Crowd Equity Platform Crowdcube Raises $9.3M From Numis, Draper And Balderton

UK-based crowd equity platform Crowdcube has raised £6m ($9.3m)from stockbroker Numis, Tim Draper, his London-based VC firm Draper Esprit and existing backer Balderton capital. As a result Crowdcube is now valued at £51m.

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Crowd Equity Platform Crowdcube Raises $9.3M From Numis, Draper And Balderton

UK-based crowd equity platform Crowdcube has raised £6m ($9.3m)from stockbroker Numis, Tim Draper, his London-based VC firm Draper Esprit and existing backer Balderton capital. As a result Crowdcube is now valued at £51m.

GamesGrabr Snags $665k To Level Up Its ‘Pinterest For Gamers’

U.K.-based serial gaming entrepreneur Tony Pearce has pulled in another tranche of equity crowdfunding for gamesGRABR, his Pinterest style social network for gamers, bagging £450,000 in seed funding from 220 investors. Read More

Tendr Is Tinder For Finding Your Next Equity Crowdfunding Investment

Q: What do you get when you combine the swipe-to-like mechanism, popularized by dating app Tinder, with a wealth of potential equity crowdfunding investment opportunities? Read More

Bitreserve Brings Bitcoin To The Gold Standard

The bitcoin-based financial services company Bitreserve is merging one of the newest innovations in currency with the world’s oldest. Through the institutional precious metals trading house Gold Bullion International, Bitreserve has created a new gold standard,

London’s Mayor And Six Tech Investors Launch $133M Fund For City’s Startups

A new venture capital fund for startups has been launched by the Mayor of London, aiming to boost the city’s already burgeoning startup scene. The new London Co-Investment Fund will supported by £25 million from the Mayor’s office and up to £60 million from six private sector partners,

To Stay In The Game, European VCs Wake Up To Offering Services And Software

As the European tech startup market becomes yet more crowded with investors and accelerators, those investors are realising they are – gasp! – going to have to start working harder to differentiate themselves from their peers in the venture community. For some,

230 Entrepreneurs Rebuke UK Gov Plans To Curb Migration For Tech Talent

Plans by the UK government to curtail the number of skilled tech workers allowed into the country have received a stinging rebuke from over 200 of the UK’s most successful technology entrepreneurs. The founders of, TransferWise, Zopa, Unruly, Crowdcube, Nutmeg and Shazam,

UK Startups Call On Politicians To Improve Visas, Broadband, Skills, Regulation

Ahead of the next General Election, over 150 UK tech startups and investors have backed a new “Startup Manifesto” aimed at lobbying the main UK political parties to shape policy towards a tech-driven society. The backers of the Manifesto,

Amazon Comprehend adds customized language lists to machine learning tool

Last year Amazon announced Comprehend, a natural language processing tool to help companies extract common words and phrases from a corpus of information. Today, a week ahead of its Re:invent customer conference,

GM’s self-driving unit Cruise is expanding to Seattle

Cruise, the self-driving company acquired by GM in 2016, is expanding to Seattle as it seeks out more engineering talent to develop its technology. The company doesn’t have any plans right now to test its autonomous vehicles in the city. Instead,

Now eight parliaments are demanding Zuckerberg answers for Facebook scandals

Facebook’s founder is facing pressure to accept an invite from eight international parliaments, with lawmakers wanting to question him about negative impacts his social network is having on democratic processes globally. Last week Facebook declined a invitation from five of these parliaments.

Airbnb is using what3words to list stays with Mongolian nomads

Putting a new spin on the term ‘digital nomad’, UK addressing platform what3words has partnered with Airbnb to list stays with Mongolian nomads.

Carbo brings its light and peppy electric bike to the U.S.

The Carbo is a new electric bike that weighs a mere 27 pounds and can pep up your morning commute. Created by the Montreal-based team that successfully shipped the Veco, this crowdfunded electric bike can collapse for travel and can go 40 miles with pedal assist and 28 miles on full automatic.

Pandora Premium arrives on Echo and other Alexa devices

Pandora Premium is finally available on Echo devices. The streaming music company this morning announced its top-level paid subscription tier will launch across Alexa-powered devices, including the Amazon Echo, Echo Dot, and Echo Show,

Snap launches a certification program for AR shops to craft branded lenses

Snap has announced a partner program intended to make it easer for brands to get on board with — and pay for — its augmented reality ‘lenses’ by helping advertisers find certified AR shops to craft the digital product placements on their behalf.

Pixar Alum-Led ToyTalk Teams Up With Mattel To Let Kids Chat With “Thomas The Tank Engine” And Frien

Though some adults still feel awkward about having conversations with their smartphone’s mobile assistant, like Siri, kids today seem to have no qualms about chattering with our virtual helpers. My daughter, for example, thinks of Siri as just another of iPad’s toys.

Google Gives Android Developers New Beta-Testing Options, Removes Google+ Requirement

Google has long given Android developers the option to manage closed beta tests from the Google Play Developer Console. To join these betas, users had to become part of a Google+ group, however. That was obviously not the most intuitive way of joining a beta program, but at the time,

A Silly Look Inside The Mario Maker Level Hackathon At Facebook HQ

The latest perk of working at Facebook: getting to play the new Nintendo game Super Mario Maker a month before it comes out. Yesterday, Facebook hosted a hackathon where 100 employees built their own levels using Mario Maker.


3D 打印技术在近些年被广泛关注。它被认为将在一定程度上改变制造业。普通人可以使用其在家中打印自行设计的个性化 […]


“我当时正在玩《使命召唤(Call of Duty)》,然后我的眼前一黑,就晕了过去。”挪威少年Henrik Eide Dahl在接受当地媒体采访时说道。Henrik Eide Dahl今年14岁,在学校食堂休息,和朋友一起联机玩射击游戏时突然昏迷。

A closer look at Unreal Engine 4’s support for Linux and SteamOS: Could 2014 be the year of desktop

The soon to be released Unreal Engine 4.1 will fully support Linux and SteamOS. We look at the repercussions this might have.Read more:



Y Combinator 增加 7 名成员,包括 reddit 联合创始人 Alexis Ohanian

今年2月,“硅谷教父”、著名种子孵化器 Y Combinator 的创始人 Paul Graham 撰文宣布,他将淡出 YC 的日常运营,只担任合伙人,并委任 Sam Altman 为 YC 董事长。自此开始,YC 扩增十倍的愿景开始落地。

Today’s Apple Event In 90 Seconds

Apple brought a lot more than expected with today’s event in San Francisco, pushing new products in media, health, computers, and wearables. Read More

Apple’s 61M iPhone Sales Lead Q2 2015 Hardware Performance

Apple’s iPhone 6 and 6 Plus continue their hit parade, building on on massive first quarter of 2015 with a very strong second quarter total of 61.2 million handsets sold. This isn’t an all-time quarterly record,

C.H. Robinson荣获最佳绿色物流运营商大奖

国际性刊物《Asia Cargo News》的读者在线选出其最佳物流服务提供商。 上海--(美国商业资讯)--全球领先的第三方物流服务提供商(3PL) C. H. Robinson宣布,公司在2015亚洲货运、物流及供应链大奖(AFLAS)评比中荣获权威大奖。C. H.

Boogie Dice:拍拍手就会滚动的自动化骰子

如果你很难让正在玩平板电脑的孩子围坐在一起,玩一场愉快的家庭游戏的话,出现在 Kickstarter 上的一对新型骰子或许能够让孩子们抛开那块触摸屏,因为它们不需要触碰就能自己打滚。  

少了些許花俏功能不過仍維持本質的都會新載具, Gogoro Lite 一週體驗

先前 Gogoro 宣布降價時,也一併發表系列的第三個車型 Gogoro Lite ,比起標準的 Gogoro 少了一萬元,當然在一些功能也有所刪減,幸好減少的功能與配備多半是附加價值,並未影響到 Gogoro Lite 的設計本質,先前也與 Gogoro 借了一週的時間體驗這款價位更低的智慧二輪載具,並提出一些實際使用的感想。

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