How to be more influential online

Mashable's latest #BizChat's Twitter chat was about influence: how to get it, and how not to stumble before you can wield itSee also: 10 Tips for Building a Strong Online Community Around Your StartupOver the course of an hour, @MashBusiness covered an array of questions,

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Boostinsider Raises $1.5M To Pay Influencers For Sharing On Social Media

While companies have long been using social media influencers as native advertising, these influencers have traditionally been limited to online “celebrities” known for their large follower base.Although often successful, this strategy forces companies to bet on quality over quantity,

#Selfie Music Video Dominates With Help From Social Media Influencers

We thought the selfie had a banner year in 2013. It was added to the Oxford dictionary. The President of the United States took a selfie at another world leader's memorial service. And multiple selfie apps hit the App Store.Could 2014 possibly be better? See also:

Social Influence Startup PeerIndex Acquired By Brandwatch in Cash/Shares Deal

After raising $22 million in May this year social media monitoring startup Brandwatch has clearly been hunting around for arrows to add to its quiver. It’s gaze has now alighted on ‘social influencer mapping’ startup PeerIndex.

How to be more influential online

Mashable's latest #BizChat's Twitter chat was about influence: how to get it, and how not to stumble before you can wield itSee also: 10 Tips for Building a Strong Online Community Around Your StartupOver the course of an hour, @MashBusiness covered an array of questions,

How To Find The Right YouTube Influencers For Your Brand

Earned media is stealing the show. According to Nielsen, 84% of consumers say they trust peer recommendations above all other sources of advertising. According to McKinsey and Deloitte, marketing-inspired word-of-mouth generates more than twice the sales of paid advertising,

Surprise: Social Media Ads Don't Do Shit

It's a real drag that Facebook is making it harder for businesses to reach their followers, right? Lucky for spurned social media marketers, a new study indicates all that Facebook spending accomplishes absolutely fuck-all.Read more...

Lithium To Acquire Social Influence Scoring Site Klout For $200M

Social customer service company Lithium Technologies will announce on Thursday morning that it has acquired Klout for almost $200 million in cash and private stock, says Fortune. Read More

TV host John Oliver has become America's social justice warrior

Craig Watts has spent the better part of three decades trying to bring attention to the inequities between major agricultural companies and farmers like himself.It's a battle that suddenly changed a few months ago"If you've got a problem and you want it fixed, call John Oliver," he said.

Marshall Kirkpatrick’s Social Marketing Startup Little Bird Raises $1.7M More

Little Bird, the startup led by former tech writer Marshall Kirkpatrick, is announcing that it has raised $1.7 million in new funding.Kirkpatrick, formerly an editor at ReadWriteWeb (now ReadWrite) and before that a writer at TechCrunch, launched the company in October 2012.

The Bursting Social Media Advertising Bubble

schwit1 writes One of the great "paradigms" of the New Normal tech bubble that supposedly differentiated it from dot com bubble 1.0 was that this time it was different, at least when it came to advertising revenues.

Jaw-dropping video shows Virgin Galactic pilots blasting into space

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Stolen Tesla leads police on chase after owner finds it with Tesla app

Criminals might want to think twice before stealing Tesla. A man led police on a chase through Riverside, California, after stealing a Tesla from a parking garage. The moment the Tesla was moved from its parking spot, the owner knew that his car was on the move and that he wasn't driving it,

Uber wants to be the 'Amazon of transportation.' BMW and Daimler might do it first.

Two major car makers just out "Ubered" Uber. Last year, Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi said he wanted the app to do it all: individual rides, carpools, food deliveries, electric bicycles, e-scooters, self-driving vehicles, and even flying taxis. He wanted Uber to become "the Amazon of transportation.

Twitter cofounder Ev Williams is leaving the company's board

One of Twitter's cofounders is taking a major step back from the company: Ev Williams is leaving the company's board.“It’s been an incredible 13 years, and I’m proud of what Twitter has accomplished during my time with the company.

Period tracking app says it will stop sharing health data with Facebook

After The Wall Street Journal reported that popular period-tracking app Flo had been secretly sharing some of its users' most personal health data with Facebook, Flo is promising to make some changes.Along with a number of other popular health apps,

Drivetime trivia app turns your daily commute into a gameshow

Drivetime commuter trivia app$Free download on App Store or Google PlayView ProductThe GoodInteractive without being distracting • Designed knowing you are at the wheel • You might actually learn something • Available to play anytimeThe BadLimited content with a focus on current events • For heavy drivers • only 30 minutes of trivia per day • Meant for solo • adult drivers • so doesn't work well for carpooling • passengers • or young kids • Can be hard for app to pick up

This cat opening a door by himself is truly impressive

Videos of cats opening doors are always good, but here is a particularly good one.It was taken by Twitter user @steeleio_, who couldn't figure out why her roommate's cat was always able to break out of their bathroom. So she set up a camera on a shower shelf, shut the cat in the bathroom,

Batman goes all-natural with suit made out of tree bark

Batman has finally gone all-natural.French artist Christophe Guinet, known for his intricate bark-based creations, has created the Batsuit to end all Batsuits. Working with Warner France and the Splendens Factory, Guinet created the suit with a foam base and layered it with pine barkSee also:

Mexican singer drops period pad on live TV, keeps singing anyway

During a live performance on the morning show Despierta America, Mexican singer Patricia Navidad accidentally dropped her menstrual pad while singing the song "Viva Mexico."Despite criticism she has received online, Navidad is not ashamed . After all,

Beatboxing father and daughter battle again on 'Late Late Show'

Nicole Paris and her dad, Ed Cage,



The Weird, Depressing Stage Sets That Zoos Build For Their Animals

If you're like me, you can remember the discrete moment when the zoo stopped being fun and started being sad; when the jungle behind the animals stopped looking like jungle and started looking like concrete masonry painted with clumsy trompe l'oeil. Read more...

传微软今天OTA升级Windows Phone 8.1

今年早些时候,在BUILD大会上,微软公布了旗下最新版本手机操作系统Windows Phone 8.1,虽然只是一个点更新,但是,Windows Phone 8.1带来了大量的令人兴奋的功能。微软之前已经在4月份为开发者提供了Windows Phone 8.

Nokia's reward program DVLUP is now available to developers across the globe

Nokia launched its rewards program called 'DVLUP' for Windows Phone developers last year in October. It was launched in 21 countries at that time and Windows Phone developers could join for free.



Microsoft reportedly interested in buying Android custom ROM developer Cyanogen Inc.

Rumor has it that Microsoft -- among many other companies -- is in talks with Cyanogen, a company which makes custom Android ROMs for a possible acquisition or to ink a partnership. According to a report by The Information, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella had a sit-down with Cyanogen Inc.

薄出精彩薄出期待 iPad Air 2使用体验报告

很庆幸这次 iPad Air 2 在首批发售的国家和地区之列,也没有出现像新 iPhone 那样的抢购狂潮,几乎没有等待太久,iPad Air 2 这款苹果最新的 iOS 设备在几天前就来到了我的手上。




2013年的时候,Google收购了一家名为Waze的公司,而后者的产品,则允许用户在地图上标注巡警的活跃范围。显然,该功能遭到了警方的强烈不满,并称之为“警员追踪工具”(police stalker)。

[视频]IE团队:在Spartan上创新的同时 并没有放弃对IE的支持

215年1月份的时候,渲染宣布了一款名叫Spartan的浏览器将登陆所有Windows 10设备(包括智能手机/平板/PC平台)的消息。其目标是打造出一个更加适合现代网络的新体验,而IE团队也为它制作了一个叫做EdgeHTML.dll的全新渲染引擎。

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