Twitter’s Vine Introduces Direct Video Messaging

Twitter’s Vine has introduced a feature that allows you to message other users directly via video. This adds both a direct messaging channel and video clips to its messages, a big addition to Twitter’s video app.

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Twitter’s Vine Introduces Direct Video Messaging

Twitter’s Vine has introduced a feature that allows you to message other users directly via video. This adds both a direct messaging channel and video clips to its messages, a big addition to Twitter’s video app.

Convies Debuts A Vine-Like Video Messenger For Chatting With Friends And Groups

Fresh on the heels of Vine's expansion into private video messaging last week comes today's launch of a new video chat app called Convies, offering a dedicated experience for sharing short video messages with friends or groups of friends,

Mindie Adds Direct Video Messaging

Music video app Mindie has released version 2.0 of its app in the App Store, which adds a number of new features including a private messaging feature. This new use case looks and feels more like Snapchat than Vine’s new direct messaging feature.

Twitter Adds Video Support So You Can Watch Ads, Err, Message Friends

Twitter added two new services today to a) help people DM bomb lots of people at the same time and b) try to compliment Vine with (slightly longer) in-app ad support video support. Read more...

Cliptone Is A Silly “Twitter For Video” App With Voice Filters, Background Music And More

A new application called Cliptone, which lets you share short video clips with friends, has grown to over 22,000 downloads in the five days it’s been live on the App Store. And that’s before the company did any press or put out an official announcement. According to founder Rick Kats,

Twitter Revamps Twitter For Mac Desktop App

Today at Twitter Flight, Twitter’s developer conference, the company announced that it had revamped and updated the Twitter for Mac client. Though it won’t launch for a few months (date TBD), Twitter explained that newer features are being integrated into the Mac desktop app.

The Weasel And The Woodpecker

Remember that picture of the weasel riding the woodpecker? It came to mind several times this weekend as I roamed the SXSW festival in Austin. Live streaming app Meerkat dominated the conversation at most gatherings, with the competing video streaming product, Periscope,

5 Great Things Apple Watch Apps Will Be Able To Do In watchOS 2

The Apple Watch is set to get a lot more powerful thanks to the all-new watchOS 2, the first major platform update for the wearable. Apple’s next watch software is due to launch this fall,

Instagram Launches One-Touch Photo And Video Messaging App Bolt Outside The US

Instagram is taking on Snapchat by turning your best friends’ faces into the shutter button with today’s official release of its first standalone app Bolt, but only Singapore, South Africa, and New Zealand will get this initial phase of the iOS and Android rollout. Designed for lightning-fast,

Twitter’s Dilemma

Twitter is two things. It is a concept — everyone in the world connected in real time — that’s so obvious in retrospect that it is impossible to imagine it not existing. It is also a product that has had a rough time living up to that concept.

Sen. Harris tells federal agencies to get serious about facial recognition risks

Facial recognition technology presents myriad opportunities as well as risks, but it seems like the government tends to only consider the former when deploying it for law enforcement and clerical purposes. Senator Kamala Harris (D-CA) has written the FBI, FTC,

Evernote just slashed 54 jobs, or 15 percent of its workforce

It’s no secret that Evernote, the productivity app that lets people take notes and organize other files from their working and non-work life, has been trying to regain its former footing as one of the most popular apps in the U.S.,and that doing so has been an ongoing struggle. Just two weeks ago,

Here’s what Google’s $149 Home Hub smart display will reportedly look like

Google is reportedly getting ready to launch some new hardware at its October 9 hardware event and we just learned a lot more about a new product that might be launching. It was rumored that Google was working on its own Smart Display,

Amplify Partners locks in $200 million to transform technical founders into people who can actually

Sunil Dhaliwal has had a solid run in his 20 years so far as a VC. Just two years out of Georgetown, Dhaliwal landed at Battery Ventures, a highly regarded venture firm. Fifteen years later, in 2012, he struck out on his own, creating Amplify Partners. It wasn’t so easy at first.

Kayak’s new AR feature will tell you if your carry-on bag fits the overhead bin

Popular travel app Kayak has put augmented reality to clever use with a new feature that lets you measure the size of your carry-on bag using just your smartphone.

Microsoft launches new AI applications for customer service and sales

Like virtually every other major tech company, Microsoft is currently on a mission to bring machine learning to all of its applications. It’s no surprise then that it’s also bringing ‘AI’ to its highly profitable Dynamics 365 CRM products. A year ago,

Microsoft is putting HoloLens to work with new Dynamics 365 applications

Microsoft HoloLens mixed reality glasses have always been interesting technology, but it’s never been clear how the company would move from novelty device to actual viable business use cases. Today, it made a move toward the latter,

Brendan Eich Resigns As Mozilla CEO Following Criticism Of His Support For Prop 8

Recent Mozilla CEO pick Brendan Eich is no longer CEO, according to a new blog post from Mozilla itself (via Re/code). The post, penned by Mozilla’s Executive Chairwoman Mitchell Baker,

Innovative Crowd-Sourced Insurance Startup Friendsurance Raises New Cash

Peer-Peer insurance startup Friendsurance has announced two new investors: the Hong Kong billionaire Li Ka-Shing and his technology focused Horizons Ventures, plus VantageFund from Australia. The funding round was undisclosed but we understand the round is in the ‘millions of Euros’.

The Beauty And The Danger Of The Amazon Copy Machine

Amazon spent a lot of time talking about consumer reviews of competing devices when it unveiled the Amazon Fire TV yesterday, and that provides tremendous insight into its product development process. As the largest online retailer of goods in the world,

美国卓越区域中心从NES Financial EB-5移民工作流程受益

美国卓越区域中心从 NES Financial 的 EB-5 移民工作流程解决方案中受益-- 新解决方案对于参与 EB-5 项目的区域中心和投资者有益加州圣何塞2014年3月31日电 /美通社/ -- NES Financial 最近推出了其 EB-5 移民工作流程 (EB-5 Immigration Workflow) 解决方案,这是一系列专为 EB-5 行业设计的公认解决方案中的最新力作。

[图表]三星市场份额4年来首现下滑 苹果仍缺席入门级手机板块

据Strategy Analytics最新发布的调查报告显示,三星在近4年时间内首次出现了市场份额下滑的情况,不过这家公司仍旧以8900万的设备销量稳坐全球第一的位置。


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苹果产品中,iPhone 5和iPad 2仍然占主导地位

近日有国外分析师给出了苹果各个产品的市场现状数据:发布于2012年的iPhone 5,是iPhone中使用率最高的产品,拥有27%的市场份额。在iPad中,发布有3.5年之久的iPad 2是最流行的型号,市场份额达29%。

The only proper reaction to all the 'Frozen' Halloween costumes

For some godforsaken reason, society has yet to let go of Frozen. Thus, you will doubtlessly see hordes of Queen Elsa costumes going to door to door this HalloweenEveryone from your cute 4-year-old niece to the creepy dude next door will be donning icy blue dresses and begging for candy,

推荐12个最好的 JavaScript 图形绘制库 - 梦想天空(山边小溪)


Are retargeted ads for the stuff you've bought ruining Christmas?

“Are you aware you might be ruining Christmas?” is how I started, and ended, an interview with one popular ad network recentlyI’m not surprised that the companies delivering ads across a majority of websites do not want to talk about this.



C#函数式编程之部分应用 - y-z-f

何谓函数式编程 相信大家在实际的开发中,很多情况下完成一个功能都需要借助多个类,那么我们这里的基本单元就是类。

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