Office Mobile apps officially released alongside Windows 10

Just as Windows 10 officially drops, Microsoft today announces the official availability of more flagship software: Office Mobile apps for Windows 10. The apps have been available in preview form to Windows 10 Insiders up to now. If you've been waiting for them and you're running Windows 10,

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10 Tricks to Make Yourself a OneDrive Master

The Microsoft cloud storage platform formerly known as SkyDrive now reaches across desktops, laptops and mobile devices, and will become even more important when Windows 10 arrives later this year.

Samsung's Got Some Brand New Tabs, and Everything Else You Missed

Samsung quietly launches two new tablets, Chrome gets a big upgrade, and AMD lets slip Windows 10’s release date. BitStream is the news and rumors you missed in the last 24 hours.Read more...

Your Android May Be Broadcasting Your Location (and How to Stop It)

Do you own an Android device? Is it less than three years old? If so, then when your phone's screen is off and it's not connected to a Wi-Fi network, there's a high risk that it is broadcasting your location history to anyone within Wi-Fi range that wants to listen.Read more...

Here Is Everything You Hate About Technology

We asked recently asked Gizmodo’s readers about their biggest frustrations with technology today. Your answers were smart, poignant, sad, funny, and so compelling that we had to compile them.Read more...

Microsoft’s OneDrive iOS app gets PDF text annotations in a Christmas-themed update

The Microsoft OneDrive app updated on iOS devices today with the return of PDF text annotations, an improved eraser feature, and the usual anonymous bug fixes and improvements.

A “mysterious new game” is coming to Xbox Game Pass tomorrow

The official Xbox Game Pass Twitter account is teasing the addition of a “mysterious new game” to the subscription service sometime tomorrow. “Unbeknownst to many, this Thursday a mysterious new game will emerge mysteriously from the mysterious shadows from whence it came,

Windows 10 Twitter app secretly adds new list and emoji improvements

The official Twitter app for Windows 10 devices updated last week with a host of improvements but two other changes appear to have been made to it since then. Over the last few days, the Twitter app gained a new emoji picker within the compose box (see above image). When clicked on,

343 Industries’ Bonnie Ross to become a Hall of Famer

Ross is also being inducted on the merits of her voice in promoting STEM, her efforts in bringing diversity to tech and gaming that include a focus on underrepresented groups such as minorities and children.

Windows Server Insider vNext Preview Build 18298 is now available

Microsoft has just announced the release of Windows Server vNext Insider Preview build 18298, which brings support for Network Policies using Tigera Calico for Windows Containers.

Want to learn more about containers? Check out the latest in the Windows Insider Internals series

For some of us, “computing” means reading Twitter, checking email, and playing games. On the other end of the spectrum are the IT professionals who spend their work life building websites, business apps,

How to view your Windows 10 Sticky Notes on the web

Microsoft has been expanding its popular Windows 10 app Sticky Notes, adding a slew of useful new features. In recent months, the app has gained cross-device syncing and some initial integrations into Microsoft’s other products. As a consequence of these changes,

The Windows 10 upgrade is already giving some users headaches

While many have installed and upgraded to Windows 10 successfully, there are plenty of Windows users who are having a less than stellar experience with the Windows 10 upgrade. As we churn out piece after piece on new features, apps and software updates as well as ‘How to’s”,

Pirates reportedly upgrade to Windows 10 from non-genuine Windows, and remain activated

The whole upgrading to Windows 10 from a non-genuine Windows is so confusing. First, Microsoft announces that it plans to give Windows 10 as a free upgrade regardless of whether users don’t have a genuine copy of Windows  8.1 or 7. Then shortly afterwards,

Poll: Where will Windows 10 rank as an operating system?

Windows 10, Windows 10, Windows 10. Will talking about it ever get old? Probably not. If it ever will, it hasn’t happened yet. This week’s poll is about the future of Windows 10; where it will rank among the echelon of operating systems.

百度高级副总裁王劲内部邮件通报Coursera创始人Andrew Ng加盟百度,担任首席科学家

两个月前,Cousera引入曾在耶鲁做过20年校长的Rick Levin为新CEO,与此同时,联合创始人吴恩达(Andrew Ng)逐渐淡出Coursera。

如何评价思源黑体 (Source Han Sans) 字族?


想要婚礼独一无二 那就得从GIF婚纱照开始

早在 2011 年,摄影师 Jeffrey Lewis Bennett 为一对新婚夫妇 Patrick 和 Denise 拍摄了一套特别的结婚照。

Samsung 推出全球首款 3G 智能手錶 Gear S

現時在穿戴式智能產品發展上,Samsung 可說是最為積極。而今日他們又有多一款新產品登場,因為官方剛剛正式宣佈將會推出全新的 Gear S 智能手錶,而且更支援 3G 網絡。

'Serena': The Jennifer Lawrence-Bradley Cooper Movie Gone Wrong

LOS ANGELES — What the heck happened with Serena?Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper star as a newlywed couple in the 1930s drama based on the New York Times bestselling novel with an Oscar-winning director — should be a slam-dunk, right? That's the funny thing about the movie business ...

BYOD: Just 30% of employees trust employers with personal data

Research by Ovum found that employees are more likely to trust a mobile operator with personal data on devices that are being used as part of a BYOD policy.Read more:

『安全工具』注入神器SQLMAP - Anka9080

Pic by Baidu0x 00前言 正是SQLMAP这种神器的存在,SQL注入简直Easy到根本停不下来....PS:国内类似软件也有阿D,名小子,挖掘机,当你用过他们之后你才会发现SQLMap才是绝对的注入神器0x 01 注入原理****************...


上海2015年10月23日电 /美通社/ -- “创新与发展:跨国企业在上海”创新论坛及颁奖礼昨日在上海举行。


上海2015年10月28日电 /美通社/ -- 今年10月28日,国家药监局批准的早泄适应症进口药物品牌、美纳里尼旗下必利劲(盐酸达泊西汀片)联合全国百余家医院的专业男科和泌尿科医生,在微信平台上发起了一场声势浩大的CTRL+S公益行动。

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