BMW: Alphabet Is More Than A Name To Us

Google is now the largest subsidiary corporation of Alphabet, the newly established holding company that manages Google and all of the company’s side projects. But Alphabet’s website is because is owned by Alphabet, a BMW-owned fleet management service.

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BMW: Alphabet Is More Than A Name To Us

Google is now the largest subsidiary corporation of Alphabet, the newly established holding company that manages Google and all of the company’s side projects. But Alphabet’s website is because is owned by Alphabet, a BMW-owned fleet management service.

Google Is Now Alphabet, But It Doesn’t Own

So Google is now part of Alphabet, a new holding company that will manage Google and all of its other products. Why is the new company called Alphabet? Google/Alphabet CEO Larry Page says it’s because Alphabet means a “collection of letters that represent language,

Google Shreds Bureaucracy To Keep Talent Loyal To The Alphabet

Google was too big for its own good. Housing everything from its search engine to robots to life-extension technologies in one corporate hierarchy made for a lot of managers. Smart people often loath such paralyzing bureaucracy.

Google Creates Alphabet, a New Parent Company to Rule Them All

So you thought Google was a sprawling Silicon Valley entity with a frightening amount of power…Read more...

The Worst Possible Name For Your Brand And Three Things You Can Learn From It

Let’s say you want to come up with a great brand name for a new beverage brand you’re launching. You know what consumers are looking for, and you’re the creative type. What’s the biggest naming mistake you could make? How about a name like “Sweat” or “Pschitt?

Meet Alphabet, Google’s New Corporate Boss As Sundar Pichai Takes Over The Search Company

Google just rocked the world with some light news on a Monday. It has restructured the company and everything will now report up to “Alphabet” a new corporate name. That includes Google, which will now be CEO’d by Sundar Pichai (one less Twitter candidate?). Its site?

BMW owns and it's not selling it to Google

Perhaps Google (Alphabet?) should have googled its new name before it decided to restructure the whole company.The New York Times reports that Google's new parent company, Alphabet, has encountered an issue with german automaker BMW,

Alphabet's First New Company Is the Life Sciences Team from Google X

The Alphabet family just gained a member, after Sergey Brin announced that the zany, experimental life sciences group from Google X would become its own company. This is the same group of nerds that’s been building smart contact lenses and trying to stop aging .

Google 为什么成立新公司 Alphabet?

简洁版:Alphabet是Google成立的一个母公司,由 Larry Page 担任CEO,Sergey Brin 担任董事会主席。Alphabet下面会拥有一系列的按照业务线独立出来的全资小公司,比如现在的这个Google,X-Lab,Life Sciences,Ventures & Capital 和其他。

Alphabet Gets A “V” By Renaming Google Life Sciences To “Verily”

As Alphabet continues to rejigger their company structure, one of the teams left under the Alphabet umbrella has gotten itself a new moniker, according to Stat News. According to the Dictionary, Verily means “in truth; really; indeed.” The website that now sits at verily.

October lets 11 public companies borrow money on its platform

French crowd-lending platform October (formerly known as Lendix), wants to educate more people about new ways to borrow money. That’s why the company is launching a project called Grandir Ensemble (grow together). 11 big companies are borrowing €100,000 each on October at a 2.

Only one week left until Disrupt Berlin 2018 begins

Heiliger Strohsack! Holy smokes — Disrupt Berlin 2018 kicks off in exactly one week! We’re beyond excited to welcome thousands of startup movers, shakers and makers to Europe’s premier tech startup conference. We’ve packed a ton of top-notch programming into 29-30 November,

As Taiwan prepares to vote on LGBTQ issues, a homophobic group is running ads before kids videos on

This Saturday, several issues related to LGBTQ equality, including marriage, are up for referendum in Taiwan’s mid-term elections. A little more than a year after the country’s top court ruled in favor of same-sex marriage,

Movinga, the European house removals platform, raises further €15M

Movinga, the European house removals and relocation platform, has closed €15 million in further funding. The round was led by London-based growth investor ETF Partners, with participation from existing backers Santo Venture Capital, Earlybird, and Rocket Internet.

Cross-border fintech startup Instarem raises $20M for global expansion

Instarem, a Singapore-based startup that helps banks transfer money overseas cheaply, has raised a Series C round of over $20 million for global expansion.

Tencent e-wallet is following Alibaba to Hong Kong subways

China’s payments giants have taken their battle to Hong Kong. Less than a week after Ant Financial announced adding QR codes to the city’s MTR public transport network of rail and buses, Tencent’s WeChat Pay unveiled a similar scheme on Wednesday. Starting mid-2021,

Teaching STEM through the wonders of larva harvesting

There’s hardly enough room to turn around in Livin Farms’ office. Pretty standard, really, in Central, Hong Kong, where space is at a perpetual premium. It’s a small operation for the HAX-backed startup — there’s space for a few desks and not much more. The startup’s last product, the Hive,

Vox Media Raises $200M From NBCUniversal

NBCUniversal just announced that it has invested $200 million in Vox Media, which owns sites like Eater, SB Nation and the eponymous, as well as tech news publications Re/code and The Verge.“Vox Media has a great portfolio of premium digital brands that deeply engage broad audiences,

Cisco Pops 2.5% After Reporting Better-Than-Expected FQ4 Revenue Of $12.84B

After the bell, Cisco reported its fiscal fourth quarter financial performance, which beat market expectations. The company detailed revenue of $12.84 billion in its fiscal period, resulting in earnings per share of $0.59, using adjusted accounting techniques (non-GAAP). On a GAAP,

Microsoft Drops New Window 10 Mobile Build, Promises Faster Release Cadence Moving Forward

Quick hit here, friends: Microsoft dropped a new Windows 10 Mobile build today for ‘fast ring’ subscribers of its Insider program. The gist is that Microsoft is continuing apace with its smartphone strategy that is component to its lager Windows 10 effort.According to a corporate blog post,


菲律宾发现了一种以镍为食的新植物物种,植物叶子上积累了最高18000ppm的金属,但本身没有遭到毒害。新的植物物种被称为Rinorea niccolifera,它是在土壤富含金属的菲律宾吕宋岛发现的。

NetCraft:2014年4月微软IIS服务器市场份额33.04% 逼迫Apache

微软Windows Server系统内置的IIS Web服务器近期市场表现极佳,已经开始接近Apache服务器的份额,不过在流量较为活跃和受用户欢迎的网站中,IIS的比例还是较低。

Walter White Took a Beautiful Space Adventure

A Walter White bobblehead doll took a trip to a place more majestic than the New Mexico desert.TVtag users elected White as the company's first space ambassador, sending the Breaking Bad protagonist 85,000 feet above Earth and recording his entire adventure.Space, bitch.

微软再作假 Xbox One试玩弹出Windows界面

GamesCom 还有两天就要结束,不过微软的 Xbox One 试玩区又出现了意外状况,而且场面相当难看。  

Netflix is heading to Asia with a launch date set for Japan

Netflix is expanding into Japan towards the end of 2015, marking the first time that the Internet video service will be available in Asia.The move announced late Wednesday marks another step toward reaching Netflix's goal to stream video on Internet-connected TVs, phones,

Official Boost Juice app finally comes to Windows Phone

It’s been a long time coming but the official Boost Juice app has finally arrived on Windows Phone in Australia after being available on iOS and Android devices for over a year.

Catching up with an active, destructive California wildfire season

This year has provided a particularly active wildfire season for the state of California as hundreds of thousands of acres have burned, fueled by the state's ongoing drought. What's made this season particularly note-worthy is the destruction caused by this season's blazes,

iPhone 6s 3D Touch暗藏缩放功能

据科技博客9to5mac报道,3D Touch被认为是苹果新款iPhone 6s 和iPhone 6s Plus上区别早期产品的一大亮点功能。新品刚一到手,早期买家就发现了3D Touch另一隐藏技能——缩放(Peek Zoom)功能。



南韓廠牌加入 廉價 Chromebook 再添一員

越來越多廠商加入推出 Chromebook 的行列,繼早前大陸廠商 Haier 和 Hisense 在美國等地推出廉價 Chromebook,最近再有來自南韓的新廠牌 Poin2 加入。Poin2 在 2014 年成立,主打 Windows 平板和其他流動裝置,不過公司網站只顯示 11.

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