BMW: Alphabet Is More Than A Name To Us

Google is now the largest subsidiary corporation of Alphabet, the newly established holding company that manages Google and all of the company’s side projects. But Alphabet’s website is because is owned by Alphabet, a BMW-owned fleet management service.

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BMW: Alphabet Is More Than A Name To Us

Google is now the largest subsidiary corporation of Alphabet, the newly established holding company that manages Google and all of the company’s side projects. But Alphabet’s website is because is owned by Alphabet, a BMW-owned fleet management service.

Google Is Now Alphabet, But It Doesn’t Own

So Google is now part of Alphabet, a new holding company that will manage Google and all of its other products. Why is the new company called Alphabet? Google/Alphabet CEO Larry Page says it’s because Alphabet means a “collection of letters that represent language,

Google Shreds Bureaucracy To Keep Talent Loyal To The Alphabet

Google was too big for its own good. Housing everything from its search engine to robots to life-extension technologies in one corporate hierarchy made for a lot of managers. Smart people often loath such paralyzing bureaucracy.

Google Creates Alphabet, a New Parent Company to Rule Them All

So you thought Google was a sprawling Silicon Valley entity with a frightening amount of power…Read more...

The Worst Possible Name For Your Brand And Three Things You Can Learn From It

Let’s say you want to come up with a great brand name for a new beverage brand you’re launching. You know what consumers are looking for, and you’re the creative type. What’s the biggest naming mistake you could make? How about a name like “Sweat” or “Pschitt?

Meet Alphabet, Google’s New Corporate Boss As Sundar Pichai Takes Over The Search Company

Google just rocked the world with some light news on a Monday. It has restructured the company and everything will now report up to “Alphabet” a new corporate name. That includes Google, which will now be CEO’d by Sundar Pichai (one less Twitter candidate?). Its site?

BMW owns and it's not selling it to Google

Perhaps Google (Alphabet?) should have googled its new name before it decided to restructure the whole company.The New York Times reports that Google's new parent company, Alphabet, has encountered an issue with german automaker BMW,

Alphabet's First New Company Is the Life Sciences Team from Google X

The Alphabet family just gained a member, after Sergey Brin announced that the zany, experimental life sciences group from Google X would become its own company. This is the same group of nerds that’s been building smart contact lenses and trying to stop aging .

Google 为什么成立新公司 Alphabet?

简洁版:Alphabet是Google成立的一个母公司,由 Larry Page 担任CEO,Sergey Brin 担任董事会主席。Alphabet下面会拥有一系列的按照业务线独立出来的全资小公司,比如现在的这个Google,X-Lab,Life Sciences,Ventures & Capital 和其他。

Alphabet Gets A “V” By Renaming Google Life Sciences To “Verily”

As Alphabet continues to rejigger their company structure, one of the teams left under the Alphabet umbrella has gotten itself a new moniker, according to Stat News. According to the Dictionary, Verily means “in truth; really; indeed.” The website that now sits at verily.

Alexa skills can now offer one-time-use purchases, like in-game hints or points

Alexa skill developers will now be able to sell “consumables” within their voice apps, known as Alexa skills, Amazon announced this morning. The company says that, starting today, developers in the U.S.

You’ll now need a subscription to get the best of Microsoft Office

Microsoft released Office 2019 for Windows and macOS this week, the latest version of its regular, non-subscription productivity suite. It’s the kind of Office that, ten years ago, you would’ve bought in a shrink-wrapped package at Office Depot.

With Mulesoft in fold, Salesforce gains access to data wherever it lives

When Salesforce bought Mulesoft last spring for the tidy sum of $6.5 billion, it looked like money well spent for the CRM giant. After all, it was providing a bridge between the cloud and the on-prem data center and that was a huge missing link for a company with big ambitions like Salesforce.

Bleximo raises $1.5M for its quantum computing accelerators

Bleximo, a startup that aims to build ‘quantum accelerators’ — basically quantum-based application-specific integrated circuits — today announced that it has raised a $1.5 million seed round led by Eniac Ventures. Other investors in this round include Boost VC, Creative Ventures,

Amazon donates $1M to Wikimedia

Back in March, we asked the question “Are corporations that use Wikipedia giving back?” The answer was kind of, sort of, with one key exception, noting, “Apple, Facebook, Microsoft and Google all contributed around $50,000 by matching employee gifts. Amazon, on the other hand,

That weird nut Pokémon that showed up in Pokémon Go? It’s official now.

This past Saturday, something pretty weird happened in Pokémon Go: immediately after the monthly "Community Day" event came to a close, a strange, new, never-before-seen Pokémon showed up. Weirder yet: no one could actually catch it.

Tinder in India launches ‘My Move,’ a Bumble-like feature where women chat first

Tinder in India is now rolling out a new feature that allows women to make the first move. The setting, called “My Move,” is similar to the core feature in rival dating app Bumble, which is currently enmeshed in multiple lawsuits with Tinder parent Match Group.

Vox Media Raises $200M From NBCUniversal

NBCUniversal just announced that it has invested $200 million in Vox Media, which owns sites like Eater, SB Nation and the eponymous, as well as tech news publications Re/code and The Verge.“Vox Media has a great portfolio of premium digital brands that deeply engage broad audiences,

Cisco Pops 2.5% After Reporting Better-Than-Expected FQ4 Revenue Of $12.84B

After the bell, Cisco reported its fiscal fourth quarter financial performance, which beat market expectations. The company detailed revenue of $12.84 billion in its fiscal period, resulting in earnings per share of $0.59, using adjusted accounting techniques (non-GAAP). On a GAAP,

Microsoft Drops New Window 10 Mobile Build, Promises Faster Release Cadence Moving Forward

Quick hit here, friends: Microsoft dropped a new Windows 10 Mobile build today for ‘fast ring’ subscribers of its Insider program. The gist is that Microsoft is continuing apace with its smartphone strategy that is component to its lager Windows 10 effort.According to a corporate blog post,



3D Maps Reveal a Lead-Laced Ocean

sciencehabit writes "About 1000 meters down in a remote part of the Atlantic Ocean sits an unusual legacy of humanity's love affair with the automobile. It's a huge mass of seawater infused with traces of the toxic metal lead, a pollutant once widely emitted by cars burning leaded gasoline.



How a Great Logo Helped Make You Actually Care About Heartbleed

You might not understand the how Heartbleed works , but you definitely heard about it this week. And with it, that drippy, maroon, bleeding heart logo—which is part of what made the story so memorable. In fact,

产品经理网站数据分析之测量问题现状(四) - 产品经理西蒙


Hands on with 'Super Smash Bros.' for Wii U

If you're still on the fence about purchasing a Wii U, it's probably safe to assume the upcoming release of Super Smash Bros. is factoring into your decision. The console's most hyped title hits shelves on Nov. 21, and Nintendo's most recent direct address showed fans a mountain of new features.

If George Lucas directed 'Star Wars: Episode VII'

Star Wars: Episode VII — now with 200% more TIE fighters, holograms and slug-like desert creaturesThe "George Lucas' Special Edition" parody version of the new Star Wars trailer pokes fun at the director's missteps in the series prequels. Not an inch of screen is empty,

Deepak Chopra Has the Worst Avatar Ever on Twitter

Deepak Chopra, online werewolf and mortal nemesis of Gizmodo's Matt Novak, wants you to know the possiblities are infinite. A message he decided to share with the world using the only medium that matters anymore—his Twitter avatar. The possibilities are so infinite, in fact,

使用Eclipse的几个必须掌握的快捷方式(能力工场小马哥收集) - 小马哥-大数据

“工若善其事,必先利其器”,感谢Eclipse,她 使我们阅读一个大工程的代码更加容易,在阅读的过程中,我发现掌握几个Eclipse的快捷键会使阅读体验更加流畅,写出来与诸君分享,欢迎补充.1.


乔布斯:好的艺术家抄袭,伟大的艺术家剽窃   科技已经成为我们生活的重要组成部分,而随着“新微软”而新上任的 CEO,带来了很多与“旧微软”时代不同的想法,并且还有意将首富比尔·盖茨带回到微软的发展道路上,这或多或少让一切在我们家里、办公室或随身携带的设备变得更好。  

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