Patrick Stewart does it live in new 'Blunt Talk' featurette

LOS ANGELES — "I'm going to improvise, no need for the prompter!" is the new "We'll do it live!"Patrick Stewart is Walter Blunt in Blunt Talk,

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You can watch Patrick Stewart's 'Blunt Talk' a week early

It doesn't take long while watching Patrick Stewart's Starz comedy Blunt Talk to realize this is a whole new side of the actor that's previously been unseenBut don't take our word for it — you can watch the show yourself now, an whole week ahead of the show's debut on the networkSee also:

Patrick Stewart does it live in new 'Blunt Talk' featurette

LOS ANGELES — "I'm going to improvise, no need for the prompter!" is the new "We'll do it live!"Patrick Stewart is Walter Blunt in Blunt Talk,

'Blunt Talk' will let you get to know the real Patrick Stewart

Patrick Stewart is well aware that the persona he's built his career upon will stay with him alwaysHe'll always be Captain Jean-Luc Picard. He'll always be Professor Charles Xavier. He'll always be a Shakespearean actorSee also:

This Week's Top Comedy Video: Every YouTube Video Ever

There's a lot of great stuff out there on YouTube. And also lot of terrible, repetitive, utterly predictable crap that somehow gets billions of views and turns internet morons into viral celebrities. How the hell does that happen? Turns out, there's a very specific recipe for YouTube success,

A Times Square billboard caught fire, and the tweets were lit

New York City's Times Square is a famous for its towering digital billboards. However, they're typically not on fire. That all changed Saturday when a billboard advertising Skyy Vodka went up in flames around 3 p.m. The video ad, featuring drag queen Trixie Mattel,

'World of Warcraft Classic' players are hilariously mistaking features for bugs

World of Warcraft Classic is meant to take fans of Blizzard's hit MMORPG back to simpler times. But memory, as it turns out, is a funny thing.The new-old WoW — Classic restores to the MMO many of the rules and systems that defined its 2005 release — isn't set to launch until the summer,

Get hype for the 'Game of Thrones' finale with Jack Black 'singing' the theme song

HBO's Games of Thrones finally and truly ends on Sunday, May 19. The hotly anticipated series finale airs on May 19, and fans around the world are busy losing their collective sh*t in response to the "controversial" season. Comedian and rocker Jack Black, however, is taking a different approach.

Lady Gaga performed private Apple concert as a tribute to Steve Jobs

Did you catch the Lady Gaga concert that took place on May 17?Unless you work out of Apple Park, the tech giant's massive spaceship-shaped headquarters in Cupertino, you probably didn't attend.

Arnold Schwarzenegger is so buff he didn't realize somebody dropkicked him

For a 71-year-old, Arnold Schwarzenegger is still pretty damn built.While attending a jump rope competition in Johannesburg, South Africa, the former body pro bodybuilder, actor,

People politely mobbed Targets across the country for designer beachwear

Never get between bargain hunters and their discounted designer beachwear. Target shoppers across the country found that out the hard way Saturday, when many rolled up to their favorite big box store only to find a giant line. That's right, a line to enter a Target. And what, exactly,

How VR porn can change the way we masturbate for the better

May is National Masturbation Month, and we're celebrating with Feeling Yourself, a series exploring the finer points of self-pleasure.When VR was tech's pie in the sky years ago, people's minds ran wild imagining all the new ways it could get us off. But then VR actually came, and largely,

Rich, educated people love booze, says science

We already knew the richest among us control a higher percentage of the world's wealth, but a new study shows they also control a higher percentage of the world's beer pong tables.That is to say: they drink more.See also:

Donald Trump's lawyer apologizes for saying you can't rape your spouse

Donald Trump's top lawyer is taking his boss' spotlight.The The Daily Beast reported on Monday that in the midst of his early-'90s divorce from model Ivana Trump, the GOP frontrunner's then-wife accused him of rape.The story's origins are in a deposition by Ivana,

Netflix sets premiere date for Aziz Ansari comedy, 'Longmire' return

LOS ANGELES — Aziz Ansari is coming to Netflix in NovemberThe streaming network announced Tuesday that the Parks and Recreation alum's new series will debut Nov. 6. It also unveiled the show's title: Master of NoneThe show follows the personal and professional life of Dev (Ansari),

中國移動香港明天發售 iPhone 5s 及 5c,支援中國大陸漫遊 TD-LTE 及 TD-SCDMA

分类: 科技新闻, 智能手机在過去,中國移動香港並沒有發售 iPhone 5s 及 5c,而 Apple 也封鎖了中國移動香港的 4G LTE 網絡。

三星或将推出搭载Android Wear的智能手表,并在Google I/O上亮相

根据mobileburn的消息,一款运行Android Wear的三星智能手表或将在Google I/O上亮相。这款设备比当前的第二代Gear要小,并配备了WiFi和蓝牙连接功能。在此之前,三星曾表示将会推出一款搭载Android Wear的智能手表。

sharepoing的webpart开发 - xiaoyon

前言 以前没有接触sharepoint感觉这东西好陌生,只是知道。来公司这段时间,也没有参加开发。今天自己简单的实现了一下这个开发过程,webpart部分的。


怎么样让用户觉得产品更有价值?用户不需要镶钻、贴金的产品,答案可能比你想的简单,那就是在产品里添加DIY的元素 […]


视觉上采用适当的字体、配色和图片是打造品牌过程中必不可少的环节。品牌塑造是一项特殊的工作,需要全心投入,将心理 […]

[图]“Focus on the User”网站上线:指控谷歌不公平竞争

近日名为“Focus on the User”全新网站上线,努力尝试说服欧洲立法者Google的市场竞争并不公平,相比较培养自由开放的互联网搜索引擎,网站称Google利用这些工具转换成为自身利益,在搜索结果中参杂自身服务的相关内容。

乳品连锁企业Diary Queen已成Backoff POS恶意软件最新受害者

美国知名乳品连锁企业Dairy Queen已经证实,其遍布全美的4500家地方零售商店中,已经有395处受到了“Backoff”恶意软件的影响。显然,这意味着用户的信用卡信息又被泄露了!





苹果CEO与德国总理会谈 :安全隐私成主题

威锋网讯 2 月 25 日消息,苹果 CEO 蒂姆·库克造访德国的名人会见名单在进一步扩大当中。

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