Computer chip made of wood works as well as the one in your phone

Biodegradable, wood-based computer chips can perform just as well as chips commonly used for wireless communication, according to new research.The inventors argue that the new chips could help address the global problem of rapidly accumulating electronic waste,

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Computer chip made of wood works as well as the one in your phone

Biodegradable, wood-based computer chips can perform just as well as chips commonly used for wireless communication, according to new research.The inventors argue that the new chips could help address the global problem of rapidly accumulating electronic waste,

Berkeley Lab's 2D Transistor Could Supercharge Tomorrow's Electronics

Graphene is regularly touted as a "super material" in electronics manufacturing—one able to do everything that silicon does, except better. But that isn't good enough for one team at Berkeley Labs.

The Accessibility Of The iPhone 6s

With each passing year, Apple releases a new iPhone. And with each passing year, I’m faced with the question of upgrading. On one hand, I want to be practical and save money. My phone still works great and runs the latest version of iOS without limitation, so it’s not imperative that I upgrade.

What Sorts of Life Forms Could Actually Live on Mars?

Yesterday, NASA reignited our hopes of finding alien life when it announced the first direct evidence of liquid water on Mars. But before we start indulging in fantasies of space crabs and reptilian beings, we ought to remember that Mars is a frigid world with a thin atmosphere.

The 10 Maddest of the Mad Science Projects Funded by DARPA

Founded in 1958 to prevent technological surprises such as Sputnik, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency funds projects that are both outside the box and off the wall. Although DARPA gave us the Internet and GPS, plenty of its blue-sky ideas have crashed back down to Earth.

The Best Thin Gaming Laptop For Every Need

Just when did gaming laptops get so thin and powerful? A year ago, thin meant weak—but today there are tons of sleek notebooks that can play the latest PC games at maximum levels of detail. I decided to discover which ones are actually worth your money. Read more...

Get a better grip with a Nintendo Switch Pro Controller — now on sale at Amazon

We can all agree that the Nintendo Switch is awesome — there’s just one issue with it, though: The system's included JoyCons can get extremely uncomfortable. If your hands are on the larger side,

Prepare for summer with this Calphalon indoor multi-grill — $90 off at Amazon

We finally made it to spring, which means summer is just around the corner. If you’re itching to get outside and grill, we have something to hold you over until barbecue season is officially upon us.Refresh your grilling muscles with the Calphalon Even Sear Multi-Grill, on sale for $109.

The 9 best flower delivery services for Mother's Day in 2019

Mother's Day is a great occasion for a number of reasons. It gives us a helpful little push to shower our mums with the love they deserve, and reminds our mums that we care. It also a great excuse to get the family together, although whether that's really a positive is up to you.

Get an exclusive saving of over £100 on the TunnelBear 2‑year VPN plan

There are a lot of VPN services out there, and they all work hard to keep your data protected, your activity anonymous, and the internet unrestricted. They don't all have a massive bear as their mascot though, and that's an important thing to consider.

Amazon devices, Apple iPhones, Vera Wang fragrances, Playstation memberships, and more on sale for M

We're ringing in the upcoming weekend with a selection of deals that should put a smile on your face. We have lined up a selection of offers on everything from memory cards to protein powders, plus everything in between. We've also listed the best priced Amazon devices available right now,

PlayStation Plus, Xbox Live, GoPro Hero7 Black, iPad Pro, and more deals for March 22

Today is the day of the week most of us look forward to, yes that's right, it's finally Friday. If your plans are anything like ours, then it's going to be a weekend of snacks, Netflix, and games for hours on end. If you are nodding your heads, then we have you covered. Today,

Hillary Clinton replies to AOC's take down of Jared Kushner and we all need a minute

Brace yourself: AOC and Hillary Clinton have joined forces on Twitter to created a clapback so powerful that you may need to take a some deep breaths to compose yourself.It went down on Thursday night, when Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez tweeted a very straightforward "But his WhatsApp,

Amy Poehler and Tina Fey party their hearts out in 'Sisters' trailer

Tina Fey and Amy Poehler revealed the first full trailer for their upcoming comedy Sisters on Tuesday's The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, and it's even better than we'd hoped.

16 gleeful, smug foxes celebrating Britain's cancelled hunting vote

LONDON – Social media has been full of smiley-faced foxes over the last 24 hours.See also: Playful baby foxes find a dog's toy ballThe vote on whether or not to relax fox hunting laws in England and Wales, which was due to take place Wednesday,

Solar-powered plane grounded until 2016 because of 'irreversible' damage

The solar-powered plane attempting a round-the-world trip has hit a major speed bump.Solar Impulse 2 landed in Hawaii on July 3 after a five-day, record-setting flight from Japan. Last week,

The Energy Saved By Ditching DVDs Could Power 200,000 Homes

Daniel_Stuckey (2647775) writes "The environmental benefits of streaming a movie (or downloading it) rather than purchasing a DVD are staggering, according to a new U.S. government study by researchers at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory.



微软送出9月30日邀请函 Windows 9在路上

威智网  9月 16 日消息,根据外媒 The Verge 报道称,微软今天正式向媒体送出邀请函,将于 9 月 30 日在旧金山举办一场有关 Windows 的新闻发布会。  


一年一度的 Slush 科技交流大会正在芬兰举行,这是一场科技公司交流的盛会,许多游戏公司也前来参加。




腾讯:2014年娱乐白皮书——电视篇 您可能也喜欢的文章: 艺恩咨询:2011年腾讯娱乐网络娱乐指数报告 2014年腾讯互联网开放平台白皮书(附下载) 腾讯的价值


苹果收购流媒体服务公司Beats Music成为音乐销售领域的重大事件,再次表明该行业正在从传统数字音乐及专辑的销售开始转型。





Scientists In China Predict Pentagonal Graphene

TechkNighT_1337 writes: Chinese scientists made calculations and predict that a new 2D allotrope of carbon based in a pentagonal form resembling an common pavement in the streets of Ccairo can be synthesized. They call this new form penta-graphene. From the announcement in the Chemistry World,

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