Who cares about the game when 'Madden: The Movie' has a T-Rex?

You all remember Madden Season, right? As Mashable's own Chelsea Stark put it when the trailer launched last year, "Madden Season is either the best or worst game advertisement ever."Now that epic weirdness is back to promote Madden NFL 16.

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Who cares about the game when 'Madden: The Movie' has a T-Rex?

You all remember Madden Season, right? As Mashable's own Chelsea Stark put it when the trailer launched last year, "Madden Season is either the best or worst game advertisement ever."Now that epic weirdness is back to promote Madden NFL 16.

E3 2014: Madden NFL 15 to arrive on Xbox One and Xbox 360 on August 26

Electronic Arts released the first teaser of Madden NFL 15. The game publisher has taken cues from the previous titles of this franchise and focused on features that actually matter: a new defensive camera to enhance the viewing angles,

New Xbox One gaming bundles coming soon, white-colored Xbox One confirmed

During a press even last week, an Xbox One bundle consisting of Madden NFL 15 and Insomniac Games’ Sunset Overdrive were revealed.  Madden NFL 15 includes the console without Kinect and Madden free for the price of $399.  The bundle will be available on August 26th, 

Pokemon's 3D fighting game from Japan comes to Wii U in 2016

Pokken Tournament feels like a mash-up sprung from the daydreams of a wide-eyed fan: "Let's take the diverse, colorful lineup of Pokemon creatures and mash them up with the highly technical, combo-driven play of a fighting game like Tekken.

Disney's first 'Cinderella' trailer fulfills all your live-action fairytale dreams

LOS ANGELES — Disney is playing all the beats of the classic Cinderella story for its first full trailer from the live-action adaptation: wicked stepmother and step-sisters, forced labor, Prince Charming, fairy godmother, helpful mice, pumpkin carriage, glass slippers, stroke of midnight.

Musical prodigy horse plays piano with his wiggly lips

Whoever said horses couldn't play instruments — well, they were probably right. But Sapphire the horse is an exception to the rule.Sapphire is a virtuoso when it comes to playing the piano. Just because he has no hands or fingers doesn't mean he can't play you a lovely sonata.

Purchase an Xbox One Next Week, Get a Free Game

Bargain hunters who have yet to upgrade to Microsoft's next-generation console can snag a great deal next week — when buying an Xbox One will get you a free game.The deal runs from Sept. 7 through Sept. 13 at select U.S. retailers, according to Xbox Wire.

TheTake Just Raised $2M So You Can Buy That Thing You Saw In That Movie

Have you ever watched a movie and thought to yourself either “I really want that” or “I really want to go there“? Well now you can really buy that (or something a lot like it) or find a way to go there, thanks to TheTake.

How A Fake Video Game Screenshot Is Made

Consumers are smarter today than they used to be, but that hasn't stopped video game publishers from releasing what have become known as "bullshots ", doctored images that are meant to show what a video game looks like, but end up being so modified and fancified they're often nothing of the sort.

“Greatest games lineup in Xbox history?” I don’t think so

Microsoft’s claim that 2015 is the “greatest games lineup in Xbox history” is wrong. Trying to make up for an awful year in Xbox One console sales and spitting out indie games like they are new releases...The post “Greatest games lineup in Xbox history?

Instagram is reportedly testing a way to make resharing posts easier

Instagram is testing new features that could dramatically change what your feed looks like.As first reported by The Verge, the company is looking to introduce native reposting, which will allow users to share posts from other accounts to your own feed.SEE ALSO:

Man tries to use Zillow to prove Kavanaugh's innocence and ends up owning himself

This has to be a glitch in the simulation, right? Ed Whelan, a former clerk to Justice Antonin Scalia and conservative lawyer, tried to use Zillow to prove Brett Kavanaugh's innocence and ended up going down a deep, deep rabbit hole of a conspiracy theory. SEE ALSO: #DearProfessorFord:

Amazon just revealed its plan for total smart home domination

In case there was still any doubt about Amazon's vision for the smart home, the company just made its intentions clear: it wants to dominate every aspect of your house.The company revealed a dozen new Alexa-powered gadgets on Thursday, including redesigned Echo speakers,

79 amazing little details in 'Red Dead Redemption 2'

Red Dead Redemption 2 promises an unparalleled level of depth, from its vast, sprawling world, to the people and animals within it, and how it all fits together in a way that is quite unlike any open-world game before it.

This job pays $50 an hour to smoke weed, but you have to be an obnoxious stoner

Who knew that being That Annoying Guy at parties could pay off?If you have a tendency to interrupt conversations with "Well, actually," question the percentage of THC when offered a hit of a vape, or snottily discuss strains when everyone else is just trying to chill out,

Here's a sexy 'Handmaid's Tale' Halloween costume that no one asked for

Halloween is quickly approaching, so naturally that means the time has come to face an onslaught of wildly inappropriate Halloween costumes. We begin with the sexy handmaid. Online lingerie and costume store Yandy is to thank for this cringe-inducing costume.

Which New iPhone is For You?

Read more...More about Apple, Mashable Reels, Iphone Xs, Iphone Xs Max, and Iphone Xr

Ryanair loses court battle of delayed flight compensation

Europe isn't letting fine print get in the way of airline passengers' legal rights.Manchester County Court, in the UK, ruled against Ryanair on Friday,

Autopsy shows St. Louis teen was shot in the back by police

A preliminary autopsy of an 18-year-old black man shot dead by St. Louis police earlier this week shows he was shot in the back.Mansur Ball-Bey's death Wednesday ignited outrage in a community scarred by strained relations between police and residentsSee also: Tensions run high in St.

Refugees fleeing to Macedonia face riot police and tear gas at the border

Hundreds of refugees and migrants attempting to cross the border from Greece into Macedonia were met by riot police and tear gas on Friday morning as the country cracked down on the growing crowds entering the countryThe men, women and children,

Skier Sarah Burke Remembered in Heart-Shaped Olympic Tribute

Sarah Burke's memory lived on at the women’s ski halfpipe competition Thursday.The Canadian freestyle skier pioneered the the halfpipe event, but died in January 2012 following an accident during a practice.

迅雷重启IPO 五轮融资IDG坚守11年

迅雷重启IPO 五轮融资IDG坚守11年2014年04月14日 08:54 来源:cnbeta网站 作者:潘青萍原标题:迅雷重启IPO在缄默期 IDG11年苦守雷军突击3年前折戟纳斯达克的迅雷卷土重来,在拿到3.1亿美元的突击入股之后,悄然重启IPO。

LAPD Gets Some Hand-Me-Down Drones From Seattle, Promises Discretion

After Seattleites objected to the local police department's plan to deploy unmanned aircraft, that plan was withdrawn. Now, it seems, Seattle has found a willing recipient for some of the drones that it no longer has use for: the Los Angeles Police Department. From the linked article:

We Are Groot: Talking Tree Is Top Movie-Inspired Costume for Men

LOS ANGELES — We are all Groot! No, seriously. We are all going to be Groot for Halloween, fellas.The tri-syllabic tree is the top movie-inspired Halloween costume this year for men (though are we sure of Groot's gender, really?) while Maleficent is the top costume for the ladies,

HTML5 的拖放(实例:两个div之间拖放图片) - imwtr

重点解释:首先,为了使元素(如本图片)可拖动,把 draggable 属性设置为 true :dataTransfer.setData() 方法设置被拖数据的数据类型和值:ondragover 事件规定在何处放置被拖动的数据。默认地,无法将数据/元素放置到其他元素中。

Yahoo buys video ad platform Brightroll for $640 million in cash

Yahoo has acquired advertising platform Brightroll for $640 million, a move that gives the web giant a foothold in the lucrative and growing market of online video marketing.The acquisition, which was announced on Tuesday, is an all-cash deal that will bolster Yahoo's existing advertising offering,

JSONP解决ajax跨域问题 - 每当变幻时

在A域名下,用ajax请求B域名下的请求,会报类似这样的错误:No 'Access-Control-Allow-Origin' header is present on the requested resource.在响应头中加入一个属性:response.setHeader("Access-Con...

只要再等20年 炫酷的海底城市将会造好


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