Watch Microsoft’s Build 2014 Keynote Here

Microsoft is kicking off its Build developer conference today. This is the second year in a row Microsoft has hosted this event in San Francisco. Last year, all eyes were on Windows 8.1 and this year, we expect to hear more about the first major update to Windows 8.1,

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Registration Now Open For Microsoft’s Build 2015 Developer Conference In April

Microsoft’s annual Build developer conference is happening in San Francisco from April 29 to May 1 this year. If you are eager to learn more about developing for Windows 10, DirectX 12 and (maybe) HoloLens, you can now register for the event. Full price tickets are $2095. 

Weekend Recap: Visual Studio 2015, Connect developer event, Lumia Cyan on Verizon, and more

Watch Microsoft’s Build 2014 Keynote Here

Microsoft is kicking off its Build developer conference today. This is the second year in a row Microsoft has hosted this event in San Francisco. Last year, all eyes were on Windows 8.1 and this year, we expect to hear more about the first major update to Windows 8.1,

Microsoft To Host Connect() Developer Event In New York Next Month

Microsoft today announced that it will hold a small developer conference under the Connect() monicker in New York next month. Unlike the company’s usual developer events, which tend to center around major point releases or new products,

Here’s Where To Watch Today’s Microsoft’s Windows 10 Event

Microsoft is going to unveil the future of Windows today. But you you can’t watch it on TechCrunch, because Microsoft isn’t letting anyone embed the stream, but if you head here, you can watch it here.The event is notable not merely because it will show off the consumer,

Microsoft bids farewell to Nokia's DVLUP Developer Ambassadors team for Windows Phone

Microsoft has canceled the Developer Ambassadors team for Windows Phone (a part of the DVLUP program), consisting of a group of experts who have helped numerous app developers create amazing apps and games for Microsoft's mobile platform.

GDC 2015: Microsoft to reveal more on what's to come with gaming on Windows 10 and Xbox

The first week of March will be a busy one. A lot of our attention will be focused on Mobile World Congress in Barcelona as Microsoft will be unveiling new Lumia devices. Although, some 6000 miles away,

Microsoft prepares for its four main 2016 events

As is to be expected, Microsoft has already begun prepping for their 2016 events and has announced several details and dates for their major conferences. They’ve also promised that going forward they’ll be trying...

Microsoft developer videos among the top 10 most-watched, according to CodeChannels

Developers need to be kept up to date with the goings-on in the companies that supply them with their platforms. In a world where technology continues to advance and innovate itself on a daily...The post Microsoft developer videos among the top 10 most-watched,

Rumor suggests Google will debut apps on Windows 10 soon

Less than 48 hours before the feverously anticipated Windows 10 Devices event on Tuesday, rumors have been circulating the internet suggesting that Google of all companies may present its own apps for the Windows 10 ecosystem at the event....

Marie Ekeland launches 2050, a new fund with radically ambitious, long-term goals

Marie Ekeland has unveiled her next act — and it’s a new fund called 2050. But it’s not your average French VC fund as it’s going to be an evergreen fund focused on building a better world. It sounds ambitious, but Ekeland isn’t just daydreaming as she has a detailed action plan. If you’re not […]

Twitter to relaunch account verifications in early 2021, asks for feedback on policy

Twitter announced today it’s planning to relaunch its verification system in 2021, and will now begin the process of soliciting public feedback on the new policy ahead of its implementation. Under the policy, Twitter will initially verify six types of accounts,

As edtech grows cash rich, some lessons for early stage

Last week, Udemy, an online learning marketplace, raised $50 million at a $3.32 billion valuation, up from a $2 billion valuation earlier this year. Language learning app Duolingo raised $35 million on a $2.4 billion valuation, up from a $1.65 valuation from earlier this year.

SEC issues proposed rulemaking to give gig workers equity compensation

The Securities and Exchange Commission has issued rules that would allow public and private companies to offer equity compensation to gig workers.

Learn how to access funding for your startup at TC Sessions: Space 2020

Building tech startups takes cash — and lots of it. But when you’re talking space startups, you’re talking galactic-level money. Costs blast right through Earth’s exosphere and become, literally, astronomical. If space is your jam, you’re going to need financial help,

Decrypted: Apple and Facebook’s privacy feud, Twitter hires Mudge, mysterious zero-days

Trump’s election denialism saw him retaliate in a way that isn’t just putting the remainder of his presidency in jeopardy, it’s already putting the next administration in harm’s way. In a stunning display of retaliation,

Following its acquisition by BuzzFeed, HuffPost shuts down its Brazil and India editions

HuffPost is becoming part of BuzzFeed, but HuffPost India and HuffPost Brasil will not be making the transition — both sites are shutting down today. “Today is @huffpostIndia’s last day,” tweeted the team’s editor in chief Aman Sethi. “Pound for pound, story for story, reporter for reporter,

Live Blog From Amazon’s Big Media Console Event

Amazon is amped up right now. The company has set up shop in New York's Meatpacking district to announce what we all expect is a media streaming device for TVs. Will it include gaming functionality? Will it be a dongle that competes with Chromecast?

Winning AngelList

It’s a 500,000 person party, and you’re invited. It’s 24/7, no charge for entrance, and when you leave you could go home with a pile of cash instead of a creeping hangover. As Fred Wilson says, "If you’re working in tech and you’re trying to raise an angel round,

Print Your Own Offline Glass

Remember a few months ago when I talked about the Offline Glass, a clever hack by a Brazilian ad agency that ensures that you and your good friends will be focused on chatting and drinking rather than futzing with your cellphones? Well now you can 3D print your own glass on almost any printer.

Apple Reportedly Looking To Expand GT Advanced Sapphire Plant In Arizona

Apple is said to be exploring options to expand the facility it’s building with manufacturing partner GT Advanced Technologies in Arizona, a facility which is going to be sued to help the companies build sapphire components for future devices. The proposed expansion, reported by AppleInsider,

Mobile app of the day: Cabin

Cabin provides groups like families with a secure place to share information and keep in touch. With chat, location data and more, it has loads of potential.Read more:


谈到互联网企业,有一家企业是注定要给我们留下些什么的——它就是苹果公司。自从苹果推出了堪称业界革命的应用软件商 […]



Tune in for our iPad Air 2 (or iPad 6) rumours roundup: LIVE

Apple has invited the press to an event on its Cupertino campus, and while the company has stayed characteristically quiet on the subject under discussion, the timing means iPads will feature.Read more:


此前我们曾报道过微软将会收购流行的跨平台日历应用Sunrise,但是当时尚未得到微软官方的确认。而现在,微软官 […]



Obama's Running Wild in Alaska With a Selfie Stick

President Obama’s trip to Alaska this week intended to shine a spotlight on climate change. But he’s also there for a social media spree, including using a selfie stick. Presidents, they’re just like us!Read more...

Invasion of the lionfish part 3: Your dinner

The lionfish have invaded your plate, and they're deliciousRyan Chadwick currently owns three restaurants, a vodka brand and a nightclub, and these days he is trying to make a business out of an environmental problem. Chadwick is serving lionfish to diners at Norman's Cay,

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