Employees Wise Up

This week, a Bay Area founder was taken aback when an engineer being recruited by his startup asked for both its cap table and information regarding the liquidation preferences of its venture backers. The candidate presumably “worked somewhere where he discovered that these things matter,

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Employees Wise Up

This week, a Bay Area founder was taken aback when an engineer being recruited by his startup asked for both its cap table and information regarding the liquidation preferences of its venture backers. The candidate presumably “worked somewhere where he discovered that these things matter,

Selling Private Company Shares 2.0

Congratulations, you now own stock in a private company… but can you sell any of it? The considerations that go into answering this question have changed over time as the process for selling private company shares in the secondary market has become more restrictive. Read More

Startups And The Big Lie

A startup is hemorrhaging cash, and the VCs have yet to agree on terms for a capital infusion. The clock is ticking until deadpool, first weeks away then days. The founders, stress levels increasing to stratospheric levels, continue to sell their company to everyone, whether investors, employees,

Sources: Grand Rounds Is Raising At Around A $750M Valuation

Sources are telling TechCrunch that Grand Rounds, which sells companies a service that gives employees access to healthcare advice and treatment from experienced professionals around the United States regardless of where they live, is valued at around $750 million as part of a new financing round.

Dear Unicorn, Exit Please

In the last couple of years, it’s become the conventional wisdom that the hottest, fastest-growing tech companies benefit from steering clear of public market investors as long as possible.

How Venture Capital Incentives Promote Zombie Companies

It feels like every other day: Another company raises a massive round of funding. We tend to assume that a company that’s raising money must be doing well. However, the truth is that venture capital funds’ incentives drive them to fund companies that should have folded long ago.

Welcome To The Unicorn Club, 2015: Learning From Billion-Dollar Companies

It’s been over a year since we wrote our original post sharing our analysis of the last decade’s most successful U.S.-based, venture-backed tech companies. In that piece we focused on the many entrepreneurs and investors who seek to build big,

Zuora’s Journey To Managing The Subscription Economy

The idea for subscription billing startup Zuora was born in Marc Benioff’s office. In 2006, K.V. Rao, then a WebEx senior engineer, was meeting with Benioff and Salesforce CMO Tien Tzuo. Tzuo made a comment that subscription billing was a hard problem for Salesforce,

Charting A Path From Seed To A Competitive Series A Round

Over the past five years, there has been roughly $3 billion of capital invested in nearly 3,500 seed-stage companies, with the number of seed investments rising every year. According to CB Insights, 2014 saw the largest year of seed investing since 2009, with a record $1.

Grovo Raises $15M More To Help Businesses Train Their Employees With Bite-Sized Videos

Grovo, which offers a video training platform used by customers like Arizona State University and Chevron, has raised $15 million in Series B funding. When we wrote about the company back in 2011, it was trying to become “the field guide to the Internet,

ClassPass, Gfycat, StreetEasy hit in latest round of mass site hacks

In just a week, a single seller put close to 750 million records from 24 hacked sites up for sale. Now, the hacker has struck again. The hacker, whose identity isn’t known, began listing user data from several major websites — including MyFitnessPal, 500px and Coffee Meets Bagel,

Vision system for autonomous vehicles watches not just where pedestrians walk, but how

The University of Michigan, well known for its efforts in self-driving car tech, has been working on an improved algorithm for predicting the movements of pedestrians that takes into account not just what they're doing, but how they're doing it.

How to read fiction to build a startup

“The book itself is a curious artefact, not showy in its technology but complex and extremely efficient: a really neat little device, compact, often very pleasant to look at and handle, that can last decades, even centuries. It doesn’t have to be plugged in, activated,

Investor momentum builds for construction tech

Although it’s not the sexiest of industries, the hefty construction sector in 2018 attracted not only the attention but, more importantly, the dollars of investors.

Visa and Mastercard could raise interchange fees

According to a report from the WSJ, Visa and Mastercard are considering raising interchange fees on card transactions in the U.S. Visa and Mastercard generate most of their revenue from these small processing fees, and it could have implications for merchants and fintech startups.

Uber sues NYC to contest cap on drivers

Uber filed a lawsuit against New York City, The Verge reported. The company wants to overturn New York City’s rule that caps the number of new ride-hailing drivers. Last summer, the city approved legislation that halts the issuing of new licenses to drivers for 12 months.

Transportation Weekly: Didi woes, how Nuro met Softbank, Amazon’s appetite

Welcome back to Transportation Weekly; I’m your host Kirsten Korosec, senior transportation reporter at TechCrunch. This is the second edition and seriously people, what happened this week? Too much. Too much! Never heard of TechCrunch’s Transportation Weekly? Catch up here. As I’ve written before,

UrbanStems Delivers Happiness (Well, Flowers) On Demand

UrbanStems, an on-demand flower delivery startup, is expanding to Brooklyn with the promise to deliver fresh bouquets of flowers, starting at $35, within two hours of ordering.The company launched in D.C. last year, the week of Valentine’s Day, and expanded to Manhattan in December. Read More

Data Privacy Just Makes Good Business Sense

A few years ago in an interview with Forbes, Tim O’Reilly famously said, “The Guy With The Most Data Wins.” It seems his statement was prescient, or perhaps organizations took it a bit too seriously and have been collecting as much data as they can ever since.

ShoCard Raises $1.5 Million For Its Digital Identity Card On The Blockchain

What if you could get rid of your driver’s license? We’re not there yet, but ShoCard just raised $1.5 million from Morado Ventures Partners, AME Cloud Ventures, Enspire Capital and Digital Currency Group to do just that. Read More




天气超好,暖气虽停,但办公室外灿烂的阳光照在身上,倍儿温暖有活力。苏轼 《癸丑春分后雪》诗:“雪入春分省见稀,半开桃杏不胜威。”真是很有即视感。#能出去玩的都去撒丫子吧!


虽然谷歌眼镜的确让使用者在现实世界获得某些方面优势,比如在医疗领域,户外探险或者客户服务部门 ,但是在其它使用场所,谷歌眼镜佩戴者可能会遭遇歧视,讨厌或者干脆被要求离场。

中国移动2014年6月运营数据 4G用户达1394.3万


With 1M Pet Nights Booked, DogVacay Hires A CFO From Bonobos

DogVacay topped more than a million nights that pets have stayed with hosts on its platform, and about 90 percent of those stays have happened in the past 18 months. With that growth underway, the company has hired Bonobos CFO Bryan Wolff to help run its financial operations. Read More

This Might Just Be The Most Ridiculous Personal Watercraft Yet

Any 'personal watercraft' is almost certain to be a playboy toy, and this might just be the most playboy-toyish of them all: a $19,000 electric hydrofoiling experience for two. Read more...

除了修修BUG,Google正式推出的Android 5.1系统还有防盗功能

Google今天在官方博客上宣布,正式推送Android 5.1系统。新版本并没有大刀阔斧的更新,但包括设备防盗保护、多SIM卡的支持、以及HD Voice高清语音等重要特性。


有时候我们看时间并不仅仅是看时间,而是那个时间背后有着一些特殊意义:约会时间到,午饭时间到,该去见客户,该吃药了…… 手机、手表、闹钟、智能手表,现在我们打开时间和获得提醒的方式越来越多,人们可以根据喜好选择一种或多种方法来获知时间和安排自己的日程。

RIP Wes Craven, Iconic Director of Nightmare on Elm Street and Scream

Iconic horror director Wes Craven died today aged 76, of brain cancer. In addition to creating the character of Freddy Krueger in Nightmare on Elm Street and the most famous meta-horror franchise with Scream, he also directed People Under the Stairs, Swamp Thing, and The Hills Have Eyes. Read more.


平板电脑和智能手机的兴起,让很多人开始感叹PC电脑时代正在彻底逝去。于是,有不少人认为未来移动办公将会彻底取代 ...

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