Hackers are exploiting an OS X flaw to install unwanted adware on Mac computers

A security flaw in an operating system is dangerous, but a security flaw that's being actively exploited in the wild, and for which there is no official fix, is much more problematicThat's exactly what's happening to Apple's latest version of OS X, according to security company Malwarebytes.

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Google, Twitter and HP take the fight to the world’s top security flaws

The new group of 12 organisations is drawn from the industry, academia and government agencies that have already produced one report looking at the top 10 flaws today.Read more: http://www.itproportal.com/2014/08/27/google-twitter-and-hp-take-fight-worlds-top-security-flaws/

Apple Says So-Called Security Flaw Isn't Actually A Security Flaw

Earlier this week, the internet was up in arms about a new iOS vulnerability, dubbed 'Masque Attack', that was discovered by security firm FireEye. Apple have released a statement to iMore pointing out that Masque Attack isn't really a flaw at all,

The Fix for Apple's Scary OS X Security Flaw Is Here

Apple has prepared a fix for the scary OS X security flaw that lets somebody with "privileged access" to your network connection get at information you think is secure. It's in the App Store now. Here's what you need to know about the fix.Read more...    

College Student Discovers a Second Ebay Security Flaw

Just a few days after discovering a flaw that compromised millions of user accounts, a 19-year-old British college student found another flaw in Ebay's website. It's not as bad as the one that forced pretty much everybody to change their Ebay passwords. But it's not good, either.Read more...

Nasty Security Flaw In OAuth, OpenID

jones_supa writes: "A notable security vulnerability has been discovered which impacts both OAuth and OpenID, which are software packages that provide a secure delegated access to websites. Wang Jing, a Ph.D student at the Nanyang Technological University in Singapore,

Apple patches yet another SSL flaw in iOS and OSX

The new updates repair various different vulnerabilities with the chief problem involving a bug that affects SSL connections that could be easily intercepted in both iOS and OSX.Read more: http://www.itproportal.com/2014/04/23/apple-patches-yet-another-ssl-flaw-ios-and-osx/

CNN news app has major security flaw, user data at risk

Information security firm, Zscaler, has found that the CNN news app sends user account information in unencrypted clear text, leaving it vulnerable to attack and compromising user anonymity.Read more: http://www.itproportal.com/2014/07/24/cnn-news-app-has-major-security-flaw-user-data-at-risk/

White House to Allow NSA to Exploit Some Internet Security Flaws

The White House has weighed in on the Heartbleed bug and its reported exploitation by the NSA.In a New York Times report on Saturday, senior administration officials said that President Obama has decided that when the NSA discovers major flaws in Internet security,

Facebook fixes app security flaw that left users at risk

Researchers in Argentina discovered the vulnerability, fixed by this month's update, which allowed hackers to cause denial-of-service attacks and run up a user's phone bill through data usage.Read more: http://www.itproportal.com/2014/07/31/facebook-fixes-app-security-flaw-that-left-users-at-risk/

Google Security Research Found 11 High-Impact Flaws on the Galaxy S6 Edge

Google’s Project Zero security team recently turned its attention to Samsung’s Galaxy S6 Edge, and the results make for awkward reading: it found it found a total of “11 high-impact security issues” with the smartphone, with OEM software introducing new vulnerabilities.Read more...

This talking fish has Amazon Alexa inside

The famous Big Mouth Billy Bass is now compatible with Amazon Alexa. The fish, which costs around $40 dollars, will dance to Amazon Music, and is sure to make a statement to party guests.  Read more...More about Amazon, Mashable Video, Fish, Amazon Echo, and Amazon Alexa

Movies, Shows, and Games to Look Forward to in 2019

Read more...More about Mashable Reels, Tv Shows 2019, Movies 2019, Entertainment, and Movies Tv Shows

Microsoft Surface Studio 2 is a wondrous device for creatives who can afford it

Microsoft Surface Studio 2$3,

Google to kill Google+ early after exposing personal data of more than 50 million

Google will end the consumer version of its ill-fated social network Google+ in April, four months earlier than expected, after finding another security issue impacting more than 50 million people.In a blog post Monday,

Fortnite's new Creative mode might open the floodgates to original, community content

Fortnite is one of many battle royale games on the market. The main differences, however, are that Fortnite is free to play, and it involves a lot of building to survive. Now Epic Games is taking the building aspect to another level with Creative mode.

The creator of 'Doom' is releasing nine new levels for free in 2019

John Romero, one of the creators of Doom, announced a special surprise for fans on the 1993 game's 25th anniversary: more Doom.Sort of, anyway. Romero doesn't own the rights to Doom as a series, and rights-holder Bethesda Softworks already rebooted the series for a modern audience,

Best 4K TV deals: Save on LG, Sony, Samsung, VIZIO, and more

In honor of Green Monday, we've gathered the best deals on 4K smart TVs from Amazon, Walmart, and Best Buy. If you're looking for a new 4K TV to give as a gift for the holidays (or if you want to get something for yourself), we've got you covered with models from top manufacturers like Sony,

Swiss customs seize 578 pounds of ivory taken from up to 50 elephants

BERLIN — Customs officials at Zurich airport have seized 262 kilograms (578 pounds) of ivory that three Chinese men had dispatched from Tanzania, contraband that may have come from up to 50 elephants, Swiss authorities said Tuesday.See also:

Here are Destiny's new challenges for the week of Aug. 4

Tuesday means only one thing if you're a Destiny fan: Reset day.It's that wonderful time when Bungie's rotating selection of high-reward activities are rebooted (along with any raid progress made in the previous week),

'Playing House' literally rose from the dead. Why are you still not watching it?

Last year, Playing House was dead.The show was effectively canceled. USA was about to declare an end to the series — and its push to produce half-hour comedies altogether. But then an intense letter-writing and social media campaign scored the show a surprise renewal.See also:




自从苹果的设计旷世惊奇地重新回归了点、线、面这种基础视觉元素后,远在太平洋彼岸的日本,以无印良品设计风潮的兴起 […]


上海2014年11月24日电 /美通社/ -- 差旅管理在发达国家历史超过百年,中国企业接触这一概念则是在2000年之后。

EF 通用数据层父类方法小结 - yq_Hua

MSSql 数据库 数据层 父类增删改查:using System;using System.Collections.Generic;using System.Data;using System.Data.Entity;using System.Data.Entity.Infrastructure;...


日前,微软发布了最新的“2015数字趋势”白皮书,它由微软与Future Laboratory, Resear […]

20 ways to keep up with the Kardashians on Etsy

You would think the Kardashian clan had all possible ways of monetizing the family covered between their television shows, Kim Kardashian Hollywood, their very own Silly Bandz,

小米自曝小米4c前置相机 更胜苹果iPhone 6

感谢科客网的投递9月21日消息,小米4c即将于明天发布了,每次发布前几天,像小米、魅族等品牌总是会密集公布其新机的各种特性。这几天以来小米4c已经公布了USB Type C、全网通2.0、双击唤醒等功能。

What Australia got right about cannabis in 2015 and very, very wrong

2015 was a big year for weed in Australia, with medicinal use and bizarre sloth-starring anti-drug campaigns taking centre stage.If you didn't know, cannabis still stands as the most widely used drug in the country,

Fifth-graders put Ferdinand Magellan on trial for a real courtroom experience

A fifth-grade class at Girls Prep Bronx Charter School tries famous European explorers, including Ferdinand Magellan, of old crimes they may or may not have committed. Federal Judge Shelley Chapman rules over their mock trial.Full story: http://on.mash.to/1TQTrwk Read more...More about Europe,

Mother of child who fell into gorilla enclosure will not be charged

An Ohio prosecutor announced on Monday afternoon that there would be no charges against the mother of the boy who fell into the gorilla exhibit at the Cincinnati Zoo Memorial Day weekend, an incident which caused officials to shoot and kill Harambe, a 17-year-old gorilla. SEE ALSO:

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