Obama on hiking to a glacier: 'Beats being in the office'

"How's this? Beats being in the office," President Barack Obama called out as he hiked alongside Exit Glacier in Alaska on Tuesday.The president is making a historic three-day trip to Alaska to address the severe consequences of climate change. In particular,

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5 times Obama got real about climate change in Alaska

Barack Obama isn't pulling any punches in Alaska.The U.S. president spoke powerfully about the potentially severe effects of climate change around the world on Monday during a trip to Alaska, a state that has already seen physical changes as a result of global warming. Its glaciers are receding,

Obama on hiking to a glacier: 'Beats being in the office'

"How's this? Beats being in the office," President Barack Obama called out as he hiked alongside Exit Glacier in Alaska on Tuesday.The president is making a historic three-day trip to Alaska to address the severe consequences of climate change. In particular,

The Frontlines of Climate Change: Why Obama's Trip To Alaska Is a Really Big Deal

President Obama’s headed to Alaska today, but it’s not the typical politicized meet-and-greet. From talking to residents who are forced to flee their homes due to rising sea levels, to learning the political repercussions of melting polar ice,

Obama addresses criticisms of Arctic oil drilling ahead of Alaska trip

President Barack Obama is will be arriving in Alaska on Monday for a three-day tour of the state, which will become the longest trip to the state by a sitting president and make him the first president to visit the Arctic CircleDuring this week's address centered around the trip,

Obama is killing it on Instagram from Alaska

President Obama is in the middle of a historic three-day visit to the Alaskan Arctic, in a bid to highlight the issue of climate change in a state where the physical effects are evident.And just like countless other travelers squeezing in their final weeks of summer vacation,

See how climate change is drastically affecting Alaska

In Alaska, the effects of climate change are already becoming readily apparentAt the moment, Anchorage is already experiencing coastal erosion that threatens the city's international airport, according to Arctic scientists,

In Alaska, Obama warns leaders: 'We're not acting fast enough' on global warming

ANCHORAGE, Alaska — President Obama used a speech to a State Department-sponsored Arctic climate change conference in Alaska on Monday to deliver one of his most urgent and dire warnings to date on the need to address manmade global warmingThe speech,

Obama's Running Wild in Alaska With a Selfie Stick

President Obama’s trip to Alaska this week intended to shine a spotlight on climate change. But he’s also there for a social media spree, including using a selfie stick. Presidents, they’re just like us!Read more...

In Alaska, John Kerry warns of bleak future filled with 'climate refugees'

ANCHORAGE, Alaska — Speaking at a State Department conference on Arctic climate change in Anchorage on Monday,

Obama flyover of eroding Alaskan island thrusts Kivalina into spotlight

ANCHORAGE, Alaska — Residents of a Native village threatened by erosion were thankful Wednesday for President Barack Obama's attention to their plight, saying they hope his visit to Alaska will help them secure funding to build a critical evacuation road to drier ground.

Dog has existential crisis after finally catching his tail

There's a core spiritual question for dogs who chase their tails: What, exactly, are they after?Twitter user @omw2innisfree's friend's dog, Max, recently experienced something of a spiritual crisis after finally capturing his own tail.

Apple plans to bring more iOS features to the Mac

It sure looks like Apple is moving closer and closer to its goal of merging its iOS and macOS ecosystems. Apple has plans to bring more iOS features, including Screen Time and Siri Shortcuts, to macOS later in 2019, according a new report from 9to5Mac.

4/20 isn't just a 'stoner' holiday. It's an opportunity for activism.

At my college, 4/20 was marijuana Christmas. Every year at that time, people would go outside, put on their worst possible pants, turn up the jam band radio stations (String Cheese Incident, baby!!!), and smoke up.As much as I loved seeing my fellow classmates roll down grassy hills,

SiriusXM releases a subscription plan for people without cars

If you're one of the millions of people in America who don't own a car and have to rely on terrible public transportation (points to self), SiriusXM is out-of-reach.Recently, however,

Amazon's delivery drivers now have to verify their identity with selfies

Amazon is now using facial recognition to verify its delivery drivers' identities. Specifically, the change applies to people who drive for Amazon Flex, the retail giant's program that allows contract workers to deliver Amazon packages using their own cars. Now,

Older dog loses his sh*t after meeting new puppy

There is nothing more exciting in the world than getting a new puppy. Human babies are great, but puppies are ...frankly a little better.Take a look at how Twitter user @gillianrobles00's dog responded after her family got a puppy. SEE ALSO: Hey dog owners,

'God of War: Raising Kratos' doc looks at how the biggest game of 2018 got made

Sony Santa Monica's critically and commercially acclaimed 2018 hit God of War is going to be the subject of a "making of" documentary.It's a Sony production, so it's reasonable to expect the rosiest possible picture.

Stephen Colbert will guide you through traffic with Waze

You've depended on Stephen Colbert for his sharp take on the news, and now you can depend on him to direct you through that sharp left turn up ahead.The newly crowned host of The Late Show With Stephen Colbert is the latest voice option within traffic and navigational app, WazeSee also:

Intel's new Skylake chips will allow more flavors of the new MacBook

PCs are not dead. In fact, if you talk to Intel — which supplies the vast majority of today's PC processors — they are absolutely resurgent. Now the company is focusing on delivering more power to the place users compute most — in mobile computers.

John Oliver cannot handle Tony Abbott eating whole onions for fun

John Oliver has said aloud what the Australian people say aloud daily about Prime Minister Tony Abbott: "What's he doing?"The British late night host is touring Down Under and apparently wasn't aware the PM eats whole onions for leisure. Luckily,


Fleshlight发布了一款可以安装自慰器的 iPad 保护壳产品 LaunchPAD。那么为什么要拿着 iPad 自慰呢?根据 Fleshlight 介绍,这款产品可以让用户与某人交流时享用 Fleshlight 自慰器。当然也可以在使用 iPad 时使用。

苹果获与 iOS 设备摄像头自动扫描相关专利

美国专利商标局今天公布了苹果获得的一项专利——图像捕捉设备的持续自动对焦机制,其中涉及 iPhone、iPad 和 iPod touch 的摄像头。

黑白也很精彩 可定制小部件的E-Ink小显示屏

威锋网 1 月 26 日消息 即便当今已经是彩色屏幕的世界,但是黑白屏依旧有其精彩之处,比如针对电子书设计的产品大多将其作为首选,这也就是为什么 E-Ink 电子墨水屏幕没有消失的主要原因,甚至很多产品依旧以使用 E-Ink 屏幕为主。

MySQLMariaDB 多线程复制初探 - jyzhou

背景: MariaDB 在10.0.0.5就已经支持了并发复制的功能,即从库多线程复制的功能。MySQL最先在5.6.3中支持。目前暂时没有用MySQL5.6的版本,故暂时只对MariaDB进行一些说明,后期会对MySQL进行说明。


北京2015年3月25日电 /美通社/ -- 第二十三届中国国际广播电视信息网络展览会 (CCBN2015) 将于3月26-28日在北京召开。


优酷播放地址关于DUFL的更多信息,点击这里到众筹网站了解。欢迎关注氪 TV 的微信号“krvideo”,以及优酷频道,第一时间收看更多有趣的科技视频。

顺风国际举办投资者沟通会 讲解企业发展策略及项目进度

全球清洁能源领导者顺风国际 引领服务导向综合能源解决方案 香港2015年6月29日电 /美通社/ -- 顺风国际清洁能源有限公司(01165.

The Largest Government Hack Ever Is Way Bigger Than We Thought

When the Office of Personnel Management began investigating a data breach, it was already a dire situation, with 4.2 million federal workers’ information stolen. Then things got worse. And worse. Read more...

微软高管晒图自曝 这就是Lumia 950真机?

昨天,微软Windows Phone企划管理部企业副总裁 Joe Belfiore(乔北峰)在微博上晒出了刷上Win10的小米4。他表示,过去八天中,自己一直把小米4作为常用机,体验很棒,运行很流畅。


据外媒报道,台湾市场研究机构资策会产业情报研究所(MIC)指出,2016年全球笔记本电脑出货量将下降4.3%。事实证明,Windows 10的推出产生了观望效应,影响了笔记本电脑的销售。

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