Kodak Launches A Photo Book App For iPad, Makes Awful “Selfie” Joke

A newly launched photo book application for iPad is bringing a familiar name to mobile photography: Kodak Alaris is debuting “Kodak Moments for iPad,” an app that lets consumers create and order photo books, prints and enlargements using drag-and-drop on iPad.

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After twenty years of Salesforce, what Marc Benioff got right and wrong about the cloud

Grant Miller Contributor Share on Twitter Grant Miller is the co-founder of Replicated As we enter the 20th year of Salesforce,

Original Content podcast: ‘Queer Eye’ season two is even more of a tearjerker

It’s only been a couple months since we reviewed the first season of Netflix’s revival of Queer Eye, but the show’s Fab Five are already back with another eight episodes where they remake the homes, wardrobes and lives. For season two, however,

The techlash

People hate hubris and hypocrisy more than they hate evil, which is, I think, why we’re seeing the beginnings of a bipartisan cultural backlash against the tech industry. A backlash which is wrongly conceived and wrongly targeted … but not entirely unfounded. It’s hard to shake the sense that,

TechCrunch’s Startup Battlefield is coming soon to Beirut, São Paolo and Lagos

Everyone knows there are thriving startup communities outside of obvious hubs, like San Francisco, Berlin, Bangalore and Beijing, but they don’t always get the support they deserve. Last year, TechCrunch took a major page from its playbook, the Startup Battlefield competition,

Facebook’s new AI research is a real eye-opener

There are plenty of ways to manipulate photos to make you look better, remove red eye or lens flare, and so on. But so far the blink has proven a tenacious opponent of good snapshots.

First look at Instagram’s self-policing Time Well Spent tool

Are you Overgramming? Instagram is stepping up to help you manage overuse rather than leaving it to iOS and Android’s new screen time dashboards. Last month after TechCrunch first reported Instagram was prototyping a Usage Insights feature,

VCs serve up a large helping of cash to startups disrupting food

Here is what your daily menu might look like if recently funded startups have their way.

CitusDB Releases An Open-Source PostgreSQL Tool That Promises Better Database Performance

CitusDB, a database analytics startup that is hoping to take on big boys like Oracle, today announced the release of CSTORE, a columnar store extension for PostgreSQL. The open-source tool, which the company says is the first for PostgreSQL, is available for a free download starting today.

Twitter’s Vine Introduces Direct Video Messaging

Twitter’s Vine has introduced a feature that allows you to message other users directly via video. This adds both a direct messaging channel and video clips to its messages, a big addition to Twitter’s video app.

Brendan Eich Resigns As Mozilla CEO Following Criticism Of His Support For Prop 8

Recent Mozilla CEO pick Brendan Eich is no longer CEO, according to a new blog post from Mozilla itself (via Re/code). The post, penned by Mozilla’s Executive Chairwoman Mitchell Baker,



Windows 8.1或许将仅有一次重大更新

微软将会在今春更新 Windows 8.1,不过截至目前我们都以 Windows 8.1 Update 1 来指代这个更新,显然微软是“不同意”的,他们可能已经为这次更新选好新的名字了。  威锋 3 月 6 日消息,BAV0.


微信朋友圈原本是不允许发文字,或者说不鼓励发文字的,朋友圈发一张图片远比一段文字包含的信息丰富且深刻,相关数据 […]

中国科大发5980枚戒指给毕业生 每枚造价约几十元



事情的起因是这样的,眼看自己的港澳通行证签注就要过期,本着不浪费的原则,决定去香港一次。另一位同事本着不浪费人力的原则,就让我帮带一个 iPhone 5s 回来。

Here's a Weird Song About Shia LaBeouf Being a Cannibal

In real life, Shia LaBeouf is not a cannibal. However, in Rob Cantor's song entitled "Shia LaBeouf," he is.The song, performed by Cantor himself, the Gay Men’s Chorus of Los Angeles, the West Los Angeles Children’s Choir and the Argus Quartet,

Chat With PBS Host Steven Johnson About Unsung Science Heroes

Steven Johnson is the host of the new PBS show How We Got To Now , which celebrates the everyday folks who you've probably never heard of—but who changed the world.

You can now choose who will manage your Facebook account after you die

Facebook is giving users control over what happens to their accounts when they die.The social network rolled out a new feature Thursday that allows users to designate a specific friend who will be able to access their account after they die.See also: Facebook needs a 'Sympathy' buttonThe feature,

今日限免关注:不服跑个分《Geekbench 3》

Geekbench 3开发商:Primate Labs Inc.类别: 工具更新日期: 2014年12月15日版本: 3.3.

苹果新专利:指纹进入应急模式,iPhone 可能救你一命

美国专利和商标局(USPTO)今天公布了一项苹果申请的指纹激活 iPhone“应急模式”专利。如果 iPhone 机主感觉受到了威胁,或者有威胁,以及被胁迫解锁 iPhone 时,可以通过指纹快速激活“应急模式”。

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