British couple's first wedding dance is the new standard for cool

Newlyweds Hollie and Dave Smith weren't content with a run-of-the-mill first dance at their wedding. We don't blame them — who needs a slow dance when you can Soulja Boy?Instead, they choreographed an impossibly cool — and hilarious — dance routine, set to a mashup of Justin Timberlake,

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Baby Groot — Officially Licensed! — Will Dance Under Your Christmas Tree

LOS ANGELES — What took you so long to pop up, baby Groot? Did Ronan blow you to bits or something?No matter, he's finally here: The officially licensed dancing baby Groot is headed to stores, and he'll arrive just in time for Christmas, of course, Mashable can exclusively reveal.SEE ALSO:

Dancing headless robotic dog could be man's new best friend

Welcome to Google, where a summer BBQ party means having a dancing, headless robot dog dance in a parking lot for your amusement.A summer party hosted by Google Ventures, Google's venture arm, this week featured a drone taking group pictures, a self-driving car waiting to be used and,

Cleaning is better while dancing and singing — unless someone is home

Let's face it — It's more productive to clean the house while singing and dancing to a catchy tuneJustin Chen woke up to an unusual and comical scene the day after his Halloween party. Chen's roommate, Jimmy Pope,

ESPN's Robert Flores: NFL star's TD dance accepted 'because he's not black'

ESPN anchor Robert Flores said Monday there's a simple explanation why NFL star Travis Kelce's recent endzone dance hasn't stirred much backlash among the media or football-viewing public. That explanation? "Because he's not black.

Why Baby Groot stopped dancing when Drax looked up

LOS ANGELES — There's no better way to ruin a joke than to explain it, so we'll let this slide as a "confirmation": Baby Groot didn't want Drax to see him dancing at the end of Guardians of the Galaxy because Drax the Destroyer isn't really down with dancing.Which ...we kind of assumed.

How Jason Derulo breaks it down for 'Just Dance 2016'

After hitting his fourth number one airplay single, pop star Jason Derulo is taking his music to another hit platform: video gamesThe singer performed his hit track “Want to Want Me” Monday in Los Angeles to kick off the debut of Just Dance 2016 during E3. In an interview with Mashable,

Dancing Baby Groot Is Online. Thank You, 'Guardians of the Galaxy'

If you saw Guardians of the Galaxy, you already know that the first post-credits stinger — in which a re-growing Groot dances in his baby pot while Drax cleans his knife and the Jackson 5 sing "I Want You Back" — was the most irresistible 40 seconds of cinema this summer.

Super fun human Taylor Swift dances with 7-year-old super fan

We all know that haters are gonna hate. But if you shake shake shake, you might get to meet your hero.Seven-year-old dancer Dylan Barnes won hearts on YouTube — and then on Ellen — with his freestyle dance routine to Taylor Swift's "Shake it Off.

British couple's first wedding dance is the new standard for cool

Newlyweds Hollie and Dave Smith weren't content with a run-of-the-mill first dance at their wedding. We don't blame them — who needs a slow dance when you can Soulja Boy?Instead, they choreographed an impossibly cool — and hilarious — dance routine, set to a mashup of Justin Timberlake,

How to Make Your Own Dancing Baby Groot

You don't need CGI to grow your own sentient tree friend.The arboreal superhero from Guardians of the Galaxy is arguably the most popular character to come out of the franchise — especially in his twig-like, baby form. Patrick Delahanty, creator of,

Survey finds '13 Reasons Why' gets teens talking about tough issues

A research survey commissioned by Netflix from Northwestern University found that the controversial 13 Reasons Why got teenagers talking about topics like mental health, assault, and bullying.The results were shared by Netflix on Wednesday at a panel discussion with Northwestern's Dr.

These giant drones carefully groom wind turbine blades to keep them from freezing

Aerones, a Latvia-based company that specializes in building heavy-lifting drones, created a drone solution for wind turbine maintenance. Using drones to clean or defrost the blades enables maintenance crews to complete these tasks faster and in a much safer way. Read more...

Amazon Music Unlimited is offering two months for free, so get on that

Remember when Amazon Music Unlimited launched a "three months for 99 cents" deal a few months ago? It's happening again, but better.From now until March 25, Amazon is offering two months of ad-free, unlimited skip tunes for free to new subscribers. Not for a dollar,

Did you even realize 'The Thing' was based on a book?

It's time for some good ol' fashioned practical FX goopiness as we look back at John Carpenter's classic The Thing. But John W. Campbell Jr.'s novella Who Goes There? inspire ALL of the 1982 film? With no restraint on SPOILERS it's time to ask, What's the Difference?

Mark Zuckerberg's statement from Facebook is missing one major thing

After nearly a week of silence, Facebook CEO and co-founder Mark Zuckerberg emerged from his underground lair on Wednesday to address the "Cambridge Analytica situation," as Zuck so lovingly described it. The lengthy post details how the events unfolded, dating all the way back to 2007,

Mark Zuckerberg breaks silence on Cambridge Analytica scandal, announces 3 big changes to Facebook

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has finally responded to the scandal involving data firm Cambridge Analytica, which has sparked a wave of cries to #DeleteFacebook. SEE ALSO: Facebook was kicked out of Cambridge Analytica's office while trying to 'secure evidence'Zuck's answer:

Trump's HHS removes all mention of lesbian and bisexual women's health from their website

Congratulations, everyone! Lesbian and bisexual health problems are officially over.Or so it would seem, if you believe the Department of Health and Human Services' website. According to the Sunlight Foundation, a government transparency project,

MH370 relatives angry after confirmation debris is from missing plane

Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak announced a wing piece that washed up on Reunion Island last week is from the missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370. However, French, U.S. and Australian authorities stopped short of full confirmation, frustrating relatives with mixed messages.

These sleepy lion cubs are cuter than any kittens you've seen

Good morning, tiny ferocious beasts!These four white lion cubs just took their first shaky steps at a park in the Crimean city of Sevastopol.See also: 'The Lion King' animator created a touching memorial for Cecil the lionThe cubs live separately from their mother,

Hugh Jackman, perfect human, does perfect photobomb

Hugh Jackman is in his hometown of Sydney, Australia at the moment, and he is being 100% charming.Jackman and his wife Deborra-Lee Furness were at the Sydney Children’s Hospital on Wednesday when he decided to drop a cheeky photobomb on an unsuspecting television reporter.

4 ways smarter cities will transform the way we live

Where are our cities headed in the future? What can we expect from the long sought after “smart cities”? Can we really expect anything different? Read more:

The Quest to Find the Worst Piece of Design on Earth

So many design awards seek to honor the smartest, the prettiest, the most innovative or responsible or sustainable. The Dead Prize, announced this week, wants to honor the worst—the very, very worst—that design has to offer.Read more...

Forget LinkedIn, Conspire Taps Email To Be Your Next Online Networking Tool

LinkedIn — now with over 300 million users — has become the go-to platform for networking in the business world. Now, a new startup called Conspire is hoping to dig into that marketshare (and mindshare) with a new approach for how to meet people.


威锋网 11 月 12 日消息,Bowflex 系列健身设备开发商 Nautilus 日前宣布,旗下的 Bowflex Max Trainer 将会整合 HealthKit,成为首款支持苹果 HealthKit 的健身器材,另外未来该公司的 Nautilus 616 有氧运动产品也会增加支持。  


由于苹果股价周二盘中再创新高,公司市值一举突破7000亿美元。苹果声称,推动公司市值超过7000亿美元的最大功臣是今年发布的新一代iPhone。 自从苹果在两个月前发布新一代iPhone以来,这些设备的销量就一直在迅速增加。

贝美克斯推出新型盘装校验仪与通讯器MC6 Workstation

芬兰皮耶塔尔萨里2015年4月1日电 /美通社/ -- 贝美克斯(Beamex)推出一款先进的新型盘装校验仪与通讯器 -- MC6 Workstation(MC6工作站)。 在当今的流程工业中,设备常常需要在现场进行校准。

拓扑排序及其实际应用 - 焰尾迭


Future Versions Of Chrome Will Kill Flash, In The Name Of Battery Life

It’s no secret that Google Chrome hogs RAM and battery life like an Overly Attached Browser. In an effort to reduce the strain on your poor overwhelmed laptop, Google is introducing a feature that will auto-pause ‘unimportant’ Flash elements on a webpage. Hell yes. Read more...

Amazon Debuts Its Online Black Friday Deals Store, Gives Prime Members Early Access To Discounts

Expanding on the success of the Amazon-created sales holiday Prime Day earlier this year, Amazon announced it’s now launching a dedicated Black Friday Deals Store where Amazon Prime members will get early access to some of the best discounts. The Deals Store itself is open to all consumers,

Samsung Partners With Microsoft For Windows 10 IoT Effort

Samsung has made its name in mobile devices as being the world’s biggest maker of Android devices. But it looks like it has different plans in mind when it comes to connected devices and the Internet of Things. Today,

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