Sierra Leone's last known Ebola patient gets a dance party

Surrounded by dancing medical staff in the Sierra Leone city of Mankeni, the last person confirmed to be treated for Ebola,danced her way down a red carpet to celebrate her release from an Ebola treatment center.

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Sierra Leone's last known Ebola patient gets a dance party

Surrounded by dancing medical staff in the Sierra Leone city of Mankeni, the last person confirmed to be treated for Ebola,danced her way down a red carpet to celebrate her release from an Ebola treatment center.

HQ's Scott Rogowsky races master painter Bob Ross — The Bob Ross Challenge

The Quizmaster Scott Rogowsky puts his knowledge of oil panting to the test. Read more...More about Funny, Art, Mashable Video, Landscapes, and Arts Culture And Entertainment

Facebook fights local 'news deserts' it helped create

Facebook is once again touting its attempt to solve a problem it helped create. The company announced Monday that it would provide select researchers access to information about news deserts, which are places with little to no local news coverage.

Fyre Festival merch to be auctioned off so Billy McFarland can pay back the people he cheated

You may soon get the chance to shell out for some official Fyre Festival merch.Billy McFarland, the festival's founder, owes a breathtaking $26 million in restitution to the victims of his scam, and according to Vulture the U.S.

'Surf Rock' creator Dick Dale dead at 81

The guitarist had been suffering from diabetes and an unknown form of cancer since at least 2012. Dale is credited with creating the 1960s genre, "surf rock." His signature sound mixed staccato picking and reverb with Middle Eastern melodies. Read more...More about Mashable Video, Dick Dale,

Lupita Nyong'o went to some 'dark places' filming 'Us'

The actress plays a dual role of Adelaide Wilson and her terrifying doppelgänger, Red, in Jordan Peele's new psychological horror. She spoke about what the roles required on a recent episode of "The Ellen DeGeneres Show." Read more...More about Us, Mashable Video, Red, Jordan Peele,

Greyp G6 hands on: The smart e-bike, redefined

How smart can a bike get? The Greyp G6, a battery-powered bicycle launched Friday, March 15, provides a new answer to that question. It raises the bar for every other e-bike manufacturer with a ton of original features that turn the bike into a powerful, high-tech gadget. Over the weekend,

Say hello to this photo of Tim Cook writing on an iPad that was made to be meme'd

Hello, Mr. Apple. Nice to see you back in the meme circuit again.If you've been missing Tim Cook since the Tim Apple meme died down a bit, you're in luck. Twitter users are trolling the Apple CEO yet again, after he posted a photo of himself writing "hello" on an iPad on Monday morning. 

WDBJ7 gunman twisted the best of technology into a horror show

Oh God, what was I watching? It looked like a first-person shooter game, but it was real. A deranged gunman, holding a smartphone to film as he shot and killed two young Roanoke, Virginia journalists on Wednesday as they conducted an on-air interview.Recorded violence and murder is, sadly,

President Obama on shooting of WDBJ7 journalists: 'It breaks my heart'

President Obama made his first public comments on the tragic shooting deaths of two journalists during a live TV broadcast outside of Roanoke, Virginia, Wednesday"It breaks my heart every time you read about or hear about these kind of incidents,

3 people shot, 8 others held hostage in Louisiana

Three people have been shot and eight others are being held hostage inside a mini mart in Sunset, Louisiana, according to local reportsOne of the injured is a police officer, who was airlifted to the hospital; the condition of the victims is unknown at this timeSunset officer shot & lifted out,



Amazon Fire Phone vs LG G3 spec comparison: A smartphone revolution?

We pit the brand new Amazon Fire smartphone against the pricey LG G3 handset. Which specs are better? Who will come out on top? And which one should you buy?Read more:



After Negative User Response, ChromeOS To Re-Introduce Support For Ext{2,3,4}

NotInHere writes: Only three days after the public learned that the ChromeOS project was going to disable ext2fs support for external drives (causing Linux users to voice many protests on websites like Slashdot and the issue tracker), the ChromeOS team now plans to support it again.

宏碁新款Switch 10平板上手:多种使用形态

你对宏碁(Acer)的最新款平板电脑 Aspire Switch 10 的第一印象是什么?

[開箱] 八位堂 紅白機30周年 藍牙手柄


微軟將於 10 月 6 日發表 Surface Pro 4 以及 Lumia 新手機

圖片來源: The Verge微軟已經針對歐美媒體發出十月份 Windows 10 硬體設備的活動邀請,可預期的是微軟應該會在這場活動推出先前已經多次曝光的 Lumia 950 / Lumia 950 XL ,同時還有新款的 Surface Pro 4 。閱讀全文

苹果在中美重回领导品牌 Android在美国和EU5持续增长

根据Kantar Worldpanel ComTech公布的2015年第4季度全球智能手机销售数据显示Android系统在美国和EU5(法国、德国、意大利、西班牙和英国)的市场占比持续攀升,分别达到了59%和71%。公司研究主任Carolina Milanesi表示:“没有什么比现在更能突显iOS和苹果之间的差别了。首先作为手机厂商,在美国和中国市场苹果已经重新回归至领导品牌榜首;但是iOS系统在很多市场的占比正不断努力想要回归至2014年水平,尤其是在美国市场。”

日本模型高手玩改裝!《Star Wars》角色變身成「R2-多啦 2」及「C-3PO 大雄」

若然在砌模型方面已有一定技術,不少人為挑戰自己或會嘗試為特定的模型進行改 裝,比如各種改裝版 Gundam 模型就經常可以看到。不過最近日本一位模型發燒友就決定搞搞新意思,並將《Star Wars》的 R2-D2 及 C-3PO 與《多啦 A 夢》的元素給合起來,而且出來的效果更相當不錯。以下有更多資料:The post 日本模型高手玩改裝!《Star Wars》角色變身成「R2-多啦 2」及「C-3PO 大雄」 appeared first on UNWIRE.HK 流動科技生活.

iOS10预览版升级教程 附beta1固件下载地址

攻略一:快速升级法苹果开发者大会WWDC2016已经圆满落幕,其中最为重磅的更新当属iOS10。苹果不仅在iOS10中优化了锁屏界面,许多操作直接可以在锁屏界面完成,而且Siri更加聪明,iMessage更加有趣。想必对于这次的i ... ...

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