Pluto's big moon may host first Star Wars, Star Trek, Doctor Who names in space

Nerdiest. Worlds. EverThis month's New Horizons flyby of dwarf planet Pluto and its biggest moon Charon left a wealth of incredible data in its wake, with unforgettable pictures of geographic features such as the now famous giant "heart" on PlutoSee also:

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The moment the New Horizons team first saw that Pluto photo

It took more than nine years and 3 billion miles to get the photo. But for the people who built New Horizons — the NASA spacecraft that just flew by Pluto — the journey was well worth it.See also: Hello, Pluto:

With New Horizons Spacecraft a Year Away, What We Know About Pluto

An anonymous reader writes In one year, NASA's New Horizons spacecraft will reach Pluto after over 8 years of travel. "Not only did we choose the date, by the way, we chose the hour and the minute. And we're on track," says Alan Stern,

For one Pluto Pal, a big week of discovery

While the world watched in awe this week as the first up-close images and videos of Pluto were beamed back to Earth by NASA's New Horizons mission, it has been particularly eventful for a group of nine-and-a-half year olds, dubbed the "Pluto Pals.

New Horizons may have a new target, and it's 1 billion miles past Pluto

NASA's New Horizons spacecraft, which made its famous flyby of Pluto in July, has a new place to goScientists working with the mission have picked their first-choice destination for New Horizons' post-Pluto existenceSee also: Hello, Pluto: The 9-year journey to a new horizonThe tiny object,

New Horizons makes contact with Earth after historic Pluto flyby

LAUREL, Maryland — Humanity's first robotic emissary to Pluto has successfully phoned home after its close encounter with the dwarf planetMission controllers received a status update from NASA's New Horizons probe right on time, at 8:53 p.m. ET Tuesday,

As New Horizons Reaches Pluto, Arguments Will Be Settled And Mysteries Revealed

Tomorrow NASA’s New Horizons space probe will reach the finale of its 9-year journey to the outer reaches of the solar system. The mission, a 13-year study in marshaling resources, could be a lesson to any startup. And regardless of the outcome of tomorrow’s flyby,

These Are the Best Pluto Images New Horizons Captured

NASA has just received the first batch of the sharpest images of Pluto captured during the July flyby—and they’re incredible. Are you ready to go cross-country skiing and ice climbing three billion miles from home? Because Pluto’s terrain is a frozen wonderland.Read more...

New Horizons is carrying the ashes of Pluto's discoverer to Pluto 

Later this week, NASA's New Horizons probe will finally be close enough to Pluto to begin observing the dwarf planet and its moons. Along with a bevy of scientific instrument, the probe has also been carrying a sentimental payload: a tiny tin of the ashes belonging to Clyde Tombaugh,

Pluto's weird moons come into focus after New Horizons flyby

Pluto's moons are weird as hell.Three of the dwarf planet's five moons — named Charon, Nix, Hydra, Kerberos and Styx — are coming into better focus now that NASA's New Horizons spacecraft is beaming back more images from last week's historic flyby, and man, do they look strangeSee also: Hello,

NASA's New Horizons gives final closeup of Pluto's puzzling dark spots

Pluto, the underdog of planetary science, finally gets its time in the spotlight this week. As the New Horizons spacecraft nears its historic rendezvous with the icy space object Tuesday morning,

There's more evidence that a 5G iPhone won't happen until 2020

The 5G future might be on its way. But for iPhone owners, it'll be delayed.An Intel executive told members of the press that its 5G modems likely wouldn't appear in "products in market" until 2020, according to Reuters. Apple is Intel's primary mobile phone customer.

Google Maps' Satellite view is a lie — and it was almost called 'Bird Mode'

There's more evidence that just ignoring your eccentric boss' bad ideas is the best way to deal with them.The co-creator of Google Maps and current Salesforce president Bret Taylor decided that Feb. 23, 2019 was a perfectly good time to blow all our damn minds.SEE ALSO:

Verizon launches subscription box for you to try out new gadgets

Verizon just took a pro-tip from the fashion industry with Tech Pack, a subscription box that lets users try different tech products for up to two weeks before deciding if they want to keep them. The new service was announced Friday, in emails sent out to select Verizon customers.

Magic Leap's ideas for a 'spatial internet' could be a glimpse of our 5G future

Tech optimism can be hard to come by these days. But the idea that tech will empower us to make the world a better place abounds at Magic Leap — it just all depends on 5G.Magic Leap, the company best known for its augmented reality headsets,

Marvel video highlights the villainous alien Skrulls in 'Captain Marvel'

Fans of Marvel Comics probably know a thing or two already about the Skrulls that apparently fill the role of villain in Captain Marvel. But not everyone knows about the green-skinned alien shapeshifters.In this new "Intergalactic War" featurette from Marvel,

YouTube pulls advertising from anti-vaccination videos

YouTube said Friday that it would pull advertising from videos that espouse anti-vaccination conspiracy theories, according to BuzzFeed. The action contributes to a growing trend of social media companies taking action to combat the spread of vaccine misinformation online.Social media companies,

PETA criticized Google's Steve Irwin art and people are not happy

PETA is facing negative backlash (again), this time for calling out Google and Steve Irwin on Friday.The Google homepage featured an illustration of Irwin, the late Australian zookeeper and conservationist, holding a crocodile on what would have been his 57th birthday.

Windows 10: Microsoft goes back to its roots with a worthy upgrade

Windows 10, Microsoft's highly-anticipated upgrade, both looks ahead and harks back to the good old days.The system includes revamped versions of older features, like a redesigned Start menu that includes your most-used apps and PC settings, along with a set of customizable live tiles for your apps.

'13 Hours' trailer is a harrowing glimpse into Michael Bay's vision of Benghazi

"How willing are you to die for your country? Because I'm ready to go right here, right now."It doesn't get more Michael Bay than that — unless you add some fiery explosions, mechanized warfare and Megan Fox. O.K.,two out of three ain't bad.

Twitter is not good at Periscope, ironically

What was Twitter thinking?Early Tuesday afternoon, interim CEO Jack Dorsey tweeted out that Twitter's Q2 earnings call would be broadcast on Periscope, the social platform’s streaming video service. I, and probably thousands of others, added Twitter Earnings to my Periscope feedAt 5 PM EDT,



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A Securing sensitive business applications in a Cloud based environment - videoRead more:

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康佳电视在成都召开2014秋季新品发布会,发布了厚度仅为1.28cm的易TV Slim 8800系列LED电视新品。全新的康佳易TV Slim拥有43寸、50寸、55寸、65寸四款产品,并邀请范冰冰为代言人,新品将于9月16日开卖。

LG Is Already Launching A New Smartwatch – And This Time It’s Round

Android Wear isn’t even a year old, but LG is already ramping up the hype cycle for its second smartwatch based on Google’s wearable software platform. The design for the new device centers around a circular face, a trick that Motorola is pioneering with its Moto 360 smartwatch,

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Windows 7/8.1 补丁汇总 v2014.10(32位+64位)

感谢当客软件园的投递Windows 7 SP1补丁包(Win7补丁汇总)更新到本月最新。包含Windows7SP1中文版所有重要补丁,可离线安装,适用于Windows 7 SP1 32位简体中文系统。包含Internet Explorer 8补丁和IE兼容性补丁。




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