Computer chip made of wood works as well as the one in your phone

Biodegradable, wood-based computer chips can perform just as well as chips commonly used for wireless communication, according to new research.The inventors argue that the new chips could help address the global problem of rapidly accumulating electronic waste,

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Computer chip made of wood works as well as the one in your phone

Biodegradable, wood-based computer chips can perform just as well as chips commonly used for wireless communication, according to new research.The inventors argue that the new chips could help address the global problem of rapidly accumulating electronic waste,

Berkeley Lab's 2D Transistor Could Supercharge Tomorrow's Electronics

Graphene is regularly touted as a "super material" in electronics manufacturing—one able to do everything that silicon does, except better. But that isn't good enough for one team at Berkeley Labs.

The Accessibility Of The iPhone 6s

With each passing year, Apple releases a new iPhone. And with each passing year, I’m faced with the question of upgrading. On one hand, I want to be practical and save money. My phone still works great and runs the latest version of iOS without limitation, so it’s not imperative that I upgrade.

What Sorts of Life Forms Could Actually Live on Mars?

Yesterday, NASA reignited our hopes of finding alien life when it announced the first direct evidence of liquid water on Mars. But before we start indulging in fantasies of space crabs and reptilian beings, we ought to remember that Mars is a frigid world with a thin atmosphere.

The 10 Maddest of the Mad Science Projects Funded by DARPA

Founded in 1958 to prevent technological surprises such as Sputnik, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency funds projects that are both outside the box and off the wall. Although DARPA gave us the Internet and GPS, plenty of its blue-sky ideas have crashed back down to Earth.

The Best Thin Gaming Laptop For Every Need

Just when did gaming laptops get so thin and powerful? A year ago, thin meant weak—but today there are tons of sleek notebooks that can play the latest PC games at maximum levels of detail. I decided to discover which ones are actually worth your money. Read more...

Jimmy Kimmel gets Michelle Obama to say stuff she couldn't in the White House

Once upon a time, being in the White House required you to maintain a level of decorum.Now that Michelle Obama is out of there, the former First Lady can tell us about where she stole her phrase "they go low, we go high" from, and who her "freebie" is.

Netflix has a cool easter egg to salute Marvel great Stan Lee

The death of Stan Lee has been a tough one for fans, but Netflix has a neat way to honour the comic book genius. If you search for "Excelsior!" on the streaming platform, you'll be presented with a list of Marvel titles that are available on Netflix.SEE ALSO: Chris Evans and Robert Downey Jr.

Oh nothing, just Ted Danson learning how to floss dance

Contrary to popular belief, and countless online videos of Fortnite lovers making it look easy, flossing ain't that easy. But that didn't stop Ted Danson, who was caught by his The Good Place co-star Jameela Jamil learning one of the most popular dance moves of 2018.SEE ALSO:

Stunning astronaut photos show Australia's outback 'like an open geology book'

German astronaut Alexander Gerst posts many extraordinary views from his lofty perch in the International Space Station.The European Space Agency astronaut and geophysicist has posted videos and photos from orbit showing the extreme power of Hurricane Florence,

Get a free $10 Xbox Live gift card with 'Red Dead Redemption 2' at Walmart for less than $50

Love cowboys? What about video games? Have someone on your gift list who loves both of those things? Then you'll want to take advantage of this deal at Walmart, which gets you a copy of Red Dead Redemption 2 for Xbox One, plus a $10 Xbox One gift card for less than $50.

Sharp's new smartphone has double the notch for...double the fun?

As phonemakers try their best to make the notch look less obvious, Sharp is doubling it up.The Japanese electronics maker has unveiled its AQUOS R2 Compact, featuring the company's first "double notch" design.SEE ALSO: Samsung Galaxy S10 will have a very different kind of notch,

This official 'Fantastic Beasts 2' artwork is spilling with 'Harry Potter' easter eggs

Without spoiling anything, it's safe to say that Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald brings the new franchise in the wizarding world of J.K. Rowling even closer to the Harry Potter universe. 

Amy Poehler and Tina Fey party their hearts out in 'Sisters' trailer

Tina Fey and Amy Poehler revealed the first full trailer for their upcoming comedy Sisters on Tuesday's The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, and it's even better than we'd hoped.

16 gleeful, smug foxes celebrating Britain's cancelled hunting vote

LONDON – Social media has been full of smiley-faced foxes over the last 24 hours.See also: Playful baby foxes find a dog's toy ballThe vote on whether or not to relax fox hunting laws in England and Wales, which was due to take place Wednesday,

Solar-powered plane grounded until 2016 because of 'irreversible' damage

The solar-powered plane attempting a round-the-world trip has hit a major speed bump.Solar Impulse 2 landed in Hawaii on July 3 after a five-day, record-setting flight from Japan. Last week,

苹果更新 iWork 三件套:进一步提升稳定性

紧随着iOS 7.1.1的发布,苹果今天还向用户推送了iWork三件套的更新,如今Pages、Numbers、Keynote均已经可以升级到最新的2.2版本。iWork三件套的本次更新主要是稳定性改进以及一引起错误修正,其更新日志如下所示:  Pages 2.

ASP.NET MVC学习之路由篇(3) - y-z-f

继ASP.NET MVC学习之路由篇(2)后继续学习。11.根据路由输出链接 既然是网站开发自然少不了链接,我们已经学会了强大的路由,但是还缺少一步就是能够将这些路由的路径输出到页面,下面我们就开始学习如何输出路由路径。



Needham & Co.:2014年Q1苹果Mac拉美增长率高达28%

不要奇怪,Mac上一季度在个人电脑市场上取得的优秀的销售额非常惊人。因为根据 Needham & Co. 分析师Charlie Wolf的报告,苹果在全球个人电脑市场的份额已经从2005年的2.1%增长到2013年的5.5%。

Top 10 Facebook scams to watch out for: Taylor Swift not one of them

Security firm Bitdefender is keen on keeping an eye out for the current major scams on the social network, and has just informed us of the latest to beware of.Read more:

Former Twitter Chief Scientist Launches Steven, An Emoji-Based Social App

I can’t quite put my finger on why I keep using this new app called Steven – yes, Steven, like a boy’s name – but I do. The app itself is sort of silly – it offers you a way to log your activities and location using emoji, optionally add photos,

东芝“运动追踪”手环现身FCC 支持Android/iPhone平台





一家名为“Teenage Engineering”的公司,推出多款音乐专业设备,和Roland, Korg, Moog等厂商进行竞争。

Inflatable Stickies Make Building Robots as Easy as Arts and Crafts

In recent years, taking a simpler approach to science and engineering has paid off handsomely in certain fields. It's part of the reason there are now rovers exploring Mars, and many feel it will be the easiest way to make robots more commonplace. After all,

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