Sierra Leone's last known Ebola patient gets a dance party

Surrounded by dancing medical staff in the Sierra Leone city of Mankeni, the last person confirmed to be treated for Ebola,danced her way down a red carpet to celebrate her release from an Ebola treatment center.

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Sierra Leone's last known Ebola patient gets a dance party

Surrounded by dancing medical staff in the Sierra Leone city of Mankeni, the last person confirmed to be treated for Ebola,danced her way down a red carpet to celebrate her release from an Ebola treatment center.

Next time someone annoys you on Tinder, rock this Halloween 'ghosted' costume

Ghosts are everywhere — in haunted houses and on our most popular dating apps.That's why Party City has developed an adult ghosting costume for women. Plenty of women have encountered someone who just won't stop bothering them on dating apps or over text.Might as well "ghost" them in real life.

Tim Cook reportedly behind Apple's lame, sanitized television production plans

Apple has all the money in the world, but as the disastrous Planet of the Apps proved, money is no substitute for good taste. The 2017 reality show from the makers of your favorite $1,449 phone pitted app developers against each other for the approval of their celebrity ring masters,

This Tesla key fob looks like, you guessed it, a mini Tesla Model 3

Tesla likes to do things differently. So when Electrek reported last month that the electric car company was allegedly working on a new key fob for its Model 3, we should have known it wouldn't be just your standard blob of a BLE device. Thanks to newly released documents filed to the FCC,

Watch this brave lil' raccoon climb up building, leap off, and survive

Sorry cats, but when it comes to climbing tall buildings, you've got nothing compared to raccoons.In Ocean City, New Jersey Friday, a raccoon was spotted a jaw-dropping nine stories up a building. The raccoon proceeded to leap off the building, hit the soft sand with its little raccoon feet,

Google is trying, and failing, to cover its creepy Chinese search engine tracks

Google wants the world's information to be universally accessible, unless that information just so happens to relate to its reported efforts to build a censored Chinese search engine that tracks its users.According to the Intercept,

Ted Cruz's latest dig at Beto O'Rourke on Twitter might be his vilest yet

Ted Cruz's social media team has reached a dark new low.Right before Senate hopeful Beta O'Rourke's debate with Cruz last night, where the sitting Senator skirted the question about whether police violence against African-Americans was a problem,

Jane Fonda throws the debate around comebacks for #MeToo men into sharp relief

Do guys like Louis C.K. or Charlie Rose deserve a comeback? Does any disgraced sexual predator? What has to happen before such a comeback is even possible?These questions have been rattling around online for some time, though C.K.'s recent attempted return to stand-up raised the volume. Now,

WDBJ7 gunman twisted the best of technology into a horror show

Oh God, what was I watching? It looked like a first-person shooter game, but it was real. A deranged gunman, holding a smartphone to film as he shot and killed two young Roanoke, Virginia journalists on Wednesday as they conducted an on-air interview.Recorded violence and murder is, sadly,

President Obama on shooting of WDBJ7 journalists: 'It breaks my heart'

President Obama made his first public comments on the tragic shooting deaths of two journalists during a live TV broadcast outside of Roanoke, Virginia, Wednesday"It breaks my heart every time you read about or hear about these kind of incidents,

3 people shot, 8 others held hostage in Louisiana

Three people have been shot and eight others are being held hostage inside a mini mart in Sunset, Louisiana, according to local reportsOne of the injured is a police officer, who was airlifted to the hospital; the condition of the victims is unknown at this timeSunset officer shot & lifted out,



Advacned Puppet: Puppet Master性能调优 - 牛皮糖NewPtone

本文是Advanced Puppet系列的第一篇:Puppet master性能调优,谈一谈如何优化和提高C/S架构下master端的性能。

What It Takes To Transport 112 Tons of Arctic Ice Over 2,000 Miles

You've seen the pictures. The time lapses of glaciers shrinking into patchworks of white, the videos of ice crumbling into the ocean. But the Icelandic artist Olafur Eliasson wants you to really see how quickly the ice is melting—and to do so,

【C#】妈妈再也不用担心自定义控件如何给特殊类型的属性添加默认值了,附自定义GroupBox一枚 - ahdung


Everyone is commiserating on Twitter after 'The Walking Dead' midseason finale

WARNING: This story contains spoilers from The Walking Dead's midseason finale. Do not read if you have not watched.We knew something horrible was going to happen in Sunday night's midseason finale of The Walking Dead. We'd, frankly,

iPhone 6S新组件曝光 玫瑰金新颜色出现

再有一个多月的时间,iPhone 6S就要跟我们见面了,目前其零部件已经逐渐被曝光出来,几乎能组装成一部完整的产品了。



One year later: A look at the headlines at the start of Donald Trump's campaign

Has it really been a year?It feels like yesterday that Donald Trump slowly floated down from on high (via escalator, technically) to begin the campaign that would prove just about everyone wrong.That day, June 16, 2015, started it all.



为了阻止熊孩子玩手机 这家酱料公司做了个恶搞营销

世界上最远的距离不是生与死,而是我在你身边,你却在低头玩手机。  虽然是个旧梗,但大家应该都还深有体会吧。为此,澳大利亚一家名叫 Dolmio 的酱料公司最近做了一个恶搞营销。  他们找来了一些家庭,并在 ... ...

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