Apple Adjusts Its App Store Algorithm, Impacting Some iPad Developers

To keep the playing field level and fair for all app developers, Apple on occasion changes the way its App Store ranking algorithm works, the fallout of which can impact developers’ standings in the App Store charts, which ultimately can impact their visibility, downloads, and revenue.

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Cassette decks from Crosley take aim at tape-hoarding nostalgia-seekers

Crosley, makers of the "good enough" record players you see in Urban Outfitters and Target, have turned their retro novelty eye on the next obvious format: cassettes. These two new decks from the company have all the latest features from 1985, but also a handful of modern conveniences.

Overnight success now requires a little more time

Building a great consumer company is harder these days. Try anyway.

FCC approval of Europe’s Galileo satellite signals may give your phone’s GPS a boost

The FCC's space-focused meeting today had actions taken on SpaceX satellites and orbital debris reduction, but the decision most likely to affect users has to do with Galileo. No, not the astronomer — the global positioning satellite constellation put in place by the E.U. over the last few years.

Tesla acquires trucking companies to squeeze in more deliveries before Dec. 31

Tesla CEO Elon Musk tweeted Thursday that the electric automaker had acquired “trucking capacity,” a move aimed to boost deliveries of its Model 3 vehicles before the federal tax credit begins to wind down Dec. 31. Musk at first didn’t explain what “acquired trucking capacity” meant.

Uber joins Linux Foundation cementing commitment to open source tools

Uber announced today at the 2018 Uber Open Summit that it was joining the Linux Foundation as a Gold Member, making a firm commitment to using and contributing to open source tools.

Apple partners with A24, the studio behind ‘Moonlight’ and ‘Hereditary’

Apple has signed a multi-year agreement with A24, which will see the film studio producing multiple movies for Apple. Not much else is known about the deal yet — not the number of films, their genres or the talent involved. Still,

Facebook changes algorithm to demote “borderline content” that almost violates its policy

Facebook has changed its News Feed algorithm to demote content that comes close to violating its policies prohibiting misinformation, hate speech, violence, bullying, clickbait so it’s seen by fewer people even it’s highly engaging. In a 5000-word letter by Mark Zuckerberg published today,

Yahoo Quietly Acquired Germany’s Media Group One For $23M In Q1

Yahoo’s well-worn acquisition trail to bring tech and talent back into the Internet company has been one of the more notable hallmarks of life under CEO Marissa Mayer. And while M&A appears to have slowed down significantly in 2015, it’s not stopped altogether:

YC-Backed GetScale’s Quality Control System Protects Factory Workers And Hardware Companies

At first glance, GetScale’s cameras might seem like just another factory surveillance system. The startup, however, wants to make life easier for engineers and assembly line workers by allowing them to communicate directly and record the entire manufacturing process. Read More

Ibotta’s New Shopping List Finds Cash Back And Rebates As You Add Items

Mobile savings app Ibotta, which got its start by targeting millennial shoppers who no longer seek out and clip paper coupons, has been working to re-think the role smartphones can play when it comes to shopping in the offline world. To date,

Field Service Software Developer ServiceMax Raises $71M From Kleiner Perkins, Meritech Capital

Startup ServiceMax, a company that develops field service software, has raised $71 million in Series E funding led by Meritech Capital and Kleiner Perkins with Cross Creek Advisors, QuestMark Partners, and Sozo Ventures participating.

Only 2% of UK police trained to deal with cybercrime

A report from Her Majesty's Inspectorate of Constabulary has found police forces in England and Wales to be woefully under-prepared in dealing with cyber-attack, whether local or national.Read more:

SuperSocket框架学习笔记2-构建SuperWebSocket服务器程序 - 林梦U3dUpUpUp

SuperSocket框架学习笔记2-构建SuperWebSocket服务器程序上一节简单介绍了 基本的SuperSocket服务器这一节我们使用 SuperWebSocket构建一个 能与Unity3D通信的(Console控制台)服务器程序嘎嘎 先下载 需要的 DLL类库服务端:SuperSo....

CentOS 7.0 正式发布

感谢阿木的投递美国当地时间2014年7月7日 17:39:42,CentOS官方放出CentOS7.0.140 64位的版本下载地址,一如每个主要版本的首个发行本,多数组件都已作出改动及更新至较新版本。最重大的改动有:

Bioethicist At National Institutes of Health: "Why I Hope To Die At 75" writes Ezekiel J. Emanuel, director of the Clinical Bioethics Department at the US National Institutes of Health, writes at The Atlantic that there is a simple truth that many of us seem to resist: living too long renders many of us, if not disabled, then faltering and declining,

设计模式之模版方法模式(Template Method Pattern) - 梦烬


The Ebola Outbreak Reaches the U.S.: Your Questions Answered

Mashable is answering questions about the Ebola outbreak, which has sickened about 6,500 people in West Africa, and killed more than 3,300 to date. On Wednesday, the first case of this Ebola virus strain to be diagnosed in the U.S. took place in Dallas, Texas,

Dr. Nancy Snyderman Apologizes for Violating Ebola Quarantine, Sort Of

NBC Medical Correspondent Nancy Snyderman issued an apology Monday night for violating a 21-day quarantine she agreed to after returning from reporting in West AfricaAnchorman Brian Williams read Snyderman's statement on the NBC Nightly News, in which she apologizes,

海盗船全新云存储设备 兼具多媒体播放器


[图]HTC HD2老爷机竟刷上Android 5.0

HTC HD2真真是一款神机啊。2009年发布的这款Windows Mobile 6.5手机虽然很不起眼,但在一系列高手的折腾下,已经先后跑过Android、Ubuntu、MeeGo、Sailfish、Windows RT、Firefox OS等各种移动操作系统。现在,它又吃上了棒棒糖!

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