Hackers are exploiting an OS X flaw to install unwanted adware on Mac computers

A security flaw in an operating system is dangerous, but a security flaw that's being actively exploited in the wild, and for which there is no official fix, is much more problematicThat's exactly what's happening to Apple's latest version of OS X, according to security company Malwarebytes.

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Google, Twitter and HP take the fight to the world’s top security flaws

The new group of 12 organisations is drawn from the industry, academia and government agencies that have already produced one report looking at the top 10 flaws today.Read more: http://www.itproportal.com/2014/08/27/google-twitter-and-hp-take-fight-worlds-top-security-flaws/

Apple Says So-Called Security Flaw Isn't Actually A Security Flaw

Earlier this week, the internet was up in arms about a new iOS vulnerability, dubbed 'Masque Attack', that was discovered by security firm FireEye. Apple have released a statement to iMore pointing out that Masque Attack isn't really a flaw at all,

The Fix for Apple's Scary OS X Security Flaw Is Here

Apple has prepared a fix for the scary OS X security flaw that lets somebody with "privileged access" to your network connection get at information you think is secure. It's in the App Store now. Here's what you need to know about the fix.Read more...    

College Student Discovers a Second Ebay Security Flaw

Just a few days after discovering a flaw that compromised millions of user accounts, a 19-year-old British college student found another flaw in Ebay's website. It's not as bad as the one that forced pretty much everybody to change their Ebay passwords. But it's not good, either.Read more...

Nasty Security Flaw In OAuth, OpenID

jones_supa writes: "A notable security vulnerability has been discovered which impacts both OAuth and OpenID, which are software packages that provide a secure delegated access to websites. Wang Jing, a Ph.D student at the Nanyang Technological University in Singapore,

Apple patches yet another SSL flaw in iOS and OSX

The new updates repair various different vulnerabilities with the chief problem involving a bug that affects SSL connections that could be easily intercepted in both iOS and OSX.Read more: http://www.itproportal.com/2014/04/23/apple-patches-yet-another-ssl-flaw-ios-and-osx/

CNN news app has major security flaw, user data at risk

Information security firm, Zscaler, has found that the CNN news app sends user account information in unencrypted clear text, leaving it vulnerable to attack and compromising user anonymity.Read more: http://www.itproportal.com/2014/07/24/cnn-news-app-has-major-security-flaw-user-data-at-risk/

White House to Allow NSA to Exploit Some Internet Security Flaws

The White House has weighed in on the Heartbleed bug and its reported exploitation by the NSA.In a New York Times report on Saturday, senior administration officials said that President Obama has decided that when the NSA discovers major flaws in Internet security,

Facebook fixes app security flaw that left users at risk

Researchers in Argentina discovered the vulnerability, fixed by this month's update, which allowed hackers to cause denial-of-service attacks and run up a user's phone bill through data usage.Read more: http://www.itproportal.com/2014/07/31/facebook-fixes-app-security-flaw-that-left-users-at-risk/

Google Security Research Found 11 High-Impact Flaws on the Galaxy S6 Edge

Google’s Project Zero security team recently turned its attention to Samsung’s Galaxy S6 Edge, and the results make for awkward reading: it found it found a total of “11 high-impact security issues” with the smartphone, with OEM software introducing new vulnerabilities.Read more...

Get six months of Amazon Music Unlimited *for free* when you buy select Echo or Fire devices

Trying to choose between Spotify Premium, Apple Music, and Amazon Music Unlimited is an ongoing internal struggle. (Are we being dramatic? Nope.)Let's make it easy: For a limited time, you can get six months of Amazon Music Unlimited for free when you buy a select Amazon Echo or Fire device.

NASA photos capture immense flooding of a vital U.S. Air Force base

In 1948, Air Force Secretary Stuart Symington stationed the United States' long-range nuclear bombers at Offutt Air Force Base in eastern Nebraska, a location safe in the middle of the nation and well-insulated from the coast.But 70 years later, the base — now home to the U.S.

ECOVACS Deebot robot vacuums on sale for $100 off, just in time for spring cleaning

A lot of promises were made about what the future would look like, and there's definitely a severe lack of robot butlers. Are we supposed to clean, cook, and make our own tea? Fortunately, we have a little bit of help with the cleaning part thanks to products like the ECOVACS Deebot robot vacuum. 

Google's grand entry into gaming turns Chrome into your console

Can Stadia succeed where others have failed?Google's first entry into the world of mainstream gaming certainly has the lineup to meet Microsoft, Nintendo, and Sony on even footing. But it's bigger than that: rather than relying on traditional console hardware, Stadia lives inside of Chrome.

The 5 most obnoxious things from Devin Nunes's lawsuit against Twitter

Devin Nunes, Republican congressman from California and Trump lapdog, is suing Twitter for a deeply hilarious reason.The thrust of the Nunes' lawsuit is that two parody accounts — @DevinNunesMom and @DevinCow — defamed Nunes with the assistance of the third defendant, strategist Liz Mair.

Rendered or real? Real-time ray tracing makes cars look convincingly realistic.

The hyper-realistic reflection of light on the ground in front of the car should've given it away, but I was so distracted by the realness of everything else that I didn't pick up on the clues that the BMW 8 series coupe I was looking at wasn't the real thing.

Social media cause of youth depression says survey

According to a survey by the American Psychological Association, cases of mental health disorders rose exponentially among kids and young adults around 2011. Read more...More about Mashable Video, Youth, Social Media, Depression, and Screen Time

Swiss customs seize 578 pounds of ivory taken from up to 50 elephants

BERLIN — Customs officials at Zurich airport have seized 262 kilograms (578 pounds) of ivory that three Chinese men had dispatched from Tanzania, contraband that may have come from up to 50 elephants, Swiss authorities said Tuesday.See also:

Here are Destiny's new challenges for the week of Aug. 4

Tuesday means only one thing if you're a Destiny fan: Reset day.It's that wonderful time when Bungie's rotating selection of high-reward activities are rebooted (along with any raid progress made in the previous week),

'Playing House' literally rose from the dead. Why are you still not watching it?

Last year, Playing House was dead.The show was effectively canceled. USA was about to declare an end to the series — and its push to produce half-hour comedies altogether. But then an intense letter-writing and social media campaign scored the show a surprise renewal.See also:



FileEx is a feature rich file explorer app for Windows Phone 8.1

While some of you might find no interest in a file manager for Windows Phone, there will be some who are itching to have this feature native in Windows Phone. While we have yet to see an official file manager make its appearance,

苹果云拿不出手? 还是先来看看这些数据吧

在本周早些时候的 TechCrunch Disrupt 大会上,评级机构分析师 Fred Wilson 表示:他们(苹果)在云领域没有什么值得炫耀的,而且我认为目前他们在云领域的服务等也不是很拿得出手。

我国科学家发明新纳米材料 有望治愈癌症治疗



小编按:本文读起来并不是太顺,不过观点很值得借鉴,推荐一读。 你自以为你能做一家伟大的消费互联网公司。 数据则 […]



G4有望:LG Display推出全面提升后的新款5.5英寸QHD显示屏

尽管LG G4要在4月28号才能与我们正式见面,但是LG Display已经提前晒出了有望在G4上使用的5.5英寸QHD显示屏。

Larry Wilmore compares 'Game of Thrones' to the 2016 election

The night is dark and full of punditry.On the April 13 episode of The Nightly Show, host Larry Wilmore explained how the plot of HBO's Game of Thrones is eerily comparable to the plot and players in the 2016 presidential election.See also:

FBI被曝搞低空侦察 可获取手机用户信息

中新社华盛顿 6 月 2 日电 (记者张蔚然)据美国媒体 2 日报道,美国联邦调查局(FBI)多年来持续派飞机在全美多个城市上空搞低空侦察飞行,通过从空中拍摄视频的方式监控地面,有时还运用基站模拟器获取地面手机用 ... ...

PlayStation Network Is Having Trouble Creating New Accounts Today

People trying to create new PlayStation Network accounts this Christmas are running into a significant digital roadblock which is keeping people from effectively using their new PlayStation 4s. Sony is currently failing to immediately send verification e-mails to new users,

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