Enough, already, with the superhero movies

“I think there are too many superhero movies,” said my son — and I could see by the look in his eye that it pained him to say soI’m not sure exactly what prompted that declaration, since we’d spent the better part of the weekend trading Comic-Con 2015 news. Every hour or so,

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Enough, already, with the superhero movies

“I think there are too many superhero movies,” said my son — and I could see by the look in his eye that it pained him to say soI’m not sure exactly what prompted that declaration, since we’d spent the better part of the weekend trading Comic-Con 2015 news. Every hour or so,

Behind 'Faith,' Valiant Comics' sci-fi loving, fangirl superhero

There’s no doubt that nerd and comic culture is shifting toward a wider acceptance of fangirls and females. When Faith “Zephyr” Herbert became the apparent breakout character of Valiant Comics’ Harbinger series, the creators of the comic gave the “sci-fi loving,

'We Can Be Heroes': Photo series portrays ordinary people as comic-book superheroes

Heroes are all around us, if you know where to look.Dubai-based, Scottish/South African photographer Martin Beck harnessed his unique sense of humor to create "We Can Be Heroes," a series of gritty portraits of everyday people as famous Marvel and DC Comics superheroes.See also:

If Comic Book Characters Were Cover Models on Classic Magazines

Comic books and graphic novels are pretty much taking over the world. Not only are characters getting their own movies, but sequels, prequels, three-quels, TV shows and an unstoppable force of branded merchandise.As comics invade nearly every other aspect of entertainment,

Marvel's newest superhero is a preteen girl genius with a T-Rex sidekick

Say hello to Lunella Lafayette, Marvel's newest superheroThe comic giant will soon be introducing audiences to Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur, a reimagining of the short-lived 1978 comic previously centered around a red T-Rex and his "caveman-like friend" Moon Boy,

Masked Artist Creates Marvel-ous Superhero Work

It's not just the superheroes who wear the masks.Marvel cover artist Mr. Garcin, who is known for his stunning collages, wears a face mask when he is in public. The mysterious artist has crafted covers for The Amazing Spiderman, Daredevil and Iron Man.See also:

'Batman v Superman' director throws shade at... Marvel's 'Ant-Man'?

Look inward, Zack Snyder.The Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice director spent some time lording over the superhero world from atop his high horse this week, throwing shade at Marvel's tiny Ant-Man. Why pick on the little guy?See also: Warner Bros.

Art series unlocks the hidden superhero in every child's imagination

A child's imagination can be as boundless as a superhero leaping from rooftop to rooftop.Graphic artist Jason Ratliff brings that imagination to life in his latest series, Super Shadows, a follow-up to his series, Walking Shadows, which illustrated various peoples',

The CW Doubles Down on Zombies and Superheroes for Fall Lineup

The CW is doubling down on zombies and superheroes this fall with its primetime lineup, including a new comic book-inspired show called Flash and the renewal of its popular Vampire Diaries spinoff The Originals.

Marvel Universe Live: A First Look at the Traveling Superhero Circus

You'll probably never see a comic book-style meet-up of Spider-Man, the X-Men and the Avengers on the big screen, but we’ll do you one better: on a live stage near you, starting this summer.Beginning in July, Feld Entertainment, the live-show wizards behind the Ringling Bros.

Tefal air fryers, Kenwood stand mixers, Philips juicers, and more on sale for Feb. 19 in the UK

The kitchen is the spiritual hub of the home. Don't even try and convince us that it's the living room. The kitchen is where food is prepared and therefore takes priority.It's your job to make sure your kitchen is kitted out with the best devices and leading technology.

Dude autotunes his cat miaowing and the results will make you shake with laughter

Madonna and Cher are no strangers to the odd bit of autotune. But, cats — yep, cats! — are admittedly a new one on us. Joaquin Baldwin — a feature animation layout artist at Disney — tweeted that he autotuned his cat Elton because "he won't shut up in the morning.

NHL reporter comes within inches of a puck nailing him in the head

Phrases like "close call" and "near miss" are often overused — but in this case they almost feel like an understatement.On Monday night, the Columbus Blue Jackets took on Tampa Bay Lightning in the NHL.SEE ALSO: NFL Reporter Takes a Football to the FaceCommentating on the game was Pierre McGuire,

Huawei's P30 flagship now has a launch date

Huawei has officially announced the launch date and place for its P30 flagship phone: March 26, Paris. The event was announced on Twitter with the tagline, "Rules were made to be rewritten."The short video accompanying the announcement indicates the P30 will have enhanced zoom capabilities,

Ken Jeong has some hilariously questionable answers to Twitter's medical questions

Why bother asking a medical professional your sensitive medical questions when you can just ask Twitter?Since a lot of people apparently tweet out questions about their minor ailments, physician-turned-comedian Ken Jeong is here to provide the tweeters with answers, in a video for Wired. 

Jimmy Fallon made Steph Curry drop weird phrases into NBA All-Star interviews

Did Steph Curry's interviews over the 2019 NBA All-Star weekend seem full of weird turns of phrase to you? It's all Jimmy Fallon's fault.For a segment subbed "Drop It In," The Tonight Show host had the basketball star slip strange words into his post-game chats,

Stephen Colbert also thinks Trump's national emergency lacks a little, er, emergency

Trump's state of emergency seems a bit, well, not much of an emergency.You might've figured that one out already, but Stephen Colbert was just as perplexed at Trump's casual demeanour during his press conference on Friday, announcing the national emergency."I'm sorry Mr. President.

The owners of a 'hobbit house' in Wales have just found out their home won't be demolished

LONDON — In a move that would bring a smile to the face of Bilbo Baggins, a ramshackle home in Pembrokeshire, south west Wales, has been saved from demolition.The quirky dwelling, which has been dubbed a "hobbit house,

'Ant-Man' cast would mostly sneak into stuff if they were ant sized

Hey, at least Michael Douglas would end nuclear weapons.In this video from IMAX, the cast of Ant-Man was asked: What would you do if you were ant sized? Paul Rudd, Evangeline Lily, Michael Pena and director Peyton Reed admit that they'd use that power for access to fun stuff — hey, who wouldn't?

'It felt like the end of the world' - how MH17 was brought down

CHERVONYI ZHOVTEN, Ukraine — On the afternoon of July 17, 2014, Pyotr Fedotav and his mother, were working in their garden in the tiny hamlet of Chervonyi Zhovten, a few miles south of Snizhne, in eastern Ukraine.Suddenly, they heard a powerful blast and the earth shook beneath their feet,



普华永道8日发布调查报告称,中国消费者在网购方面领跑全球,尤其是在移动互联网购物方面。 该份《实现全零售—消费 […]


One-Atom-Thick Silicene Transistors May Lead To Dramatically Faster Chips

Zothecula writes: As recently as 2010, human-made silicene – an atom-thin form of silicon – was purely theoretical. But now the exotic material has been used to make transistors,

World Tech Alpha任命CC Tan为总经理,并宣布设立新的办事处

上海2015年3月2日电 /美通社/ -- World Tech Alpha PTE Ltd.(简称 WTA 或“该公司”)欣然宣布,该公司已任命 CC Tan 为总经理,此任命将立即生效。

共享经济的下一步走向:Airbnb 和 Uber 只是开端

大热的 Airbnb 和 UBer 让我们不由得看到共享经济愈演愈烈的苗头,像淘宝刚兴起时人们对电子商务的未来产生的疑惑一样,共享经济到底能走得多远?一场行业革命正悄然开展。

A studded case lets you customize and personalize your MacBook with Lego

If you've always wanted to customize the lid of your MacBook but hate the idea of putting stickers on it, a new Kickstarter is attempting to raise funds to produce a laptop case that can be decorated, adorned, or upgraded with most building toys, including Lego.Read more...


区别于很多产品风格,苹果公司的产品设计似乎总是以用户尖叫度来强化消费者的品牌印象,而乔布斯对完美的偏执,完全渗透到了苹果公司及产品的每个细节。没有刻意地寻求粉丝效应,却引起了宗教式的疯狂;没有多余 ... .


解读“海绵城市”的水文效应 “海绵城市”中的水体,称为海绵体。

Google Photos 免费背后的逻辑:便于进一步搜集用户个人数据

在上周举办的 I/O 开发者大会上,谷歌宣布对旗下 云照片分享和存储产品 做出重大改进,将其从 Google+社交网站中移除,同时将它作为一款独立产品在更广阔的网页端和 iOS 平台上进行推广。

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