Who cares about the game when 'Madden: The Movie' has a T-Rex?

You all remember Madden Season, right? As Mashable's own Chelsea Stark put it when the trailer launched last year, "Madden Season is either the best or worst game advertisement ever."Now that epic weirdness is back to promote Madden NFL 16.

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Who cares about the game when 'Madden: The Movie' has a T-Rex?

You all remember Madden Season, right? As Mashable's own Chelsea Stark put it when the trailer launched last year, "Madden Season is either the best or worst game advertisement ever."Now that epic weirdness is back to promote Madden NFL 16.

E3 2014: Madden NFL 15 to arrive on Xbox One and Xbox 360 on August 26

Electronic Arts released the first teaser of Madden NFL 15. The game publisher has taken cues from the previous titles of this franchise and focused on features that actually matter: a new defensive camera to enhance the viewing angles,

New Xbox One gaming bundles coming soon, white-colored Xbox One confirmed

During a press even last week, an Xbox One bundle consisting of Madden NFL 15 and Insomniac Games’ Sunset Overdrive were revealed.  Madden NFL 15 includes the console without Kinect and Madden free for the price of $399.  The bundle will be available on August 26th, 

Pokemon's 3D fighting game from Japan comes to Wii U in 2016

Pokken Tournament feels like a mash-up sprung from the daydreams of a wide-eyed fan: "Let's take the diverse, colorful lineup of Pokemon creatures and mash them up with the highly technical, combo-driven play of a fighting game like Tekken.

Disney's first 'Cinderella' trailer fulfills all your live-action fairytale dreams

LOS ANGELES — Disney is playing all the beats of the classic Cinderella story for its first full trailer from the live-action adaptation: wicked stepmother and step-sisters, forced labor, Prince Charming, fairy godmother, helpful mice, pumpkin carriage, glass slippers, stroke of midnight.

Musical prodigy horse plays piano with his wiggly lips

Whoever said horses couldn't play instruments — well, they were probably right. But Sapphire the horse is an exception to the rule.Sapphire is a virtuoso when it comes to playing the piano. Just because he has no hands or fingers doesn't mean he can't play you a lovely sonata.

Purchase an Xbox One Next Week, Get a Free Game

Bargain hunters who have yet to upgrade to Microsoft's next-generation console can snag a great deal next week — when buying an Xbox One will get you a free game.The deal runs from Sept. 7 through Sept. 13 at select U.S. retailers, according to Xbox Wire.

TheTake Just Raised $2M So You Can Buy That Thing You Saw In That Movie

Have you ever watched a movie and thought to yourself either “I really want that” or “I really want to go there“? Well now you can really buy that (or something a lot like it) or find a way to go there, thanks to TheTake.

How A Fake Video Game Screenshot Is Made

Consumers are smarter today than they used to be, but that hasn't stopped video game publishers from releasing what have become known as "bullshots ", doctored images that are meant to show what a video game looks like, but end up being so modified and fancified they're often nothing of the sort.

“Greatest games lineup in Xbox history?” I don’t think so

Microsoft’s claim that 2015 is the “greatest games lineup in Xbox history” is wrong. Trying to make up for an awful year in Xbox One console sales and spitting out indie games like they are new releases...The post “Greatest games lineup in Xbox history?

Stephen Colbert can only say 'little Adam Schitt' if Trump's tweet appears on screen

TV has some weird rules about swearing, even for The Late Show host Stephen Colbert.After skewering Donald Trump's Fox News interview, in which the president blasted the man who oversaw the hunt for Osama Bin Laden as a "Hillary Clinton fan,

Cards Against Humanity rolled out a pretty neat little promo with Jack White

Cards Against Humanity skewers countless famous people, card after card, but this time, one has given them permission.The polarising card game has teamed up with Jack White for a pretty neat piece of merchandise for his Nov. 19 show at Aragon Ballroom in Chicago, IL.SEE ALSO:

How do you pronounce Blink-182? It's tearing Twitter apart.

If you were a kid of the early '00s, you would've listened to Blink-182's hits just about everywhere. But importantly, have you been saying their name right?We specifically mean the "182" bit in the band's name, which, as per a conversation over Twitter, could be "one-eighty-two" or "one-eight-two.

A firefighter rescued a cat from the Paradise Fire and she won't leave him alone

Get ready to sob, because this newfound friendship will pull every single heartstring you have. While raking through debris from the devastating Camp Fire that destroyed Paradise, CA, firefighter Ryan Coleman came across a fluffy gray cat. Deciding that Coleman was her human,

This electric motorcycle runs on 15 parts made via 3D printer

Ready to upgrade from your e-scooter?The NERA electric motorcycle is a functioning bike that was made using a 3D printer. The only catch — it's just a "use case" example for a German 3D printing company to show off its material-making skills. SEE ALSO:

Save up to $265 on Calphalon pans at Macy's (with promo code) during this massive Black Friday sale

It's officially the time of year where life starts to feel like a big Food Network cooking competition show — starring you as the only contestant. Maybe you're the master chef of the house, preparing to wow your entire extended family with your most decadent holiday recipes.

The iOS Google Photos app can now do what some iPhones can't

Photo shots fired!Google announced an update to its Photos app for iOS on Monday. Now, iPhone users can edit the background blur and focus of portrait mode images within the Google Photos iOS app. Customized portraits, here you come!SEE ALSO: Does the Google Pixel 3 have the best smartphone camera?

Ryanair loses court battle of delayed flight compensation

Europe isn't letting fine print get in the way of airline passengers' legal rights.Manchester County Court, in the UK, ruled against Ryanair on Friday,

Autopsy shows St. Louis teen was shot in the back by police

A preliminary autopsy of an 18-year-old black man shot dead by St. Louis police earlier this week shows he was shot in the back.Mansur Ball-Bey's death Wednesday ignited outrage in a community scarred by strained relations between police and residentsSee also: Tensions run high in St.

Refugees fleeing to Macedonia face riot police and tear gas at the border

Hundreds of refugees and migrants attempting to cross the border from Greece into Macedonia were met by riot police and tear gas on Friday morning as the country cracked down on the growing crowds entering the countryThe men, women and children,

'Snowboob' Causes 100-Car Pileup in Toronto

A swiftly moving, blinding snow squall moved across parts of frigid Toronto this morning, causing several multi-vehicle pileups, including one involving upwards of 100 cars. The video of the event shows a towering wall of snow, similar to a haboob,

Australian Gold Coast Gets a Sexy Makeover in Time-Lapse Video

SYDNEY — The Gold Coast in Australia sometimes gets a bad rap as a tourist destinationOver the years, a number of factors haven't helped the image of the coastal holiday area in Queensland.Schoolies, the annual end-of-school festival,

美国中佛罗里达大学:开车使用Google Glass和使用手机一样危险

日前,由美国中佛罗里达大学(UCF)和美国空军研究室联合进行的调查显示,人们在开车过程中使用Google Glass发短信的分心程度跟用手机发短信的旗鼓相当。换言之,在开车时使用Google Glass同样危险。


中興通訊實惠的高階手機Blade系列設備在全球市場備受歡迎 上海--(美國商業資訊)--自2010年9月該系列第一款設備推出以來,中興Blade系列設備在全球的銷售量已經突破2000萬部。


据科技博客网站TechCrunch报道,短信在日趋让位于影响力不断提高的新型社交消息应用。从Kik到Line、Viber再到WhatsApp,社交消息应用将为年青一代“定义”社交媒体。 消息应用在亚洲成为标准



ES6学习(2)——arrows箭头函数 - Yika丶J

Arrows => 箭头函数---箭头函数,若有了解过coffeeScript的同学,或许对此印象深刻,因为它可以让语法省略不少,特别是对于回调函数,会让代码更清晰简洁。###expression让我们来写一个最简单的arrows。var sum = (a, b) => a + b; //此为ex...


苹果打算造车的传闻尘嚣日上,最新的迹象是它又挖走了芯片厂商Nvidia负责深度学习的Jonathan Cohen,从Cohen的LinkedIn主页来看,他加盟苹果已经有1个月的时间。

苹果明年将全线升级Mac业务 更新Air产品线


来来会联合小米 招募米粉旅行体验师

北京2015年11月23日电 /美通社/ -- 年轻人的世界从来就是说干就干,说走就走,旅行也毫不例外。专注出境自由行、年轻人出境游第一品牌 -- 来来会(lailaihui.

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