Liberal Democrats elect Tim Farron as new leader

The Liberal Democrat party has elected Tim Farron — one of eight Lib Dem politicians remaining after an electoral drubbing in May — as the party's new leader.See also:

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Liberal Democrats elect Tim Farron as new leader

The Liberal Democrat party has elected Tim Farron — one of eight Lib Dem politicians remaining after an electoral drubbing in May — as the party's new leader.See also: has announced a stack of great Black Friday SIM-free reductions

Online retailer has revealed a host of Black Friday deals and next in line is the highly-anticipated SIM-free sale, with reductions in prices on Google, Apple, Samsung, and Huawei handsets. Not only are all those big names included in the sale,

Tumblr iOS app removed over child pornography, users complain unrelated blogs are being purged

Chaos at Tumblr.After users reported the Tumblr iOS app disappeared from Apple’s App Store over the weekend, the microblogging platform initially stated nothing more than they were “working to resolve the issue.” Days later, with the iPhone app still MIA,

8 tech gifts that won't fail this holiday season

We get it: You're busy.So busy, in fact, that you don't have time to parse dozens of lists to find the right tech gifts for the people in your life. You just want to pick something that you know pretty much anyone would be grateful to get. And it's not cables.SEE ALSO:

There's 10% off all new Macs with the KRCS Black Friday UK sale

Let's get the awkward introductions out of the way first, in case you weren't already acquainted. KRCS is a premium reseller of Apple products and accessories, stocking a wide range of products including the Mac, iMac, iMac Pro, Macbook, MacBook Pro, iPad, iPhone, and much more.

Samsung has launched its Black Friday UK sale with deals on mobiles, watches, TVs, and more

In today's technology market, you can pick up Samsung products from pretty much every self-respecting retailer. That's a great thing, especially for the savvy shopper that's looking to secure a great deal. Sometimes however, it's best to go to the source.

The adidas and Reebok Black Friday UK sales are stepping it up with further discounts

Over the last week, both adidas and Reebok have released voucher codes in the build up to Black Friday and Cyber Monday, offering customers the chance to receive free shipping and a discount all rolled into one deal.Well both retailers have stepped it up,

UK politician casually shares 'Game of Thrones' quiz result midway through a work day

You'd think that pretty much every politician in the UK would be busy these days thinking about Brexit and you know, the future of the country.  But it seems that Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, Micheal Gove, has other, more pressing matters to attend to.

How to be more influential online

Mashable's latest #BizChat's Twitter chat was about influence: how to get it, and how not to stumble before you can wield itSee also: 10 Tips for Building a Strong Online Community Around Your StartupOver the course of an hour, @MashBusiness covered an array of questions,

Batman goes all-natural with suit made out of tree bark

Batman has finally gone all-natural.French artist Christophe Guinet, known for his intricate bark-based creations, has created the Batsuit to end all Batsuits. Working with Warner France and the Splendens Factory, Guinet created the suit with a foam base and layered it with pine barkSee also:

Mexican singer drops period pad on live TV, keeps singing anyway

During a live performance on the morning show Despierta America, Mexican singer Patricia Navidad accidentally dropped her menstrual pad while singing the song "Viva Mexico."Despite criticism she has received online, Navidad is not ashamed . After all,

Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 12.2 review

The Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 12.2 is a giant tablet with some business specific features. It is alluring, but is it practical?Read more:

Amazon Looking To The Wisdom Of Crowds To Find New Authors

According to a Kindle Direct Publishing forum user, Amazon is quietly rolling out a way to find diamonds in the proverbial publishing rough. The unnamed project would bring a crowd approach to the acquisition of new titles using a voting system that ranks new books based on crowd favorites.

【PW晨报】快播员工讨薪,国行Xbox One双十一降价

1)微软完成对Mojang的收购,《我的世界》加入微软阵营 2)Lyft前COO曾密谋取代CEO,失败后转投Uber 3)苹果将在128G版iPhone 6上停用TLC闪存 4)在华销量不理想,国行版Xbox One双十一降价 5)快播员工讨薪:被拖欠1300万工资和补偿金

还未发布 Windows 10用户已经将近 400 万人

威锋网 5 月 15 日消息,近日微软透露,从 2014 年 10 月份至今,全球范围内安装 Windows 10 预览版的用户已经超过 390 万人,这个数字统计对象包括 PC 和智能手机。

11 TechCrunch Stories You Don’t Want To Miss This Week

This week, top tech companies reported earnings, Twitter took away our backgrounds and we saw headlines about Uber, Tesla, and more. Here at TechCrunch HQ, we launched our newest and first ever talk show Bullish, with Alex Wilhelm. Read More

[视频]跨入32位操作系统时代:Windows 95发布二十周年纪念

Windows 95在这个夏天迎来了它的20周年生日,1995年8月24日的时候,微软推出了这款里程碑式的Windows操作系统。它不仅整合了Windows和DOS、带来了操作方式和系统界面上的重大改变,也完成了从Windows 3.


上海2015年9月10日电 /美通社/ -- 作为世茂酒店及度假村第一家高端概念酒店品牌“睿选尚品”,上海虹桥世茂睿选尚品酒店将于2015年第四季度揭幕。


老家人跟科技产品总能碰撞出意想不到的火花,日前,YouTube搞笑频道Above Average拍摄的一段视频就活灵活现地展现了这一点。


1 月 14 日,蚂蚁金服旗下品牌支付宝在北京发布 2015「互联网 +」城市服务报告(以下简称「报告」),总结了移动互联网在政务服务、交通出行、生活缴费、医疗等方面,给人们生活带来的便利与变化。 报告显示,截至 2015 年底,全国已有 19 个省份、124 个城市入驻支付宝城市服务平台。包括车主服务、政务办事、医 疗、交通出行、充值缴费等在内的 9 大类服务,涉及 40 个不同类别,共计 4000 多项业务,为超过 1 亿的用户提供简单便捷的服务体验。

Salesforce AppExchange Turns 10 Today

The Salesforce AppExchange turned ten years old today and it represents quite a milestone for enterprise software development. In fact, the app store concept that Salesforce developed pre-dated Apple’s consumer app store by a couple of years.

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