Bing maintains second place with over 20% of U.S. desktop searches

There is so much search engine traffic that it would take a massive change to make statistically significant differences. That’s the case between May and June for the United States’ search engine rankings according to comScore (via

Bing maintains second place with over 20% of U.S. desktop searches

There is so much search engine traffic that it would take a massive change to make statistically significant differences. That’s the case between May and June for the United States’ search engine rankings according to comScore (via

Microsoft Teams now lets Mac users share system audio with Meetings participants

The desktop version of Microsoft Teams is getting a new feature that will enable Mac users to share system audio with other meeting participants. So far, this capability has been limited to the Windows client, but that's starting to change. ... Read more

Microsoft Edge's surf game is now available on other web browsers

Along with the rollout of Microsoft Edge 90 and its list of new features the team also rolled out its timewaster surf game to other browsers. Back in November of 2019, the Microsoft Edge team enabled an 8-bit surfing game ... Read more

Tune in to OnPodcast this Sunday at 9 AM PT! We're talking to a Windows Insider MVP, recapping the S

Greetings, readers! OnMSFT here with an announcement. OnPodcast, the podcast is on schedule this week for 9 AM PT Sunday on YouTube Premiere for yet another episode. For this week's episode, we're chatting with a special guest, Windows Insider ... Read more

Microsoft Edge Canary comes to Android with the promise of daily updates

Microsoft has quietly released a new Canary version of its Edge browser on the Google Play Store, which Android users can install alongside the regular version of the app. Microsoft Edge Canary for Android was first spotted on Reddit (via ... Read more

PowerToys experimental version 0.36 is now available with Video Conference Mute tool

Microsoft has released a new update of its PowerToys suite of tools to users running the pre-release versions. The experimental version 0.36 contains all the additions and fixes that were included in version 0.35, along with the much-anticipated Video Conference ... Read more

Microsoft Lists app is now available for Apple's iPad tablets

The relatively new iOS Microsoft Lists app updated to Version 1.36.14 this week. While this update did include the usual minor improvements and bug fixes, it also added support for iPad. Microsoft Lists has only supported the iPhone since it ... Read more

Microsoft Remote Desktop app updates twice for Macs with new functionality and fixes

The Microsoft Remote Desktop app for Apple’s Mac computers updated twice this week with a variety of changes. Among the more noteworthy changes made with these app updates is the addition of support for Apple Silicon (Apple’s new ARM-based Mac ... Read more

Opera Mini for Windows Phone disappears from the store once again

Opera Mini has had its fair share of problems in the Windows Phone store. It's been unpublished on a number of occasions in the past. It even went missing while it was in beta form a few months back. Now it has yet again been removed from the Windows Phone store.

Use this Windows 10 troubleshooting package to hide problem updates

Microsoft's plan to require Windows 10 users to keep their systems up to date is already off to a shaky start, and over the weekend problems with an NVIDIA driver upgrade caused problems for some. With Windows 10, unless you're on Professional or one of the Enterprise versions,

Cortana, set to launch in more countries in the coming months, begins localizing in India

Cortana is one of the most popular features present in Windows 10. Currently, the digital personal assistant is available in several countries, and will make its debut in U.S, U.K, China, France, Italy, Germany and Spain on July 29th, with the launch of Windows 10.

Something smells fishy about that Comcast–Apple TV story

A proposed new Apple service that resurfaces a dicey issue about Comcast's online TV business just when the company is about to face new merger conditions? That's some funny timing.    

消费者持币等待新品 苹果店销售额稍下滑

威锋网 5 月 5 日消息,Needham 分析师 Charlie Wolf 今天发布了一份统计报告,数据显示苹果公司零售店的销售额在 12 月季增长了 3% 之后,在 3 月季下滑了 5%。



Driver Study: People Want Fewer Embedded Apps, Just Essentials That Work Easily

Lucas123 writes 'A study released at the Telematics Detroit 2014 conference revealed the obvious: Most people don't want more distracting embedded apps in their cars; they just want essential apps like navigation and music to be intuitive to use and reliable.

Google Sheets推出可利用机器学习预测未知值的Smart Autofill插件

Google Sheets是Google的一款类似Excel电子表格的云服务。今天,这家搜索巨头又宣布为它增加了一个名为Smart Autofill 的智能填充插件。不过这个智能填充插件跟以往的智能填充功能不太一样,它是真的有点智能。

途牛被曝封杀同程供应商 在线旅游出境游争夺战

文/乐琰  价格战、无线端客源争夺还未结束,OTA (在线旅游代理商)大战又转向了后台对于供应商的争夺。《第一财经日报》记者 11 月 30 日获悉,部分供应商指途牛正要求同时与途牛和同程有合作关系的供应商抬高 ... ...

华硕铝合金ROG G501游戏笔电下月开卖

华硕宣布旗下采用铝合金机身的ROG G501游戏笔电将在今年4月份开卖。这款铝合金机身游戏笔电采用15.6英寸显示屏,采用超薄设计,机身厚度20.6毫米,内建了NVIDIA最新的移动图形芯片GTX 960M,显存容量达到4GB。

In Emerging Markets, Internet Blamed For Having Negative Impact On Morality

A new study out this morning from Pew Research takes a deep dive into the impact that internet access is having on emerging markets, especially in terms of how it’s shaping public opinion. Today,

被出卖了 三星Galaxy S7/S7 Plus手机壳现身

安锋网 12 月 24 日消息 距离三星下一代旗舰 Galaxy S7 系列发布还有些日子,不过手机壳厂商们似乎已经做好准备,近日有一组带有手机的手机壳宣传图被泄露了出来,三星再次遇到猪队友了。  若从这组图片中可以看到,Galaxy S7 外观整体上和 Galaxy S6 几乎一致,后置摄像头依然突起,依然是金属机身,就连实体按键的布局也没有改变。  当然,新机总会有些变化,最明显的就是 Home 键和传闻中的那样从圆角矩形变成了棱角分明的矩形,同时“额头”和“下巴”看上去也窄了一些。

iPad Air 3兼具防水特性?果粉沸腾!

相比于其它厂商,苹果在设备的防水性能方面一直都比较低调,不过这并不代表苹果不在意设备的防水性能,iPhone 6s 的防水性能就得到了不少的提升。去年 11 月,苹果一项关于设备扬声器麦克风的防水专利就被媒体曝光。 ... ...

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