Tow company refunding fire victims who fled their cars — after charging them thousands of doll

Victims of the wildfire that scorched cars along Interstate 15 in Southern California on Friday were outraged to find that one towing company billed them exorbitant fees — for picking up cars they were forced to abandonTheir complaints prompted the California Highway Patrol to launch an investigation,

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Tow company refunding fire victims who fled their cars — after charging them thousands of doll

Victims of the wildfire that scorched cars along Interstate 15 in Southern California on Friday were outraged to find that one towing company billed them exorbitant fees — for picking up cars they were forced to abandonTheir complaints prompted the California Highway Patrol to launch an investigation,

TED turns away mother, baby at conference for women

MONTEREY, California — A mother and her 5-month-old baby were asked to leave TEDWomen, a conference meant to celebrate the accomplishments and potential of women and girls around the worldSee also: Pregnant musician Sarah Blackwood kicked off flight due to crying toddlerJessica Jackley,

Starbucks Sells California's Scarce Water to "Help" People Without Water

When you buy a bottle of water at Starbucks, five cents goes towards “improving the lives of people who lack vital resources,” according to the in-house brand named Ethos Water. That may be true, but there’s a catch:

An Immigrant Experience

Editor’s note: Gilles Raymond is the Founder and CEO of News Republic, which offers news from 1,000 licensed content partners worldwide. He previously founded, successfully grew and sold two mobile app companies – IN-FUSIO and Mobilescope. Four times in my life I have been an immigrant:

An Open Letter To WeWork

Dear WeWork, We moved into WeWork Golden Gate on July 1 and signed a four-month lease on a sunny new office space for our growing startup, Glassbreakers. This is a really exciting time for us.

Closing The Computer Science Gap, From Classroom To Career

My twins will turn four in 2015, and they know more about computers now than I did when I took over as president and CEO of Silicon Valley Education Foundation (SVEF) in 2003. And it’s a good thing because currently there are more than 75,000 open jobs in computing in California and only 4,

The Work-Family Imbalance

I recently left my job primarily to spend more time with my two-year-old daughter. I didn’t want it to be too late before I realized that I had spent very little time with her; I was starting to establish some patterns that I wasn’t proud of,

Meet the New, Dangerous Fringe of the Anti-Vaccination Movement

The 11-year-old girl’s mother saw the Facebook message first. It came from a profile that looked like it belonged to the girl’s beloved aunt, but the words didn’t sound like her. Read more...

Most Holidays Are Fake, and Here's Why

Do you celebrate National Onion Rings Day? What about Be Kind to Animals Week? Do you know what you’re buying your significant other for Talk Like a Pirate Day? Time is running out! ThARRRRs just 9 shopping days left! Read more...

The Reservoir That Made the World Pay Attention to California's Drought

Do you remember where you were when you first realized the severity of the drought in the Western US? I would guess that you weren’t staring at a cloudless sky or a dry faucet. You were probably looking at a photo of Folsom Lake.Read more...

A teenage millionaire built a real-life Dr. Octopus suit

19-year-old Erik Finman, a Bitcoin millionaire, took some free time to make a functional Dr. Octopus suit. Besides looking so cool, it also works as a prosthetic prototype. Read more...More about Comics, Mashable Video, Marvel, Bitcoin, and Social Good

'Time' slams Trump's family separation policy in a cover for the ages

The debate over the Trump administration's immigration policy is still simmering, and the blowback continues to hit Trump — this time in the form of yet another Time magazine cover. 

Amazon's Fire TV Cube is a glimpse at Alexa-controlled entertainment, but it needs work

Amazon Fire TV Cube$119.

Uber drivers really wanted in-app tipping for a reason: $600 million made in first year

It's been a year since Uber drivers finally got something they really wanted: tips in its ride-hailing app.In the year since tips were added, drivers have earned more than $600 million in gratuities on the Uber app. In the past three months tips have gone up 30 percent,

Ryan Reynolds, Blake Lively and Anna Kendrick just had an A+ Instagram exchange

If ever you need an amusing social media exchange, you can normally count on Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively to deliver.SEE ALSO: 69 times Ryan Reynolds was hands down the funniest actor on TwitterThey've done it before on Twitter, and now they're at it on Instagram.

Chris Pratt teaching James Corden how to hike is a glorious disaster

Seven rolls of toilet paper, some wet wipes, and an empty bottle for urine drinking — that's what good hiking is all about, right?Well, James Corden certainly seems to think so.SEE ALSO: Tom Cruise recreates Tom Cruise's entire film career in 9 minutesIn the sketch above for The Late Late Show,

10 pieces of camping gear on sale to make summer way more fun

The sun rising earlier and shining brighter than usual, the blistering heat, the relentless pit stains, and the influx of wedding invitations you receive in the mail — ah, summer is finally here.SEE ALSO:

Ray Romano singing The Ramones. Okay, that's enough Internet today.

Finally, the mashup nobody asked for, yet everyone neededSomebody is charging three whole dollars for this three song EP called Everybody Loves the Romanos. The EP consists of three Ramones covers, all sung by a man who sounds remarkably like Everybody Loves Raymond star Ray Romano.

A minor league baseball team is changing its name to honor taco trucks

Meet the Fresno Tacos, typically known — save for one night next month — as the Fresno GrizzliesThe AAA minor-league affiliate of Major League Baseball's Houston Astros is changing its name for one game to the Fresno Tacos,

The Apple Watch is a $1 billion success

The Apple Watch may be many things, but now we know one thing it is most certainly not: a flop.On Tuesday, Apple finally released revenue numbers — after a fashion — for its first wearable as part of its Q3 earnings report.As expected,

Xbox One SmartGlass Beta现面向Android用户开放

微软近些年来的跨平台策略分量越来越重,许多产品不只限于Windows家族平台,相应的iOS、Mac和Android版本都已经出现。而Xbox One SmartGlass Beta在登陆Windows 8.1与Windows Phone 8系统的同时,也在Google Play商店中登陆了。    

Yo: That's all this app can do

While there are many fairly specialised mobile apps out there, Yo, which was just launched by Life Before Us, takes the cake for being the narrowest-focused messaging service available.Read more:

首个64位稳定版:Windows 7、8迎来64位Chrome 37

随着Chrome 37的发布,谷歌今天也针对Windows 7和Windows 8发布了64位Chrome 37稳定版本。64位版本Chrome浏览器安全性更好、性能表现更佳,当处理典型的Web内容时,64位的渲染引擎几乎是32位引擎的两倍……等等。 Overwhelmed By Recall For Deadly Airbags

darylb writes "The NHTSA's website appears to be suffering under the load of recent vehicle recalls, including the latest recall of some 4.7 million vehicles using airbags made by Takata. Searching recalls by VIN is non-responsive at present. Searching by year, make,







Zabbix 默认网络发现模板修改 - ca0guo

zabbix 默认网络发现模板不能显示ip,我想让他在graph的标题上显示ip,具体要像如下效果一.编写脚本[root@localhost ~]# chown -R zabbix.zabbix /etc/zabbix/script[root@localhost ~]# chmod 755 /etc...

象徵技術大幅突破,高通將原本的 Snapdragon 618 、 620 更名為 Snapdragon 650 、 652

高通稍早宣布,將原本下一代的 Snapdragon 600 家族成員的 Snapdragon 618 以及 Snapdragon 620 進行更名,兩者將分別以 Snapdragon 650 取代 Snapdragon 618 、 Snapdragon 652 取代 Snapdragon 620 ,會有這樣的名稱變更,是由於兩款新處理器相較於 Snapdragon 615 、 Snapdragon 616 以及 Snapdragon 617 有顯著的提升。閱讀全文


电影观众获取电影推荐的途径很多,比如豆瓣和时光,但始终没有视频来的直接。电影宣传片用蒙太奇手法故意剪辑精彩画面,难免有忽悠之嫌。若有一款以视频为主的产品,从电影精彩片段入手,定会给观众带来福音。「乐影」APP 就是这样的产品。 以截取电影中精彩片段为主,从导演、演员、拍摄技术等不同角度展现电影。让用户根据自己的休闲时间,随时随地体验电影带来的乐趣,也为进一步电影消费提供参考依据。同时,让没看过整部电影也能与周围人谈该部电影的用户有装逼的机会。这便是乐影存在的意义与价值。 在功能设置上,有两大功能。其一是精选,根据用户的喜好,自动推荐的各类精彩视频,并支持分类筛选搜索。

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