Pluto's big moon may host first Star Wars, Star Trek, Doctor Who names in space

Nerdiest. Worlds. EverThis month's New Horizons flyby of dwarf planet Pluto and its biggest moon Charon left a wealth of incredible data in its wake, with unforgettable pictures of geographic features such as the now famous giant "heart" on PlutoSee also:

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The moment the New Horizons team first saw that Pluto photo

It took more than nine years and 3 billion miles to get the photo. But for the people who built New Horizons — the NASA spacecraft that just flew by Pluto — the journey was well worth it.See also: Hello, Pluto:

With New Horizons Spacecraft a Year Away, What We Know About Pluto

An anonymous reader writes In one year, NASA's New Horizons spacecraft will reach Pluto after over 8 years of travel. "Not only did we choose the date, by the way, we chose the hour and the minute. And we're on track," says Alan Stern,

For one Pluto Pal, a big week of discovery

While the world watched in awe this week as the first up-close images and videos of Pluto were beamed back to Earth by NASA's New Horizons mission, it has been particularly eventful for a group of nine-and-a-half year olds, dubbed the "Pluto Pals.

New Horizons may have a new target, and it's 1 billion miles past Pluto

NASA's New Horizons spacecraft, which made its famous flyby of Pluto in July, has a new place to goScientists working with the mission have picked their first-choice destination for New Horizons' post-Pluto existenceSee also: Hello, Pluto: The 9-year journey to a new horizonThe tiny object,

New Horizons makes contact with Earth after historic Pluto flyby

LAUREL, Maryland — Humanity's first robotic emissary to Pluto has successfully phoned home after its close encounter with the dwarf planetMission controllers received a status update from NASA's New Horizons probe right on time, at 8:53 p.m. ET Tuesday,

As New Horizons Reaches Pluto, Arguments Will Be Settled And Mysteries Revealed

Tomorrow NASA’s New Horizons space probe will reach the finale of its 9-year journey to the outer reaches of the solar system. The mission, a 13-year study in marshaling resources, could be a lesson to any startup. And regardless of the outcome of tomorrow’s flyby,

These Are the Best Pluto Images New Horizons Captured

NASA has just received the first batch of the sharpest images of Pluto captured during the July flyby—and they’re incredible. Are you ready to go cross-country skiing and ice climbing three billion miles from home? Because Pluto’s terrain is a frozen wonderland.Read more...

New Horizons is carrying the ashes of Pluto's discoverer to Pluto 

Later this week, NASA's New Horizons probe will finally be close enough to Pluto to begin observing the dwarf planet and its moons. Along with a bevy of scientific instrument, the probe has also been carrying a sentimental payload: a tiny tin of the ashes belonging to Clyde Tombaugh,

Pluto's weird moons come into focus after New Horizons flyby

Pluto's moons are weird as hell.Three of the dwarf planet's five moons — named Charon, Nix, Hydra, Kerberos and Styx — are coming into better focus now that NASA's New Horizons spacecraft is beaming back more images from last week's historic flyby, and man, do they look strangeSee also: Hello,

NASA's New Horizons gives final closeup of Pluto's puzzling dark spots

Pluto, the underdog of planetary science, finally gets its time in the spotlight this week. As the New Horizons spacecraft nears its historic rendezvous with the icy space object Tuesday morning,

More than 25 years later, Sonic the Hedgehog 2 is still the greatest — Games to Play Before Yo

How is Sonic 2 the only good Sonic game? What is Sonic's last name? Why is Sonic 2 a game to play before you die? We tried to find some answers on this week's episode of Games to Play Before You Die. Read more...More about Mashable Video, Sonic The Hedgehog, Sega Genesis, Sonic 2, and Games To Play

Reasons why Sonic the Hedgehog 2 gameplay is timeless — Games to Play Before You Die

How has Sonic 2 managed to stand the test of time? Especially when every other Sonic game is trash? We try and figure out why in this week's episode of Games to Play Before You Die. Read more...More about Mashable Video, Sonic The Hedgehog, Sega Genesis, Sonic 2, and Games To Play

Why is Sonic the Hedgehog 2 the best Sonic game? — Games to Play Before You Die

From the music to graphics to speed runs and storyline ...why is Sonic 2 the best?  Read more...More about Mashable Video, Sonic The Hedgehog, Sega Genesis, Sonic 2, and Games To Play

Things you didn't know about Sonic the Hedgehog 2 — Games to Play Before You Die

From the history of its development to some surprising facts about character names, we dove deep into the world of Sonic 2 in this week's episode of Games to Play Before You Die. Read more...More about Mashable Video, Sonic The Hedgehog, Sega Genesis, Sonic 2, and Games To Play

11 gifts for fancy dogs with weirdly human names

There are dogs, and then there are fancy dogs. This gift guide is for the fancy dogs.We're talking about the Roberts, the Katherines, the occasional Linda: The dogs who have somehow transcended the trappings of caninehood and acquired human names. Like fancy humans,

A bunch of burning questions finally got answered on 'American Horror Story'

"I'm Constance Langdon. And this is my fucking house." It has been almost four years since Jessica Lange last graced the American Horror Story universe as Elsa Mars in Freak Show. Fortunately, the horrendous, Lange-less dry spell was squelched last night when, in Episode 6 of American Horror Story:

Watch a wildfire spark to life in high-tech Weather Channel video

The Weather Channel wants to put you in the middle of a wildfire. The channel, known for realistic depictions of storm surges during hurricanes, is now mimicking the extremes of a wildfire thanks to some high-tech graphics.

Windows 10: Microsoft goes back to its roots with a worthy upgrade

Windows 10, Microsoft's highly-anticipated upgrade, both looks ahead and harks back to the good old days.The system includes revamped versions of older features, like a redesigned Start menu that includes your most-used apps and PC settings, along with a set of customizable live tiles for your apps.

'13 Hours' trailer is a harrowing glimpse into Michael Bay's vision of Benghazi

"How willing are you to die for your country? Because I'm ready to go right here, right now."It doesn't get more Michael Bay than that — unless you add some fiery explosions, mechanized warfare and Megan Fox. O.K.,two out of three ain't bad.

Twitter is not good at Periscope, ironically

What was Twitter thinking?Early Tuesday afternoon, interim CEO Jack Dorsey tweeted out that Twitter's Q2 earnings call would be broadcast on Periscope, the social platform’s streaming video service. I, and probably thousands of others, added Twitter Earnings to my Periscope feedAt 5 PM EDT,

聊天也能去中心化:BitTorrent 发布自家聊天工具内部 α 版,无需服务器,无需电邮电话身份信息

BitTorrent 曾在2013年9月首次发布自家“私密、安全、免费” 的聊天工具。今天,该款产品终于迎来了内部 α 版。

World Cup Cuisine Mashups Tastier Than an Italian Defender

Forget defense — which World Cup competitors have the best local grub? From French baguettes and crepes to German bratwurst, it's nearly impossible to pin down which team boasts the tastiest food back home.

Asia Plantation Capital 宣布在印度开展商业合作

新加坡2014年7月21日电 /美通社/ -- 新加坡企业 Asia Plantation Capital 宣布在印度与该国最大的公营沉香木种植公司开展第一阶段社区项目商业合作,从而将其业务范围拓展至整个印度南部。

Another mine in Turkey collapses, trapping 23

Turkey's state-run television says a coal mine in southern Turkey has collapsed, trapping 23 workers inside.TRT television says the tragedy occurred Tuesday in the town of Ermenek, in Karaman province, and that eight other miners were quickly rescued.

For some reason, Airbnb launched a print magazine

Airbnb wants you to have some bedtime reading when you're about to sleep in a stranger's bed.The room-rental platform announced the launch of Pineapple on Monday, a travel-focused print magazine that will also cover topics like culture, art and food. It will be distributed for free to Airbnb hosts,

CES 2015:松下展示面向多功能休旅车的Android Auto平台

在今年的消费电子展(CES 2015)上,我们除了见到多家汽车厂的概念车之外,还见到了来自松下的Android Auto车载平台。这款不低调也不张扬的装置,被一圈亚光塑料包裹得中规中矩。

乘坐奔驰F 015是一种怎样的体验?

作者Antuan Goodwin试乘了奔驰无人驾驶概念车F 015,本文主要描述试乘体验,原载于CNET。在今年的CES上,奔驰CEO Dieter Zetsche表示,目前自动驾驶技术已相当成熟。

TIOBE 2015年8月编程语言排行榜:Java第一,Objective-C跌出前5


苹果前顾问认为苹果应放弃iPhone “S” 命名

苹果在新品发布周期方面似乎已经被外界摸透了。苹果每两年(偶数年)都会对 iPhone 的外形设计进行一次重大修改,而每一年(奇数年),则主要是从 iPhone 的内部进行升级。  

Spring MVC - 配置Spring MVC - 那只是一股逆流

写在前面的话: 现在开始一段新的学习历程:Spring MVC。还是按照原来的三步走学习模式(what、why、how)进行讲解。1、Spring MVC是什么(what) Spring MVC属于SpringFrameWork的后续产品,已经融合在Spring Web Flow里面。 Sp...

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