This website lets you document neighborhood pollution

A high-tech program that lets residents of low-income communities in California upload photos, videos, and other information catching polluters in the act should be expanded across the state, according to a new report.

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Housing Activists Challenge SF’s Google Bus Program On Environmental Grounds

San Francisco city supervisors and affordable housing activists butted heads again over a new pilot program to manage tech commuter shuttles from Silicon Valley-based companies like Google and Facebook. A handful of activist groups say that the new pilot program,

Apple Reveals Solar Energy Programs To Clean Up Its Manufacturing Partners In China

Apple has plunged billions of dollars into making its global operations more efficient with renewable energy. The bulk of that push, which has won praise from Greenpeace, has come in the U.S. and Europe,

This website lets you document neighborhood pollution

A high-tech program that lets residents of low-income communities in California upload photos, videos, and other information catching polluters in the act should be expanded across the state, according to a new report.

Environmental Sensor Startup Aclima Is Studying The Air Googlers Breathe

Do Google employees breathe better air than the rest of us? That’s what San Francisco-based environmental health startup Aclima wants to know. Aclima stayed hush about what it’s been up to for the last several years,

Google Bus Protests Get Colorful Ahead Of Hearing On City Shuttle Program

Oh San Francisco. Just a month after Google agreed to give $6.8 million to support free rides for low-income youth on the city’s public transit system, activists are out again in force.

US To Monitor Air Quality In India and Other Countries

mdsolar writes with news about a U.S. plan to monitor air quality in countries like India, and Mongolia to help raise awareness about the dangers of pollution. "The United States says it will expand air-quality monitoring at some overseas diplomatic missions,

Microsoft now powers its Chicago data center with 100 percent wind power

In 2014, Microsoft purchased a 175 megawatt (MW) wind facility outside of Chicago with the aim being for it to eventually power their Chicago-based data center. A year later, the Pilot Hill Wind Project...

Recyclebank Turns “Green” Actions Into Discounts At New Shop For Sustainable Goods, One Twine

Recyclebank, a company founded in 2004 which today works with partners to reward consumers for “green” actions like recycling, is now getting into e-commerce. With the launch of a new website called One Twine,

Switch Is TripAdvisor For Finding A Tech Bootcamp

Thanks to the predicted tech talent shortage and uncertainty in other industries, the idea of switching careers to jump to the tech industry is an enticing prospect for many in these less-than-stellar economic times. Read More

Dear Tesla: Bypassing Environmental Laws Is Bad For Everyone

Tesla Motors is planning a so-called Gigafactory, an enormous battery plant to supply the company's upcoming high-volume Model 3 . California wants that factory bad, offering to waive its environmental regulations to win the bid. That's bad news—for Tesla, for California, for you and me,

Watch a couple hilariously melt down trying to play a video game

This is One Good Thing, a weekly column where we tell you about one of the few nice things that happened this week.Yelling at the video games has been a popular hobby coping mechanism since Pong debuted. Projecting a full range of emotions towards a game at a high volume is cathartic, fun,

'Punisher' deserves so much better than where Season 2 leaves him

In a sea of heroic do-gooders, Punisher was a welcome arrival onto the Marvel scene.While certainly nowhere near as evocative and poignant as Jessica Jones Season 1, his 2017 solo introduction into the Netflix-Marvel pantheon showed promise.

To see into someone's soul, binge on their Twitter likes

In Binged, Mashable breaks down why we binge-watch, how we binge-watch, and what it does to us. Because binge-watching is the new normal. And yes, we know this particular post is slightly tangential, but it's still an important public service.By now, employers know the drill:

Netflix's 'IO' doesn't deliver a world worth saving

Warning: Light spoilers for IO lie ahead.Not every world-ender can be world-ending.IO, the latest post-apocalyptic drama from Netflix, began streaming this weekend—but viewers crossing their fingers for another Bird Box are going to be disappointed. 

Why local organizers support the Women's March despite controversy

The 2017 Women's March completely changed Angie Beem's life."The Women’s March got me out of the house, got me involved, made me educate myself, got me politically educated, and gave me something meaningful to do," says Beem, who is the board president for Women's March Washington State. 

Enroll in online film school for $29 and start earning that future Oscar

Awards season is now in full swing. All the cinematic masterpieces that made a splash in the past year are now getting accolades from around the globe. There's Alfonso Cuarón's Roma, Bradley Cooper's A Star Is Born, Ryan Coogler's Black Panther, Barry Jenkins' If Beale Street Could Talk,

Treat your dog with this bacon-flavored CBD oil for pets, on sale for 29% off

You've probably heard about some of the anecdotal medical benefits of CBD for us humans, but did you know that your dog can get in on the action, too? No, you won't find doggie doobies on pet store shelves anytime soon,

Facebook now lets you restrict who views videos by age and gender

As Facebook takes aim at YouTube with a growing video platform, the social network is giving advertisers and publishers more say in who sees their videos.The company said Tuesday that video creators will now be able to restrict their audience by age and gender,

Ur Boy Bangs spits back at Jimmy Fallon with 'Do Not Watch' rap

The war between hip-hop artist Ur Boy Bangs and Jimmy Fallon has heated up. Well, on one side at least.Australian-Sudanese rapper Ur Boy Bangs didn't take kindly to being put on The Tonight Show's "Do Not Play" list.

How the ongoing El Nino compares to the mother of all El Nino events

El Niño conditions are intensifying in the tropical Pacific Ocean, potentially leading to a record event that would reshape world weather patterns from Africa to Asia to North AmericaThat could be a boon to drought-plagued California, by steering more rainstorms there.


多倫多的攝影師 Richard Gottardo 最廣為人知的攝影作品,多為極光系列,但就在最近他拍了一組十分有話題性的攝影作品:某天他在開車時,閃電就剛好閃在車子週邊,就這樣讓他已經設定好曝光 30 秒的 Canon 5D Mark II 拍攝到絕美的照片,從重疊的樹影中可以看出他正在開車且閃電閃了兩次,因為這次的經驗過後,從此他從追捕極光攝影人變身成為暴風雨追擊者。

iPhone 6未用蓝宝石屏相关概念股集体下跌

昨日(9月10日)凌晨,苹果公司正式发布新一代手机iPhone6以及智能穿戴产品AppleWatch,之前市场预期的蓝宝石屏幕,并没有如期出现在iPhone6/6 Plus上,而是用在了AppleWatch上。

This time collapse of a skater is so freaking cool

Professional pool skater Cory Juneau did more than 60 takes around this skate park to create this time collapse: A video in which every version of himself across time is put into the same space thanks to the magic of video editing.Read more...

Scientist reveal amazing pictures inside mysterious Siberian hole

The Siberian Times just published these new amazing pictures of an expedition of scientist who descended inside the mysterious crater on the Yamal Peninsula, northern Siberia. They are collecting data because its origin remains a mystery but, believe it or not,




2014年6月2日,苹果在其年度开发者大会上发布了一款新的移动应用平台,可以收集和分析用户的健康数据,被命名为 […]



Be My Eyes Lets You Help A Visually-Impaired Person See Via Their Phone’s Video Camera

Be My Eyes, a new Danish non-profit ‘startup’, has taken a commodity technology, the humble video call, and, by combining it with a community of sighted volunteers, used it as the basis for an iOS app that lets you help a visually-impaired person ‘see’ through their phone’s video camera.


谷歌 Nest 一周内两位高管离职  1 月 31 日,谷歌旗下的智能家居设备生产商 Nest 本周遭遇了两位高管离职:松冈容子(Yoky Matsuoka)和格雷格杜菲(Greg Duffy)。  松冈容子担任 Nest 技术副总裁,此前在 ... ...

支持 Siri 语音与 App Store 的新 Apple TV 估计将在六月降临

觉得 Apple TV 的小小降价根本引不起你的兴趣?那么加上了 Siri 语音控制与"真"App Store 的全新 Apple TV 应该可以让人精神一振了吧。据传苹果将会在六月召开的开发者大会上,发布他们久久久久未更新的电视盒产品。

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