Sierra Leone's last known Ebola patient gets a dance party

Surrounded by dancing medical staff in the Sierra Leone city of Mankeni, the last person confirmed to be treated for Ebola,danced her way down a red carpet to celebrate her release from an Ebola treatment center.

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Sierra Leone's last known Ebola patient gets a dance party

Surrounded by dancing medical staff in the Sierra Leone city of Mankeni, the last person confirmed to be treated for Ebola,danced her way down a red carpet to celebrate her release from an Ebola treatment center.

'CAM' is the feminist nightmare fuel your next girls' night requires

This is a spoiler-free review of Netflix's CAM. Time to crack open the sparkling wine, pull on some comfy sweats, and fear for your safety in a male-dominated world. It's ladies night—and we need to talk about Netflix's CAM. Set in the cyber space of virtual sex work,

Amazon has cut the price of Audible by 50% as part of its Black Friday UK sale

Black Friday has officially begun. Well, it has if you subscribe to's timeline, anyway. No more pre-Black Friday sale teasing. It's the full on Amazon Black Friday sale, and the deals are flooding in. Time to batten down the hatches and brace yourself for the onslaught. 

Prince William thinks social media companies have 'a great deal' to learn about responsibility

The Duke of Cambridge thinks social media companies should be owning up to the responsibilities that come with the massive impact they have on our lives. Speaking at the BBC on Thursday, Prince William first praised social media companies for their "extraordinary" inventions,

Use this Walmart promo code to save $10 thanks to Ellen DeGeneres

We kinda miss those crazy giveaways Oprah used to do on her show. There was something equally heartwarming and hilarious about the sheer insanity that broke out when she gave her entire audience new cars.If anyone has tried to fill that gap, it's been Ellen DeGeneres.

Rise of the terpenes: The next wave of weed innovation focuses on a little-known compound

This post is part of our High-tech High series, which explores weed innovations, and our cultural relationship with cannabis, as legalization in several U.S. states, Canada, and Uruguay moves the market further out of the shadows.Chicken and waffles. Moscow Mule. Gingerbread cookies. Plum.

Steve Carell describes finally meeting Kelly Clarkson after *that* '40-year-old Virgin' scene

When Steve Carell's character in The 40-Year-Old Virgin is getting ready to start dating, he gets his chest waxed. And during that wax, he inexplicably screams out "Kelly Clarkson!"Carell told Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show that he had never met Kelly Clarkson until recently,

Check out thousands of courses for under £10 with Udemy's Black Friday UK sale

It may feel like you are dangerously close to perfection, and you couldn't possibly squeeze out any more personal development.It may feel that way but let's be honest for a moment, it's probably not true. You might be great at many things, but you can always be better,

WDBJ7 gunman twisted the best of technology into a horror show

Oh God, what was I watching? It looked like a first-person shooter game, but it was real. A deranged gunman, holding a smartphone to film as he shot and killed two young Roanoke, Virginia journalists on Wednesday as they conducted an on-air interview.Recorded violence and murder is, sadly,

President Obama on shooting of WDBJ7 journalists: 'It breaks my heart'

President Obama made his first public comments on the tragic shooting deaths of two journalists during a live TV broadcast outside of Roanoke, Virginia, Wednesday"It breaks my heart every time you read about or hear about these kind of incidents,

3 people shot, 8 others held hostage in Louisiana

Three people have been shot and eight others are being held hostage inside a mini mart in Sunset, Louisiana, according to local reportsOne of the injured is a police officer, who was airlifted to the hospital; the condition of the victims is unknown at this timeSunset officer shot & lifted out,


Bedow是瑞典一家曾获得过诸多设计奖项的平面设计工作室,由创始人Perniclas Bedow在2005年成立。

A Complete Demonstration Of Apple's CarPlay System In A Ferrari FF

The difference between Volvo's and Ferrari's CarPlay is that the Italian version is using buttons as well as the touchscreen. Here's our complete demonstration, and while you're watching, prepare for the news about a German manufacturer introducing it as well.Read more...    

David Fincher 'Off' Sony's Steve Jobs Film? Not Necessarily

Sony's pursuit of David Fincher to direct its Steve Jobs biopic has reportedly hit a snag — but that doesn't mean he won't wind up doing it, sources tell Mashable.

django_auth_ldap - SunProud

使用django_auth_ldap来实现ldap和django自己的认证系统auth下载插件 python-ldap和django_auth_ldap配置settings.py一些基本说明:设置Ldap的host地址和指定端口号AUTH_LDAP_SERVER_URI = "ldap://" 如果...

CrunchWeek: Net Neutrality, Big Late-Stage Raises, And Snapchat’s Latest Features

This week is all about CrunchWeek East, as we're bringing this episode to you from AOL HQ in New York. Anthony Ha, Jon Schieber and myself dive into the most recent madness in the industry, including but not limited to the new proposals around net neutrality law,








美国调查机构Pew研究中心的一项研究表明83%的美国人能认出图片上的比尔盖茨。然而,参与调查的人中知道因特网(Internet)和万维网(World Wide Web)区别的人才不到1/4。


互联网思维一直众说纷坛,似乎掌握了,便战无不胜。对于各种各样的互联网思维,你曾经有所怀疑吗? 时下,关于互联网 […]

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