Couple reaches the perfect compromise with a superhero wedding cake

With great cake comes great responsibility.UK couple Kia Parsons and Billy Bunning came to the perfect compromise over their wedding cake. While Parsons had her heart set on something traditional, her fiancé was hoping for something a little more fun to represent his love of superheroes.See also:

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Here's how to cut a cake perfectly, according to science

The way we cut cakes is wrong. That old traditional style of slicing a wedge and leaving the rest? It ruins the cake and creates imperfect slices. How can we cut it better? How can we eat more delicious cake?

Minature edible Yoda uses the force to make this cake levitate

LONDON — In the era of The Great British Bake Off it takes a lot to impress the British cake-eating public.Long gone are the days when a sculpture or a crafty bit of icing would be enough to catch the eye; now it's all about mildly disturbing,

This British woman's Ned Stark cake is gloriously gory

LONDON — As we learned recently from that pun-filled Game of Thrones recipe book, George R.R. Martin characters and delicious baked treats go surprisingly well together.See also: These creepy cakes are way too awesome to eatThe latest addition to this trend,

'Hulk Princess' birthday cake wins twins' hearts

When Brian Elton asked his 4-year-old twin daughters what kind of cake they wanted for their birthday, he was probably not expecting their reply to be "a Princess Hulk cake" — but that's exactly what happened.Elton and his wife, being fantastic parents,

How About a Six-Layer Cereal Cake With Your Morning Coffee?

Remembering to eat breakfast is a piece of cake when your breakfast is, in fact, a piece of cakeBut not just any cake: A six-layer milk-soaked cereal cake with each layer boasting a different cereal that your parents banned from your childhood pantrySee also: Instagrammer Creates Snap,

Walmart apologizes for 'ISIS cake' after denying request for Confederate flag cake

"WTF, Walmart?!"Those are the words of a Louisiana man who was frustrated by his local Walmart after it refused to feature an image of the Confederate flag on a cake he ordered. Testing Walmart's limits, the man then decided to ask for a cake bearing the Islamic State's "battle flag" instead.

Autocorrect drastically alters girl's custom-made 21st birthday cake

LONDON — When you order a customised cake — no matter how detailed you are about what you want — you're never 100% sure what the finished product is going to look like.The Seggie family certainly learnt this lesson recently,

Costco-shaped cake grants lucky dad his birthday wish

Cake, as we all know, is a crowd-pleasing food. Kids, party-goers and dads all love cake.And when pops asks you to pick up a Costco cake as a little sweet treat for his birthday, what do you do?See also:

This proposal cake combines 'Harry Potter,' 'The Office' and 'Buffy The Vampire Slayer'

Alex Patterson knew that if he was going to propose to his boyfriend Benjamin Mize, he would have to come up with something unique and personal. So, he created a proposal that took the cake — literally.With the help of Creative Cakes by Catherine,

These fast food inspired cakes will make you do a double take

LONDON – You've probably had cakes crafted into different shapes or characters before, but we're willing to bet you've haven't had cakes quite like this.Brilliantly-named British baker Jayne McCool had been baking things like brownies, muffins and flapjacks for around 15 years,

Save up to 24% on selected Samsung TVs and soundbars from Amazon UK

With so many blockbuster movies and top sporting events available at our fingertips, it's a wonder that we ever leave the house. It's so easy nowadays to draw the curtains, shut out the world, and get lost in whatever is on your TV.Before you strap in for a lengthy session though,

We're all second-screening. Here's how you're doing it wrong.

Second-screening — watching TV while also looking at your phone, tablet or laptop — is probably the  most widely adopted destructive behavior of the decade. We keep hearing that it's bad for us; we keep doing it regardless. It's the smoking of the 2010s. 

Miley Cyrus tweets the funniest moment from her and Liam Hemsworth's wedding

Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth have been married for nearly two months now. But Cyrus is nowhere near done blessing our feeds with romantic (and hilarious) content from the couple's wedding.On Twitter, Cyrus shared a photo from the ceremony of herself, her mom Tish Cyrus, and her wedding bouquet. 

John Boyega dancing to Vanessa Carlton is instantly cheering to watch

Sometimes, all you really want is for the DJ to put on an old-school banger.And if there's one track that truly fits that bill, it's the memorably intense piano chords of Vanessa Carlton's "A Thousand Miles".SEE ALSO: John Boyega posts very teasing photo from the set of 'Star Wars:

Oral-B electric toothbrushes, Braun electric shavers, Philips epilators, and more on sale for Feb. 1

We have make the decision to start the week with deals on personal care products designed to make you dazzle. We're not saying you need any help in this department, but Monday is definitely the day that this kind of product is needed most.We have tracked down deals on electric toothbrushes,

Save up to 12% sitewide on select products in the Dell UK sale

There's no hard and fast rule that dictates when you need to say goodbye to your trusty old device and replace it with something shiny and new. You just know when the time is right. Maybe you glanced at your tired old laptop recently and got that feeling,

Flying 1,300 mph on airplanes would be great. But future aviation has other plans.

In the year 2044, our cities might be energized by fusion power plants, our sleek cars may all run on electricity, and our doctors might regularly employ gene-editing to cure blindness. But our airplanes will probably still fly at the same speeds they did half a century ago:

Plane hits cars as it crashes onto major road at Shoreham Airshow

A single-passenger Hawker Hunter plane hit several cars as it crashed onto a road Saturday during the Shoreham Airshow in Brighton, police said.West Sussex police said there were several casualties. The road, the A27,

Boat shoes are never, ever stylish

Summer months conjure the most curious of men's footwear: misguided mandals, flabbergasting festive Floridian flip-flops and probably the worst criminal of all, the bletcherous boat shoesGood thing, then,

Why Samsung still has a fighting chance in mobile

"The high end of Android isn't what it used to be." Such was the supposition posited to me by a longtime observer of the consumer electronics industry recently. Specifically, he was referring to a new class of manufacturers such as OnePlus and Xiaomi,

中国移动将推出 LG E985T,以迎接 LTE 的到来

分类: 智能手机 在去年 12 月之时,LG 已经预告过他们将会跟中国移动联手推出 LG E985T 这款支援大陆 TD-LTE 和 FDD-LTE 制式的旗舰级手机,不过最详尽的资讯还是要等到今天才公布。

ShopLocket And PCH International Launch A Consumer Storefront For Startup Hardware

One of Kickstarter’s famous proclamations is that it isn’t a store, despite how many hardware startups use it pretty much as a pre-order platform, but now there is a store for gadgets made by early-stage companies, both shipping and pre-production.

I can't believe these stunning airplanes photos aren't real

Anders Lejczak loves airplanes. He's also a great 3D artist capable of capturing every detail of anything from Spitfires to MiGs to F-16s with incredible realism. So realistic, in fact, that I have trouble distinguishing some of these renderings from real photos. Read more...

Spring Tool Suite 创建 SpringMVC+Maven 项目(一)! - Weiseditor

使用Spring Tool Suite 创建 SpringMVC Web 项目,使用Maven来管理依赖!首先对环境进行必要的配置1. 配置必要的Java JDK版本! (菜单栏-窗口-首选项.)占击右边的 “添加” 按钮,选择“标准VM”,下一步,选择 JRE的目录,这个目录一般在C:

iPhone 6/Plus续航测试曝光:并不出彩

近日,外媒对 iPhone 6 和 iPhone 6 Plus 的电池续航进行了测试。  iPhone 6 方面,根据测试结果显示,其续航时间为 5 小时 22 分钟。而相同测试下 GALAXY S5 的续航时间为 7 小时 38 分,索尼 Xperia Z3 达到 ... ...

微軟宣佈 WP8 Lumia 手機可升級 Windows 10!

微軟最近透過官方 Lumia Twitter 宣佈所有預載 Windows Phone 8 作業系統的 Lumia 手寸機,都可以升級到 Windows 10。而業界傳出微軟已經為 OEM 廠商提供早期開發階段的智能手機版 Windows 10。

A-to-Z dog facts about your favorite breeds

The Internet may love its cats, but the second longest-running sport in the U.S. favors the feline's slobbery counterpartIn its 139th year, the Westminster Dog Show celebrates the sport of purebred dogs. To celebrate man's best friend, we gathered facts on breeds from each letter of the alphabet.

揭开Sass和Compass的神秘面纱 - front-Thinking

揭开Sass和Compass的神秘面纱 可能之前你像我一样,对Sass和Compass毫无所知,好一点儿的可能知道它们是用来作为CSS预处理的。

This Week in PC Hardware: The first Windows 10 PCs, giant cases, and massive yet tiny HDDs

It’s been a busy week in hardware. We’ve had a ton of announcements, most of which came from a single company. AMD pretty much stole the headlines this week when it refreshed a good chunk of its graphics card lineup.

在线预订出故障 美航空公司数百次航班遭延误


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