Crowd Equity Platform Crowdcube Raises $9.3M From Numis, Draper And Balderton

UK-based crowd equity platform Crowdcube has raised £6m ($9.3m)from stockbroker Numis, Tim Draper, his London-based VC firm Draper Esprit and existing backer Balderton capital. As a result Crowdcube is now valued at £51m.

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Crowd Equity Platform Crowdcube Raises $9.3M From Numis, Draper And Balderton

UK-based crowd equity platform Crowdcube has raised £6m ($9.3m)from stockbroker Numis, Tim Draper, his London-based VC firm Draper Esprit and existing backer Balderton capital. As a result Crowdcube is now valued at £51m.

GamesGrabr Snags $665k To Level Up Its ‘Pinterest For Gamers’

U.K.-based serial gaming entrepreneur Tony Pearce has pulled in another tranche of equity crowdfunding for gamesGRABR, his Pinterest style social network for gamers, bagging £450,000 in seed funding from 220 investors. Read More

Tendr Is Tinder For Finding Your Next Equity Crowdfunding Investment

Q: What do you get when you combine the swipe-to-like mechanism, popularized by dating app Tinder, with a wealth of potential equity crowdfunding investment opportunities? Read More

Bitreserve Brings Bitcoin To The Gold Standard

The bitcoin-based financial services company Bitreserve is merging one of the newest innovations in currency with the world’s oldest. Through the institutional precious metals trading house Gold Bullion International, Bitreserve has created a new gold standard,

London’s Mayor And Six Tech Investors Launch $133M Fund For City’s Startups

A new venture capital fund for startups has been launched by the Mayor of London, aiming to boost the city’s already burgeoning startup scene. The new London Co-Investment Fund will supported by £25 million from the Mayor’s office and up to £60 million from six private sector partners,

To Stay In The Game, European VCs Wake Up To Offering Services And Software

As the European tech startup market becomes yet more crowded with investors and accelerators, those investors are realising they are – gasp! – going to have to start working harder to differentiate themselves from their peers in the venture community. For some,

230 Entrepreneurs Rebuke UK Gov Plans To Curb Migration For Tech Talent

Plans by the UK government to curtail the number of skilled tech workers allowed into the country have received a stinging rebuke from over 200 of the UK’s most successful technology entrepreneurs. The founders of, TransferWise, Zopa, Unruly, Crowdcube, Nutmeg and Shazam,

UK Startups Call On Politicians To Improve Visas, Broadband, Skills, Regulation

Ahead of the next General Election, over 150 UK tech startups and investors have backed a new “Startup Manifesto” aimed at lobbying the main UK political parties to shape policy towards a tech-driven society. The backers of the Manifesto,

Amazon sponsors new Disrupt SF 2018 Virtual Hackathon prizes

Our first Virtual Hackathon, which takes place at TechCrunch Disrupt San Francisco 2018 on September 5-7, is shaping up to be a world-class showdown. Thousands of the world’s best programmers, hackers, marketers, designers and developers will compete.

Cloudflare recruits state and local governments for free election site security program

After launching a free program to protect election systems last December, Cloudflare has an update on how things are going. The program, known as the Athenian Project, provides Cloudflare’s services for free to state and local government websites that administer elections,

One day, Google’s Fuchsia OS may become a real thing

Every few months, Google’s Project Fuchsia makes the rounds in the tech press. And for good reason, given that this is Google’s first attempt at developing a new open-source kernel and operating system. Of course, there are few secrets about it,

Amazon’s new AR Part Finder helps you shop for those odd nuts and bolts

Got an odd screw, nut, bolt, washer or fastener you need to buy more of, but have no idea to how to find the right one? Amazon’s AR “Part Finder” can help. The company has rolled out a new feature on mobile that lets you point your camera at the item in question, so Amazon […]

Malta paves the way for a decentralized stock exchange

Malta AKA “Blockchain Island” has been making waves lately in the world of cryptocurrency and governance. Their latest move involves the crypto exchange Binance and the ICO builders at Neufund. The plan is simple: Neufund will help MSX, the Malta Stock Exchange’s skunkworks,

Some MacBook Pro users complain about throttling issues

The new MacBook Pro has a thermal issue. YouTuber Dave Lee found out that the top-performing MacBook Pro can’t operate at full speed for a long time because it gets too hot. According to him, a video export in Adobe Premiere Pro is taking longer on a brand new MacBook Pro with an Intel Core […]

Insight Venture Partners closes on its largest fund with $6.3 billion

Insight Venture Partners that it has raised $6.3 billion for its latest (and largest ever) fund as technology investors continue to amass increasingly large war chests. In the wake of SoftBank’s massive $100 billion Vision Fund,

Pixar Alum-Led ToyTalk Teams Up With Mattel To Let Kids Chat With “Thomas The Tank Engine” And Frien

Though some adults still feel awkward about having conversations with their smartphone’s mobile assistant, like Siri, kids today seem to have no qualms about chattering with our virtual helpers. My daughter, for example, thinks of Siri as just another of iPad’s toys.

Google Gives Android Developers New Beta-Testing Options, Removes Google+ Requirement

Google has long given Android developers the option to manage closed beta tests from the Google Play Developer Console. To join these betas, users had to become part of a Google+ group, however. That was obviously not the most intuitive way of joining a beta program, but at the time,

A Silly Look Inside The Mario Maker Level Hackathon At Facebook HQ

The latest perk of working at Facebook: getting to play the new Nintendo game Super Mario Maker a month before it comes out. Yesterday, Facebook hosted a hackathon where 100 employees built their own levels using Mario Maker.


安全公司Bromium Labs的研究人员开发出能完全绕过微软安全工具EMET(Enhanced Mitigation Experience Toolkit的缩写)的攻击代码,此举意味着黑客也能利用同样的漏洞绕过安全保护系统悄悄安装恶意程序。    


北京2014年6月6日电 /美通社/ -- 以“把握中国日新月异的支付市场脉搏”为主题的“第四届支付创新(中国)大会”于2014年6月5日-6月6日在北京举行。中国安全支付专家 -- 首信易支付(PayEase)荣获“跨境支付解决方案创新奖”。



NetworkManager 1.0 Released After Ten Years Development

An anonymous reader writes: After ten years of development focused on improving and simplifying Linux networking, NetworkManager 1.0 was released. NetworkManager 1.0 brings many features including an increasingly modernized client library, improved command-line support,

Flying DeLorean iPhone case would make Marty McFly jealous

In case you haven't noticed, it's 2015 — and while much of the tech promised by Back to the Future II has yet to materialize, one company's new piece of gadgetry would make Marty McFly jealousIf he had an iPhone, that is.





IBC Content Everywhere MENA因逢阿联酋烈士纪念日而取消活动

伦敦--(美国商业资讯)--阿联酋政府最近宣布2015年11月30日为公共假日,以纪念为捍卫国家主权而牺牲的阿联酋战士。为了对此表示致敬,IBC决定取消原定于2015年11月29-30日举办的IBC Content Everywhere MENA。  


上海2015年10月20日电 /美通社/ -- 近日,必维国际检验集团(Bureau Veritas,以下简称“必维”)荣获上海市消防局颁发的两项资质证书 -- 消防设施维护保养检测一级资质与消防安全评估一级资质。

Ikea Turned a Bunch of Children's Drawings Into a New Line of Stuffed Toys

Every year Ikea’s Soft Toys for Education campaign partners with UNICEF and Save the Children to help raise funds for schools, supplies, and other educational endeavors. And since it’s all about helping children, this year Ikea actually had them design the plush toys being sold for the campaign.

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