Taiwan Fitness Startup iFit Raises $900K In Seed Funding

iFit, a Taiwanese fitness startup and online community (not to be confused with the fitness tracking app iFit), has raised $900,000 in seed funding from Cherubic Ventures, a venture capital firm that focuses on early-stage companies in Taiwan, China, and Silicon Valley.

相关内容: iFit fitness members company with site also that c

One day, Google’s Fuchsia OS may become a real thing

Every few months, Google’s Project Fuchsia makes the rounds in the tech press. And for good reason, given that this is Google’s first attempt at developing a new open-source kernel and operating system. Of course, there are few secrets about it,

Amazon’s new AR Part Finder helps you shop for those odd nuts and bolts

Got an odd screw, nut, bolt, washer or fastener you need to buy more of, but have no idea to how to find the right one? Amazon’s AR “Part Finder” can help. The company has rolled out a new feature on mobile that lets you point your camera at the item in question, so Amazon […]

Malta paves the way for a decentralized stock exchange

Malta AKA “Blockchain Island” has been making waves lately in the world of cryptocurrency and governance. Their latest move involves the crypto exchange Binance and the ICO builders at Neufund. The plan is simple: Neufund will help MSX, the Malta Stock Exchange’s skunkworks,

Some MacBook Pro users complain about throttling issues

The new MacBook Pro has a thermal issue. YouTuber Dave Lee found out that the top-performing MacBook Pro can’t operate at full speed for a long time because it gets too hot. According to him, a video export in Adobe Premiere Pro is taking longer on a brand new MacBook Pro with an Intel Core […]

Insight Venture Partners closes on its largest fund with $6.3 billion

Insight Venture Partners that it has raised $6.3 billion for its latest (and largest ever) fund as technology investors continue to amass increasingly large war chests. In the wake of SoftBank’s massive $100 billion Vision Fund,

Facebook and Instagram change to crack down on underage children

Facebook and Instagram will more proactively lock the accounts of users its moderators suspect are below the age of 13. Its former policy was to only investigate accounts if they were reported specifically for being potentially underage.

Ofo shuts down many international markets to focus on profitability

Chinese bike-sharing company Ofo is entering a new phase. After a period of aggressive growth, the company is looking back at its international markets and focusing on the most promising ones. A couple of weeks ago,

Sookasa Raises $5M Series A Round To Help Companies Safely Use Public Cloud Services

Sookasa wants to help companies use popular cloud services like Dropbox and Gmail while at the same time transparently encrypting sensitive data to ensure that companies don't run afoul with regulations like HIPAA and FERPA.

Bring Your Sexiest Gear To Hardware Alley At Disrupt NY

Every year I’m given the best job a guy could ever want: planning hardware alley, a one day extravaganza of some of the best hardware I’ve ever seen. This event, which happens on the last day of Disrupt, is a crowd favorite and I’d love to feature your gear. What is Hardware Alley?

Housing Activists Challenge SF’s Google Bus Program On Environmental Grounds

San Francisco city supervisors and affordable housing activists butted heads again over a new pilot program to manage tech commuter shuttles from Silicon Valley-based companies like Google and Facebook. A handful of activist groups say that the new pilot program,

科技成就生活 iOS 7远程唤醒电脑开机详解

威锋网讯,我们都知道 iOS 设备是可以作为遥控器所使用的,那么 iOS 设备能否对其它设备进行更远程的操控呢?

程序员的无奈(十):扭曲的公司内部培训 - 螃蟹(itxxz)


Google 的 Photo Sphere Camera app 已经登陆 iPhone 了!

虽然 iOS 原生的相机已经懂得拍全景相片,但是只能横向地拍,相对 Google 的 Photo Sphere 球形拍摄方法,还是会被比下去,不过想不到 Google 竟然会将这个功能赐给 iPhone 呢!现在由 Google...







球迷必入手!Microsoft 推出皇馬特別版 Windows 8.1 平板電腦

為提高品牌的知名度,不少廠商都喜歡與名人及運動團隊合作,例如日前我們就報 導過 Oppo 已經與西甲球隊巴塞隆拿達成合作協議。

A.M. Best(贝氏)确认中国再保险(集团)股份有限公司及其子公司的评级

香港--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- (美国商业资讯)--A.M.

亚马逊发布Kinesis Firehose

近期,准确的说是2015年10月7日,亚马逊发布了一款新的服务,叫做亚马逊Kinesis FireHose。Kinesis FireHose是亚马逊2年前发布的Kinesis服务的后继服务。为了避免产生歧义,旧的Kinesis服务已经被重命名为亚马逊Kinesis流。

对IBM推出的事件驱动编程服务Bluemix OpenWhisk的问答

紧随其他各大云平台供应商的脚步,IBM也期望在逐渐成长的无服务器计算方面有所作为。因此,IBM为他们的Bluemix平台推出了一个全新的事件驱动编程服务,名为OpenWhisk。 来自InfoQ的Rags Srinivas与Bluemix的架构师之一Michael M Behrendt进行了一次访谈,内容涵盖了对IBM Interconnect大会的感想、以及与OpenWhisk和Bluemix相关的一些问题。 By Rags Srinivas Translated by 邵思华

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