10 ways Dollywood is no average theme park

Theme parks always have a few standards: Roller coasters, fried foods and long lines.But at Dollywood, in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, there are many things that make the park stand out. A bald eagle sanctuary and the Dolly Parton museum are just the beginning.See also: Dolly Parton Q&A:

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Hillary Clinton once dressed up like Dolly Parton and threw a hoedown

At this point, there’s little the American public doesn’t know about Hillary Clinton’s private life. But after years of collecting dust, the presidential candidate went to Instagram yesterday, and revealed one of her most intimate memories.Twenty years ago,

Dolly Parton is on the ride of her life

Dolly Parton may be known as an entertainer, but she's also a savvy businesswoman.So savvy, in fact, that she's built an empire around her songwriting, musical talents and country charm. Her investment in a little theme park in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee,

Dolly Parton's Dixie Stampede unveils $2.5-million redesign

Dolly Parton's Dixie Stampede, a dinner attraction in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, launched in 1988. This year, for its 28th season, the show has been completely revamped: Organizers spent $2.

Dollywood: Inside the biggest theme park you've never seen

PIGEON FORGE, Tennessee — Standing amid sequined gowns and rhinestone banjos, you can’t even hear the roller coasters.

Dollywood is building the world's first launched wooden roller coaster

PIGEON FORGE, Tennessee — Dollywood has announced a new roller coaster, unveiling plans for a $22-million launched wooden coaster that will reach a top speed of 73 mph."It's a big, big time for us," Dolly Parton said to a theater full of fans on Friday.

10 ways Dollywood is no average theme park

Theme parks always have a few standards: Roller coasters, fried foods and long lines.But at Dollywood, in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, there are many things that make the park stand out. A bald eagle sanctuary and the Dolly Parton museum are just the beginning.See also: Dolly Parton Q&A:

What it takes to be a blacksmith in 2015

PIGEON FORGE, Tennessee — There are some things you expect to see at a theme park: roller coasters, fried foods, carnival games.But at Dollywood, in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, there's something you probably weren't expecting: a working blacksmith.See also: Dolly Parton Q&A:

What's the First Big Science Story You Remember?

NASA’s Pluto flyby is a truly international event, not limited by borders: the excitement and commentary span the planet. But this phenomenon isn’t new. What’s the first giant, global science story you remember?Read more...

Dude absolutely slays acoustic cover of 'I Will Always Love You'

Few possess the vocal skill necessary to master "I Will Always Love You" by Dolly Parton, especially the version popularized by the late Whitney Houston.Musician Marc Martel is well known for tackling the persona of Freddie Mercury, but in an acoustic performance,


'Iron Fist' Season 2 is all about Colleen at Comic-Con

Iron Fist is very much the Danny Rand show. But you wouldn't necessarily know it from the show's Season 2 panel at Comic-Con.Based on the footage shown in San Diego on Thursday, you might guess this was the Colleen Wing show, or even a Daughters of the Dragon show. And honestly, we're not mad.

Deepak Chopra guides Jimmy Fallon through two-minute meditation (and you can do it too)

Mindfulness can be found in the strangest places, even on The Tonight Show.Promoting his latest book, The Healing Self, iconic New Age and mindfulness author Deepak Chopra guided Jimmy Fallon and The Roots through a two-minute meditation on Thursday night.

Another 'Breaking Bad' character is coming to 'Better Call Saul'... kinda

Better Call Saul is calling in another Breaking Bad character next season — but one that not even the most hardcore fans are bound to recognize. As announced during the Better Call Saul Comic-Con panel Thursday, Tony Dalton will show up in Season 4 as Lalo,

Stephen Colbert stages a 'presidential intervention' for Trump

Stephen Colbert has held a "presidential intervention" after the week's hootenanny of events featuring Donald Trump and Russian president Vladimir Putin.After brutally roasting Trump’s 'double negative' defense on Wednesday after that press conference,

'The Predator' doubles down on the monsters in exclusive Comic-Con footage

What's scarier than a Predator?How about two Predators, one of which is even bigger and meaner than the Predator we already know and love to fear?That's apparently the premise of The Predator, as revealed in exclusive footage shown at Comic-Con Thursday. SEE ALSO:

Danny Rand and his glowing hand are back in the first look at 'Iron Fist' Season 2

At Comic-Con Thursday, Netflix unveiled our first look at the second season of its fourth Marvel series, Iron Fist.  Finn Jones is back as Danny Rand, who thankfully seems to have calmed down a bit since his bizarre and off-putting introduction in Iron Fist Season 1.

This robotic vacuum's camera could let hackers spy on you

Be careful: Hackers might be watching through your vacuum. Well, they could if you own the Diqee Camera Robotic Vacuum Cleaner, which is made and sold in China. It touts features like an HD 360-degree camera, night vision, and anti-collision sound wave technology.  

That horse just dove off a 60-foot ladder into a pool

c. 1945Image: Frederic Lewis/Getty ImagesWarning: The images in this post may be considered disturbing to some readers.William “Doc” Carver, an expert marksman with his own traveling Wild West show,

Indonesian airliner is missing with 54 aboard

JAKARTA, Indonesia — An Indonesian airliner carrying 54 people was missing Sunday after losing contact with ground control during a short flight in bad weather in the country's mountainous easternmost province of Papua, officials said.

Report: IAAF 'suppressed' survey showing widespread athletics doping

The governing body of world athletics has been accused of suppressing a study that showed one third of top athletes had doped.According to the Sunday Times,

Networkr Is A Tinder-Style Networking App For LinkedIn Contacts

Meet Networkr -- a Tinder for professional networking powered by your LinkedIn contacts. No, it's not the dating app that uses LinkedIn data to find prospective love matches (that's LinkedUp in case you're wondering).

Why You Should Never Use Pixelation To Hide Sensitive Text

Pixelation is great for hiding faces and covering up nakedness, but it's not good for disguising text. It's so bad, in fact, that it might not even protect you at all. Read more...



ARM宣布了针对物联网低功耗设备的操作系统mbed OS。mbed OS部分开源,其余部分控制在ARM手中,理由是为了确保操作系统不会碎片化。ARM声称mbed OS只需要256kb内存,它希望开发商能能使用mbed开发电池使用寿命长达数年的设备。

Bigcommerce and Alibaba.com Announce Site Integration

Bigcommerce, an online store platform for small-to-medium sized businesses and Alibaba.com announced an integration today that will allow Bigcommerce’s merchants to source goods directly from Alibaba.com through its platform. Read More

iPhone加拿大销量被怀疑含有水分 遭当地机构调查




TrumpScript will make programming great again

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump now has his very own programming language, courtesy of a group of Rice University computer science students.TrumpScript, which is based on the Python programming language, was created to poke fun at Trump in the geekiest way possible,

AlphaGo开发者:不存在秘密协议 请尊重李世石

新浪科技 讯 3月11日上午消息,谷歌围棋程序AlphaGo昨日再次击败韩国围棋国手李世石九段,此结果迅速引发赛场内外关注,而且在国内直播中,中国围棋国手柯洁九段表示,对李世石始终没有打劫表示质疑,并继续称是否因 ... ...

PS4 國行上市一周年 Sony 推出限量特別版

Sony 經常為 PlayStation 4 推出限量版,一般都是和遊戲商合作推出特別版同梱包。今次 Sony 推出的特別版有些特別,是為了慶祝 PS4 在中國上市一週年,Sony 特別生產了 1,320 部「PS4 中國上市一週年紀念版」,即日起在多個官方銷售渠道開放預購。以下有更多資料The post PS4 國行上市一周年 Sony 推出限量特別版 appeared first on UNWIRE.HK 流動科技生活.

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