10 ways Dollywood is no average theme park

Theme parks always have a few standards: Roller coasters, fried foods and long lines.But at Dollywood, in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, there are many things that make the park stand out. A bald eagle sanctuary and the Dolly Parton museum are just the beginning.See also: Dolly Parton Q&A:

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Hillary Clinton once dressed up like Dolly Parton and threw a hoedown

At this point, there’s little the American public doesn’t know about Hillary Clinton’s private life. But after years of collecting dust, the presidential candidate went to Instagram yesterday, and revealed one of her most intimate memories.Twenty years ago,

Dolly Parton is on the ride of her life

Dolly Parton may be known as an entertainer, but she's also a savvy businesswoman.So savvy, in fact, that she's built an empire around her songwriting, musical talents and country charm. Her investment in a little theme park in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee,

Dolly Parton's Dixie Stampede unveils $2.5-million redesign

Dolly Parton's Dixie Stampede, a dinner attraction in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, launched in 1988. This year, for its 28th season, the show has been completely revamped: Organizers spent $2.

Dollywood: Inside the biggest theme park you've never seen

PIGEON FORGE, Tennessee — Standing amid sequined gowns and rhinestone banjos, you can’t even hear the roller coasters.

Dollywood is building the world's first launched wooden roller coaster

PIGEON FORGE, Tennessee — Dollywood has announced a new roller coaster, unveiling plans for a $22-million launched wooden coaster that will reach a top speed of 73 mph."It's a big, big time for us," Dolly Parton said to a theater full of fans on Friday.

10 ways Dollywood is no average theme park

Theme parks always have a few standards: Roller coasters, fried foods and long lines.But at Dollywood, in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, there are many things that make the park stand out. A bald eagle sanctuary and the Dolly Parton museum are just the beginning.See also: Dolly Parton Q&A:

What it takes to be a blacksmith in 2015

PIGEON FORGE, Tennessee — There are some things you expect to see at a theme park: roller coasters, fried foods, carnival games.But at Dollywood, in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, there's something you probably weren't expecting: a working blacksmith.See also: Dolly Parton Q&A:

What's the First Big Science Story You Remember?

NASA’s Pluto flyby is a truly international event, not limited by borders: the excitement and commentary span the planet. But this phenomenon isn’t new. What’s the first giant, global science story you remember?Read more...

Dude absolutely slays acoustic cover of 'I Will Always Love You'

Few possess the vocal skill necessary to master "I Will Always Love You" by Dolly Parton, especially the version popularized by the late Whitney Houston.Musician Marc Martel is well known for tackling the persona of Freddie Mercury, but in an acoustic performance,


HQ's Scott Rogowsky races master painter Bob Ross — The Bob Ross Challenge

The Quizmaster Scott Rogowsky puts his knowledge of oil panting to the test. Read more...More about Funny, Art, Mashable Video, Landscapes, and Arts Culture And Entertainment

Facebook fights local 'news deserts' it helped create

Facebook is once again touting its attempt to solve a problem it helped create. The company announced Monday that it would provide select researchers access to information about news deserts, which are places with little to no local news coverage.

Fyre Festival merch to be auctioned off so Billy McFarland can pay back the people he cheated

You may soon get the chance to shell out for some official Fyre Festival merch.Billy McFarland, the festival's founder, owes a breathtaking $26 million in restitution to the victims of his scam, and according to Vulture the U.S.

'Surf Rock' creator Dick Dale dead at 81

The guitarist had been suffering from diabetes and an unknown form of cancer since at least 2012. Dale is credited with creating the 1960s genre, "surf rock." His signature sound mixed staccato picking and reverb with Middle Eastern melodies. Read more...More about Mashable Video, Dick Dale,

Lupita Nyong'o went to some 'dark places' filming 'Us'

The actress plays a dual role of Adelaide Wilson and her terrifying doppelgänger, Red, in Jordan Peele's new psychological horror. She spoke about what the roles required on a recent episode of "The Ellen DeGeneres Show." Read more...More about Us, Mashable Video, Red, Jordan Peele,

Greyp G6 hands on: The smart e-bike, redefined

How smart can a bike get? The Greyp G6, a battery-powered bicycle launched Friday, March 15, provides a new answer to that question. It raises the bar for every other e-bike manufacturer with a ton of original features that turn the bike into a powerful, high-tech gadget. Over the weekend,

Say hello to this photo of Tim Cook writing on an iPad that was made to be meme'd

Hello, Mr. Apple. Nice to see you back in the meme circuit again.If you've been missing Tim Cook since the Tim Apple meme died down a bit, you're in luck. Twitter users are trolling the Apple CEO yet again, after he posted a photo of himself writing "hello" on an iPad on Monday morning. 

That horse just dove off a 60-foot ladder into a pool

c. 1945Image: Frederic Lewis/Getty ImagesWarning: The images in this post may be considered disturbing to some readers.William “Doc” Carver, an expert marksman with his own traveling Wild West show,

Indonesian airliner is missing with 54 aboard

JAKARTA, Indonesia — An Indonesian airliner carrying 54 people was missing Sunday after losing contact with ground control during a short flight in bad weather in the country's mountainous easternmost province of Papua, officials said.

Report: IAAF 'suppressed' survey showing widespread athletics doping

The governing body of world athletics has been accused of suppressing a study that showed one third of top athletes had doped.According to the Sunday Times,


高速地球 Timelapse 認識春分、夏至、秋分與冬至

我們小時候讀書都學過,夏天晝長夜短,冬天晝短夜長,而昨天 (2014 年3月21日) 是春分,即是晝和夜的長度剛好一樣。上圖來自 NASA 的衛星圖片,則可以很簡單看到北半球在四季時的分別。閱讀全文    


香港2014年4月3日电 /美通社/ -- 香港航空今日公布鹿儿岛及天津航线销售数据,分别于3月30及31日首航两条航线,机票销售情况火爆,鹿儿岛航线 4-6月航班预期客座率达到80%,天津航线同期预期客座率为80-85%。





NoSQL初探之人人都爱Redis:(3)使用Redis作为消息队列服务场景应用案例 - Edison Chou

一、消息队列场景简介 “消息”是在两台计算机间传送的数据单位。消息可以非常简单,例如只包含文本字符串;也可以更复杂,可能包含嵌入对象。



Intel Inside 產品列陣!ASUS 推 EeeBook、ZenBook 及 MeMO Pad

華碩此次在 IFA 還發表三系列採用 Intel 處理器的產品,分別是主打低價市場、僅 $199 歐元(折合約港幣$2,


威锋网讯 10 月 9 日消息,根据《彭博社》的报导,为了进一步提升硅谷工作人员的多元化,苹果已经派出“数百名”人事部员工前往一年一度的Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing 大会,其目的就是要招聘参与大会的合格女性工程师。

Coady Diemar Partners:2014年全球“广告技术和服务”并购交易数量达100宗 总金额达75亿美元

据投资银行服务公司Coady Diemar Partners的数据显示,2014年与“广告技术和服务”相关的并购交易数量达到了100宗,同比增长了32%。这些并购交易的总金额达到了75亿美元,为2013年该行业并购总金额(23亿美元)的三倍多。

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